Loki Meets Zee

December 28, 2014: Loki is waiting in Central Park for Zee to arrive…

Central Park - New York



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It's been a rather warm holiday season and pedestrians in NYC aren't complaining. It's more time to walk around the city, less time to be freezing and shivering, and it also means that Central Park is a little more crowded than it might normall be in late December.

It's a good time to be people-watching…or laying in wait.

He's dressed in his finely-made suit and a wool jacket as he wanders along some of the paths, his walking stick swinging easily at his side. If he meets anyone's gaze, they get an easy, if feral sort of grin. It seems he has a direction and a purpose, but is in no rush to get there.


Zatanna is in New York again, seems she's there a lot lately. Maybe it's the shopping… Whatever it is, with the weather being so warm, she's decided to take a turn around Central Park.

The young magician, dressed in jeans, knee high boots, a blouse and a blazer, is strolling slowly obviously enjoying the weather and the fresh air. People who pass and meet her eye, get a warm smile and nod of the head.

"Your Zatanna Zatara! That magician!" a young females voice calls out as a child, just shy of their teens runs up to the raven haired young woman and stands in front of her, stopping Zees motion.

Smiling down at the girl, Zee laughs "Yes, I am. And who are you?"

"Oh, oh, you're the best, I'm Sally… could I please have your autograph." the girl looks around, obviously looking for something for Zee to sign.

"Of course… hang on a minute" Zee waves her hand and a photo and sharpie appear. "Here, let me sign this for you… Sally, right?"


Magic is magic. It's hard to keep it disguised from one who has spent millenia perfecting the art. It doesn't take the Prince of Lies long to hone on in the one who exudes it — and the young teen gushing about her doesn't really hurt. The little slight of hand display is noted with a smirk as he strolls his way towards the small gathering that's begun around the young woman.

When there's the potential for a celebrity sighting, many seem to take notice.


Finishing the autograph, Zee hands the photo to the young girl. "There you go… " the smile remains warm.

"Oh thank you, Ms Zatara…" Sally beams delightedly at the young magician.

"My pleasure Sally, you have a good day now." and with a 'show biz' smile, Zee waves to the small crowd and starts her walk again.


Loki quickly catches up to her until he's pacing alongside her. "Impressive trick you did there," is offered in a bemused drawl, his accent placing him 'Not from the US'. "Do you always carry photographs up your sleeve for potential fans? Must get awfully uncomfortable." If he's expecting anyone to negatively react to his presence, he doesn't show it. It's as if well-dressed folk walk up to attractive young women all the time and never get pepper sprayed or tasered in this town.


The man stepping up beside her causes a momentary pause, but not much and a flicker of recognition moves over her face as his magic is detected. "Why, thank you." Zee casts a sidelong glance at the man and a smirk "A little uncomfortable at times" she murmurs, slightly on guard.

The people passing, who meet her eye, still receive that warm smile. Years of stage training has taught Zatanna how to hide shock and surprise.


Loki mmms quietly at the answer. It was pretty much the one he was expecting. "And annoying too, I would imagine. Especially in the heat. Why, how could you dress for the weather when you have to carry photographs hidden on your person all day? Or are there only select days when you deign to sign autographs for your fans?"

The others that might smile at Zatanna aren't really even noticed by him, as if they weren't at all important.


"It is considered polite" Zee murmurs to her walking companion "to introduce yourself when you decide to talk to a stranger. I'll assume you know my name if you saw that back there." The raven haired magician puts a little space between them and ignores the questions he posed.


"You're a feisty one, aren't you?" It's said with a grin and nary a malicious note to his voice. Intead, he seems quite amused by her rebuttal. "I do beg your pardon. Sometimes I forget these simple, Midgardian customs. You are Zatanna Zatara, stage magician extraordinaire. But that wasn't stage magic you used back there, was it?" He'll just ask another question of his own before he offers an introduction.

"Loki Odinson, Prince of Asgard, among many other things. Perhaps you've heard of me." It's not a question.


Their walk takes them through the park and Zatannas' gaze wanders over the view. "A good magician never reveals their trick, perhaps you've heard that saying as well."

The name elicits a small smile from the Magician "Well, yes, I have. Mainly in mythology of course and a few TV shows."


Loki continues to amble alongside the magician, "It wasn't a trick though, was it?" He could feel the magic about her. "A good magician uses magic…not tricks. Have you heard that one?" Her smile is returned, "TV shows? Really? Such as?" Not that he watches television. "Ahh, mythology. Yes. I suppose that you Midgardians just wouldn't accept those stories as facts, would you? Too fantastic. Too -magical-."


"A number of shows that require a comical element. There's a few." Zee smiles again, not looking at the man by her side. "As to accepting stories as facts, who knows what's real and what's not?" She's met Fenris, and the libraries at Shadowcrest are full of useful information. The questions about her magic raise an eyebrow "You seem particularly interested in that little trick I pulled back there, what is it you wish to know?"

A young man, approximately Zees age, stops and gawks at the young magician as she walks by. Zee offers him a nod of her head and that 'show biz' smile.


The comment about comic relief is either ignored or dismissed. "Oh, I'm always intrigued by those of you who have magic. It's a rare quality, even in Asgard…and almost surprising to find it here." Loki swings around his walking stick briefly before peering at the man who stops in his tracks to stare at the woman. Interesting. Possibly useful. "You -are- interesting. You don't seem to want to hide your skills, even though most of these," he gestures with the cane, "probably wouldn't believe you if they saw it with their own eyes." He takes a couple more steps, "You do have spunk, I'll give you that. Lucky for you, I'm in a good mood today."


"Lucky? If you say so" Zee smirks and then shrugs "No, I don't hide my skills and you're sort of right, not many believe what they see. That's actually quite convenient, in my line of work." Cocking her head slightly a bemused frown creases Zee's brow "Surprising to find here, in Central Park?"

As the walk progresses, Zee gets waves from children and adults alike which are returned with that Zee enthuasiasm.


Loki actually laughs at that, "Lucky indeed. I think you underestimate me, my dear, if you think that I could be easily defeated." If he didn't want to be, that is. "Playing on their disbelief…it's a trick I suppose more here use than we give them credit for." The bemused look is met with yet another grin, "Surprising? Not really. You see, I was waiting for you."

The attention the woman gets doesn't go unnoticed. He is, most certainly, taking mental notes.


Zee blinks and the smirk is wider this time "I didn't say anything about defeating you… you read much into my words." She shrugs "And why were you waiting for me? Given you're a god, I'm not surprised you'd thought I would be here. I don't exactly hide." her tone is light, but the may be slight lines of tension around her eyes, visible to those who know her best.


"No doubt it crossed your mind," Loki offers, looking further up the path. "After all, you -are- conversing with a god." She said so herself and he's not about to contradict her. "That's a lot of weight to throw around…saying you defeated a god. However, you did also point out that I was represented as 'comic relief'…" he didn't forget that.

Why was he waiting? "I like to know who is about. Know a little more about them." See if they'd be trouble if they -did- end up siding against him for some reason. "And the famous Zatanna Zatara seemed a good place to start."


Zee frowns, that smile finally faltering "Don't put words in my mouth, Loki. It hadn't crossed my mind. I thought we were just talking." She shrugs again and the show biz smile returns "What makes you think I need to say I defeated a god or anything like that? I don't need the ego boost." she shakes her head "I know I do all the stage stuff, but I don't boast about that or any of the other work I do."

The smile widens some more "Oh, how sweet, a Prince of Asgard known as the Trickster God, started with me." She looks at him now, that smile firmly in place "You can also check out my blog and shows, if you want to know more about me…"


"Not necessarily 'started'," Loki's own smile turns a bit smug. "I met a few others who were rather blinded by rumors to really appreciate my attention. Their loss, I suppose." The smile fades into a look of confusion, "Blog?" It seems that modern technologies aren't really known that well to the Trickster god. The walking stick is swung about lightly, "You've told me all that I need to know about you. For now. Perhaps though, I'll come to one of your shows. Perhaps I could show your audience some -real- magic."

There's another grin before he suddenly seems to glow with a bright light before he just disappears.

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