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December 29, 2014: Felicity gets a job!

Big Belly Burger

A Big Belly Burger location in New York.



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Oliver Queen doesn't play the biggest role in the day to day operations of Queen Consolidated, but yesterday he tried, he really tried, and he got burnt for his efforts. The mistake even made the newspapers and television channels. It sounded all right. He trusted his source. It was reliable. Johnny Campos was a close friend. And so he acted on the erroneous information, and it exploded in his face. How was he to know that yesterday, December 28th, was the Spanish equivalent to April Fool's Day. Beating up criminals is so much easier than running a multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

He needed comfort food, and that's why he finds himself at Big Belly Burger. He's come incognito, with a grey hoodie, raised, and blue jeans. The waitress gave him a reassuring smile, and didn't bring it up. Not when he placed his order, or when she brought the food. Which brings us to the here and now, where he raises the burger up to take his first bite, and the darned thing squirts out some barbecue sauce onto the shirt of his hoodie. "Great, just great," he says aloud as he sets down the burger, and reaches for the napkins to wipe at his hoodie.


"Alright Felicity. It's no big deal. You can do this. Plenty of people were in your position before. You just have to get up. You've recorded ghosts for Christ's sake. Hacked into some otherworldly mumbo jumbo! Did other things that… I really can't remember what so… you can do this."

She arrived at Big Belly Burger, satchel with her laptop upon her shoulder, piece of paper held out with words scrawled upon the top. It was an application. For a job. Apartments in New York were a bit high, so she needed work where she could get it, even though the separation check that was cut for her was a very, very large sum.

With a sure nod, and a step in right after the man (who she could have recognised if she wasn't in her own world, that is), she followed him right to the counter, a smile upon her face and a slight passing nod as the man moves away with his order.

"Hi. I'm Felicity. Just dropping this application off, is the manager in?"

The girl gives a shake of her head, along with a frown, expressing her apologies.

"Oh… well, it's alright. I'll just take a burger, fries, soda. Maybe an apple pie if you ha… no. Nevermind, no apple pie. Don't want it to go to my hips!" She awkwardly laughs, but the woman behind the counter? Doesn't. "Sorry.."


As Oliver Queen wipes at the stain on his hoodie, trying to clean it up, he applies some water from his glass to the napkins, helping to get the barbecue sauce off. There's now a very large damp circle on his chest, but the hoodie looks like it'll be fine once it dries. The hood part fell back, revealing his hair to the world, not that there are many people in the Big Belly Burger.

Though there is at least one girl, a blonde, and that voice. Oliver rises from his table, and moves towards the girl who's ordering at the counter, but remains behind her. Then, in a clear and loud voice that resonates over the shorter blond, Oliver says, "Carly, why don't you go ahead and put that on my tab?"


The woman behind the counter wanted to laugh at Felicity, for it was clear that she was embarrassed. Her eyes light up as she sees Mr. Queen, keeping silent until he spoke..

Which in turn, caused Felicity to jump. "OH shi-.." She catches herself, turning around.. her eyes wide, cheeks flushed red.. "M.m..mi.. Mister Queen!" She backs up a little into the counter to get a few view of him, her head slowly shaking. "No no no.. you don't have to do that! I mean, you can do what you want but you really don't /have/ to, but it seems like you're going to anyways, which is cool." She nods her head slowly.


Smooth Felicity, real smooth.


Oliver had been having a bad day, a bad couple of days really, but seeing Felicity brought a smile to his face, and the mistakes of the past were all but forgotten. "Felicity, you don't work for me anymore. You can call me Oliver." He didn't hear when she quit, but he did find out when he tried to go to her for help and found she was no longer with the company. "Why is that anyway?" A hand reaches up to scratch at the top of his head, near his hair line. "Was our equipment not up to date? I mean, I don't know a thing about that, but they told me our computers were top of the line."

He's trying to play it cool, and gives a nod to Carly as he tries to move, hoping Felicity will follow him back to his table. "Why don't you join me? Because I'm certain that our IT Department could use someone like you. And I don't care if we have to get into a bidding war to do it." Oh, he heard she was applying here, at a burger joint. She'd make a cute waitress, but she is so far above this place it's not even funny, and he's hoping to build her confidence up after something obviously knocked it down.


"Okay… Oliver…" That felt /so/ weird to say. But there was a time when she'd practice in the mirror and…

"Here's your order, ma'am!" Carly says, and with that, Felicity turns around to grip her tray, but after she hefts the bag upon her shoulder. As to why she quit?

"I… well. I thought that I should try and branch out. I didn't sign any non disclosure agreements and figured that my advancement with other companies would be quicker than with Queen Consolidated." She frowns, having admitted that, it was only half the truth. "Your computers were great though. I assumed that it would be the same elsewhere."

She follows him to the table, taking up the offer to share food and conversation, her cheeks fighting the temptation to burn a bright red from being flattered. The tray was soon set down, and she follows after, her hand lifting to stick the tip of her thumb in between lips to consider…


That was fast. Beats working at Belly Burger /any/ day. And being broke. Which by her calculations would have happened in a year.


Oliver takes it all in, listening, nodding in agreement. She has such a motor mouth, but it's cute and really suits her. "That's great," he exclaims when she agrees, "when can you start? Do you need to give notice? In fact, forget about it. If there is a penalty, just let my secretary know and we'll pay it. How about tomorrow?"

For a moment, he considers, would it be out of line to drop off a vial of blood to be analyzed on her first day back, or should he wait a few days? What's the protocol on pseudo Arrow work? And what excuse could he use on why he needs it to be analyzed. It did come from a green skinned kid who could turn into animals. That can't be normal. Maybe he could say that he has a friend who wanted to donate blood, but wasn't sure what blood type he was? Oh, that brings a grin to Ollie's face as he thinks it, but he keeps quiet on the reason.

"Is there anything else we might need to get? Like, I know Christmas is over, Hanukkah too," wow, he remembered that she was Jewish, "but as a late gift, what could the IT department use?" And by extension, the Green Arrow.


"D'iah… uh… well… um…" When /could/ Felicity start? It wasn't as if she had to do anything important. She still needed to unpack her little apartment, which she almost had half way done. She needed to call her mother and send her a birthday gift, check back in to Star City to see what was happening with the old crew. She even needed to call Barry to tell him the great news! If Ollie was watching her, he could literally see the gears turning in her head.

"Tomorrow? Yes. Tomorrow is good, oh. I'm not doing much of anything tomorrow. I was /really/ hoping to stop down at the little bistro that's across the street from where I live to try some of their pizza because I've never really been there before, plus there's this really, really cute guy that works there an-.." She pauses. "Sorry. I'll stop."

There was a little of a proud mama's look that she gives him though, he remembered that she was Jewish! But.. she had to think about this… "I… really don't think I'm equipped to answer that question. Isn't that one guy still running the IT department?" Cause Felicity would outfit it to the nines, if it were her!


While she stuttered, hmmed, hawed, and contemplated, Ollie took another bite of his burger, this time a little more careful now that he knew the cook put a bit too much barbecue sauce in his burger, and it tasted delicious. Oh, he wished he could eat like this more often, but it's far from the healthiest thing he could eat.

"Pizza place huh," he says with still a little bit of the burger in his mouth. It's rude, but the burger is so good, and he's trying to keep up his end of the conversation. Once he gulped it down, he says, "why don't you get them to deliver lunch to the IT department? A sort of welcome back thing?"

Felicity was a big help to him when she was around, and he's missed her since she's been gone. And she was a great friend too, so sweet and funny. She always put a smile on his face. While she's thinking about Barry, birthday gifts, and cute pizzeria guys, he's thinking that he's going to have to find a promotion for the current head of the IT department. Maybe he can find something in their Vancouver branch. That way Felicity could run the department and he'd have full access, if he could come up with an excuse, to Queen Consolidated's resources.

"Well, you have a think about that and after you're settled, let me know, and… I don't know. There's always turnover in the company, promotions, reassignments, resignations, I only really pay attention to the ones I get to meet and know a little bit."


Watching him eat reminded her that there was food in front of her. And the food in front of her made her stomach growl. She starts in on the fries, keeping a napkin on hand in case the dip of the ketchup was a bit too much and it would spill all over her coat. "That's a good idea Olive.. Mr. Queen." She didn't say this with her mouth full, though.

She gets a bright idea from that conversation alone, though. Unsure of how he'd take it. "Why not come visit? Not after I start though because people will assume that you're showing favouritism but…" She smiles. "Maybe in a week or so? Tour the department, hang out and get to meet some of the people that work there. I remember not too long ago, Samantha said she had a crush on you. She has a thing for older guys." She pauses. "Not that you're old or anything and that she's too young for you, but.." She sighs, then pops a french fry into her mouth. She's better off chewing and listening than talking.


Oliver takes a fry, which he dips in some kind of sauce, a white one, maybe it's mayonnaise. "Felicity, we're not at work. You haven't even started yet. You can call me Oliver." But at work, Mr. Queen would be the norm. He's not big on ceremony, but there are people at the company who are, and it wouldn't look right if some employees called him Oliver and others Mr. Queen.

A week it is, he decides. Changeling might not like it, but he has to keep up appearances. It might look weird if he hired someone and then immediately went to them with Arrow related stuff, even if he tried it surreptitiously. "Samantha," he replies, as if he had a clue who that was. "I don't know, Sam, Sammy, I've just always found it weird when women have unisex names." He tries to play it off as a joke, though it might not land.

He's not exactly known for his sterling sense of humour. And when she calls him old, he looks aghast, but smiles anyway. "Hey, I exercise. I have the body of a man half my age. It's easy when you don't actually have to do any work for a living." Sometimes he can be funny. Self-depreciating humour. You've got to love it.


Felicity winces, "Oh… oh I know Mr. Que-… I mean Oliver but I really, really can't help it." She was trying not to blush, really. She just couldn't help by being extra formal with the man who used to be and would soon be her boss again. "But I got it. Oliver. Ah-live-er. Oliver, Oliver, Oliver. Got it."

She nods her head sharply, then picks up her burger with the means to take a bite. She stares him down at the mention of his body, her eyes falling downward upon his shirt and…

She takes a damn bite. Nope. She's not going to hop on that train. Not at all. No way.


Shaking his head, he can't stop smiling at the way she repeats his name, over and over again, trying to remember that she can in fact call him that when they're not working. She's full of so much energy and life, it's contagious. She didn't even mention how he made the papers with a mistake yesterday. And that's nice of her.

The hoodie isn't as flattering as his dress shirt, or what he works out in, but it's still clear that he's got a great build for a man of his years. He's not sure what she was thinking, but she seems fairly preoccupied with her food now. "So, anything new in the world of tech? I mean, that a lay person would understand."


Finally a subject change, and one that Felicity could get behind. She finishes chewing first, picking up a napkin to wipe away at her mouth.

"To be honest, I really haven't had time to actually look. My previous employer… had me in France and I was so busy I didn't have time to pursue anything techish that didn't have anything to do with the current job." She reaches out to grab her soda, taking an idle sip as her eyes glance off towards the door.

"That was a very… very strange time in my life…"

She shakes her head. "But anyways. While I was down, I did manage to make a criminal profiling application. I'm not quite finished with it yet, though. I need to upload a few personality researches on a few of the old criminals. Bundy, Dahmer, ectera. Then I want to expand on that to include patterns and potentials who are more than likely to commit a crime than others. Though, that would essentially beg Big Brother and highly illegal."



With a French fry in one hand, Oliver changes languages, trying to see if Felicity learnt the language while operating in France, "Avez-vous vu les activites, l'arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, et la tour Eiffel?" His accent is very good for an American, almost as if he learned in Paris.

He continues in French, not even realising that he was doing it, "Cela semble fascinant, dans quelle…" but then he notes that he's still speaking French and she hasn't even indicated that she can speak the language. "That's interesting, how far are you along, though, yeah, that probably does sound pretty far out there."

And then, straight faced, he asks, "when it's done, do you think I could borrow it? I bet my… personnel security, could make pretty good use out of it."


Felicity.. just.. stares. She had no idea what he was saying, but she did catch the word 'Eiffel'? And, that was impressive, his accent, he was a very handsome man and she could…

"See myself listening to that on your pil… woah…" Yes, she transcribed her thoughts. Which embarrassed her completely!


Even as he continues to speak in French, she quickly picks up her burger, polishing it off quickly without a mess. She was used to that, eating on the go, and perfect the art of not getting it on her clothes.

"I'm not too far, I only started it the other night." She finally says, wiping at her mouth yet again as she leans back into her chair, the soda as then picked up and sipped upon yet again. "I just need more data, a lot of data." She pauses now, staring at him, completely stoned face. "I know you had that little bumble in the news papers, do you think someone is going to come after you because of that? I have a friend on the police force I could get you in touch with."


So she waited until her food was growing cold, then quickly polished it off? Felicity is such a strange and compelling girl. He just doesn't get her. But she's always adorable. "You must work fast," he comments on how she only started the other night, yet seems to have made some serious headway in her pet project. And she's not even getting paid for it.

Passing over the thing in the newspaper, he shakes his head, "no, that'll blow over. And it's not like I did anything wrong, I just made a fool of myself… again." And with absolutely no transition, he says, "I bet you have ways to get more data." He isn't sure if he could help in that regard. He isn't a complete idiot with technology, but he's no expert either.


Felicity tilts her head a little to the side. "A bit. I didn't have a job, and nothing really to bide my time. Though, there is World of Warcraft and god knows I cannot get hooked into that game again." She laughs just a little, placing her empty soda back down upon the table.

"So far, I'm using what I could grab off of the internet. And from that friend I mentioned. His mother was murdered when he was a kid. So I uploaded all of the case files into my computer."

She shakes her head a little, then smiles. "Oliver, I don't think you're a fool."


"Didn't I hear that they were making a movie about that?" He asks, showing that he does pay some attention to pop culture. It's not like it was before the island, but he watches movies, he enjoys TV, he reads. He's as normal as any other billionaire who spends his night's beating criminals and solving crimes.

"Thanks," he says when she reassures him that she doesn't think of him as a fool, "I know, but the sentiment is appreciated, Felicity." He takes another fry, which he'll wolf down. His burger is almost finished, and he has only a few fries left. But he looks like he's full. How could he eat less than her? He's got to have like 60 pounds on her, probably more. "Well, let me know if I can help with that. I don't know how, but I'm happy to help out if I can."


"World of Warcraft? Heeeck yeah they are! I'm going to be /right/ there in the front row. I guess you could say that I'm putting my day off in… years early?" She laughs a little, then stops abruptly. A touch embarrassed. Don't show the nerd card too much, Felicity.

"Actually, you can help. You're a part of the corporate world, so I figure maybe you would know of any crimes that happened lately? White collar types. I want to cover the entire spectrum. Plus, I'd like a list of possibilities of how anyone could take down such a high profile company like Queen Consolidated. From the inside, outside, international.." She was ready to take out her laptop right then and there, but she refrains from doing so. Instead, she stands from her seat, taking her tray and reaching for his. "Are you done with this?"


Some people play World of Warcraft. Oliver Queen played it in real life, for years, on an island. He almost died. Several times over. But it was so good that he's continued it at home. "Kind of," he admits to being part of the corporate world. He does own Queen Consolidated. He wears a suit. He even has a tie. And it's a very nice tie at that.

"Yeah," he says haphazardly when she stands to take her tray, "I'm full," and he pats his very flat stomach, "but it was good." He uses that distraction to consider her questions. How much to offer her, how much to bring her in. He just rehired her, and sure, she was a big help, but how would he explain getting that kind of information, even if she assumes he has it. He does, but it wasn't through corporate channels.


She takes the tray then, a smile and a nod upon her face as she moves towards the garbage to dump the food inside. She glances back towards Oliver, then.. decides to leave him to his own devices to slip into the bathroom.

Hands soon were washed, teeth checked, hair… nails… wait… why was she checking her nails? And soon she returns to the table to flop down upon a chair, a slight sigh drawn out. "So, I'll be in the office bright and early tomorrow. I was wondering if I could use my own laptop? Not that your computers aren't awesome and all but… I just love the familiarity."


Ollie would never think of checking his hair in the bathroom, or his completion. The closest he gets is wondering if he has any visible facial scars. He's a guy, and he's one who lived without showers for years. He still bathed, cleaned, but it starts to lose its importance when you only have one set of clothes.

He did send a text message to one of his people to arrange for Dr. Sing to be promoted and reassigned to one of their other holdings, like Vancouver, Melbourne, or Vienna, wherever was suitable. He's a billionaire. He can afford to be eccentric, and the people in the IT department would never know the reason.

When Felicity returns, he says, "that sounds like a plan, and I don't know what the rules are down in IT, but if you have any issues, just ask the head of the department and I'm sure it'll all work out." It should, she'll be the head of the department.


Felicity smiles. She could get used to working for Mr. Oliver Queen again. He was so cool and so laid back. Maybe she should start a blog, maybe build a website from the ground up and put all of her personal thoughts in there…

Great idea. She had a lot of things to think and talk about with barely anyone to share it with. Barely.

"I hope this IT person is cool. But…" She glances around, then slowly stands, her hand held outright so that they both could shake. "I'm so glad I ran into you today Oliver." She really didn't say that she tried to meet him earlier, that would have been like stalking. "But, I need to get going… I guess I have a lot of rest to get before my big day tomorrow!"


Oliver rises to shake her hand as well. His hands are rougher than one would expect of a pretty boy billionaire, but he's worked, not in retail or anything, but he worked on the island to survive. "I'm sure you'll have fun, and it was nice to catch up with you, Felicity. I might even pop down from time to time, you know, to get my laptop fixed, or find out what's in an energy drink. You know how it goes." His shirt has almost dried. He leaves the hood down, not wanting to hide anymore. Besides, a hood is a bad thing for him to be associated with. "Can I walk you to your car?"


She notices this. She usually expects his hands to be soft. But they weren't. Not Oliver's. They were actually rougher than the many hands she did shake.

"Just as long as you don't bring me ear wax or something that… you know… just ew." She shivers slightly, then draws her hand away to glance outside. "Um… I don't have a car. I walked here. Walking is really good though. Plus it's not too cold out, and I have a scarf." Duh!

"Which you can see…" She mumbles, distractedly of course.


Well, he can't really walk with her all day, and has no idea where she lives, so he decides to reach into his wallet, pulling out some money, which he'll hand to her. "All right Felicity. Have a good night, and I'll see you tomorrow." When she gives him a look about the money, he'll add, "in case you decide to get a cab after walking. Or else, think of it as a late Hanukah gift."

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