A Brief Respite

December 26, 2014>: A scene from Gar and Keith's holiday vacation.

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There's a procession of cards down both sides of Keith as he walks down the aisle of the courthouse. It is, truly, a very bizarre environment, with jaunty and wide-eyed spectators, many of whom are animals.

And then there's the judge at the end of the walk. He's got two big, round ears. Keith wonders how on earth did someone foist a yellow pinafore dress on him…

"Off with his head!"
The gavel comes down with a resounding *smack*

Keith's green eyes open in a flash, and then he exhales. Alright, maybe the proximity of a certain theme park did influence the path of some of his dreams…

His arms around around Gar, fingers reflexively caressing the green skin. "…mssnrmm…" he mutters, trying to become coherent.

Gar does not snore. Except when he's sleeping sideways and half off the bed. Which was't so bad when he was a snake earlier. Florida heat, not good. This is day four, and they stayed at the Frontier Hoop-de-hoo Resort, which has very 'western' outfittings. Gar opens one eye when he feels fingers caressing his feet, and arms around his legs.

"Whuh?" He looks at the upside-down room, and decides that it's not a villainous attack… he's not hung over which means it might've been the good stuff… or wait, yeah, watching the free movies — the good ones — until the sky changed color.

"Hey, Borpal, it's lunch time! Wake up!" Gar says and spits out whatever it was that died in his mouth. Feathers? There better not be any missing pillows.

Keith groans and stretches, "I had.. the strangest dream. What day is it?" the young man mutters, yawning and sitting up on the bed, gathering the blankets around him.

He raises an eyebrow at the feathers and smirks. "You had better not eaten Tweeti- wait, that's Blunder Brothers, isn't he?"

The pillow isn't missing, but it seems to have a hole in the corner. Perhaps a naturally occurring one. Gar slides all the way onto the floor and sits up, yawning.

"You dream of yellow pinafores, I dream of having chickens shot at me from a giant slingshot," he complains. How did he know it was yellow pinafores? Because that was the dress on the Princess on the third movie, that Gar said had Keith's eyes. Which would have made it hard for him to watch the movie, so it must've been allegorical.

"So now that it's daylight, we've been to the Animal Kingdom, the Vegetable Kingdom, the WORRRLD of TOMORRRROW, the Mouse-a-torium, Omniversal Studios, and the Jungle Adventure. But we could do another day at the Mouse-a-torium, or go set the orcas free at the Sea Slavers except they won't let me in there any more."

"They don't let you in anymore? What did you do, did you try to whalenap Shamu or free Willy?" yellow pinafores indeed. That princess did sort of have Keith's eyes, but it was the acquatic one who had Keith's hair. Sort of.

"Hm, the mose sounds nice, I love the fireworks display at night." Keith was a romantic. He's not ashamed of having snuggled up to Gar during the fireworks. And a few stolen kisses as well. Speaking of which-

"Though you won't begrudge me a few moments of cuddling before you pry me out of this warm, warm bed and out into the cold, cold world."

The world being, specifically, Florida, whose coldest temperatures make New York laugh and point.

"Well, YEAH, I definitely tried to get in to talk to the whales. They don't want anyone to know that they hate it," Gar says. He gets up and dashes into the bathroom for a brief, but important, moment, then heads back to the bed.

"OK, now you can cuddle more than just my legs. But not for long. I want to try out that lunch place, they have real barbecue."

"Hmmm, Barbecue. Now you are being a vile seducer…" The redhead wraps arms and legs around Gar, resting his head against Gar' chest. "It's been so great being here without… any crises happening." Okay, one mugger while going out for dinner, but that was fast between the two of them. "And you've been getting your fair share of attention." The greenitude was popular with the kids. Some knew who he was, others didn't at first but were curious (and soon found out.) Keith enjoyed being fairly incognito, since the Cheshire was far more striking than his human self, especially when next to Gar.

Except for the Florida paparazzi, of course, who quickly found out who was holding hands with Garfield Logan in the Mouseparks. HeroWatchers on the web assumed that the blonde didn't stick and the green man was back to the other squeeze.

"This has been a great time, Gar. Thank you." He smiles and leans forward to brush his lips against him. "You're a total prince, you know."

Keith could joke that, due to the skin color, Gar was the Frog Prince. But that'd be the kind of joke that you'd make if you were mean-spirited, and Keith doesn't consider Gar's skin tone a laughing matter- he likes it quite a bit.

The vile seduction of barbecue.

"You were very tolerant of the fangirls at the Studios too. And of me eating up four hours of vacation morning recording a half-season of Spork and Knave … I really think that's going to be a great series, if they can just keep it going."

Gar scritches Keith's back gently, because it's there and in convenient reach. But then his phone pings, and he says, "Our reservation for lunch is in 15, wanna shower fast so we can get to the Big Barbecue Barn?"

"Tolerant? Please, Gar, it's what you do." Keith grins, nuzzling Gar's neck. "I like it when people appreciate you. I'd only be bothered if a fangirl kidnapped you to take you to her dungeon or someting, but that's not very likely." To succeed, anyways.

"If they can keep the series going, we can always modify one of our rooms at the Castle and turn it into a recording studio so you can do voiceovers on request."

A hand brushes against a green thigh, and he grins, "Sure, let's take a shower… you're going to have to push me, though. I don't shower quickly."

The shower was where Keith had his best ideas. He also enjoyed the warmth-induced stupor and relaxation.

"We have a couple that are good for that anyway," Gar says. "I checked them already. But voice-over for cartoons is usually done at studio so they can get some of the interactions, if they have people there at the same time, and they always do their specific sound system so they can mix it right."

And they can charge the producer for the studio time. But Gar doesn't care about that; he's going to demonstrate the Mighty Speed Shower to Keith the Slow. Step One: the Latherening.

The redhead lets go of Gar and slowly slides off the bed. "Alright… well, how long do you think it would take me to Rabbit Hole us from New York to here when you have to record the next half-season?" Keith doesn't sleep clothed anymore, his relationship with Gar having gone the full distance. "I've never tested very long distances, but it would be an interesting experiment. I have done the tri-cities, though."

"That'd be a great training assessment," Gar says, tugging the Cheshire Human into the bathroom. He sets the water running and while it gets to the correct temperature, he takes a handful of bath gel and applies it to the various parts of the Keef.

"You know that's actually kind of a long distance," he muses, nudging the red-head to get into the shower/tub.

"Being glad this isn't one of those realistic western places with the ice cold bucket for washing."

"I'm glad for that, too, because I can see you not resisting the urge to do horse-in-the-stable jokes." Keith laughs and lets the lathering commence. "As for long distances… we could give it a try on the return trip. Considering that my limitations are line-of sight… and that realistically is about three miles before things become less distinct and the curvature of the Earth gets in the way. So… unobstructed, I can teleport us three miles per Rabbit Hole per second. It's about… a thousand miles to New York from Orlando. How much would that take? Figuring in, say, a break for rest and food."

"Seven Leagues is about 24 miles, you can do that in eight steps. So you're not quite that version of Puss in Boots with the crossover shoes," Gar replies, taking the showerhead-on-flexible-hose from its latch, and starting to rinse off the soap, scrubbing at the same time. "Using the Great Circle distances… Huh."

Gar uses the sprayer to clean himself off as well, and makes sure to get all soap from any places it ought not to be. Of course, he hasn't properly pulled out the curtain and there's water all over the floor, but that's what towels are for, right?

After shaking the water off, and drying, it's ten minutes before lunch reservation. Gar decides not to shave. He pokes some numbers into his phone while Keef finds clothes to change into. Yes, they did pack JUST enough clothes.

"944 miles. That's about 315 rabbit holes, but I figure you'll need to pause to take your bearings and so on. So, assuming you can do them without stopping too much and getting worn out? I'd say you could make it in six minutes."

Keith stops for a second as he is drying, and looks at Gar for a second. "… I am an idiot. You mean we spent those hours at that airport … and that you spent money on plane fare when I could have brought us…"

He colors, and laughs, giving Gar a pinch on the rear as he begins to dry his hair.

"Why do you put up with me? If I had stopped to think for a minute, we could have been here earlier and spent a longer time."

Although that would have robbed them of visiting Danny, and that would have been a shame.

"Although… this does mean we can go anywhere your heart desires. As long as I have a GPS, or a compass and a map. And you won't need to get tired flapping… what do you say to that?"

"I say you need to figure out how far you can really go at a stretch. We don't know that you can go that many jumps without getting a sprain in your tail or something," Gar says. "But assuming you can, I think we could probably get back early. Danny won't forgive us for not taking him back to New York. Unless we go to his New Years party."

Gar pulls on clothing now. And it's just time enough to rabbit off to the barbecue. Gar grows rabbit ears — shades of Bucky O'Hare — for long enough to be properly attired for the fast trip down there. And takes the extra locks off the door so that the maid can get in.

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