Give Me Your Heart

December 26, 2014: Manchester Black, escapee from Strykers Island, make an appearance in New York with Bullseye as an assist.

Easten Brooklyn

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The sun set a few hours ago. But when the sun itself still lingered among the clouds, Lois arrives at the designated spot where she met with a family. Keys were exchanged, and the house was entered and a bit of packing was due. She owed them a favor, since they couldn't do it themselves, and she needed to work off the wait and agression of thoughts unspoken and.. /things/ to research for. The name hung upon her lips like a hook … but hours past. It was 9 o'clock and she needed to sneak a little stress reliever and a quick walk to the corner to stand near the light post.

Oddly enough, when there's a slight chill in the air there would be at least a crowd out milling or doing whatever said crowd does? But the street was half ass empty, a straggler here and there. Someone pushing a cart. Glancing Lois' way as she lights of a cigarette to take a deep inhale.


Out of nowhere. She looks around and sees nothing.

"Are you Lois Lane?"

Still nothing there…

"Give.. me.. your.. heart…" The voice was threatening, menacing.. filled with a cacophony of screams as a hand.. translucent, punches through her back to wrap spectres fingers around her heart and begins to /squeeze/.

It could just be a coincidence that the killer they call Deadshot, whose government leash has been just a little bit loose lately, was in the neighborhood when Lois gets attacked. Sure, they've crossed paths quite a bit recently, but it's not as though it were deliberate. He's certainly not watching her or taking pictures. He didn't have a shrine to her or something crazy like that.

Not yet, anyway.

The cacophany of screams, though, catches his attention, his armored figure springing into motion, a grappling hook lancing into the rooftop he crouches on before he slings himself down to the ground, his other arm lifted to try and get Lois' attacker in his sights.

Clark is busy packing up a box in an upstairs bedroom. It would be mildly surprising to him that she took off for a cigarette; he'd thought she'd quit. And, no, he doesn't have a shrine to her either. But when he hears the familiar scream, he knows something is terribly, terribly wrong.

He reaches up to his shirt and tears it open, revealing the familiar insignia beneath before disappearing from the room; the door slamming hard against the wall in his wake.

Fenris is just passing through really. He feels… something wrong. And then he hears the scream. It's not a scream he knows and ordinarily it's not a thing he'd necessarily care about but feeling that… dead… wrong… void in the magic of his hunting grounds… He opens a Way and steps through it, with a very large sword in hand. Unreasonably large, really.

The being itself could be seen, parts of his arm disappearing into Lois' back as he lifts her from the ground. The energy that's pulled from her causes him to shine in the light, a spectre almost, with a long jaw and a teeth sharp as razors.

"Do… not.. resist…" The thing hisses.

While Deadshot grapples down towards Lois, the spectre begins to spin, creating a whirlwind of fright and light..

All the while? He remains in the background. Watching from the window of one of the projects adjacent from the scene. His own cigarette lit, zippo idly flicked back and forth as a sly grin drawls upon his features. He keeps himself hidden with mild telepathy, the Union Jack branded upon his shirt as he glances back towards the cowering family with a finger soon pressed to his lips.

"Shhh. Fun's just gettin' started."

Spectre, ghost, phantom, phantasm, oogie boogeyman, Deadshot always had a first solution and then he'd figure out what else to try if it didn't work: bullets.

He blasts carefully, one shot at a time, knowing a spray could cause Lois to jerk or be moved into the line of fire, aiming the first couple of rounds towards what appears to be the spectral arm plunging into Lois' back and following a trail backwards and up towards the thing's head. At the very least, he might get the thing's attention. Probably feeding on Lois' soul. In which case, Floyd figured it'd find pretty slim pickings in his. He burned his out a long, long time ago.

Superman speeds into view, the red and blue of his suit a few shades darker here in the lack of light. "Lois!" he exclaims, and in noticing Deadshot, he fears that this madman who she seems to keep running into has finally gotten her. The world slows down as he begins moving at high speeds, trying to figure out exactly what's going on as he attempts to help her. As he sees the figure behind her, he approaches with a fist, looking to bash it away from her!

Fenris' blade is at a low guard. Hrm. Specter of some kind. And other heros are here. Perfect. Rather than charge in like the others and honestly just get in the way, the Old Wolf shrinks his blade down to the size of a knife and cuts his hand, letting his ichor bleed onto the ground as he focuses his will on disrupting the thing holding Lois. With any luck that'll slow and distract it long enough for someone to get her away from it.

"Who the fuck would shoot at a goddamned ghost?" A voice in the distance (cause there are many) calls out. Followed by a *CHA-CHING* of a coin flipped by a flick of the finger, soaring at deadly speeds towards Deadshot, and a now approaching Superman. Who is going to get hit first? And who tossed that coin?

There would be no waiting to see /that/ current culprit, for another slew of quarters were slung at the duo, the large figure soon running into plain view, toothpick betwixt lips and bullseye carved into the flesh of his head. "WOAH-HAH! HAHAH!" He barks out, all the while the spectre? It promptly drops Lois upon the ground without care and focuses upon the two who approach.

"Giiive.. me… your.. heaarrrrts…" It howls out, the fist of Superman.. if it was intended for the Spectre, cuts through the air with enough force to blow Lois' hair out of place!

She draws in a thick breath of wheezed air, her hands immediately grasping her chest as she rolls into a ball, breath was a little hard to come by with the pain that rolls through, but she slowly managed, rolling onto her side to try to crawl to her feet, but the whirring wind that Spectre created kept her low.

Just when the hands of the spectre rears back in attempts to perform the same acts upon Superman and Deadshot, it's attention is called and turned towards Fenris, a low.. loud howl drawing from it's extended maw.


Manchester frowns, this wasn't going as planned. With the new player upon the scene? It was time for him to jump into action.

Deadshot turns quickly at the sound of the voice, his other hand going over his shoulder and firing a single bullet. That coin doesn't hit anybody, because, with the sound of a reverbrating TING, it meets bullet in mid-air, both of lead and silver knocked aside and spinning off. He recognizes the voice, of course, nobody's who's been in the professoinal killer business hasn't had to cross paths with him one time or another.

"I shoot everything. Why should ghosts get a break?" Floyd says, raising his guns and ignoring the business of the screaming demons and the superhumans and, yes, even the wailing reporter entirely. His attention has been gotten.

"What brings you to this party, dickhead? Isn't there a darts tournament somewhere around here for you to make money in?"

Superman should really be focusin on defending himself, but he reaches down to pick up his Lois. His face is wrought with fright. "Lois, can you hear me?" he asks, brushing some hair from her face. His eyes go white as he begins to look over her with his x-ray vision, trying to discern whether she is hurt and, if so, how badly.

Fenris smirks. His right hand is bleeding rather freely now, clenched into a fist, drops of red spattering the ground around him. Good, focus on me, Specter. Not the girl. Over here now. That knife in his left hand begins to extend again, becoming a proper sword, a moonsilver sword, in a matter of moments.

"Someone needs to go see my sister." The Old Wolf growls irritably. "I do so dislike poachers."

"Oh.. ha. HA!" Bullseye throws out, the woman was forgotten as well, even though at first? She was the intended target. Maim, do not kill. There were few times where Bullseye ever had a chance to enjoy a good maiming. All business, no pleasure.

"Money, is what brought me here. Some fag tossed money my way and said, 'Wreck that broad in the most hilarious way possible'. Coupl'a twenties later and…" His leather jacket was soon gripped, shaken.. the sound of change echoing through the busy street. Soon, his hands delve into his pockets, pulling out a heaping helping of silver.

"For old times, sake."

"Kal?" Lois manages to squeeze out, her eyes soon darting up towards his wildly. "I don't know what happened." She was about to make an idle joke about cigarettes and the dangers of smoking, with a loud *SNAP* is heard. If he were to look into her now, he'd see that one of her ribs were broken. Nevermind the loud scream that she unleashes as she spasms within his arms.

"Sooooo-per man." Manchester calls out, cigarette soon snatched from his lips and tossed aside into the rolling dark. "If I would have known about her earlier on, we would have done this /ages/ ago." He stops in his tracks, his hand lifting, fingers pinching together to ..


Another rib down. "If I even see you twitch, I'll explode her goddamned heart."

The Spectre, however? Ignores those behind it. It had gotten enough from Lois, enough to battle the Asguardian by the tooth and the claw. "SSssssuuuuuffffeeerrr!" It wails out towards Fenris, boney, clawed fingers slowly extending into something more razor sharp and tangible as it floats with blazing speed towards the God-Wolf.

Deadshot seems to flex his hands like a gunfighter, all Clint Eastwood style, taking the measure of his opponent down a long corridor. Which would make Floyd roll his eyes. Leave that melodramatic bullshit for cartoon freaks like Bullseye and the Joker. Some motherfuckers always want to try to ice skate uphill.

"Y'know, the problem with old times' sake, Bullseye?" he says, finished with the adjustments in his gauntlets to reconfigure his wrist magnums from single shot to full auto, a nice, lethal 24 rounds per second, fed from a nice casing in the back of his armor. Glad he wore the suit today.

"Old times means that you brought a bunch of fuckin' change to a gunfight, asshole," he says, and then he raises his arm and begins to shoot, the rapid fire gatling gun sound of his weapons unloading at full buck creating a savage, blistering echo off the buildings as he starts out trying to eat the meat off of Bullseye's legs and then figuring he'll work his way up to the body.

Superman turns with Lois still in his arms; he knows it's him as soon as he hears the voice. Manchester Black. He'd not seen the psychopath since he was involved in the breakout in Metropolis. Superman's features turn rather dark, "If you hurt her, I guarantee you that you will be sorry. Don't push me, Black."

Fenris isn't really in a position to notice too much quite yet. He brings that blade up and hooks it into the specter's arm, spinning inside the creature's reach as he too sprouts claws… and grows a couple feet. Divine power pulses off him for those able to feel it and his shoves his now razor tipped hand into the ghost's gut and rips. Go to Helhiem. The landlady there will take good care of you. Well, take care of you at anyrate.

And then it starts, showdown between two sharp shooters. One with pockets full of quarters and the other with a magazine full of bullets. Who's more lethal? Bullseye is going to put the silver to the test. The first *BLAMS* of the gun sends him hopping, dancing along the street, narrowly being clipped by each bullet that fires. Sure, he's got some blow back, a couple of bullets graze by and cut through the skin to cause him to bleed profusely. But his hands? They were the true magic.


Rapid fire of quarters, each flicked with fingers with a style that only Mozart in motion could create. Though if he actually pierces the armor? ++1.

Manchester shakes his head, a low laugh dawning upon his lips as he gestures towards Lois. "Two ribs down, Supershit. Looks like the damage is already one. What're going to do? /KILL/ me? Bet you a pack of smokes I'll get to /her/ first. I will have her heart…" His hand extends and curls into a fist, all the while Lois gasps deeply, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she grows stiff as a board, her fingers soon clawing at her chest..

The Spectre slashes and gnashes teeth at Fenris, the allure of hellish screams cowering within the divine light that he enimates. "Asssguaaaarddiaaaannnn!" The thing hisses, the blade tearing into it's gut, black light soon dawning from it's orifices as it's head throws back to curdle another howl.

And just like that.. it was gone. How.. anticlimactic! Or maybe not…
Deadshot growls to himself as he's pelted with change. Can the quarters cut through? No, but it's still like trying to go to sleep under a tin roof in a hailstorm, his helmet reverbrating with the constant barrage of coins.

He's tracking and tracing Bullseye's acrobatic dancing through the air. God, did every fucking asshole killer grow up in a fucking circus or something? If he ever found the gymnast coach asshole who kept training these douchebags, he was gonna put his head up on a god damn pole.

He does, however, manage to overhear Manchester taunting Superman, getting all dickish and taunty and threatening Lois. Fuck that shit. He lets Bullseye have one arm while he trains the other on Manchester, able to follow Bullseye without looking while he gets the Brit in his crosshairs.

"Hey, asscrack? He definitely won't kill ya," he says and there's a click as he aims and, generously out of respect for Superman, aims to chew the meat off of Black's shoulder with a spray, "I definitely will. Better hope he gets to you first, bitch."

Superman speeds over after setting Lois down and reaches to grab Manchester Black at superspeeds. If he wouldn't stop when Clark was stopping, then he wasn't playing by the rules either. In less time than a heartbeat, the Man of Steel grabs Black by the throat.

Next stop?


Fenris finds himself without a ghost clawing at him. Which is, to be honest, nice. His attention is drawn first to Superman - who is abruptly in another zip code - then to the firefight being conducted with pocket change. Oy. Mortals. He reaches out with his power toward the quarter flinging madman and snarls a single word. "Dormius."

Yes it's latin and not norse. Sue him.

Hey. If no one else thought it was hilarious, and that he could actually kill someone with a flippin' quarter, he did. He was just that full of himself, staggering a bit, legs being torn asunder by grazes and.. well? He's about had enough.

Manchester squeezes tight, leaving Lois a writhing mess upon the ground.. that was until he was shot in the shoulder, losing his grip upon Lois and being snatched by the neck, the chill of the wind dazing him as.. he.. oh fuck.

Fucking Virginia?!

The single word was enough to snap something into Bullseye, something that causes him to stop dead in his tracks and fall right over. He was asleep, soundly so, a little twitch here and there given due to the pain that finally settles. Apparently, a nap can knock off an adrenaline rush.

But there was Lois, upon the gound, finally coughing yet again, this time blood dripping from her lips as she curls her hand into a fist to wipe away at her mouth. That was totally going to smart in the morning.

Deadshot assumes Superman's dealing the requisite (yet sadly, and almost certainly, non-lethal) beating to the Brit and turns around in time to see old Bullseye starting to head for the hills. He could give chase.

Instead, he finds himself turning to check on Lois Lane, taking Superman's face as he reaches down and clicks the latches on his helmet, lifting it up and open to reveal Floyd Lawton's face, "How ya doin' there, girl? Big baddie rip yer insides out, or you still in the land of the livin'?"

"You animal!" Superman says as he comes to a stop and throws Manchester Black against a tree somewhere in Appalachia. The strike isn't meant to kill. But it's definitely meant to hurt. Before he can react, Superman is sending some freeze breath towards Black's eyes, nose, and mouth, attempting to cover it in an icy shield.

Fenris ambles toward Lois. He knows Superman by sight, but not Deadshot nor Lois Lane. He can however smell the scent of someone injured and probably internally bleeding. The Wolf God isn't… empathetic the way normal people are, but someone violated his hunting grounds and tried to poach one of his people (which is all the people who live in the Tri City area. He doesn't belabor the point often, people usually object). So he's going to fix this. Already the tall, predatory looking man's right hand is glowing with green energy.

The events for Lois were confusing. At first she was out smoking a cigarette, then it felt as if she had the life choked out of her. The approach of Deadshot left her scrambling, much to her broken ribs and wheezed breath. "Who the.." Oh. It was him. ".. I'm alive.." She wheezes out, hand immediately gone to her side and quickly withdrawn, settling for easing herself upon the ground, flat upon her back with her eyes closed. All she needed to do was wait for someone to arrive, a nice healing touch of the doctors and pain medication to soothe the soul. She oughta be used to this by now.

Manchester however? IS used to this treatment, so he takes it all in stride with a manical laugh, that was up until he was thrown against the tree. He falls to the ground, eyes straight towards Superman to unleash a powerful, telekentic blow until he was covered in an icy shield. This was new.

Very new. And he panicked. His hands immediately went to his face to claw off the thick ice, resorting to beating himself within the face, his attempts to scream nearly futile as he falls to his knees in a struggle.

Back to Lois, she notices the tall, dark man upon approach, her eyes gone wide as she slowly begins to lift herself upon her elbows, her feet pressed to the ground with need to scramble back and away. She doesn't know Fenris is good, he looked.. in all intents and purposes, as if he was to do harm.

"Oh god, look out!" She weakly blurts out, one arm gone up to shield her face as she turns away, bracing for impact.

Deadshot grins down at Lois, "S'allright, yer boy scout grabbed whoever was messin' with ya, dude's probably already locked up in Belle Reve by no-Whoa there, big boy!" he says, posture shifting quickly to put the full-auto arm up and aiming towards the central mass of Fenris' body as he approaches, "You plannin' to do somethin' with that hand o' yours other'n give yourself a handie, gonna take a little more explanation 'fore I let ya touch the lady, ya feel me?"

Having the upperhand, Superman moves for the knockout,…kick. His red boot swings upward as he delivers a vicious kick straight to the Englishman's face. "I'm glad you think this is funny. Because when you wake up, you'll be back in jail. With one hell of a headache."

Fenris just kind of quriks an eyebrow and releases the life-magic onto Louis. "The explanation would take a lot longer than I think she'd appreciate. How about 'healing magic' in leiu of anything more focused." Because really the god-wolf doesn't want to explain how it works.

Surely, Lois would be relieved to find out that whatever was on the attack was gone, but there was Fenris.. and he didn't look like the kindly sort. And he called her Louis. That won't fly.

The healing magic hits her, and it felt great, so much that she couldn't feel the way that her ribs snapped back into place, or the tickle of her lungs being healed, and her heart restored to it's full and working condition. She wouldn't be surprised if other latent injuries had healed as well, but it 'woke' her up. She could actually breathe!

With that new found healing energies pumped through her, she immediately stands to her feet.. alright, not immediately, there was a bit of a stagger and a wobble, her hands outstretched to steady herself as she looks on towards Fenris with a wary gaze. "Who.. /are/ you..?" And yes. She was going to ask. "How did you do that?"

Back with Manchester, he suffers alright, that swift.. hard kick snapping his neck back (though it doesn't kill him), ringing through the skull to knock him clean out. He /almost/ won. He was going to be rid of Superman! All he had to do was stay hidden and… it was too late. He was going back.
Deadshot immediately notices the reaction in Lois, both that he obviously couldn't do anything about it, but that her response was also positive. High alert momentarily reduced although, of course, Mr. Talldark might be just healing her so she was in good shape for a long, bouncy ride on his shoulder. Floyd isn't particularly enthused to try and throw down with anybody who deals in magic, though.

"Huh. Sorry, didn't see the lightning bolt scar, Harry. Good job," he says, letting Lois brace herself against one of his armored shoulders as she pushes up.

"Oh, look, she's already pushy and asking questions. Yup, you fixed her, all right."

Superman wastes nary a second grabbing Manchester Black and headed straight towards the Metropolis; and straight towards Stryker's Island. Once that's taken care of, he's headed back to New York at top speeds, creating a giant wake as he flies low to the ocean. One foe taken care of; another one to consider.

As Superman returns (har har), he comes to a stop, he takes a moment to check on Lois' condition. He'll check on how that happened later. For now, he's glowering at Floyd. His eyes begin to glow red, and that's not a good sign.

Fenris chuckles as the Man of Steel makes presence known once more. "I think I said that already Lois. It was magic. And you're welcome." Something about the Old Wolf is perpetually predatory. He's not the kind to set people at ease. They can always sense the wolf beneath the illusion of humanity. Still he's not particularly doing anything. And if Lois is alarmed that he seems to know her name, she might recall that Kal shouted it out recently.

"As for me? I'm called Jeremiah."

Lois grips Deadshot's shoulder and gives it a push, already annoyed but.. still. She was glad to be alive. The focus was upon Jeremiah now, even though something was a bit off with him, it was rare for her to meet someone that had the magic to heal. She didn't even see him take care of the ghoul. "Nice to meet you, Jeremiah." Oh yeah. She was ready to get the tape recorder out or her cell phone to start snapping pictures, or something. For she took a step close.. and.. hesitated.

Something was not right with this man at all. He actually scared her.

Kal-el's emergence causes her to turn, a relieved expression shown upon her features and yet.. he gave her pause. The red eyes?

"Kal?" She asks quietly, then slowly takes a step towards him. "Are you alright?" If he was hopped up on red, it was time to /run/.

Deadshot doesn't seem to much care, meeting the Superman's stare directly. Floyd gave up on life a long time ago - if he goes down by goading the world's biggest goodie two shoes into killing him, well, that sounds like a pretty cool last night.

"Think your boy might've thrown a gasket, Lois? You got anything you give him when he gets like this, like a chew toy or something?" he says.

The killer flips open a metal door in his arm and draws out a cigarette - yes, he had a cigarette case built into the armor, and bringing it to his lips, "C'mon, be a pal and gimme a light, Supes. I just helped save your ladyfriend. Lease you c'n do is thank me." he says.

For the moment, Jerimiah and even Lois fade into the background. Floyd grins and, while he doesn't say it, he's sure thinkin' it. C'mon, boy. Jump.

Superman cuts the distance between each of them in less than a blink of the eye, and in giving Floyd what he wishes, he incinerates the cigarette in one poof. The Man of Steel's features do not soften, and reaching out, he attempts to grab at Floyd's neck and tries to lift Floyd up.

"Everytime you come near her, something bad happens. You're going to leave her alone, and when I say that, know that I am not kidding around with you."

Fenris has already turned his sword back into the necklace that it usually is, but this? This is… interesting. The Man of Steel's general goodness is legendary. To see him on the edge of losing his temper? Or seemingly so a any rate. That's… unusual. Something tells the tall, creepy man to stick around. Just in case.

Lois looks back towards Floyd to give him /that/ look. That look that all mothers give their children when the children themselves rat out the christmas gift that someone hid in the kitchen to the giftee.. that… 'shut up, or you're gonna get it' look. But, it really didn't help.

She was moving towards Kal-el to reach for his arm.. but yet, she grabbed nothing but space. She whips around now, obviously.. okay.. what to do Lois. What to do..

Should she fake a splinter?

Trip and pretend she twisted her ankle?


She holds her hand over her mouth, then immediately drops it. With a look gone to Fenris, she actually gives an awkward shrug. Really, what /can/ they do? Fenris only heals and.. Lois is just plain human. These two men could tear the city up if they chose.

Deadshot shakes for a moment, a low quiver that starts in his chest, his eyes closing until his mouth finally falls open, that noise building until he finally lets out the laugh that Superman is trying to strangle out of him.

"Oh, Christ, the look on your face, man. She's really got you bad, got those little red undies right up your crack. I think that's what eating you is that every time I'm around, she ends up just fine. Well, okay, she got shot that one time, but that wasn't even me. And I killed that guy extra hard for it, if it makes you feel any better."

Deadshot just hangs, letting his weight suspend easily on the infinitely strong man's arm, "You wanna kill me, kill me. You wanna threaten me, consider me threatened. But I only got one boss at the moment, and trust me, son, she scares me a lot more'n you."

Superman pulls Deadshot close to his face, "Well in that case, give your employer a message from me. Whatever she wants? From me? She can come to me. Going through her is just going to make me angry. And you don't want to see me angry."

And Superman throws Floyd. Not very hard or very far, but to emphasize his point.

"Are you alright?" he says to Lois, before turning to Fenris. "Was it you who helped her?"

Fenris' eyes follow the thrown Deadshot. Well… that looked like that was mildly uncomfortable. "It was. I trust the matter is resolved now?" Which matter he's referring to, the attack on Lois or the tension between Superman and Deadshot, is unclear. Either way the god-wolf seems to think that his work here is done, as it were. He's glad he didn't have to split up/watch the two duel.

Lois could be angry, could be embarrassed, but really.. all she wants now is a drink. Her hand goes straight to the top of her head as she watches the display of manly manness, looking to the three with the hopes of /one/ of them at least stepping down. But with Deadshot's words? She was so sure that it wasn't going to happen. Until Superman lets him go, as it were.

"Oh good lord and a quarter.." She breathes out to herself, her hands placed upon her hips, soon wrapping around her stomach as she bends just enough to get a few quick breaths of shaky air in. The tension, for her at least? Was damn high.

She stands up straight now as Kal addresses her, giving a quick nod and a gesture towards Jeremiah. "He helped.." And that's all she could really say, but does look towards Deadshot to make sure that he's alright and doesn't need any healing powers from Jere.

Deadshot lights a cigarette and grins as he meets Lois' gaze, giving a nod to the reporter that he's all right, even as bruises have blossomed a bit around his neck. He's sore, oh yeah, he'll feel that one for a while, but he can't say he regrets it.

Not sure what he likes more actually. That the reporter girl checked on him. Or that he's damned sure Superman saw her do it.

"Thank you," Superman says to Fenris earnestly. "We both owe you one. I know enough to know she was hurt pretty badly." Superman ignores the interaction between Lois and Floyd, even going as far as to turn his back on Floyd. The vermin wasn't worth any more of his time or thought.

"Quite welcome." Fenris nods as he tears open a portal to head back to… wherever he was when this started. Far enough that he didn't feel like walking there, certainly. He glances once more at Floyd curious, then give Lois and Superman a nod and steps through the tear in space-time and vanishes.

Good. Deadshot seemed to be not neck/broken, Superman seemed to calm and Jeremiah remains forever creepy. What is that guys story? And he creates portals? /Whaaaaat?/

Lois was dumbfounded, she even lifts a finger to point towards the tear with a rather stupid look on her face.. but just drops it for now. She reaches into her pocket to pull out her mad stash of cigarettes, crumpling it into a fist and tosses it to the ground. Surely, she shouldn't litter but.. tonight. It was trying.

Her shoulders slump a little, finally brightening as she turns to head back towards the house to continue to pack.

"Oh. These boxes are going to be /so/ heavy. If only there was someone around who could lift ten fifty pound boxes into the truck so that the nice family could get them home. Oh what am I going to do.."

Ayup. That was a hint to come back inside. In which she's probably going to get a welcome lecture on the dangers of smoking.

Deadshot shakes his head, blowing smoke and grinning, "Enjoy your workhorse, Lois. I'll call you sometime about that thing. Or you can call me. Whatever. I'll be in touch." he says. He extends an arm and fires a grappling line, letting the winch drag him upwards as he starts to whistle to himself.

Superman looks to Lois with head tilted, "Really? That guy?"

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