Nimue Ravensong and A Rat

December 29, 2014: Nimue Ravensong makes an appearance, targets John Constantine and John gets bitten by a rat

Flushing Meadows Park

A bar located in the Flushing Meadows Park



  • Nimue Ravensong

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Flushing Meadows Park. Little goes on here in the winter, although the Wheelchair basketball open gym is available weekly. Nearby, there is a Ganesh temple, and a foreboding manor.

It is also home to various little sports bars, and other, less obvious bars, a mix of religious and magic and science and socialization all scattered here and there.

Sitting in one of the bars, Roy Harper awaits a particular date, but isn't above chatting it up with others; one in particular, a redheaded woman with a piercing in her chin, is regarding Roy with a mix of amusement and a 'are you kidding me' look, although she keeps scanning the crowd with a predatorial look, one easily dismissed as 'waiting for someone' as well.


Constantine had stopped in the district to pick up some of the sacred cold flame from the local temple. A useful ingredient in some spells, it was rare enough that it warranted a special trip when the auspices of the moon and local priesthood permitted it.

And because it was a Monday afternoon and he had nowhere better to be, Constantine headed for the nearest bar, pushing past Roy and his 'friend' at their seats, and moving up to the bartender's position, tossing a few bills on the lacquerd surface. "Pint of lager mate," John says, reaching into his jacket for a silver cigarette folder and a lighter.


Zatanna has been visiting the New York Hall of Science, she might be a magician but science interests her. She's been there for most of the day and slowly walks towards the bar Roy and Constantine are in, enjoying the afternoon sun. Pausing outside said bar, Zee hesitates a moment before entering and stands at the bar, waiting to be served.


"Hey, watch it, pal!" Roy calls out after Constantine, before turning his attention back towards the redheaded woman. "Anyway, Nimue's a pretty name. Nimue Ravensong. Sounds sort of like a…"

"Excuse me," Nimue says brusquely, her attention drawn to the other side of the bar. She gets up, and follows John over, greeting him with a "Hello there, buy a girl a drink? Scotch, neat."

Shrugging, Roy tilts his head, pausing to notice Zee. "Hi… waiting for someone?" he says, as the waiter serves John, pauses to take the order from Nimue, and moves on to Zatanna. "What'll be the lady's pleasure?"


John looks to the side as Nimue makes her approach, arching an eyebrow. "…well, you don't need to break my arm," he says with a mischevious grin. Not spotting Zatanna's entry, John lifts his chin at the bartender. "Nevermind the lager- two rounds of Macallen, neat. Make mine a double," Constantine says, adding more bills to the pile. He glances at Roy, then looks Nimue over. "What's the matter, did your boyfriend say something amiss?" he inquires, lighting his cigarette and puffing on it quickly to start it up.


Roy speaks and Zee turns and frowns at him then looks at the redhead who's talking to John "Did you say Nimue Ravensong?" The bartender is ignored as Zee peers at Roy intently.


That Nimue is all too pleased at the turn of events is pretty obvious. She leans over, dismissing Roy with a wave of her hand. "Oh, he was just passing away the time. Not the kind of adventure I'm looking for. But I'll bet on you knowing exactly what a girl's looking for…" she responds, as she takes her scotch, draining it neatly.


"Hmmm? Oh her…?" Roy replies, jerking a thumb at the redheaded girl. She wasn't exactly dressed modestly, and for a person with a name like that, she certainly wasn't dressed in grim-dark, having elected for a red-danger approach. "She's been hanging around waiting for someone all evening. Not sure what she's looking for. You know her?"


Constantine is, unfortunately, not immune to flattery from a pretty girl, and the cocky grin on his face shows it. "Well luv, I do have a certain reputation for that kind of creativity," Constantine admits with false modesty, nursing his drink a bit more slowly than Nimue. "What's your name, moppet? And not to be terribly cliche, but do you come around here often?" he says, back to Roy and Zatanna as he chats up the swaggering redhead.


Shaking her head, Zee moves past Roy and watches the woman with John. "I don't know her, I know of her, her reputation" the raven haired womans' eyes narrow thoughtfully "and what I know isn't good" she murmurs.

Blowing out a breath, she makes a decision and approaches the 'couple' with confidence. "Hello there John." Zee plasters that show biz smile on and holds out a hand to the redhead "My new friend back there," she indicates Roy "tells me your name is Nimue Ravensong. I'm Zatanna Zatara, pleased to me you."


"Not too often, no. But I -was- looking for…" Nimue's voice trails off as Zatanna approaches. Forcing a smile on her face, she nods. "That is is. I've heard of you, I think." In what context, she doesn't know, but Roy glances at John in a 'I have no idea what's going on here…' way followed by a waggle of his eyebrows in a "Catfight?" way.


John continues to smile pleasantly. Smiles at Zatanna, smiles at Nimue, smiles at the bartender, smiles at his scotch. It's so artificial it hurts. "You'd be be running now, mate," Constantine advises Roy from around his scotch. "She steals little boys' souls and screws demons like it's going out of style," John says, with that plastic smile zeroing in on Nimue. "She'll screw you, cut your nuts off, and sell them to a demon for the price of a cheeseburger."


Zee nods slowly as Constantine talks, maintainig that show biz smile she murmurs "That's basically what I'd heard too, just not in such colourful terms John." Glancing over her shoulder at Roy, she nods "He's right, I'd beat it if I were you."


Holding his hands up, Roy shakes his head. "No worries, I was just waiting for someone."

Nimue Ravensong, on the other hand, isn't about to take -that- indignity lying down. No, she'll do it standing up, lifting up to slap Constantine. Whether or not she succeeds, it's followed by a seductive smile. "Oh, you -have- heard of me, then. Although frankly, I think I have better trade-ins to offer up now." Followed by grasping her glass of scotch, as she begins humming. It's a low-cast spell, one that's easily identifiable, but it serves well enough for its purpose - a charm spell. For the closest in vicinity.


Constantine is the all-time champ at getting slapped by outraged women in bars. His head twists round and he looks back slowly at Nimue, blinking in consideration. "Three out of ten for effort, two out of ten for sincerity. The British judge," he says, swallowing his scotch, "is unimpressed, and the American doesn't look like she's favoring the crazy redheaded bitch."

Constantine purses his lips and whistles suddenly, LOUDLY, and discordantly, either in an attempt to disrupt her humming or just irritate the hell out of her. Maybe both.


John getting slapped causes Zee to laugh a little "Oh I don't know John, that was a fair effort, but I'm sure I've done better. But you're right, she's not impressing me."

As the humming starts, Zee takes a step back and throws a hand forward as she speaks:

~ ekaM eumiN tneliS ~

Just as John starts his whistling.


The charm spell's a short and sweet one. There's silence for a moment, as Nimue goes quiet, mouthing words that, fortunately, have no volume.

All's well and good.

"Wh… what, you just used magic…?" Roy begins…

And then a rat skitters across, promptly trying to bite Constantine's ankle.

Nimue's expression is one of triumph, followed by… a despondent '… that's the best the spell could do?'


"Ow! Mother-!" Constantine's smug composure is indeed unsettled by the rodent chewing on his ankle. He turns to Nimue, and spotting her expression of triumph… well, he hauls back and aims a straight right cross to her jaw, fury on his pale features.

"Grab that rat!" he says, wincing and shaking his knuckles out, gesturing at Zatanna. "Shit, knowing my luck, it's got rabies," he mutters, hopping on one foot.


Casting another glance over her shoulder at Roy Zee says with a small smile on her face "What makes you say that?" Johns actions and instructions has Zee looking and she speaks

~ tuP ehT taR nI A taR egaC ~

She's trying to be exact in the phrasing. Looking at John, Zee smirks a little "Do you think you gave it rabies?"

The cage will be located under the stool right next to John.


"Oh, I don't know," mutters Roy. "Just the magic words and the way you're dealing with Nimue?"

A hand waves over Nimue's mouth, followed by her yelling soundlessly and trying to bite, leading Roy to yank his hand back. "Handy. Wish I could do that for every time Ollie's off on one of his rants…"

Constantine gets a smirk. "I wouldn't worry so much about rabies… but yeah, probably a good idea to get a shot. Unless you can magic up some antidote?"


"Bugger," Constantine swears. He dips a hand into his pocket and comes up with, of all things, a pair of handcuffs, and as Nimue flails at him, he catches her wrist in the latch like a magician pulling off a stage trick, then slaps the other end onto the rung of the bar, before backing a few paces away. "Why do things the hard way when I can just… go see a doctor?" Constantine asks Roy, sounding baffled. He looks at the silently raging Nimue, then back at Zatanna. "You mind calling this in for me, luv? Looks better on a police report if the victim isn't also the complaining witness, especially when a pretty girl with a big mouth has a split lip," he says, eying Nimue balefully.


Shrugging, Zee shakes her head at Constantines question "I don't mind doing that" she's already fishing her phone out of her bag. The disgruntled Nimue, gets a small smirk "I'm sure they'll have somewhere nice and safe to put you."

Phone call placed, Zee turns to Roy and offers that show biz smile "Zatanna Zatara, Zee to my friends, I don't think I got your name in all the fuss" and holds out her hand. In an aside to Constantine she murmurs "Don't forget the rat" nodding to where the cage is.


"Harper. Roy Harper," Roy responds, taking Zee's hand and shaking it, unleashing that crooked half-grin, before looking at Constantine. "I'll be a witness if you need one. Though… er… what're you going to tell them, if you stopped her before she did anything? Tell them she sicced a rat on you?"


Constantine shrugs. "I have friends on the force," he says. "Just make sure it gets bumped to the Special Investigations group. I'm sure a gel like her has a criminal record somewhere. Maybe a warrant out?" he says, looking at Nimue speculatively. He leans forward, not quite getting in reach of her. "Shouldn't have done that in front of Zatanna, luv. She looks badly on stupid pretty girls with bad taste in men."


"Pleased to meet you Roy" Zee smiles again. "Good thing you were just waiting for someone and got her name."

Zees speculation when she looks at Nimue matches Constantines "There'll be something she's wanted for." Looking to Constantine, Zee nods "Special Investigations group, I'll be sure to do that. Now you better be going, they'll be here soon. And remember your rat…"

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