The Thorn Bird

December 22, 2014: Kate brings news, the Titans decide what to do about Damian.

The Titans Underground Base

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Titans Assemble!

No, that's already taken. They need to work on their catchphrases.

Underneath the castle there is a repurposed silo where the real base of the Teen Titans can be found. Aong the many rooms in the underground base, there is the Meeting Room. It contains the obligatory long table, chairs, a view of the rest of the base, and the three magical doors with 'GOTHAM', "NEW YORK' and 'METROPOLIS' signs over the doorknob.

Vorpal is sitting on one of the chairs, waiting for the meeting that one of their allies, Kate Bishop, requested.

There's also a little dish on the center of the table with gummy bears. Because every meeting needs snacks.

For someone who's not technically on the team, Kate certainly spends a lot of time with the Titans. Sharing information, providing updates. Lately it's been more bad news than good, but she keeps trying. This…might fall somewhere in between. "Hey, guys," she says as she shows up, comfortably dressed down. "Is this everyone who's coming?"

Gummi Bears. Gar likes to bite their heads off first so they don't feel the pain of being digested. He says this out loud, to anyone who cares to hear it, often enough that he's been pelted with variously sized objects for doing so. Tonight, he will refrain, for now. But he still bites the heads off first.

"I think so, for the moment. I think we have a puzzle for Kate the All-Fixing, though," the green guy says, sorting his handful of gummi bears by color into ranks and file in front of him. Yes. They must be sorted like this.

Gar looks up at the expressions of the others.


Zees sitting comfortably in one of those chairs, legs crossed and completely at ease. All the young magician knows is that Kate wants to talk to them and, so, she's here watching Gar bite the heads off the Gummi Bears and sorting them by color. Raising an eyebrow at him, she smirks a little until Kate gains her attention. Offering the other woman a polite smile, Zee simply nods, Gars already spoken for them.

The cheshire cat raises an eyebrow at Gar and grins a little watching the rank and filing. Yeah, he probably finds that adorable, but then again he is not exactly ordinary.

Turning to Kate, he nods, "Robin one is probably still dealing with what Oracle called him for, Bunker is working a shift and Raven is probably in need of alone time."

Alone time is imporant for Raven. And for the safety of her team-mates. "What's up, Kate?"

"Oh, if only Kate could solve every problem," Kate laughs ruefully, shaking her head as she drops into a chair. "I had a visitor the other night," she says, looking between the others. "Angry Bird, it seems, has had a run-in with something that's put the pep back in his step, so to speak. New costume. And I doubt he'll be showing back up here. I'm not convinced he's going to show back up at my place, honestly. He seemed…something was off. But it was him."

You may have heard the phrase 'hair standing on end' … Gar demonstrates it now, along with a profound expression of horror.

He looks to Kate with a very intense expression, a bit of a cornered-animal expression.

"Run-in. There's three things I've heard of that can do that," Gar says, and here it becomes evident again, Gar Logan has been doing this 'strange and bizarre adventuring' thing for a while.

"All of them are terrifying and horrible in their own way. I may need to do some research. You are certain it was him? Did you see any scars from what had happened before, that left him metabolically challenged?"

Zee looks a little blank "Angry Bird" a small frown creasing her forehead. "Oh… you mean Robin." It takes her a few minutes, she never really got to know him and he ummm died whilst she was on tour. Uncrossing her legs, she sits forward and stares at Kate intently "He seemed alive, not just reanimated?" of course necromancy is always an option… deep dark magic that can bring no good to anyone really.

Vorpal does not immediately react with horror, but he reaches out and puts a hand over his boyfriend's to remind him that "Don't forget I've died twice, love."

So make that four things that can bring you back to life. Granted, having your soul accidentally fused with a Fae spirit trapped in a magic mirror is a 1 in 11,419,071,319 chance.

"You said he was different. How so? And why do you think we won't see him again?" these were very important questions, because they hinted at something.

"Alive. I didn't exactly strip him down," Kate adds, dry, at Gar's question. "But he looked normal, relatively speaking. He moved like himself, he spoke like himself. The difference was in his eyes. Like there was…I don't know. Something else pushing him, or something that was left behind." She grimaces, drawing one knee up toward her chest. "When he died, I called Fenris. Fenris couldn't bring him back. He tried, but it didn't work. Or maybe it was just…delayed? I don't know. He said his grandfather brought him back. Now…" She trails off, shoulders rising in the beginning of a shrug. "Maybe it's true. Or maybe his grandfather retrieved him and lied about how he came back. I don't know. What I do know, is apparently he's doing his grandfather's work again. In his words, he was tired of trying to fit in where he wasn't wanted. I doubt his grandfather cares all that much, but…well. It's a lie he wants to hear, isn't it?"

"OK, that narrows it to probably one of those things, but it's impossible. When you saw him, was it daytime? Was there sunlight?" Gar asks. Because his grandfather could be one of the Drakuls. That being how they roll. But the other one was just backstreet rumor in the worst parts of the world, and Gar only heard it being discussed in French by one of the Mme.'s Maquettes. The scariest murderer in the world, the Grandfather of Hashishim, and the horrid pits of ungodly necromancy where they brought back the dead as insane puppets for the Second Oldest Guild.

He looks at the rows of decapitated gummy bears and eats all the yellow ones. Yellow, the color of fear.

Listening to Kate, Zees frown deepens. "I met Fenris, recently. He's got old magic about him." The raven haired magician looks concerned. "I'd like to know how he's different too. Being bought back" she shivers a little "can really change someone, badly." Gars decapitated Gummi Bear army gets a slight frown of disapproval.

Having received a text a little while ago, Raven has taken the round about manner of returning to the tower despite the fact that she can teleport. It's like hse's redefining hipster by being too cool to show up on time. When she finally does, however, she ruins everyone's interpretation of hipster by being goth. Black hoodie, black hair, black shirt and pants, and a disengaged gaze as she steps out of a swirling purple portal that appears several feet back from the gathering. Walking up she seems just as disinterested, but waves in a demure sort of gesture as she takes a seat and sits quietly listening with indigo eyes flicking around steadily to all the face.


"Rav-" Vorpal says in greeting. He's next to Gar, one arm around his shoulders. "Rav… Robin two has come back to life. Something brought him back to life. Kate's just told us. And it may not be good."

The cheshire cat looks at Kate and hms, raising an eyebrow. "His grandfather brought him back to life? Doing his grandad's work? Okay…. two question. One: Who is his grandfather, and two: What does he do?"

The puzzle keeps getting bigger.

"Really, Gar? My friend the wolf-god couldn't bring back my dead friend, who instead came back as a vampire? Did I die and go to Twilight hell?" Kate takes a deep breath, rubbing a hand at the back of her neck. "Please be careful, all right? He's…clearly on the edge. Like I said, I don't think he'll be back here. I wasn't sure if I should even mention it to you guys, but you were his team. You should at least be prepared for whatever might happen." At Vorpal's question, she grimaces. "Something about some guild of assassins or some such."

Gar facepalms. "THAT explains it. Yeah. THE guild of assassins. Allegedly doesn't exist. Really, it does, but … I guess the stupid story was true. They really do have some sort of ancient reviving thing that brings back the body but maybe not the soul. Apparently he had a soul, or Kate wouldn't have tolerated him."

He says that like she wasn't even there. Well, it's true, though. She would've kicked his creepy butt to the curb if he didn't have ANYTHING inside.

As Raven enters and waves, Zee waves back distractedly, keeping her attention on Kate. The frown keeps getting deeper, she's going to need lots more stage makeup if this keeps happening "The guild of assassins? I'm sure I've seen something on them in Shadowcrest.." and shrugs "I can check it out. But really… " and Zee offers a glance to her team members "Not withstanding the how stuff, if he's not coming back what are our security protocols?"

Raven glances around the various faces conversing about their newly returned former teammate with an air of curiosity. "I have heard of them." Who hasn't ''heard'' of the guild of assassins. Or is it League? It's something. Guild of Assassin's sounds like an MMO thing Horde side.

That's her only interjection besides a few waves of greetings or the distant, even cool, nod.

"Guild of… oh god." Vorpal has not heard of this GoAs. He's a rookie. While he's heard of a lot of things by now… he is not that much 'in the know.'

"So Robin… or whatever his name is now, is now an undead assassin. Great. Our security protocols?" the cheshire says, "We're going to erase him from our security database safe list and list him as a potential threat for the system. We need to raze and reinstall any software he touched. Fortunately he doesn't have one of our keys since the spells didn't take until after he died…"

Vorpal exhales, "So we need to be on the look for these assassins… Kate, he was the closest to you out of anyone. Can you tell us anything about him? A name, an address, something we can use to keep tabs on him? If he's in league with that… then it means we are all at risk potentially."

"Nope." Kate hops out of her seat, shaking her head. "He didn't say, and I didn't ask. Don't treat him like an enemy," she says, looking between each of them. "He was one of you once. He was good. And if he's going to be again, it's not going to be because everyone treated him like an enemy. People will live up or down to your expectations. Be heroes."

And with those words, she heads out of the room.

"I dislike the idea that our Angry Bird was a secret assassin, and that I didn't realize it was the case when he gave Keith a block of opium to use as a painkiller. And yes, I am going to have to run the security system through the full purge cycle to get his access locked out from all the systems, even though he was just provisional. He was good enough to use the stuff he wasn't authorized for," Gar says. "I really have GOT to stop trusting people who can do stuff like that who claim to be good people, without further information or at least meeting them in person once. You'd think I'd've learned."

Kate's advice bounces off his head like a sponge brick, because he's too annoyed with himself to hear it. He eats the red headless gummy bears. Because they're the color of rage. And cherry flavored.

Zee shrugs at Kates advice "I know he was her friend" she nods to the departing womans back "but I never got to know him. If he is tied up with that group, it's bad news all round." The raven haired woman sits back once more and crosses her legs, the frown has disappeared. Gars comment gets a small nod "I don't think he was until now… didn't someone say something about family troubles?"

Raven sits quietly amongst the group discussing the discussions of Damian. More precisely, they're discussing made up make believe stories about Guilds of Assassins. Back to Raven sitting silently listening to them, slowly turning her hood to regard each as they add their dime. Until Kate leaves, at which point she tries to wave, but does so after the woman is already set on leaving and turned away to miss it.

Well this may be making a mistake, but she doesn't think she needs to bounce to the front door this time since well she was here for X-mas party and the text she got earlier said meeting in the base. One minute no one is over by the door, the next moment there is a girl in a pretty much self-made (and not fancy super cool at making stuff) costume. The alarms kind of fritz on recognizing her arrival, but those sensitive to magic get this >Twang> of Chaos as Misfit arrives.

"Gar, please. It wasn't your mistake, it was mine since I extended the invitation to him." Vorpal knows the green Titan has, in the past, dealt with betrayal. The whole saga with Dirt Girl is something Gar and Raven went through, so the cheshire worries a little about Gar. "I need to be more selective. And we need to make those articles of incorporation very obvious." He strokes the back of Gar's head gently, looking up as Zee speaks-

And then chaos appears in the room.

"Misfit, just in time. Please take a seat. Raven, this is our newest member, Misfit," he says by way of introduction.

"We've got… a rather unusual situation concerning Robin Two… he died, and then he's come back to life. And…" he looks at his team-mates to see who wants to encapsulate the Bad News part of this news update.

Gar looks up and pushes the bowl with the whole, unmutilated gummy bears towards Misfit.

"And we need to cut off his access, because he's been connected with a really unfortunate criminal organization since he came back. We might be lucky and he won't be interested in messing with us, either out of loyalty or having forgotten about how to get here. But we also need to be aware of the risks of that organization knowing about us. Full disclosure, just in case you feel it might affect your interest in joining."

There are three rows of head-bitten-off gummy bears in front of Gar. They are orange, green, and a sort of muddy dark color that might be purple. Gar swipes up and devours the purple ones. Purple is the color of compassion, apparently.

Zee, sitting comfortably in one of the chairs with her legs crossed, looks up as Misfit appears. There's a slight look that passes over her face when the pseudo Batgirl appears. Tilting her head towards the slightly younger woman, Zee then looks between Gar and Keith before looking back to Misft. "Nice to see you again, Misfit."

"Hello, Misfit." Rachel says quietly when the woman appears and Zee indirectly introduces her, "I am Raven." From her quiet position. Then she resumes quiet and looks back to the floor to take in what the others are saying about the subject with her fingers pressed together lightly.

Candy! Misfit oohs "Gummy bears" she heads that way and towards a seat grabbing a handful with a grin. Then her movements slow as she soaks in what is being discussed "Robin died?" pauses a beat "and… came back…and …." chewing on it mentally then "Wait… there are two Robins!?" another pause of a beat "Okay you guys are just trying to mess with my head right?" looking perplexed and like she is trying to determine if you lot are serious "Is this hazing the new girl… there can't be two Robins.. heck they won't let there be two batgirls…" perfect teen logic there as she slumps down into a chair an smiles a bright smile to Zee and a curious look to Raven. "Hi Raven."

"There is only one Robin. Now." Vorpal clarifies. He takes a deep breath. "Perhaps Oracle didn't tell you about him. He was an arrogant, rather cruel little goblin of a person. He constantly disparaged Robin One and he made no friends here." Except Kate. But she wasn't a Titan… by her own choice. Even Raven, as reclusive as she had to be due to her heritage, had made links with the group. There was only Kate to mourn when Robin died.

"I don't know what Batman said to him, but I do know that at one point he was cut off from the Bat-clan. He didn't tell us what he was looking into, and he was murdered by an assassin who can come out of mirrors known as Veruca. Kate refers to her as Bloody Mary, probably because it reminds her of the myths. In any case…" the cheshire nibbles on a purple gummy bear and looks at Gar before continuing, "Apparently his grandfather brought him back to life. His grandfather is the leader of some mythical guild of assassins, and Ex-Robin confirmed to Kate Bishop that he is now doing his grandfather's job. In other words, he's an assassin."

He leans back in his seat. "Titans don't kill. So we're considering him as having gone rogue. I understand Kate's reservations, but she is emotionally compromised in this situation."

If it had been Gar coming back as a dread maybe-undead assassin, he'd be emotionally compromised, and he'd have to count on his friends telling him so. "So that is the situation, in full disclosure. We're not pulling your leg… from now on, if any Titan encounters ex-Robin, they are to be careful and call for backup. He is well-trained and must be considered deadly until we have any evidence that he is not, in fact, an assassin. I will contact Oracle and, through them, Batman, to inform him of this development."

It's his turn now to do the paperwork.

Gar looks up from contemplation of the two rows of remaining gummy-bear-zombies. (Orange and Green btw.)

"Correction. Titans do not murder. Some of us, in extremis, have killed, but never murdered, and only as an act of mercy or to protect an innocent, and we always, always try to find a better solution. That's why we ejected Phobos — for him, death was a first resort."

Gar's pretty sure Raven knows the reason he says this, and he's told Keith, but it's not something he over-shares.

He eats the orange gummies of greediness, and hoards his secrets.

Zee gestures at Misfits questions "There were two Robins… I don't get it myself and…" she narrows her eyes and considers all in the room "we don't haze, as far as I know." Keiths long explanation gets a big Zee smie of approval and a nod before she turns her attention to Gar and sobers. "Agreed. Murder bad, Killing bad but sometimes unavoidable… just not as a first resort."

Raven lifts her head a little and glances amongst the gathered and, while her expression remains absolutely the same, it is at least one of absolute disinterested. "Vorpal returned from the dead." She points this points this out like a trained devils advocate. 'Discuss'. It's unspoken.

Misfit looks around slowly then pops a gummy bear in her mouth "Oh…" chewing slowly "Well that probably explains it… Ive met all the Bats I thought..well except Batman he is very mysterious… so if he was exiled I don't imagine I would have met him… " she considers "I like the Robin I met.. man I hope that is Robin One… he seems very nice." she sort of trails off and eats another gummy bear "Man that seems super complicated.. this is probably why they wont allow two batgirls….." then she blinks "You returned from the dead… was there a bright light?" to Vorpal now "All I see when I bounce is purple and pink.. but I think it might be like a light…" heaven knows it is totally a death sentence for anyone she takes. "Also I am on a no kill or murder, I'd be so grounded if I accidenly killed someone…"

Gar looks up and shakes his head.

"We do not haze. We wait until you're a full member before we even prank. It's not in the bylaws but it's tradition."

As he speaks, he stands each of the remaining green headless gummy bears on their small green feet, putting them back-to-back with a neighbor if they're too wobbly.

"Returning from the dead, not necessarily a bad thing, but in fact Vorpal didn't so much return as circumvent. There's rumors of other people returning from death, but I don't think it's supposed to be something casual. I mean, it's the heart of too many religions to be treated lightly."

One pair of green bears pops into his mouth, and is chewed three times then swallowed, while he holds a finger up to keep his place in the conversation. Willpower. Why is willpower an emotion anyway?

"So you know the risk of the assassins. There are records of them going back to the Persian Empire. The first one, the one that fought the Greeks. They may be older than that. The older stories call them the Hashishim, after the opium based drug they used to go into killing rages that couldn't be defeated, making them invulnerable. They were called the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger, the League of Assassins, the Guild of Calamity, the Red Cord — they are said to exist in every culture, and there's reason to think that's true, even if most of the stories are superstious nonsense."

Gar eats another two Willpower Bears.

"Also, there have been four Robins, if I count correctly. The first one is now called Nightwing. But I'm not completely sure because I did pick up some pretty strong memories of Robins from the other me's when I was sleeping at the Temporary Tower."

"Right, murder bad. Killing never a first resort- not even a Polynesian resort." Maybe Vorpal is thinking about the fact that, starting tomorrow, he and Gar are off to the land of the Mouse.

Unless this puts a damper on-

Okay, yeah, all defenses need to be re-set, increased and updated. The cheshire sighs inwardly and knows that, yes, team must come first.

"We are not like the Midnighter, who is essentially a killer with a badge. We must never be like him." And Vorpal finds it rather ironic that Midnighter liked Robin best of all the Titans.

"I did come back from the dead. Twice. My case is a bit unusual, though, because what brought me back was the fact that I have a Fae spirit bound to my soul. I didn't have the leader of a mythical guild of killers hopped up on Hashish bring me back and put me to work. But you are right, Misfit, that's Robin Two. The one you met is Robin One. He's my favorite."

He looks at Raven and Zatanna. "We might need you ladies to build up some wards in the Castle. Just in case Ex-Robin decides to tell his new friends where we are." His expression hardens. "Because if he thinks he can threaten our family just like that… he's going to find out how wrong he is."

The cheshire looks at Gar, and huhs. "… there were four Robins. The first one is now the finest ass in all of Gotham." Because it's true. "The second… you know, I don't think it was ever said what became of him. He was there for a while and then not, so probably he decided to give it up? Because I'm sure our Robin One is not the same kid. He'd be a lot older. And Robin Two… but I don't count him as a Robin. He never lived up to it, no matter what he said about being the superior Robin."

Blinking a little a Misfit, Zee frowns "You're under a 'no kill' order for threat of grounding" the young magician dissolves into a fit of giggles. "Good heavens, who ever told you that has no idea of the real world." The talk of the number of Robins and such simply don't interest Zee, neither do the reasons why Keith was *ahem* resurrected.

Rachel is the silent minority over there. Listening to the comentary of various members of the majority until Keith speaks up. She lifts her head and nods, "He does have a really nice butt." Let's see who's paying attention.

Mmmhm Candy. Misfit keeps popping Gummy Bears like they might be little bits of delightlyfully colored drugs. "Wow.. ok.. this is all very complicated. Why would anyone call themselves the Red Cord.. what does that even mean.. and Guld of Calamity sounds like a bad online MMO guild…" when Zee breaks down to the giggles "Hey… the Bats are very strict.. no killing and no guns…. I bet Robin doesn't kill anyone ever…. Nightwing is just a batarang stealing Ass.. not sure who would look at his butt." Misfit totally looked at this ass, I mean that outfit, but damnit.

You could have dropped a pin. Vorpal slowly looks towards Raven. Raven, the Stoic. Raven, the distant. Raven…

She said what?

He has met Nightwing once and, yeah, he did look at that ass. Vorpal is convinced the man doesn't wear a suit- it's bodypaint.

And then he feels guilty. Should he be commenting on other guy's butts when he's steady with Gar? Gar had a very nice one, Keith thought, he just didn't wear that sort of outfit.

Why didn't he wear that sort of outfit, come to think of it? Maybe it was something he should ask Gar later on, once the meeting was done.

Oh, the meeting. Yeah, the meeting. "… considering that Raven has reiterated the niceness of Nightwing's butt, I think we've run out of things to discuss. Unless there are still questions?"

The cheshire leans over and whispers something into Gar's ear, steals one of his gummy bears, and sits back again.

Gar mutters, "Stupid bat-butt" under his breath, because, really, when you're all at the pool and you're in those trunks that show off your body and that guy shows up in speedos that leave NOTHING to the imagination on either side? — it's unfair competition, that's what it is.

"Nope. To be honest, the majority of this meeting was foregone - it's our standard thing to do when someone might've gone rogue."

Not another word is spoken by Gar Logan about the back view of any Robin, past or future, living, dead, or undead. At least, not tonight.

He does grin though, when Keith whispers in his ear.

"How did we did we lower ourselves to talking about Nightwings but?" Zee shakes her head. "I don't have anything, but I'll go check out the wards." The raven haired magician looks like she might be envisaging far nicer things.

Raven points at Vorpal accusatory when Zee asked how they got to this point. "I think he works out, though." Quietly, about Nightwing. Becaue you wouldn't talk about some flat butted dude.

Important distinction.

Misfit pops another Gummy Bear in her mouth "If the meeting is done can I have that tour or do we need to wait for another time due to wardening and all…?" now thatshe mentions it, she never did get the tour of the underground base, yet here she is.

Vorpal looks from Misfit to Raven to Zee and then to Gar.

Right, the tour.

"Um… hon. I guess this means the trip to Orlando is off, eh?" He gives the green guy a grin and, yes, what he whispered made him grin. Good. He gives Gar a peck on the cheek and looks at Misfit. "I can give you the tour of the place, everybody else can start heading out and winding down. Maybe get dinner ready for when we're done with the tour, that'd be nice." He looks at Raven. "And no more talking of Nightwing's butt. We'll save that for Girl's Night Out."

He's going to plan one of those. Because.

"We must have hit bottom," Gar says to Zee in an aside… then to Raven, "And we all work out. Otherwise we'd look really bad in the tight kevlex outfits. In fact, I finally got our training schedules done and posted. You all need to talk to sensei Danny Rand about getting some hand-to-hand training. Also, Keith and I will be gone from Wednesday until Saturday because of being in Florida. If necessary we'll get there by dragon. And setting up security measures should only take four or five hours, because they're well designed. Right?"

He eats the last green Willpower Bear. They give you the strenth to do what needs to be dun. (sic)

Nightwings butt has ceased having interest for Zee as Gar and Keith talk about their holidays. "Whatever we need to do to get you two out of here. You are going on this trip. I'm here and ultimately capable, as is Raven." the raven hair woman replies.

"Your vacation is important." Raven agrees, dismissing conversation of Nightwing's butt, just that easy. Settled into her seat with her hands pressed together lightly and head bent so she's all shadowy and stuff.

Misfit pops another gummy bear down, she will be wired as all hell later tonight "Hey I can pop over as well any emergency just need to SOS me … Im quick." she smiles a bright smile "If any ninja assassins attack I will kick their butts."

"Yes you will, my dear Misfit. Incidentally, I need to talk to you about chaos magic as we do our tour…" Vorpal looks at the assembled members, and grins. "Alright, you lot go up top and get dinner ready and discuss what needs to be done to get my green knight and I gone…" he briefly wonders what Zatanna will be up to when they're gone.

Now he's curious, darn it. He leans over to Gar and gives him a kiss on the cheek before shooing everybody. "Misfit, wait for me here, I just need to write something. Part of the paperwork…"

He uses the terminal on the table to write, and he writes the following:

Dear Batman.

I regret to inform you that the newest Robin who had died in the line of duty has now returned from the dead and is, apparently, an assassin now.

The confirmation of his resurrection came from Kate Bishop, also known as Hawkeye, an ally of the Titans and the only person to whom said aforementioned Robin behaved in any civil manner whatsoever. Miss Bishop also confirmed that Mr. Robin had a strange drive to him which, some of us suspect, may have the touch of black magic, but these are only speculations that cannot be confirmed. Mr. Robin informed Miss Bishop that he had been resurrected by his grandfather and that he was now performing his grandfather's work. Miss Bishop informed us that said grandfather, whose name she did not know, is the leader of an organization that goes by the name of the League/Brotherhood of Assassins.
Oracle has further information should you need to contact us. I think a meeting would be mutually advantageous to discuss a potential plan of action.
Signed, Keith O'Neil, for the Titans.

Because, at the end of the day, he is a cat, and cats are known to be bastard every now and then. He makes sure to CC: Oracle on that one, because they are the ones who will have to get it to Batman.

"Right, tour. Let's go. We can start with the Computer Room…" he says to Misfit, grinning and hitting the 'send' button.

Somewhere, Oracle is probably growing another grey hair as they open up their inbox…

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