Ironworks Club

December 30, 2014: With information learned from Lux, Domino decides to do some further investigation with her new meta pal. (Language)

The Ironworks Club, Gotham

Located at the South Point shipyards, the Ironworks is easily overlooked by anyone not in the know.



  • Assorted random folk, some Tracksuit Mafia goons.

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It's a bit of a hike back to the car, alright. Plenty of time for any riveting conversation between the two, if any is going to occur. One detail which the blacked out Jaguar can attest to, Domino either has money to burn or happens to be very good at appropriating things for herself.

She's also got an address to follow from a business card taken off of the aggressor's body back in the tunnels. Tucked away within the South Point of Gotham, old buildings making up warehouses and ship construction yards are both easy to reclaim and are easily overlooked by the general population. They also lend credit to what Lux had mentioned earlier, Russians involved with human trafficking.

The albino parks a healthy distance away from the Ironworks Club and kills the engine, having driven the last hundred-odd feet with the lights completely turned off. There isn't much to see right off the bat but they always come out at night, don't they?

"So you're telling me that they're pushing -people- through that building," she asks in confirmation while pointing around the steering wheel to the club before them both. "Anything else you're aware of?"


Audrey has been quiet for most of the ride, a little uncomfortable in the lush comfort of the car. Then again, it sure is nice. Heated seats. Mmmm. When Domino pulls up and asks her question, she clears her throat, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "There's tunnels underneath," she notes, nodding toward the building. "Some of it ties into the sewers and the subways, but some of it ties into some old sections of the underground railroad. The next stop is a strip club near the docks. There's a warehouse near there where they run drugs, and plenty of storage containers for them to keep people. Easy transport away from Gotham, and a shorter trip between where they keep the drugs and the people, so they can keep them quiet."


The information is received with a slow nod, Dom's mind quickly dissecting the pieces as they become available. Options come and go, odds are calculated. From the outside, she simply falls silent and frowns. "They're spread out. Trying to take them down alone isn't feasable."

This only leaves her with even more questions. Is any of this worth it? It's not her fight. If she takes the place over the stolen supplies should more than cover her expendatures but then she would have effectively declared war on a very powerful group.

A slow breath is released, pressing herself further back into her seat. "These guys must have had decades to dig in." Following a momentary pause she glances to the other woman, still frowning slightly when she asks "How did you come across all of this information? I really doubt you've had eyes inside of any of their operations and they wouldn't go around talking about it with random people."


"Right," Audrey agrees to the first assessment, nodding once as she stares out the window at the whole operation. "But there are at least half a dozen cops on the take who I've seen go through there," she sighs, looking back to Domino at the question. "I listen," she answers. "And I watch. Gotham's a good place to hide out, but it's a good place to hide out because there isn't much in the way of…active authority here. If you don't want to get trampled, you have to look where you're going. They're the biggest threat to someone like me here," she says with a nod toward the building. "So I made sure I knew what they were doing."


It's here, with marginally better lighting than the tunnels, that Domino finally takes a moment to properly examine her passenger. There's something in all of this which just doesn't add up for her, something which has absolutely nothing to do with the Russians.

"You're resourceful. You also strike me as someone that's been doing this for a while."

The part which she doesn't say can still be read from her stare. 'You don't look old enough to have this kind of experience.'

It doesn't last, however. Instead she reaches behind the seat for a digitally enhanced set of optics, what looks suspiciously like a rifle scope without the rifle, in order to get a better look at the building.

"I suppose I could go hot-wire the Bat Signal but I don't think they'd like that too much and I'm not so inclined to give them more reason to put me on their wanted list." Sigh. "But dammitall if I can't just turn my back on all of it," she adds in a dark mutter.

Lowering the optics, she offers "You don't have to be a part of this" as a reminder. "The only that now I'm not sure what to do next. So I guess it's your turn. What can I do for you?"


Audrey catches the inside of her cheek between her teeth, brows furrowing as she watches the building. "They're entrenched in that building," she says thoughtfully. "And I doubt you and I are going to make a difference in that. I mean, we could blow it up or burn it down, but they'd just find somewhere else to operate. We can't save all of them. But we might be able to save some of them. Except it would be cleanest if it was done somewhere there's less oversight. Like the shipping containers."

She looks back to Domino, then glances into the back seat where the tech came from. "Can you reroute shipping containers? Or…They'll have tampered with the manifests. If their tampering gets redone, clumsily, then customs would be more likely to look into it, right?"


Hold up, now… 'I doubt you and I.' A thin black brow hooks upward slightly, Domino fixing Lux once more with an icy blue stare. No, Lux doesn't have to get involved. Yet, it sounds like she's choosing to include herself regardless. Not only that, she's coming up with a gameplan. A fairly compelling one, too.

"Sucker bet," she answers in regards to the manifests. "That could result in a big-ass thorn in their side, alright. That thing you did back in the tunnels," she starts with an upward turn of her chin, "can you do anything with that to keep us out of their sight?" Then to herself, she quickly adds "Can't believe I'm getting reasonable strategic advice from a-" Back to Lux, "How the hell old are you?"

Shaking her head, she decides "Doesn't matter. If you know of any quick and easy ways of getting us inside then I can mangle some manifests. We go in prepared, regardless."


"Nineteen," Audrey answers, pushing a hand through her hair and starting to pull it quickly into a braid. "I started training when I was thirteen, though. Although I hadn't really gone on any live missions when-" She cuts herself off, clearing her throat. "It depends on what their methods of watch are," she answers, popping her knuckles one at a time. "If they've got infrared, I can't. If it's just cameras or people on watch, then I can give us cover, or…" She considers the other woman, then nods once. "I'm pretty sure I can cloak both of us, so long as we stay close together. I mean. Invisible. Sort of."


There's something of a forced and abrupt laugh from Domino upon getting her answer. There's more to the story, too! Who starts training at thirteen??


"No wonder I can talk to you without wanting to hit myself," she dryly remarks. "So you're some manner of meta with light manipulation and specialized training. Hang on, I've heard this one before."

She doesn't go any further, instead returning to the scope which she adjusts a few of the settings on. "I wouldn't give 'em that much credit, the building itself is barely standing in some areas. A little ANFO spread out around the perimeter and they'd be picking bricks out of their asses for the next eight months."

The scope is quickly set aside before she pops the trunk and climbs out of the car with nothing more than a "Let's get started." Waiting in the back of the car beneath a false panel is a whole collection of illegal and expensive equipment, laid out with a downright obsessive level of care. The bulkier sidearms from the tunnels get switched out for two marginally smaller ones, already fitted with suppressors.

"See anything you like? I've got very competitive rental fees."


Audrey slides out of the heated seat reluctantly, brows rising with a low whistle as she sees the array of weapons in the trunk. "That's, uh. You have a lot of firearms." She rolls up the sleeves of her oversized clothing into neat layers, freeing delicate hands to reach for an M16. The following inspection could come directly out of a US Army training manual. Except for the way she glances cautiously back up at Domino. "How many times have you heard that one?" she asks slowly.


A lot can be learned about someone by watching their actions. Training, muscle memory, choice of loadout. Even with a shortened barrel the rifle of choice looks big in Lux's hands, though Dom knows well enough that size doesn't matter so long as there's control. Which Lux clearly has.

"And you have Army training," she points out. Then to the question, "Once more." Not that she'll leave Lux hanging here, slowly shaking her head as a hand props up on the lid of the trunk. "I know more than I'd care to about the various Weapon Plus programs. Don't know your branch, kiddo, but you aren't alone."

The last item into the trunk is her leather trench, revealing nothing but a dark fitted suit and..even more weapons. Including a second set of sidearms. "You said they had a tunnel network? Our best point of entry'll probably be by the docks, won't be far out of our way. They won't have a guard patrolling the area but dollars to donuts there'll be at least one camera at the gate."

That said, she marches forth.


Audrey grimaces. "I should've known they'd have redundancies," she murmurs, forcing out a breath to make herself let it go. Now isn't the time. "Speaking of redundancies," she murmurs when she gets a look at Domino's carry arsenal. "Okay. I'll stay close. I can't do anything about sound," she adds quietly. "So I'll give you a tap if we need to stop because I'm losing it. You won't be able to see yourself. I'm going to make the light pass through both of us."


Pass through..? Dom's no expert on how powers work, it's different for everyone. What's worth keeping in mind is that she's about to go into an unknown hostile environment with someone she's had zero prior experience with, relying upon a power which she knows absolutely nothing about.

Pretty cool, right?

"Stay close and don't freak out if I'm completely unable to see. Killer," she grumbles. "If things get ugly I'll find us an exit."

Urban decay is evident all around the two as they approach the waterfront, the concrete heavily cracked and pitted with some areas having been reduced to dull grey pebbles. Twisted, brown stained metal juts out like the remains of an industrial skeleton, making a questionable descent all the more hazardous. One tunnel entrance is found beneath a cement berm, the iron grate almost eaten completely through in some locations. The lock must be fused shut, not that it would matter any longer.

Right above it is a small black dome, easily overlooked. If someone isn't already looking for it.

"There's our eye," she softly announces while crouching along the edge. "Trick it or shoot it."


"You'll be able to see," Audrey clarifies. "Just…you'll be invisible to them and invisible to you. You'll be able to see right through yourself, is what I'm trying to say." She falls silent as they start to move forward, taking a deep breath and focusing to steady her heartbeat. Shadows deepen around them, until they reach the corner. "Okay," she murmurs, nodding at the sight of the camera. "Going dark."

There's not exactly a feeling about it. Light is always passing through people, to a certain degree. Now, though, all of it's passing directly through them. And with nothing to reflect, there's nothing to see. Which means Domino and Lux are, practically speaking, invisible. "Clear," Lux says softly, just a touch of irony in the word.


"Oh. Well, that's a plus," Domino says, ever so awkwardly. Did she misunderstand before..? Yes, yes she did. "Creepy..but a plus."

Now she'll know when it's working, too. Suddenly..she can't see her own hands. Or arms. Or… "Crystal," she mutters in agreement. This time the awkwardness is replaced with astonishment. "That is one insanely useful gift you've got there, girl."

Like most powers it's probably on something of a time limit, too. The first rule is to stay close to the Lightbender. The second rule is that you should always replace the grates leading to hidden underground entrances to your base of operations.



"Guess I found the weak spot," she suggests with a smirk while ducking into the tunnel. "Should be an access hatch about a hundred feet ahead. If we're lucky they'll keep the network in the basement."


"So I've been told," Lux says ruefully as they move through the tunnel. They're invisible, but it's also dark down there, and while they're being invisible, she can't exactly turn on a spotlight. Her steps, though, are quiet, and while she's invisible, she still stays in position - perhaps she can still see Domino? Or sense her, at least. Quietly, she scans the area for any more cameras, already thinking through her next step.


The next grate's in better repair, locked, but still doesn't interfere for long. Domino's got the lock pulled free and cast aside within seconds. "Faulty design. That model has an issue with the tumblers sticking," she suggests.

Like she knows anything about that model of lock.

Whatever. The groan of rusting hinges is easily lost to the sounds from overhead, full-on club racket that should do a wonderful job of keeping anyone from hearing the two as they dig around the back rooms. The lower level already has evidence of human trafficking, though the first cage that can be found is, fortunately, quite empty.

"Coke, guns," she quietly points out to tarp-covered stashes. She's probably just guessing, they look rather plain from the outside. "No terminal," she finishes with a slow breath. "Means it's probably upstairs in an office. Try not to brush shoulders with anyone along the way."


Lux grimaces at the news, but nods. "I've got us covered," she says quietly. "If you see a camera on the office, point it out. I should be able to throw up something static before we walk in, so they don't think they've got ghosts in the office." She really does know what she's doing.


Dom has to place some trust in this confidence, too. (A lot of it, in fact.) As soon as the two come up from the basement it's a completely different world, filled with oblivious club-goers and gruff looking mobsters, all uniformed in similar tracksuits. Luckily, the public area can be avoided.

Cameras are pointed out when noticed, and there are quite a few of them. The first door labeled as being private swings open as someone steps out, right in time to be caught by an invisible hand. By an invisible woman, who hisses under her breath as she pinches her thumb. Because she can't see where her own hand is.

Passing two more mobsters on the second flight of stairs brings mention of 'Boris being late on delivery again.'

Upstairs and down the hall is the manager's office. Complete with stacks of naked cash on the desk, a half-empty bottle of vodka, a dirty shotglass, a large floor safe, and one very active terminal.

Suddenly the albino is conflicted. Work on the terminal like they had come here for, or try to crack the safe..? For a moment she stares across the room at the solid black box, almost entranced by whatever secrets it might contain.


The terminal wins.

Somehow she even knows what the owner's password is. First try!


Lux checks the room for cameras as they enter, quickly memorizing what the room looks like. Once they're inside the room, she pauses by the door, throwing up an illusion of the room inside…and then closing the door behind it and turning the lock before letting their invisibility fade. "Okay," she says quietly. "That should give us a second of warning if anyone tries to come in."


Upon hearing those words Domino releases a breath she didn't know was being held. "I have no idea how you did any of that but I owe you a drink." Wait. She's nineteen. "Did they happen to teach you that one in basic?"

Right. Window of opportunity. Haul ass. "Eugh, of -course- it's all in Russian. I'm not the world's most proficient multi-lingual keyboardist."

The next few minutes are fairly tense for at least one person involved.

"Oh, these guys are good. No wonder they've been at it for so long-hellooo..pier forty-three? What's th-"

The question gets interrupted by someone trying the door, finding it locked. Locked..when it's not supposed to be locked. There's some muffled Russian cursing followed by "I told you to replace this worthless lock last week!"

More info on the pier will have to wait, she puts their last few seconds into 'fixing' what records she can before frantically backing out of the logs then locking down the interface.

"We're green, bug-out time is now!"


"Not exactly," Lux murmurs, keeping watch on the door while Domino does the typing. When there's a hand at the door, she winces, and both she and Domino wink out of sight. "Okay, stay close," she whispers, stepping over out of the way of the path of the door and flipping the lock to let it open. Nothing to see here! Just a sticky handle!


"..Huh. There it goes," the owner turns back to the door with a frown, bending forward to get a closer look. He goes so far as to reach out and prod at the handle with a fingertip for a moment before snorting at it and returning to his desk. "Stupid China-made crap."

"On ya," Dom whispers back, very nearly clonking invisible heads as she returns to the other meta's side. (Nice and easy, now…)

It doesn't keep her from having a blade in one hand, all the same.

The return trip is much like their initial journey. Same route, same cameras. Even fewer locks now that they're stepping out and not in. It's almost too easy.

Then one of the guards backs up and trips over the crouched pair in transit, clocking the back of his head against the wall. Knocked himself out cold!

"You probably don't want to know what the odds are of that happening twice," she flatly states.

A little further, back out into the tunnels. Then back out to the docks. Then away from their electronic security measures. Then:

"I can't believe that actually worked."


Lux lets out a breath once they're safely outside, only dropping the invisibility once they're back at the car. "We'll see if it worked in the news in the next few days," she says as she rubs a hand at her temple, eyes pressed closed. "But…yeah." She looks back up, a faint smile quirking at the mercenary. "That went…pretty smooth." She clicks the safety back onto the borrowed weapon, offering it back. "If it works, though, it should put a nice hole in their operation."

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