Incentive To Leave Mutant Town

December 23, 2014: Rogue is still kicking it back in Mutant Town, but encounters Nate and receives a little incentive to head back to the X-Fold.

Streets of Mutant Town

Walking the cluttered streets of Mutant Town.



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Mutant Town, learned Nate, is a feature of New York in multiple alternate universes. Not always in the same place, not always the same size, rarely a good place to live, but usually an interesting place to visit.

Coffee and food tends to be bad in Mutant Town. People come here usually for two reasons. No other place would accept them, or they are tourists. A rare exception, Nate is both a mutant and a visitor of any place he goes in this world. Because everything is familiar, and yet nothing is the same, he has been in a rather sullen mood during the past hour or so.

On top of that, the young man feels like he needs to find some Christmas present. But only one, which is also depressing. He doesn't even like Christmas. And of course he left it for the last day, so he is looking through tourist-trap shops for something cheap, maybe mutant-ish, possibly amusing. No, Nate is not good at shopping either.

Like Nate, Rogue finds herself within Mutant town as well, though she's been staying here ever since she first arrived. She's certain Magneto is keeping tabs on the room she's using and while she could easily move to a motel, or go back to the Mansion, she doesn't. She can't say why she's dragging her feet going back to the Mansion, but she is.

And while the holidays can often dampen her own spirits, today she's not letting them. That's why she's outside with the hustle and bustle of the crowd, always careful to keep a certain distance between her and the others. It's only as she approaches the window that Nate is so staring into, looking so obviously out of sorts, that Rogue will pause near him.

She'll glance into the window, to see what wares its selling and with a shake of her head, she says to Nate, "Sug, please tell me you ain't buying one of those trinkets for a present?"

Hey, Nate was not going to buy the 'Magneto was Right' coffee mug. In fact he was going to smash it against the wall when Rogue speaks. Oops, busted? He looks at the young woman with the sexy accent and his eyes widen. The white streak in her hair is rather unique, despite the years since he saw Rogue… or some other Rogue.

"Well…" he replies, after a few seconds, "I am out of ideas, cash and time," he admits. "But no, maybe some other trinket…" pause, "Rogue?"

"Is the gift yer giving for a lady friend or a guy friend?" Asks the white and brown haired woman, as she considers the trinkets before them. "Cause if it's for a lady friend, yer going down the wrong path. Let me tell, you."

She'll flash a grin to take any bite out of her words, which is about the same time that Nate states her name. Immediately her expression turns slightly suspicious and her gloved hands, which were in her pockets, are freed.

"Funny. You seem t'know my name and me, but Ah don't seem to know you and yours." She states warily, as she waits to see where this is going.

Nate gives Rogue a lopsided grin, "relax. I had never seen you before. I am just your usual dimension-hopping mutant from a different time line. Chances are… I am not the first one you met. Name is Nate, Nathaniel Grey." He glances back to the trinkets. "Lady friend. But she likes guns, explosions, punk rock and corrosive coffee. Among other things."

There's a moment of charged silence from Rogue, but then she relaxes ever so minutely, "Ah'd love t'say that what you just said was the weirdest thing someone ever told me, but Ah just can't." She's had too many weird things happen to her to not discount the possibility there are alternate realities out there.

That doesn't mean she's letting her guard completely down, however. No. She's still keeping a watchful eye on Nate, as she muses outloud at his name, "Grey? Ain't that an interesting name."

Her hands will be laced loosely behind her back as she turns her green eyes back to the trinkets at hand. "Ah hate to tell you, but she won't like any of this crud. If Ah know the type yer talking about, then it'd best to just get her a couple cases of ammo and tie a pretty bow upon it. She'd think that'd be a far better gift than this stuff."

"The Greys and the Summer are usually pretty famous in mutant circles everywhere," admits Nate. "But if you have not recognized me… ah, nevermind. All the better, really." Less assumptions to make. "Nice to meet you, want to join me for coffee, or a beer. I… hmm, ammo cases. No, she has a truckload of those. I need something new, something fun."

"Nice t'meet you too." She says, even if she still continues to give him the odd look or two.

As for his offer, her gaze will look upward towards the light sky, "Not that Ah mind beer, but it's a little early for a beer, ain't it?" She muses good naturedly, before she nods towards a small coffee cart at a corner. "Coffee sounds fine t'me, sugar. My treat." And while she normally would let the man treat, Nate just seems a little off kilter to her senses, so she's going to treat him to coffee.

"Something fun, you say? Hm. That's tough. You could buy her some tickets to her favorite punk rock band? Nothin' ever wrong with going t'see a good band play live." And as she speaks, she'll mosey on over to the coffee cart, already fishing in one of her pockets for a bit of change.

Too early? Nate smirks and shakes his head, but follows Rogue to the coffee cart. "That is a good idea. Music always works," he admits. So does coffee, even Mutant Town coffee. "Do you live in Mutant Town, Rogue?" He asks, digging for bit of info, mostly about mutant schools and other fun places.

Rogue will hold up two fingers to the vendor, "Two please." And the money she pulled from her pocket will be carefully put upon the edge of the vendor's cart, for him to take.

While the coffee is being made, Rogue will turn back to answer Nate's question, "Ah do right now." She says with a knowing smile and then she lobs the question right back at him. "What about you? This the place you call home?"

Where the money once sat the coffee now does and the southern belle will nod towards the two steaming cups. "Thank you kindly." She says to the coffee maker and then to Nate, "You first. Ah think you need it more than me." Sugar and creamer can be found upon the cart as well, in individual packets, should Nate want some.

"No, I usually wander," admits Nate with a shrug. "Home is something that happens sometimes, to more normal people," and he is definitely of off-kilter kind of people. "Currently, I am staying with the lady friend that will receive those tickets. I am stuck in this reality, so… I might need to find some folks. Maybe you can help me?"

Once Nate takes his styrofoam cup of coffee, Rogue will do likewise, then she's nodding towards the sidewalk so they can walk and talk. Perhaps they'll see something else for a gift for his lady friend.

His mention of home happening to normal people only, earns a small smile of empathy from Rogue, "Ain't that the truth." She murmurs, more for herself than Nate.

"Ah can try t'help. Who're you looking for?" She asks curiously, wondering who Nate might just be looking for and how she could potentially help.

"Well… some mutant team that usually go by the X-Men," starts Nate, watching Rogue carefully. "They might… ah, hell. I bet I could find some stuff about them in the nets. I have been busy. Do the codenames Magneto and Professor X mean anything to you at all?"

While Rogue can be pretty open she can still keep a good poker face, when she needs to. She'll take a sip of coffee as Nate speaks, and when he's done dropping names, she'll say. "Ah think Ah can help you get in touch with some of them. How about you give me your credentials and Ah'll pass them along?"

And yes, she's being purposely obtuse when it comes to just who she's referring to. Whether it's the X-Men, Magneto or Professor X.

"Ah'll make sure someone gets back t'you." She'll pause for a second, then, "You can tell me to mind my own business, if you want, but what can Ah say you need them for?"

Nate is not good at poker. Being at telepath, he should, but he is just too open and direct. "There are things I need to know and they are usually good people to have as allies. I saw… someone is building inhibitor collars. Devices to interfere with mutant powers that can be used to keep them powerless, with nasty secondary long term effects."

He leaves Mystique's part on it out, however, assuming the shapeshifter would want to avoid her name mentioned. It is ironic Rogue might be one of the few people Mystique wouldn't mind knowing. "And some of the X-Men might also be family, in a weird way."

Green eyes widen slightly at the mention of inhibitor collars, "Who's making them? And what're the nasty side effects?" She asks, forgetting to keep her poker face on.

The mention of being family also brings a nod from the brown and white haired woman, "With a name like Grey, Ah can only imagine who you might be related to, sugar." She says with the faintest of grins, before it's back to the more serious matter at hand. "Ah can definitely give the message of the collars bein' built. Anything else Ah need to include, as well?"

"I don't know yet," admits Nate, sipping from his coffee. "I have a lead I intend to follow, but I am a foreigner here," the coffee receives a reproachful look. Not enough sugar. He sips some more. "I am not physician, but I have heard some kinds of long term damage to brain and nerves. Mutant powers are not supposed to be tampered with. I know too well."

"Hm." Is Rogue's reply for the moment, as she takes a few more sips of coffee. Clearly she's thinking about what Nate has told her. Finally after a quick chug, the southern belle crushes the now empty styrofoam cup in hand and lobs it towards a beat-up and spray-painted city trash can. "Where can we get in contact with you?" She asks, "Ah think you should have some sort of backup, when you go searching for answers."

And then more to herself, than Nate, "Ah suppose it's time t'get home sooner rather than later."

"I have backup," replies Nate with a grin. "What I don't have is any address, phone number or even email. I guess I should get at least that last one. Say, give me yours and I will email you later today?" There must be a cybercafe or something in Mutant Town. Otherwise, some library will work.

Nate is given the once over again when he tells Rogue of his lack of /anything/. "Freeloadin'?" She teases, before she pulls a scrap of paper out from her pocket. A pen will likewise be located within the depths of her coat (since she is not a purse carrier). "Ah suppose Ah can give you a couple of ways t'contact me."

She'll offer the piece of paper towards Nate, on it contains a throwaway e-mail address (not linked to the school) as well as a burner phone number.

He may say all the right words and do all the right things, but that doesn't mean she trusts him completely, just yet.

"I just got here," protests Nate. And he got into trouble very quickly. Totally not his fault, it is just a Summer's luck. "Thanks. I'll call you right after Christmas. Email later today. See you around, Rogue."

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