Christ Mass in China

December 25, 2014: Hawkgirl and Green Lantern discuss Santa, and head to China for authentic food stuff.

New York

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Hal's not exactly a nature lover or a park guy. He usually would only take a girl through this place if he were trying to get into her pants, and likely not much on his own. He likes nature, sure, but his kind of nature is out west or in other lands: clear skies, sand, the world turning cool at night after baking through the day. Winter in Central Park? Not so much. He pulls the collar of his thick coat up, the faux fur hugging the back of his neck - the ring c ould keep him warm easily enough, but not inconspicuously.

The ring did, however, tell him that there were some alien artifacts buried here, somewhere up ahead. Which is what had brought him out on the pretense of a lazy stroll. If he could get closer, the ring could, perhaps, do a better analysis of what he was dealing with, so he could know whether or not he needed to deal with this, or if it was just, y'know, some old alien poop that he might as well leave buried.

Ho ho ho.

It had become one of her favored past times; hanging out at the park even though the weather at the moment deemed it inappropriate. But she was protected with her own other-wordly devices, staying as cool as she could while remaining at that threatening arch, leaning forward, high above the needle so that if she needs to be seen? There wouldn't be so many people around. Not too many people? Less believable story.

Spotting the man however, from as high up upon the needle as she was, she watches him from afar as she did any other person. Becoming a nightly protector, focusing upon those who'd suffer from a mugging or a bad fall that needed a helping hand to their feet.

Almost like a guardian angel in the night.

Hal comes upon a clearing a small section with a rise in the middle, which might seem natural, except that no hill would form exactly this way, nor would a landscaper design a hill quite so odd. The pilot purses his lips, as the ring tries to penetrate more fully - Metallic, but not earth metals. Nothing as dangerous as that Hawk Woman had been wielding, but, still, nothing to trifle with. And there's a vague shape, a pair of hidden cylinders underneath, and something inside.

Hal looks around but, with his attention focused on the hill, his ring doesn't pick up the Thanagarian, since it's already accounted for her as a 'non-hostile', and so doesn't warn Hal. So, thinking himself alone, he extends his hand and green light flows out, forming what appears to be a large group of elves with picks and shovels on top of the hill, "Hi ho, hi ho, boys," he says. Hey, a little whimsy around the holidays never hurts.

Now, to excuse Hawkgirl, now that she's met a Green Lantern, all she knew that they could do was fly, high in the sky without assitance of breathing much like she. So it's a wonder, seeing that green light, the elves slowly begiinning to chip away at the hill that most children often times roll down, and.. she doesn't exactly get mad? But she does get prepared.

She doesn't use the mace this time, no. She's pulling out her metal Nth rod, only half of it instead of hole and…


She shoots down from the needle like a bat out of hell, her hand smacking against the metal to fire up the electric properties, arm rearing back just before she hits home and..


She swings, aiming for Hal's back.

This time, the ring -did- fire up, the rapid approach of the Nth metal kind of hard for it to miss. Hal's got nerves of steel, though, kind of what got him the job, and even the elves don't seem to slow as he lets her get close enough. Suddenly, as she gets near, there's a bright flash of emerald and a massive shield forms around his left arm, swinging as he turns to swat her off to the side. It's not too rough, especially for a superhuman assault, but it definitely probably sends her sprawling a bit. The rest of the flash throws off his clothes and puts him in his Lantern costume, the mask once more hiding his identity

GL holds out his hand, the ring glowing with raw power, "Now, see, I thought you and I had decided to be all friendly, like…unless you were just wanting a Christmas spanking?"

She /should/ have expected that, someone other than her to have that tingling sense and fast reflexes, for when she's knocked, she bounces and tumbles along the ground, her wings bending and flexing in a way that was all too painful, even for her. She was grounded.

Her skid comes to a halt, hand pressed to the ground, fingers still locked upon her rod as she looks over towards Hal with an incredulous glare. She was ready for battle, or would have been, if she hadn't met him a few nights ago.

"Oh. It's just you." Not to dismiss the man, but she did meet him on friendlier terms. "What are you.." She stops long enough to drag herself to her feet, her wings at a sad sloop as she does. "..doing desecrating the hill that the young terran play upon?"

Hal Jordan laughs softly and the elves look at her and shake their fists before dissolving into green energy and returning to his ring, "I'm not sure you can desecrate Central Park. I'm pretty sure every square inch of it is fertilized by hobo piss."

"Just a bit of intuition from the old guys, a little knowledge dropped on me about this particular piece of land. That something buried here might not belong in the park, and might've been buried here before anyone even made something of it. Something that they knew not to toy with, and so they worked around it."

"So, I figured I'd dig it up and, if it was hostile, kick it's butt. But I can always do that another time. You want some coffee?"

"What is hobo piss." It was formed as a question, but in a way, not really. She didn't understand this persons lingo as much as she could, and she almost hoped she read about this place before she decided to invade, capture, and conquer.

She dusts herself off, reattaching the rod to the back of her harness and stepping closer. "Why would you mettle with something that possibly poses no harm for a while. That's almost like asking for trouble." Her wings extend and lower again, testing their mobility. This coffee? She has heard of it, the the smell had often drove her away. Only a small few of the Amazons partook in it.

"No. But I am hungry. Unfortunately, I am unable to purchase the things that I would like to try and have to rely on the chefs elsewhere." She pauses. "They have this dish, called Lasagna. The chef at the Embassy who makes it is almost like a Goddess in the kitchen."

Hal Jordan shrugs, "I'd rather look for trouble, than have it sneak up and bite me on the ass when I've forgotten that it exists," he says. "Pro-active, yes, but, in this case, I'm not even sure if it is trouble. But if it looks like a heavily armed duck and quacks like a heavily armed duck…"

He realizes he's losing her again, and so moves on, "Lasagna can be excellent indeed. Surely you can find it somewhere around here? I know it's late, but this is supposed to be the city that never sleeps." And why isn't Hal Jordan back home with his family now, around the holidays, instead pursuing strange leads on snowy nights in cities thousands of miles from home.

Because he does. Because sometimes that's easier than dealing with the questions and the looks and the pictures of Dad on the wall.

Shayera.. had no clue what he was talking about. The mere fact that ducks could carry munitions was as shocking as the notion of hobo piss. Whatever that was, still. "Yes. I can find it around here somewhere. However, the last time someone saw me with wings, they retrieved their cellular devices and commenced to take photographs. I do not like photographs."

Somewhere.. out in space, her future husband is currently giggling at a picture of her as a baby in a bath with a huge sponge tucked in her mouth.

"But this night is a festive night. The Christ Mass. I have been waiting and watching the park to see if this Cringle person flies over head, as the children say that he does. I've yet to spot him, and he shall be throttled immensely if he's late." She was completely serious.

Hal Jordan smiles. One of the things he'd learned to like about aliens is that they were different. People could get old, but you never knew when you met someone from another world, what they would be like. "I haven't been to Mass in years. Drives my mother nuts. She still sends me a rosary every Christmas, hint hint, subtle reminder that your soul is going to hell, Ha…" he says, catching himself as he almost uses his name. Still getting used to that.

"As for Santa, he's pretty damn good at not being seen. Learned from this guy, Monty Python. I know where there's a good hotel where we could get some lasagna in the restaurant, though, even late. The sous chef there is an old friend of mine, so he won't push the dress code. Although, if you can hide the wings, it probably would make your life a lot easier. I can make them invisible, if you want, but that's kind of imposing."

"Nnh." She hadn't been to Mass either, which was clearly obvious. So she doesn't speak about what she doesn't know, she leaves it to the birds, so to speak.

This notion of Santa was intriguing, he probably had tactics that she needed to possess, after all, she was captured and by rights embarrased about it. "I would appreciate that. I love my wings, yes. But they are a slight hinderance when it comes to.." She gestures around. "This place."

She stops, then turns her back towards him. "I rather not have lasagna. I would like to try something else that I haven't had before."

Hal Jordan closes his eyes for a moment, concentrating, and then resumes his own civilian garb, while disguising the Hawk-warrior's wings and actually creating something of an outfit for her, modifying her costume to something more directly resembling clothes. The face he can't help, he's not going to try and create and imagine a face for her. He decides he won't bother with his mask, just because he's probably not particularly famous enough to be recognized, especially not this far from California.

"You ever have Chinese food? Kind of traditional here in New York to have Chinese around Christmas…"

Shayera didn't need her face changed, she was fine just the way she was. With no helmet to obscure her vision this night, she looked like any normal person would, out for a night on the town with a masked crusader of course. And while she could still feel them, and know they were there? The tension that she usually carries her slowly melts away within that moment, and a true smile fits the face of a woman who seemed to be perpetually angry.

"Chinese food? No." She states obviously. And she was eager to eat and learn.
Hal Jordan leads the pair out of the park and towards one of the more densely packed districts of the city, Chinatown. Even this late on Christmas Eve (morning, now, to be fair), the streets were fairly bustling, smells of ginger and curry and countless meats all mingling together in the air. Hal smiles as he leads her along, trying to pick the right place while letting the alien woman take it in.

"China's a big country on the other side of the planet. Long history, big wall, lots of rice. Meditation and kung fu. Jackie Chan movies. Yeah, that and a love for fried rice is pretty much the extent of my knowledge of China."

From what she has heard of the lore and the children who played in the parks below, Christ Mass was a time of family, so it almost saddened her to see people.. even if they were couples, out in the night, bustling and cooking food for those who should have been home with them. Though, she did not feel distain for them in that moment, she did feel sad, and longed to be home as well. But.. possibly like them? Jobs come first.

The sights were taken in with a wee bit of a frown, and a touch of silence, lending an ear to the quick lesson on China. "Perhaps after all is said and done with my time here, I can return to visit this place and partake in their culture and this Jackie Chan with authenticity." She had to smile at the thought.

Hal Jordan learned from his old trainer not to mock aliens for misunderstandings or malaprops. Most of them had far more culture than he, an educated flyboy from a backwater planet. While he wanted to bristle at the accusation, he had to admit, Kilowog was right - by the standards of most other cultures, humans were pretty much shaved monkeys.

"Never got the chance myself. Maybe one of these days. Hero gig's gotta be good for something right? In the meantime, their food is excellent," he says, gesturing to a small cafe that allows them to step in out of the cold, but leaves the windows open with a good view of the street.

"Hot and sour and some fried rice to start, then we'll see…" he says simply to the waiter, taking off his jacket and hanging it on the back of his chair.

"If you never got the chance, why not the three of us go." It was an idea, one of many. She actually liked this place, the children were cute, but the air was not much cleaner than it was back home. This place had a certain appeal, almost like a vacation spot of the stars. Once inside the cafe, she allows him to order while picking out the chair, her own jacket, created from his powers, shrugged off and settled upon the chair the same way as his. Still, she could feel her wings, and the chair itself may be an obstacle she had to overcome without seeming /too/ weird.5r
So she turns it to the side, settling down upon it with a bit of a lean so that she could expand.. her shoulders working to get the kinks out.. her face a mild glare.

Hal Jordan laughs and smiles, "I suppose that's true enough. Sorry, my good man, another time," he says, giving the waiter a ten just for the trouble of seating and then, in a flash of green energy, her carries them both off into the sky, the burst enough to momentarily dazzle anyone from looking too closely at their faces until he's releasing them both in the air above the city, his energies dispersing once he's certain she has her wings under her again, letting the illusion drop away, "To the East, then. Try and keep up," he grins and then he jets for the horizon, encouraging the hawk warrior to chase him down.

Shayera looked on, a little bit shocked. "But.." She started out.. and then, he wraps them up into a green ball of energy, taking them into the skyline of the night, the illusion dropping and her wings unfurling and flapping slowly in the night to keep herself afloat.

"Very well then." She states, now that face melted into something akin to a joyful grin as both fists pust towards the sky to draw herself into flight.


Like a crack of the wind, she was off. It was possible that he could keep up with her, and even with his powers, beat her. But she certainly wasn't about to give it the Thanagarian try.
He isn't really trying to race, though, more having fun. He leads her around mountains and down valleys, swooping up near the edge of the atmosphere and then screaming back down again. It's hardly a straight line to China. Hal Jordan has loved to fly for as long as he can remember, and it shows here, as he simply takes joy in having someone else in the sky besides himself.

Finally, they're cruising above China and he slows enough so they can speak, "There," he gestures. If she thought New York was polluted, Beijing was practically toxic, almost a cloud city from the amount of smoke and chemicals in the air.

It has been a long time since she's had this much fun. Surely, she was in competition mode, but she kept up with him and he her. She found a new friend and a flying companion in a matter of hours, days even. She even does loops! Twists and turns, odd manuverings no planes could do, even mimicing his style just a bit and.. it was refreshing.

Once they were in China however.. she was literally spent, her wings taken on a slight droop as she finds it a little hard to keep herself in the sky. She was breathing hard, it was a non stop joust that she'd come to regret in the morning. She was going to be /sore/.

"I'm tired.." She confesses, looking down onto the city, not knowing where to go or where to land that wouldn't cause an uproar. But she was insistent. Sleep first, then eat later, she was sure she wouldn't be able to keep her eyes awake on the walk.

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