Hawk, Wolf and Lady of Iron

December 23 2014: Fenris seeks out Shayera Hol to ask about the Corvinus. Pepper also shows up.

Central Park

Central Park at night gets a bit empty. The perfect place to be alone… or meet in private



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After having spoken with Jim/Corvinus during his long 'debugging' session, Fenris decided that there was clearly information here that the Corvinus didn't actually have that might be best to judging whether it was going to be a problem. Clearly the creature has a history of driving its hosts insane and clearly it developed a guilt and depression complex not uncommon among mortals who become immortal. One of the problems of being a long lived being. What Fenris does not know is how that relates to the Corvinus having a 'warlord' personality - for lack of a better term - or what transpired to drive it off Thanagar. For answers to that he must turn to the lone Thanagarian on world. Fortunately, he has her name: Shayera Hol.

Scrying is… cheating, if we're honest. With a name Fenris looks for a woman with wings. Ordinarily a name alone might not be enough without a sympathetic connection but, well, there aren't that many winged women on the planet. When he finally finds her he waits for a chance to catch her in an open area where she might not feel her space is being invaded (much) and tears open a Way to step to her.


Scrying of course would be successful, the Nth does not provide a way to stop magic from finding you, it just stops it when it touches. And this one doesn't touch, not directly. But she was there in the park, watching the last bits of terran shuffle off as nightfall hits, keeping herself atop of the Needle erected to look over the park. The little terran were cute little things, squished and cuddily, which is why she had chosen this spot to act as a gargoyle to keep the danger.. out.

The past few nights were quiet as ever. Save for a man shouting and running after a pup escaped the leash. So this night? She came without her helmet, yet harness, weaponry, and mace still attached to her hip.

Once all was quiet, she leaps from the tops of the Needle, wings expanding so that she could be set to glide, her feet soon touching the ground at a slight run which tapers off into a slow stroll, unseen. Walking.. especially alone is so much better than brawling endlessly with the Amazons.


Fenris would probably agree with her though that's another story. Ways aren't particularly subtle but they're not flashy either. They just are. There's a light behind Shayera and out steps a tall, lean faced man with a vaguely predatory air about him. He's in a coat, seasonably, and has an oaken rod strapped to his leg.

"Shayera Hol, I presume?" The god-wolf's voice is deep and resonant, almost like a growl were one to think of it though there's no aggression in it. "I believe we have a mutual acquaintance. I hope this isn't a bad time."


There was a little rustle within the wing, perhaps a warning, perhaps a sign that someone was coming upon her back. But the flash of the light told the story then, and with a quick draw of her mace and a smack of it against the palm of her hand, she turns.. wings spreading threateningly.

Shayera, in essense, was a smaller woman, but she packed quite a punch. Even still, being around Amazons and those with power that nearly outmatch her own gave her the edge she needed in always being prepared.

This one unnerved her.

It could have been the way he stood in front of her now, or the menacing growl that undertones his voice. Polite, he was, but it still put her a little on edge.

"Is that where you gleaned my name from, good Sir. The mutual acquaintance. For any time spent without knowing my would-be attackers name is a bad one."


"Yes. Jim Reha, current host to the creature known as the Corvinus." Fenris has never seen Nth metal before and doesn't know what it does per se by he can sense the magic 'void' near her.

"I'd prefer not to start with a skirmish but if that's customary…" Still polite. Fenris was after all raised among Norse deities. He's quite familar people needing a good brisk warm up fight before they're ready to sit down and be personable.


Hearing Jim's name, along with the Corvinus, there was a little grunt drawing from the flute of her throat. If it were before their diplomatic meeting, she would have attempted to pummel Fenris to the ground and demand answers to his whereabouts, but now? She relents. The mace was slapped and turned /off/, soon attached at her hip as her wings slowly curl themselves back into position.

"No skirmish necessary." She mutters out, her chin lifting slightly as she begins to turn to continue on her path.

"Come." If he sought her out, she might as well entertain the polite one with a nightly stroll.


Fenris walks along side of the odd winged woman, hands in his pockets, glancing about at their surroundings. Central Park. At night. He knows it well. Perfect place to come to be alone. "I have been something Jim might perhaps call a friend. This land has been mine to hunt since long before these cities sprang into being. Recently some of us had cause to 'test' him and his functionality. What he found generated more questions and than answers. I thought perhaps you might have a few of them. If, that is, you are willing to discuss the matter."


She couldn't shake that feeling. Her nerves were slowly becoming to the point where she wanted to jump out of her skin. She was attuned to the notion of predator and prey; years of conditioning and just /knowing/ that there is something potentially bad and could possibly be evil standing so near.. so close to the touch. She had to still herself.

There was a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Instead of focusing on what she felt, she tuned into the logical side of this night. She had made promises, promises to keep the peace until the time comes for her to leave this world with her prize in tow.

So she listened, nodding her head to show that attention was given, her brows furrowing slightly as she glances up towards the taller. "I have come to find that these people are of the diplomatic sort. Some of them. The ones I've met so far do not rush into battle. They prefer negotiations, information seekers, they are. So I will take on this mantle as well and try my best to provide while keeping loyal to my people, as I will not betray them."


Fenris relaxes a little, almost imperceptibly. This is good news indeed. He'd really prefer to not fight and it's the Corvinus he's most worried about in any case. "The information we've uncovered seems to indicate two things: One, that the Corvinus has a history of driving it's hosts mad, ruining them physically or both in the pursuit of enlightenment. Two, that it seems to have encountered a… singularity event in which it became almost two entities. One of them a peace loving philosopher, the other a warrior or warlord. Can you shed any light on that?"


This was news to her. Naturally, the stories of the times of old were passed down from adult to child, but in her case? She's lived it, many times over. Sad effect when it came to her soul; being killed by the Nth brought her back many times over. And over.. along with another.

"The first Corvinus I've encountered was just that. A being of pure enlightenment. Long ago, my people were stranded upon this terra.." Read, her. "..and in the dry lands they sought to build and empire to impart their knowledge upon this terra to it's people. The Corvinus was there, meant to assist. But then, I do not remember if the stories told of him taking on a host, for he was just that. A being of enlightenment." There was a pause in her words, her head tilted slightly. "How have you come by this information, is this something that my people would have access to readily?"


Fenris shrugs, not knowing how easy this would have been for the Thanagarians to get. "The Corvinus is a machine. An ancient, very advanced machine. It consented to allow it's records and systems to be searched to ensure it's proper functionality. The things we discovered were… distrubing, at best." Some of them were downright alarmaing.

"Do you mean to say that your people have visited Midgard… sorry, Earth in the past?"


An arm folds about her chest as the other rests upon it, hand soon finding her chin as the slow stroll continues. She's thinking now, wondering through how many lives if she knew that it was a machine. One thing she did know? She used to call it 'Friend'.

"Yes. We have." She finally states. "Thousands of years ago." There was a little smile there, "We believed to be the creators of.. what terra call Pyramids. And Hieroglyphics. How much of that is true, I do not know."

She stops in her tracks now, turning towards him. "This other being. The one that … you say was warlord. Do you know of it's personality? What it had done?"


"Only that it's logged activities were all focused on preparations for war. I have observed the Corvinus attempting to engage in such activities here on Midgard recently. It had become convinced that a massed and very destructive invasion of your people was inevitable. However whether or not that corallates to its past activities I do not know. I do know one you could ask for that information, and will do so if you wish." Fenris stops and half turns to face Sheyera.

"Heiroglypics. Aaaah. Your people were the beast-gods of the Egyptians. I remember." Which, honestly, might be a hint to Shayera. "The Corvinus was with you, on this earth then?" He frowns. "And you met him in that long-ago time?"


Shayera lets out a sigh, that was troubling news indeed. Somewhere, deep inside, she was thankful that they stopped him just in time, time enough for her to actually get here and apprehend the mechanical demon. Her friend. "It's true." She states clearly. And she was serious. "If I do not return to my people with The Corvinus in tow, they will come looking. For me and for him." She turns and continues to stroll, not moving fast enough as if she were to get away. "Invasion is inevitable depending on the decision that the Corvinus makes in the interim. If he comes willingly, invasion is inverted. If he does not, then this terra will be at risk."

There was a hint of a smile though at his last words, a hint only.. and it fades quickly. "You remember?" She asks now, deflecting. "Have you been here in this time?"


Fenris pauses and considers, then opens his ancient flip phone and sends Pepper a text to see if she's near Central Park, telling her that he's found the Hawk Girl.

"I do remember. I have been on Midguard for many, many centuries." There's a small smile from the god-wolf. So much time, so many people he's known. "What can you tell me of what the Corvinus has done? I wish to protect its host, if I can. If it comes to trying to exorcise the Bird, I will attempt to do so if it means preserving Jim's life and sanity. Was it as the records suggested, that it drove it's hosts mad and plotted war?"


Pepper's reply text arrives in mere seconds, stating she can be there in five minutes.


She had to wonder if they had met before in some capacity, in that day and time.. where she spent her days with Katar Hol, building a world suitable for their children.. and childrens children. The thought gave her chills, not one of familiarity, no. But one of sheer uneasiness and the need to keep it secret. This was going to bug her all night.

"From the stories.." She starts.. ".. we were a peaceful people. Our entire planet was not locked with war, but unified under a single thought that we needed each other to survive. To love. That hand in hand, cooperation, we will survive. Then the Corvinus arrived. It taught us many things, and it gave us a far greater purpose than we intended. And we loved him for it, to the point that we saw him as a God amongst a sea of his lessers. And he reveled in it. We were his children. His client-people."

She watches as he sends a text, her brow furrowing, her own phone drawing from it's depths. The device, even though it was the latest, seemed primitive to her. "Did you do something to my cellular device?"


"Client People." Fenris repeats the phrase slowly. He's heard the phrase before. It reminds him of the modern twentieth century usage of the term 'client-state'. The relationship implied is never an equal one. "From what the Corvinus told us, and it's records indicate, it was sent by its creators to shepherd your people in their development to reach the stars and walk among them." In that at least, it seems to have succeded.

"But something went wrong. The relationship soured. Can you tell me why?"

There's a moments pause as Fenris looks at his phone. "Oh, no. I was sending a message to a friend. A woman who employs the Corvinus' host and has an interest in his safety. She's a reasonable sort. You'll have no trouble with her that you do not make."


Not too far away, Pepper calls out to Cricket that she's going out to run a quick errand, scoops up her phone and shoulder bag, and hurries out of Stark Tower to the car that JARVIS has so thoughtfully made sure is waiting for her just outside. She tells the driver where to go, and more precisely than just 'Central Park' with the help of JARVIS and a little cell phone location wizardry. You know, known as hacking.


"Yes. And here we are. Thanks to the Corvinus."

She grows silent, her mind was still searching through memories, memories as to where she's actually met the Corvinus, but one thing that she does not remember, is it's ability to take a host. "The host body, I cannot remember texts.." Read.. personal memories.. " .. in which the Corvinus had actually had the need to impress upon a host. I shall have to look in my own databases to see if that information is ready and available."

About the relationship, it was a complicated one. While her own matters were personal, she had to keep it broad enough, to include her people. "He taught us the art of war. And in it, we warred with ourselves. We died, because of his teachings. We rose up and laid hand upon brother and sister." A pause. "Think of this terras teachings. It's Cain and Abeline? Abis? Brother to brother locked in battle of jealousy. That is where the relationship soured."

She glances at her phone now, then stops, holding it out towards Fenris. "Show me how to send a message. I wish to write words with a friend."

The mention of the woman who would soon join their little stroll gave her a bit of a pause. Was she being set up?


Fenris leans over to look at Shayera's phone. Fortuntely he's familiar enough that he can guide her through the process of sending a text message. Two thousand years of experience to be asked for tech support. Gotta love it. "I see. So your people learned how to fight and then employed that knowledge on one another. Did the Corvinus lead you in these battles, or incite you to them?"


A silver Audi sedan pulls to a stop within eyeshot (but not earshot) of the bird woman and the Old Wolf, and after a moment Pepper steps out of the car and shoulders her bag before walking toward the pair at a pace that has made corporate boardroom pipe down and pay attention. It's likely completely unintentional, but she's approaching them with the 'alpha female' vibe activated. Maybe it's because Fenris usually has the 'you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup' vibe going.


Learning how to use the phone was quick; she was decent enough with mechanics that she could figure out the phone just by watching. And soon, a text message was sent out to Diana that said. 'Hello'. And nothing more.

"In a sorts. He did. He gave us the knowledge. Taught us. And stood aside." She pauses as she tries to form the words. "You have two warring factions, both applying and begging for the affections of one, one thinks the other is right, the other thinks /they/ are right. And they look to their god to show them the path of enlightenment. And.. when that god does not answer, but stands by.."

Her words draw to a close as the car makes it's approach, her eyes gone into the direction as she watches the woman step free from it's confines. Her wings flutter in agitation, her brows furrowing as she points the phone towards the woman, not to offer up, but to gesture. "Is that her?"


"This is. Pepper Potts, this is Shayera Hol." Whom Fenris is not currently engaging in combat so finding and meeting her must have gone relatively well.

The Fenris frowns. He's followed Shayera's logic and finds it somewhat… lacking. He doesn't press the matter though, as he wants to see how things go with Pepper and he's turning it over in his head. Shayera will no doubt pick up the absence of his agreement with her train of thought though.


Pepper Potts stops at a neutrally equidistant spot from both… okay, fine, both non-humans. "Fenris, thank you for the invitation. Shayera Hol, it is a pleasure to meet you." Yup, full business manners in effect. Polite, but clearly prepared to not back off an inch. She even makes a point of pronouncing the Thanagarian's name as close to Fenris's pronunciation as possible.


Shayera lifts her chin in greeting, she was obviously wary, it was almost as if she were standing in enemy territ..wait.

"The pleasure is equally shared." She offers up. Without a single smile to grace her face. 5r
Even though Shayera's reasoning for /her/ people was somewhat explained, she went through far greater lengths to leave her own out. Which is possible as to why none of it makes any sense. But, she did speak the truth, even though it was in halves.


Fenris, both hands still in his pockets shifts slightly to stand off to the side. Both women seem reasonable and intelligent and he's happy to let them work this out. If anyone needs him he'll be going through the ethical implications of introducing war to a peaceful society. He wonders, exactly, how that went down and what the factions were.


Pepper Potts glances at Fenris, but doesn't relax her posture as she looks at Shayera again. "So. May I have your reassurance that you have no intention of harming my colleague simply because he happens to be bonded to the Corvinus?" She's fully prepared to defend the Buddha Bird as well, but if she get the Thanagarian to back off by focusing on Jim, that's what she'll do.



This was awkward.

She stood in silence for a moment, only for it to be broken by Peppers words. There was a slight tilt of her head, she wanted to know more about this Jim obviously, as he seems the more reasonable of the bunch and agreed to go with her. Should she lie in that moment, though? Does she even know what he agreed to?

"You have my promise." She states faithfully, truth laced within her words. "No harm shall come to the man known as Jim Reha, or the being he has within." Two for one.


"No harm." Fenris says again slowly, still thinking. "May I ask then, what you do intend for him, or the being he has within him? Clearly you did come here for a reason and unless I miss my guess that reason is directly related to him."


Pepper Potts nods her acceptance of Shayera's promise and actually seems to lose a bit of the rigidity in her posture, though by her repeated glance toward Fenris, she also wants to know the answer to his question.



Shayera wasn't in this business to tell lies. And she wasn't about to start now. "Jim Reha and The Corvinus have agreed to return back to my world. Upon which, he shall be tried in front of the Tribunal for his crimes against my people. And wenceforth judgement is rendered.. he will be set free if found just." She pauses. She didn't want to say these next words.

"And if found guilty, The Corvinus will be forcefully pried from his human host, drawn and quartered and spread across the cosmos as thusly deserved." If Jim happens to die in the interim, so be it. While she showed concern for the lumpy man.. Justice is her greater.


"Ah." Fenris says simply. He does not add 'so promising that you would not hurt Jim was something of a technicality.' There doesn't seem to be a need to. "If Jim has agreed to that I shall not stop him. I must confess though, based on my limited understanding of the story you've told me, the people most guilty in this are your own."


Pepper Potts looks rather alarmed at the Thanagarian's explanation of what's going to happen to Jim and Corvinus. Now she's worrying. "Does your Tribunal plan to take into account all of Corvinus long past actions as well as his recent actions here on Earth? Or do they plan to focus only on his actions that led to your people becoming self-destructively warlike?" She hopes she managed to ask that without sounding accusatory.


"Everyones interpretations are their own." She tells Fenris. Which was true, in such a way. Though as she glances towards Pepper, she couldn't really say.

"I do not know. I've never been brought to the Tribunal myself. I've only delivered." She does consider Peppers words, and adds more, hoping to allieviate her worries. "However, there is an ambassador that will accompany us, that will strive to see that he gets a fair trial. Wonder Woman, Princess of Themiscyra, has offered to take on the mantle as his and Jim's representative. In which, I feel, she will do well in."


Fenris cants his head and nods once. "Very well. So long as he is not being coerced into this, I do not myself object." Coercion is an… interesting word. It does definitely apply to doing things under threat. But if someone were concerned about something like that he feels certain that Jim or Pepper would have let him know so, really, he doesn't object to anything at the moment.

"Do you know where I may find her Highness? I should wish to speak with her before she departs. As Jim is under my protection: A matter to which I feel I have a better claim than anyone present save perhaps Pepper, I should wish to at least make my presence and interest known."

Though Fenris does definitely not mean it as a threat, there is something here that Shayera may or may not know to consider. Pepper certainly would. One threatens what belongs to a wolf at one's own peril. They are not at all reasonable creatures when that happens.


Shayera frowns as she recounts the details of their meeting, when he agreed. "When we all met, it was.. tumultous at best. We both wouldn't budge, and we had outside forces to influence our behaviours. I will admit, I did not act as becoming of me. However, I did ask him to consider. He.. at one point.. was my friend."

She looks a little shocked to have that slip, but it was the unabashed truth.

"Perhaps he was coerced, but The Princess has guaranteed his protection in the matter, and I agreed. I do.. believe I owe it that much." It pained her to say, but a millenia of friendship.. sometimes, you just can't toss it away. Hence the true reason behind most of her late night walks. "He will be well taken care of until it's time. I assure you both."

In life, and in death.

"I cannot tell you where she lives, no. For her place is her own parliment. I can however, arrange a meet.." She looks down at her phone, then holds it out towards Pepper. She still doesn't know how to work the blasted thing. "There is a thought.. if you have stake in the human Jim Reha.. mayhaps you can travel with us. However, I am unsure of how our planet will affect your human physiology." She leans in a little bit towards Pepper, she was a pretty woman of course. "Perhaps.. there is a mechanism on my ship that would help you.."

"It's a thought."


Pepper Potts looks at Shayera's offered phone, then pulls her own from her bag. It resembles a small pane of clear glass until she taps at it, clearly a levelof technology above the average cell phone. She brings it close to the Thanagarian's phone, whose screen flickers for a moment. Pulling her own phone close again, she nods seemingly to herself — JARVIS has gleaned Shayera's contact information and added Pepper's. And maybe a little tracker program as well. "Is your planet's basic characteristics similar enough to that of this planet? Oxygen content in the air, basic gravitational pull, average ambient temperature?"


As she holds her phone out, her wings ruffle almost agitatedly as Pepper brings up her do-dads and misfits! Her head even cocks, birdlike, but mostly because she hadn't seen such technology used her.. aside from that walking menace that shot her wing out.

It reminds her to pay that fucker a visit.

"What did you do?" She had to ask, but as the questions were put forth, she offers a nod. "Yes, the basic characteristics are the same, the elements are much harsher than it is here. I am unsure as to how much the Nth protects me from your atmosphere, but I will not make assumptions when it comes to my world."

And she refuses to give it up. The Nth.


The God Wolf chuckles. "She's just making sure that you have eachother's number, as it were. Actually, not even as it were, that's what she did. Technology. Or Technomancy. Honestly it's like a form of magic." He shakes his head.

"Please do arrange a meeting with the princess before you leave? Or if that's not convenient, I shall come to you after you have departed and we may speak with her then. Either way. The distances are of no import to me." Well they are, actually, but so long as he has a link, like a person he knows, then it should be doable.

"I'll leave it to you and Pepper to work out your own details."


Pepper Potts actually smiles briefly in amusement at Fenris' description of what her phone (JARVIS, really, but semantics) just did to share contact info with Shayera's. "I'll contact Her Highness at the Themysciran embassy and see what we can arrange, and I will send you an update on your phone. Is that all right?" She looks over at Fenris, making it clear she's including him in that plan.


Shayera was looking back and forth in betwixt the two, her eyes widening just a little, her wings flapping in irritation.. as they always would. If they were to keep up at that rate? She'd kick up a dust storm and sweep the three in it.

She nods at the God-Wolf.. and then it hits. "Superman! You helped that sad sorry sack of I don't know what when he was sick with hue." Purple, that is. "I know you now."

"But I will try to arrange a meeting with her, if her sisters do not get to me first. Hopefully everyone will be kindly then as we are now." Diplomacy, she was starting to get used to it, and like it all the same.

As Pepper finishes with her phone, she looks at it for a brief moment, then tries to hand it over so that she could do the update. "Yes." She says hastily. And if she doesn't take it? Shayera will be off, taking off gently into the night to not disturb anyones fine hair.


Fenris nods and looks towards Pepper's car. "I think that's agreeable. Nice meeting you Shayera. Come Pepper, I'll walk you back."

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