Return of the Savitar

December 26, 2014: A group of cultists try to bring Savitar to NYC.


The Big Apple



  • Savitar
  • Caitlyn Snow
  • Cisco Ramon

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Barry Allen sits at his desk, rubbing his eyes as he pours over the evidence another time. Scores of people were murdered a few nights ago, presumably by some man with a metal arm, and though they've begun to follow up on several of the leads, the wait is frustrating.

The crackle over the police radio breaks his attention. A call from dispatch is echoed by the desk roamers; a group of 9 men and women, dressed in white gowns, entered a warehouse and were in there for a couple hours.

A curious dock worker took a peek and saw some sort of cultist ritual going on. Seeing someone strung up on a metal slab, presumably against their will, caused him to call the 5-0.

As soon as the address comes across the loudspeaker, Barry is gone, his chair spinning in his wake.

Kate is already there, perched in the girders above the scene as she tries to figure out what's going on. She should probably be taking a nap. Or actually sleeping. But lately, she's not so good with that. It's all either training or patrols. See something wrong? Fix something wrong. So a somewhat weary Kate is crouched in the girders overlooking the scene, bow in hand as she watches. "What is with people lately?" she mutters.

"Inf fah rush do sa mi la rah!"

Inf fah rush do sa mi la rah!"

The man on the table is naked from the waist up, tied down by his hands, over his feet and with a band over the chest, unable to move. His eyes grow with fear and there's a troubling feeling that Kate might feel; the hair upon her arms begin to stand on end, just before a lightning bolt tears open a large whole in the roof!

"In fah rush do sa mi la rah!" the group exclaim as they hold their hands into the sky, calling upon their deity, the terrible SAVITAR!

This…would probably be a good time to call Constantine. Really. But…Kate can totally handle this, right? No need to wear out her welcome with the…whatever he is. Circles keep things in and out, and concentration is important for magic. These are things she knows. Also, that lightning is bad, but that's not news. Quietly, she thumbs a pair of ear plugs into her ear, loads up with a flash-bang, draws…and looses into the center of the ritual.

Almost concurrently with the flash bang, a ball of lightning enters through the hole in the ceiling and strikes the center of the ritual!

With the flash bang going off, it's tough to see exactly what's going on. There is a lot of scream and shouting and, since Kate presumably closed her eyes, she'll be able to see the cultists cower away and desperately try to get their bearings again.

Just then, a red streak bursts through the doorway and skids to a stop, visible now as the Flash. His blue eyes go wide and in an instant he's next to the man who has just been hit by lightning, moving to break him loose from the bonds.

Kate reaches back for a canister of tear gas to add to the cultist confusion, but then…There's that guy again. The Flash. Who's going to need at least two seconds to get with the rescuing. And besides, how often do you get to mess with frightened cultists? She shakes the canister in the air for a moment, hoping the Flash can see it, then instead pulls out her phone. There's totally an app for this. Voice modulation.

"COWER!" she proclaims into the phone, letting the microphone and the app twist her voice into…Well, it's probably a Darth Vader voice, but it's not like they can hear that well right now, right? "YOUR OFFERING IS DISPLEASING TO ME!"

How's that for innovative?

The man still seems to be alive, and the Flash is there one moment, and gone the next along with the victim. A crackle of lightning trailing behind them as the pair disappears.

Meanwhile, the cowering seems to be happening as the cultists all begin to bow in fear away from the hole in the wall, presumably believing another bolt to be coming.

"We are sorry our master! We only mean to please you! Please show us mercy!"

"DO I SEEM LIKE A MERCIFUL MASTER?!" Okay, Kate might be having a little to much fun with this. She should really wrap things up before they start to catch on.

"HERE IS MY MERCY," she says as she tosses the tear gas into a corner, counting on the ringing in their ears to cover the sound. "YOU SHALL SLEEP. AND IF YOU WAKE, YOU WILL KNOW IF I WAS MERCIFUL."

Hey, if someone asks you if you're a god…Time to go! Carefully, she starts to creep back along the girder toward the window.

Gradually, the trick seems to work. The cultists begin to lower, and the gas seems to be doing it's trick. Still, there's a sound in the distance, getting louder. It continues to grow in it's place in Kate's ears and is one of those ominous things you see in movies all the time.

There could even be suspensful music slowly growing in tempo.

Nothing to see here, angry god. Just a lonely little archer vaulting her way down a fire escape and leaving a warehouse full of cultists knocked out for the cops to find. Kate glances up toward the sky, but as she starts to move away from the warehouse, she keeps to the shadows.

It's not much longer until SAVITAR himself arrives and it's clear he's none too pleased. "Fools! You lay upon the ground before me in weakness! I shall smite each and every single one of you!" The man, with a bare, exposed chest and dark blue pants wears a metallic mask over his face. As he digs into the ground, he's about use the blade in his hand to slash through one of the cultist's necks, but even as he is, a red flash comes through the entrance, tackling him, and sending the blade skittering across the ground!

Now visible, Savitar and the Flash trade blows with each other at superspeeds!

Dammit. Kate can't just leave the Flash to deal with the crazy dude on his own. That's not right. Cursing quietly under her breath, she turns and jogs back toward the warehouse. She is not climbing up to the rafters again, though. The stairs and climbing lately are just too much. On the other hand, it's going to take her a minute to decide what she can do to one speedster that won't hurt the other.

Slam Slam SlamSlamSlam

Though technically faster, Flash doesn't have the hand to hand fighting expertise of Savitar, who slams his head into the ground over and over. The man in red now slumps to the ground, apparently defeated, while Savitar stands to full height, leans back, and cracks his back and neck with a slight twist. The warrior in blue saunters over to pick up his blade, feeling as though he's now alone. He'll take his time with this. And he'll do in the Flash first.

Whoa now, none of the hero murdering. Kate is not going down like that again. Two arrows are nocked, the fletching partially stripped with a nip of her teeth to help direct them to different places. There's a foam arrow at Savitar's feet - because if they can't move, then he can't run, and a completely ordinary - aside from the wicked sharpness of the tip - broached right for his knee.

The foam does it's trick due to Savitar's total absence of mind. It encircles his feet and grows, holding him in place. However, when the arrow comes, Savitar is no longer taken unaware, and just before it hits he begins to vibrate at unbelievable speeds. The arrow goes straight /through/ him!

"Who are you who aims to threaten the great Savitar?"

The hardened foam explodes at his vibrating feet and he turns to face the young woman more fully now.

From behind, though, the Flash is struggling to get to his feet.

"Uh…" Kate smiles awkwardly. "Artemis?" It worked once today. Worth a try again, right? Clearly this guy is crazy. What's a little more crazy in the mix? "You know me. I only hunt the most fleet of foot. Otherwise it's just not, uh. Challenging enough. It happens when you're hunting for a few millennia, life gets really boring. You, though. Very impressive."

From behind Savitar, Flash gives her a 'are you flippin' crazy?' look, the cut aways from his eyes allowing to express the sentiment to its full incredulity.

"Ha-hah-hah!" Savitar as he looks towards the second Hawkeye. "You are no Artemis, little woman. And when I am through with you, you will scream to every god in your vocabulary to release you to death!"

Savitar only takes one step before a deafenting CRACK comes from behind. Savitar struggles forward, and once again, the pair begin to throw down in a blue and red skirmish that is much too fast to keep track of. A few seconds later, however, the blue bolt screams out of the warehouse, and the Flash falls to his knees.

"Really? Artemis?"

"Way more confusing than anything I was actually going to shoot at him," Kate points out, dry, as she jogs toward the Flash to make sure he's all right. "Besides, what's it to me? I get the same reaction to 'Hawkeye' half the time. You okay?" she asks, offering out a hand.

The Flash reaches up to take the hand and pulls himself up. "Yeah, fine." He says it, but it doesn't look that way. He's bleeding badly from the head and looks as though he'll likely have a pretty bad concussion. "Who are these yokels?" he says as he motions towards the sleeping dogs dressed in white.

"No clue," Kate shakes her head, grimacing. "Caught a straggler heading in and came up to check the place out. I thought we were dealing with more of the demon summoners who are apparently all over the place these days, but it looks like they got a little confused between your friend and actual gods."

"Well, whoever that was, I wouldn't mind never running into him again. He's pretty fast, but even more he's pretty good in a fight. Hit me like a ton of bricks. Never got the chance to thank you for a couple nights ago. Guess that means I owe you two. If not for you, I think my skull would be leaking brain matter right now." Flash grimaces and looks to the sleeping cultists, "I'll get the cops here. See about cleaning this mess up. The guy who they were holding, I think he's gonna be alright."

"Hey, always glad to help," Kate says with an easy smile. "Speaking of. You need a ride or something? You don't look like you're really safe to be moving at high speeds right now. Cops are on the way, too," she adds, tapping at an earpiece. "Someone called it in right around the time I saw the guy heading in here."

"Oh, right." Flash knew that, but he's a little fuzzy now. "Yeah, you know, a ride wouldn't be a bad idea." His knees look a little shakey and…oh no…

The Flash leans over and vomits.

Yep, that's a pretty bad concussion.

"Yeah," Kate says slowly, grimacing at the vomiting. "All right, Speedy, let's get out of here before you get yourself in any more trouble." She moves to duck under his arm, but she also pulls out a pile, breaking it open and pouring it out over the pile of vomit, causing it to hiss and bubble. "I heard they can sometimes get DNA and stuff from that."

"Oh, right." The Flash repeats himself and makes no effort to struggle against the extra help. "Do you know where STAR Labs is? You can just drop me off there. I think I should go see my doctor." By that, he means Caitlyn. All he wants to do right now is to get some sleep, but he's heard that's not such a good idea. Even with his speedy healing.

"I definitely think you should see your doctor," Kate agrees, starting out of the warehouse and heading toward a shadowed alley where she'd left her bike. "And I can find STAR labs, I'm sure. So, hey, how about the other night, huh?" she asks, trying to keep him talking to help keep him awake. "That was a lot of really weird…bad guys? I thought maybe they were good guys when they first showed up. Kind of a let down to see what jerks they were."

The Flash nods as he leans against her; she can feel the shakiness and trembling in his body next to hers as she helps him along. "Not sure what was up with them. I'm just happy no one got hurt. At the end of the day, I think they just took that girl as a way to get away. Not sure if they'd actually have killed anyone. At least that one group. Not sure about the metal guy and his friends."

"They definitely didn't seem very fun," Kate agrees as she reaches the bike, eyeing Flash. "You think you can hang on?" she asks warily. "I don't want to leave a Flash-smear on the pavement. That would be…really hard to explain. And also bad. Think you can hang on? Or I can take this thing back to the car, but I think you need to keep your eyes open either way."

The Flash nods as he gets on the back. "Yeah, I think I'll be okay. Just go slow, okay?" Barry swings a leg over on the back and slumps a bit as he waits for Kate to get on.

"Definitely," Kate nods, climbing carefully on and passing a helmet to Barry. "Cows, barn, whatever, you're wearing it," she says firmly, then starts up the bike and heads for STAR Labs.

The Flash holds on to Kate tightly, resting his head against her back. He's worried he might get sick again on the trip, but somehow he's able to make the duration without puking in her helmet.

As they pull up to the labs, Kate gives the building a long, suspicious look. "So, uh. If this is an experiment thing and not a corporate sponsorship thing…You know you can get help, right?" she asks as she carefully gets off the motorcycle and puts down the kickstand before offering out a hand to help him off.

"Corporate sponsorship thing?" The Flash asks, not following her at all. He stares at her, eyes fidgeting slightly. "I'm not sure I understand."

"Yeah," Kate says slowly. "I'm not sure you're understanding much of anything right now. So I'm going to give you this," she says, pulling out of of those business cards with just a number and Hawkeye on it. "And when you're feeling better, if you ever need anything, you can call, okay? Now let's get you inside."

"Sounds good," the Flash says as the pair go through the opening maw of the scientific facility. As soon as they enter, a woman with brown hair and porcelain skin, and a darker skinned young man with long black hair meet them. "Is he okay?" Caitlyn Snow asks.

"Probably concussed," Kate answers the woman with a small, tight smile. "He threw up back at the fight, and he seems to be having some trouble focusing. He's been awake for the ride back here, though." Kate works with Clint Barton. She knows all about dealing with people with concussions. "He got his head bashed into the cement a few times by another speedster. I'm kind of surprised it's all still in there."

"Thank you for your help," says Caitlyn as she takes Barry from Kate. "He's a lot tougher than he looks," she says cryptically. Meanwhile, Cisco Ramon is eating a twizzler and nodding at Kate. "Love the arrows."

"Thanks," Kate grins to Cisco, tipping her chin upward. "Nice facility you've got here. Doc's seem a lot nicer than the ones I'm usually dragging concussed friends to."

"Yeah, we like it," Cisco says as Caitlyn begins to help the Flash behind the smoky doors that you can't see behind. "So," Cisco says, looking desperately as if he's trying to keep the conversation going. "How'd you get into the business?"

"Stick up," Kate answers with a roll of her eyes. "Goons tried to hold up my sister's wedding, some wanna be heroes almost made a mess of it. I decided I could probably do better."

"Sounds pretty terrible," Cisco says in response with another bite from his Twizzler. One more and it's gone. "Glad you helped out the Flash back there. From where we were sitting it didn't look go—" "Cisco!" exclaims Caitlyn as she peeks her head from behind the door. "He needs our help."

"Oh, right."

Kate grins briefly at the pair, shaking her head. "Take care, guys," she chuckles, turning to head for the door. "And take good care of him, too."

Cisco nods to Kate with a more earnest and timely look. "Thanks again."

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