Catching up

December 30, 2014: Evelyn meets up with Barton to talk with him, in what becomes an awkward discussion about romance. <Language Warning, Adult Warning>

Midtown Manhattan - New York City

Situated between 14th and 59th Streets, Midtown Manhattan is *the* tourist
destination in New York City. It is also the largest central business
district in America. Most of the tallest skyscrapers in the city can be found
here, from the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings to Stark Tower and the
Baxter Building. It's also home to Times Square, Broadway, and Fifth Avenue.

In the day, the traffic is non-stop. In the evening, bright neon lights light
up the street such that it looks as if the sun simply doesn't set on the
city. But, then, there's a reason New York is called The City that Never
Sleeps. This, right here, is it.



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Work, when it comes to SHIELD, is always there. Always present. It runs in the backdrop of life, invisible but omnipresent and has for decades, only comparitively recently coming into the more public eye. It's still something of an unknown to the general masses, and Clint likes that. He likes the mystique; gives him that feeling of still being a part of something 'special'.

Yeah, special. Back on the damned scaffolding, overlooking the final construction of the Times Square Ball. Exactly why again did I suggest going back in case Loki showed up?


At least this time, Clint's got some coffee (and a change of clothes). He's ready for the day ahead, though looking up, the skies are looking just a little grey. Dammit.

In the Square below, traffic is in full swing, filled with those commuters that are headed to work, and the tourists that have started to fill the City over the last couple of weekends. Welcome to NYC traffic!

As nine rolls around, the new charge is summoned as if by beck and call. Like clockwork, Evelyn lowers herself down from the scaffolding above Hawkeye using the steel frame tubing like monkey bars. With a soft drop, she lands on the wooden floor with a thud. She was due, and now she's here. A tan camera bag is slung over her torso, over a plaid overshirt which accompanies her casual jean attire and sneakers. Her hair is tied back into a small ponytail.

She could easily pass as a photographer, which is great, because she's here to take pictures for SHIELD, among other things.

Stepping over to Hawkeye, Evelyn kneels down and takes the strap of the camera bag off her shoulder. "Hey," she offers casually, unclipping the side pocket of the camera bag to pull out a thermos.

Hawkeye doesn't even have to look away from the traffic below to know who it is that joins him. There's a hint of familiarity that mixes with time and distance. It's when she greets him is when Clint looks away from his charges below. "Hey, stranger. Welcome home from wherever you were assigned."

Settling back away from the bars, Clint divides his attention between the streets and buildings surrounding them and Evelyn, though it's just a little more on his former partner and handlee. "Good to see you in one piece."

Sitting back, Evelyn sits back on her bum and crosses her legs. She's not far from the edge, but not close either. The bag is left beside of her as she unscrews her thermos. When the lid is removed, some steam escapes in a small puff and starts rolling off the surface of the tea inside. Smells minty. With the cap still in one hand, and the thermos in the other, she lifts the thermos to her lips and takes a couple sips before lowering it and looking over.

"That was a long one. Did you get my reports?" Evelyn says. She was stationed in a few places. The middle east was part of it, but also Rome, oddly. Accordiong to her reports, she found several caches of missile technology, disarmed them, and sent them back to SHIELD. She was apparently chasing leads for a terror group based out in China that might have implications with Hydra. Worse yet, they had connections with suppliers in Iraq. Among the most prominent notes in her report would be a part where she defused a Stark weapon turned biochemical.

Leaning back a little bit, she sips at the tea again before capping her thermos and setting it aside. "It's good to see you, too. I mi — I. Uh. Hah. Well, you know, it was a distinct possibility I could have come back in pieces." She smiles a bit solemnly, "But I do what SHIELD needs me to do."

"Got some of 'em, yeah. Some, I think, got stalled on other people's desks. Couple of times I had to go out in search of them. You'd never believe how big the place actually is." Clint offers an amused smirk, "Miner's hat and all." Of course it wasn't like that. All it required was a couple of keystrokes, but the archer does like a touch of the exaggeration.

"HYDRA's been moving around, lately. Moving assets, apparently. Seriously they've got the right name for themselves."

There's a moment when Clint falls silent, and he shifts and leans to do a shoulder-bump, "Glad you're not in pieces. I don't know if you're individually numbered and you might end up some Dali nightmare. That would suck."

Evelyn looks over with a small smile. She cracks a small laugh at the miner joke, and in some ways that's more true than others. Especially with troublesome field agents who haven't been staying in their quarters and are instead playing sleepover at the Stark Tower. To be fair, it does seem like a lot's been going on over there, with the attacks and Howard. She was debriefed on that. There's always a lot of catchup to do. The city of New York never quite sleeps.

Reaching into the bag, Eve pulls out a nice quality camera. A len is pulled out and some of the equipment set in her lap as she works to start assembling it. When shoulder bumped, Evelyn makes a small 'mm' in objection. But then she counter leans, instead actually resting against your shoulder, head canted to the side. "Somehow the SHIELD engineers have managed to put me back together without any extras. I'm almost used to it at this point."

It's cold enough that Evelyn's breath exhales as a fine fog, especially when she sighs. "I'm glad you're not dead. I'd notice if you were gone, you know."

Clint was on the team that 'rescued' Howard, and bowed out after that; May'd taken lead on debriefing, etc. Not his job!

The lean is noted, and contact is maintained, even as the tea comes out. There's a coughed scoff at the source of caffeine, and to counter it, there's a reach for his own coffee thermos. It's not cracked, however. "No left over parts? That always happens, though. Find a screw or something that had come out but no idea from where." Not that Clint is big on building things from, say, IKEA. Too domestic.

"So far, I've managed to stay ahead of the 'dead' thing. Couple of times, I wondered, but managed without any real extended hospital stays."

Finally, the coffee is cracked, and the steam rises into the air in a puff. There's absolutely no attempt to pour it in the little mug; instead Clint goes for drinking it directly from the 'pot', as it were. Once a swallow or two is taken, it's recapped and set aside. "How long have you been back? And where've you been?"

"No left over parts," chuckles Evelyn, looking down at her lap as she assembles the camera, still leaning. "I think all of them are too scaredt o mess up. I heard there's even a procedure for putting me back together." The lens is screwed on gently, these things can be handled roughly, but most of it is already adjusted to her liking. Only minute adjustments will be necessary for her shots. She also looks like she knows what she's doing with that camera. Prior experience?

"I'm currently at.. a friend's. Laying low so Maria won't send me on another mission. Maybe she'll forget I exist." Evelyn jokes, laughing a little bit. Some part of that statement seems false. Lying? "What about you? I didn't hear if you got another bachelor pad or not. After the rescue, they sent me out before I could really check in. .. Something about making my worth for using all that carrier fuel.."

As the camera snaps together, Evelyn leans up a bit and off your shoulder to lean over her camera bag. The artefact of her search is revealed, a small screwdriver, which she uses to tighten the collar on the lens. "I've been back a week or two. I'm sorry I didn't come find your right away. Just.. Paperwork, you know."

"A 'friend's'?" It's the first thing that Clint jumps on. She's got his full attention, blue eyes staring at her. "You know there's no hiding from Hill, right? If you don't have your phone, she'll send out a tracking crew." He knows full well that there's something she's not saying, or at least not admitting to. "C'mon, Ev. This is me."

The thought of being reassembled does gain a chuckle. "You know that your schematics probably have been passed around R&D, right? I swear, some of those geeks have no idea Playboy or Penthouse exists."

Now, finally, Clint looks away and over the busy thoroughfare, checking for things that normal, domestic law enforcement couldn't possibly pick up on. So far, so clear. He doesn't look back, however, when he continues, "Yeah, I know. And it was Christmas, and all."

Flicking the switch to the camera, it all boots up. Great. A loading screen. Figures. She fiddles with the lens a bit in the meantime. Very not-cleverly she's avoiding your stare. "I hope not, I mean, it is classified. Somewhat more highly now that life model decoys have been confirmed to exist by no less than Howard Stark himself. .. And they don't have all of my designs, anyways. Probably for the best." She pauses, tentatively, "Not all of them are appropriate for them." She's been apparently doing her own research on what SHIELD acquired of her designs.

As the camera finally boots, she lifts it up and takes a wide angle shot. Though she evidently angles it in such a way that Barton is not caught in the frame. Then she lowers it, "I'm sorry, I hope you had time to visit your family." Looking up from her camera, she takes a good look at the environment with her eyes before looking at you. Just in time for you to glance away. She bites her lip and looks away as well. "I'm at Stark's right now. You've made it very clear that you don't appreciate the guy." She didn't want to bring it up, evidently.

"My parents died when I was nine and my big brother is a bad-guy. Literally. We don't talk, or send cards. We'd probably shoot each other long before we say 'hi'." Clint doesn't look back again for the moment, and he adds, "He goes by 'Trickshot'. Archer, but not as good as me. He was better in swords than me, though." There's a beat before he adds, "Just in case he shows up one day."

A chuffed breath exits in a chuckle and finally he cants his head sideways briefly, "R&D has some pretty high clearance. It's the nature of their job." Still, there's a scowl that creeps on his face and he nods, blue eyes back out to the streets below. Horns still go off occasionally, and the crowds are actually beginning to grow. There are little tents cropping up here and there for the New Year celebrations. "Yeah, the guy is a chick magnet. Just call it sour grapes is all. Smart, rich. Throws great parties, so I hear." Clint didn't make the Stark Christmas party, perhaps by design? He was busy, anyway.

"I'm sorry, I didn't me-.. Nn. Yeah." Evelyn says, flinching a bit. Less than a few minutes together, and they're already touching each other's sore spots. It's almost like a dance. In a minefield. Choosing instead to work for a bit, Evelyn lifts the camera and snaps a couple more shots. Adjusting the camera a bit between each shot. She's rather quick at it, but not terribly fast. She's here for informational pictures, not to take artist renditions of the New Year's ball construction efforts.

Satisfied, she lowers the camera and caps it, setting it aside on the camera bag as she reaches for her thermos. "If I see Trickshot, I'll be sure to give him a good punch in the face for you.."

Uncapping the thermos and pouring tea into the little mug, she sets the thermos aside — far away from the camera, and uses both of her hands to clasp the little plastic cup. "I wouldn't know." Eve looks down to her tea, it's black. Black as the night. It would make batman proud. Probably irish. Mint? Irish breakfast tea mint? Weird. "I haven't gone to any of the wild parties Tony's thrown, and honestly I spent Christmas alone. It's my yearly tradition." Eve glances over with a small smile. Trying to make light of that sentiment. "Yeah, I know R&D has pretty high clearance." A sip is taken from the cup.

"See, I'd just suggest that you shoot him and be done with it. I wouldn't be mad." Killing his last relative? Clint's got some family baggage, obviously. He doesn't seem too terribly upset about it all, or if he does, he's just not showing it. "Don't worry about it." All it does is tell him they really haven't ever had a chance to actually talk about anything that's not work related. At all. Then again, for them, is there such a thing as 'not work'?

"Didn't Stark invite you to mingle with his friends? I know Kate was there, a few mothers from her shelter. Kids. Sounded like a good time." Even if he doesn't sound like it was. Again, he didn't show. Unspoken rivalries.

Clint doesn't want to go down that road, not at all. This is the first time he's seen Ev, and the last thing he actually wants is for her to get (too) pissed off at him. Still, he can't help it. "Stark didn't notice you were missing during his party?"

Evelyn laughs a bit, "Okay, as you say. One bullet. That's all." And it's true, though they've hung out, it's either been chatting about movies, or whatever had been going on at the time. There was that time at the museum, that was nice until it wasn't. Or the shooting range, which was primarily about the last time she came back. Or the carrier flight, but she was asleep for part of it, and Clint asleep for the other part. Then the attack on the mansion with Captain A. And the kickboxing. Talk has always been about work.

Looking up, she looks over and shrugs, "I guess. I mean yeah, he asked me to come. Just wasn't interested. If he did miss me, he hasn't said anything about it. He's still thinking about Howard, I think." The liquid in the plastic cap is swirled a bit before Evelyn takes a couple drinks from it. Eve means to say something, and she seems poised to say it, but instead she just lets an awkward silence fill in on her part.


"He actually asked, and you said 'no'? Seriously?" Clint chuckles softly and shakes his head, blue eyes looking over the crowds. Pointing with an arrow, he puts his request in, "Grab a couple of shots of that? Time lapse it, every 10 seconds." Of course he's picked up on what she's doing.

See? Work.

"You resisted the Stark charm? Man, that's impressive. He's got a high-tech Garden of Eden going on there. Was actually considering pushing back all the undying love I have for the guy and talk to him about something." Assuming he'll even consider talking to him, that is. He's not rich, not a dynamic AI, and Stark is less than awed when presented with a SHIELD badge.

"Gotta say, though, Howard Stark has you beat in terms of 'wierd'. Not that you're 'wierd', wierd. Just, he's more of a puzzle? Assuming he's got your schematics, that is."

Clint casts a glance beside him, at his former 'sometimes partner'. "Kinda proud of you, though. Grown out of needing a handler at work. Hell, even I still have Coulson."

Ev smiles and chuckles a little bit as she looks toward the location pointed at by the arrow. Pulling a small tripod from the bag and screwing it into the camera, she works on setting that up, making sure the lens is focused and pointed towards that area. She's not the fastest at this, but she still knows how to do it. "Right here? .. Allllright.."

"Not quite, I suppose. Tony's just.. a friend, I guess. He calls me his friend, though he still hits on me. I guess I'm getting used to that. Used to a lot of things that would normally make me uncomfortable." The camera beeps as Ev ticks around in the menus. "Howard was designed by himself. His situation is really unique, and he's just the Howard Stark I've read about. Emotionally walled off. He's nervous, I think. I think Tony is, too." Sitting back from the camera, it snaps its first shot and the countdown timer is visible on the screen. It's set up.

Looking back at Clint, Evelyn shrugs, "He doesn't have any of my schematics, though. I don't think he is even aware that my project existed." She has other information about this, things she learned from Howard.. But.. That's in her report, too. Reaching up to brush the hair out of her eyes, she resumes sipping from the cup she poured herself. At the compliment she blushes a bit. "..Thanks.. I mean, we're a team.. I report to the same people you report to."

For a moment, Ev looks increasingly apprehensive, but then she sighs and seems to relax as she looks aside. "Clint, I have.. Well, we've been sort of.. I just wanted to know.. Fuck. This sounded better in my head earlier."

"I thought he'd helped…" Clint shakes his head, adding, "Nevermind."

His attention moves back out to the field at large, that one gathering getting a little more of his attention now. There's a moment of silence in Ev's slight awkwardness before he attempts to rescue her, glancing to her and back to the gathering. "Are we okay? Yeah, sure. We're good."

Evelyn pauses, her expression freezing as she takes in the response. Wait. What? She's easily sidetracked, as if any little word or sentence might have some meaning that she missed. "Helped with..?" Not being one to particularly give up in the face of a challenge, there's obviously some component of her that spent a while thinking about this. Oh, so so close to the question. She takes a bit of a breath, somewhat flushed now though no more than the cold would have done to her.

"No.. I mean. Clint, I like you." Her hands grip the cup a little tighter, "Like, as more than friends or partners. We don't really.. In our line of work.. get to do really romantic things. I know this sounds stupid," She looks away a bit, "I just .. wanted to know if you feel the same way."

"Getting you all fixed up again after you pulled me and Domino out of the drink." Clint was a little out of it for a fair bit, truthfully, and he knows his butt was saved by the three of them- Domino, Kate and Evelyn.

It's that other bit that catches Clint completely off guard. There's a tensing of shoulder muscles and an almost inescapable need to roll his head forward to rest it in a hand for a couple of brief moments. "Ev…" If she'd mentioned this only a week ago, there would have been a shot that the coward would have gone for it. A very good shot. Just a week.

What a difference a week makes.

Now? Clint's given up and given in, risking a whole lot in the endeavor. "You know me, Ev," he begins slowly as his head rises again. He's not sure he can look at her, but that crowd isn't holding his attention too tightly either. Okay, idiot. What next?

"I didn't know." Okay, that's most assuredly the truth. "I'm kinda seeing Katie.. um.. Kate. Christmas, after she came back from Stark's party. She left early for me." Which is probably why the other Hawkeye didn't fall for charms. She's rich, too. Not impressed with cash!

Now, Clint glances to the side once again to look at his 'once' partner, and who knows, maybe again? Assuming she doesn't hate him, that is. Then, she can join the roster. "I did… do. Could. But," there's that but again, "I kinda like Kate." Understatement of the century in his mind.

Evelyn is hanging on every word. To the first, she shakes her head. "I wasn't fixed after that.. I haven't gone in for service.. Since we fought Loki." That's a long time. Is she not damaged? Is she fixing herself? Questions. She's paying attention now, eyes locked and not looking away. This is what full Eve-attention looks like. She's tense, watching and listening.

"You.. .. Oh." Evelyn says, not dryly perhaps, but a bit generic in tone.

She listens to it all, and her expression seems heavy, but not quite upset or angry. It's all she can do to conceal the heavy weight in her chest. Slowly her shoulders slump and she looks away. The words caught in her throat find purchase, "I.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make this hard on you, forget I said anything." She's quick to dismiss it, but now it's Evelyn's turn to not be able to look at Hawkeye.

"Seriously? But…" Clint's confused. "I mean, something change and you actually can heal…?"

The new bit of information would trump all for anyone with a technical mind, it really would. But Clint, while smart, never finished High School. The concept of self-healing in organic AIs is cool, but more than a little beyond his comprehension other than what he'd said. "Cool."

It's that other bit, however, that Clint is more than aware of and not a little bit guilty about. "Look, Ev. It's okay. Really. I mean…" Exactly what do you mean? "I figured you liked Stark. I mean, I'm sure he's a great guy.What's not to like there? World's most eligible bachelor and all."

Clint's caught, and blue eyes dart back and forth now before they alight back onto his coffee carafe. Even that's not a real draw. The sad part about it all is that if it were anyone else -but- Kate, he'd jump. In a heartbeat. He has in the past; broke up his marriage like that and more than a couple potential relationships. "We good?" Now, it's his turn to ask.

Evelyn shakes her head, "No.. I can't heal.. Just nearly drowning wasn't really a big deal." She sounds a bit guarded now. She's not really smiling, either, more just frowning and watching the camera. She does have some responsibility to be an agent and keep things civil. Or professional. Not to say confessing that you care about someone in that way is all that professional.

Looking back to Clint after his remark, she actually looks /pissed/. Expression cross somewhere between 'did you really just say that?' and 'fuck off'. It's held for a second before she looks back to the camera. Pretty clearly she says, "I don't like Stark any more than a friend. He saved my life once. That's all. The dude hit me with a car. .. I'm not that fucked up." Another silence as she looks at the camera, it's taken quite a few pictures. That wide angle lens really capturing quite a lot of the scene. At least it's pretty.

At the question, Evelyn shrugs, "..Yeah.. We're cool."

"I didn't know any of that," comes back just a little heated and moreso defensive, particularly after the, to put it tactfully, 'incredulous' look. "It's not like you were around to actually sit and talk with. Then, two weeks back, the only chance we bump into each other is on a domestic op? C'mon, Evelyn. Then, you tell me you're staying with the guy. What the hell am I supposed to think? You didn't even hit me up for the couch."

Clint doesn't bother with the coffee thermos. It was a diversion, and not a good one. Instead, he takes some of the opportunity to clear the small pebbles off the utilitarian scaffolding, sending them flying by way of thumb and forefinger. They hit each time where he aims them.

"Yeah, well.. I hope you're taking care of yourself," is added, with just a little less heat. "Particularly after coming back from those ops."

Evelyn looks back over to Hawkeye. With a bit of anger in her voice and a bit louder she says, "What the hell do you want me to say? Would it make it easier for you if I lied and told you I was having sex with Tony Stark?" Looking out towards the public, she lowers her voice a little bit. "I was trying to figure out Howard, and my charge before that from Maria Hill herself was to watch the dude for SHIELD's interest. It seems like the obvious thing to do." Evelyn's instinct at the moment is to retreat, but she still has pictures to take. She shifts the camera's angle a little bit, but she's shaking.

Content with whatever modifications she made to the viewing angle, she sits back again, knocking over of cup of tea. It's not an emergency, as it just pours between the wood, but she gasps in surprise, "Oh! … Shit.. God, I'm so sorry." Not a big deal, but she picks up the cup and moves it anyways.

"Can you really blame me for being hard to reach? We're field agents, Clint.. I just.. I don't know. Can we stop talking about it, please?"

"My phone works."

The moment the tea spills, Clint's up and getting out of the way. No way is he going to get cold again, even from an inadvertant spill. "Hey, it's okay.. okay." It gives him reason to stand and get a little distance.

An exhaled sigh erupts from the archer and he nods, "Yeah. It would. But don't. Ever." Clint's looking down, now, watching Evelyn. His gaze lingers before he hops up onto the iron bar of the scaffolding and perches there. Keeping his balance gives him something else to concentrate on, other than personal matters. "Yeah, we can." Though now? Hooray for work??

Evelyn sighs, too. "Yeah, I'm sorry. You're right. I'm just.. New with this.. New at everything.." She scoots forward a little bit to avoid the tea spill. It's again not a big deal, as it leaks from scaffolding to scaffolding. Slowly growing into an ooze mons- okay, that's not happening. Leaning forward, Ev folds her arms on her lap as she just watches the people below.

"When we had that dinner, when you were helping me leave the CIA. I told you a little bit about my life. What is what like. I was a lab rat for most of my life, then I was a conscripted agent. They taught me basic espionage and people skills, but it's not like the books or the movies. There's.. No guide on really how to keep friends or talk to people about your feelings." Evelyn says, shaking her head a little bit. She certainly won't talk about her feelings right now, but feeling stupid and ashamed are among them.

"I still want to be your friend. I'll always be your partner, I've always got your back, Clint." Evelyn says this while glancing up, briefly.

Clint barks a laugh, but it's not one that is particularly mocking. It's more self-deprecating. "Okay, Ev? You're not -that-screwed up. If you're this good now and you're 'new' at this game, that'd mean that I suck." His head shakes as he tilts his head down, a quiet chuckle sounds again. "At that dinner, Ev, all I wanted to do was hide you away. Get you away where you wouldn't be a lab rat anymore. I had your back, spoke up for you. Hell…"

Clint lets his voice trail off and clearing his throat, looks out onto the city once more. "I'm okay with friends. Friends is good. I don't have a lot of those, so the few I have, I kinda want to keep." Swinging his gaze around, he offers a tight-lipped smile. "I got your back too, Ev. Promise."

"Oh yeah.. if you do end up sleeping with Stark? Don't tell me, okay?"

Evelyn sits up a little bit and slowly gets to her feet. "You risked your life for me by doing that. I remember when you came in with SHIELD carriers and took control of the situation. I'll never forget that." She offers a small smile. "Well, to be fair, you do suck a little." Evelyn says with a laugh. She doesn't really say it in any way meant to be insulting, more just joking between friends.

"I just.. Yeah.. i'll be there, Clint. No matter who you're fighting, I'm on your side." Evelyn says finally. "I probably have enough pictures. The camera's yours, it's SHIELD property, but I can take it back if you want."

"I don't think you'll have to worry about that. Tony's not my type."

Clint barks a laugh and nods his head ruefully, and can't help but let the smile remain. "Yeah, I know." The smile turns lopsided, boyish, "It's one of my biggest charms."

He's still perched on the iron bars of the scaffolding, and with Ev's declaration, he 'tight-rope walks' across the long side before he jumps back onto the wood flooring. "You need a type to sleep with?" Clint whistles softly, the smirk remaining behind, his tones taking a teasing tenor. "So what you're telling me is that you're picky and have bad taste?"

Evelyn laughs, too. Stepping back as Barton hops onto the floorboard, she leans back against one of the iron bar support braces, hands behind her and holding onto the brace. She blushes at the joke and smirks, "Maybe. I don't really get around at all, I'm a virgin." She rolls her eyes, "Big surprise, right? You'd think androids are /so/ popular in bed." She's teasing right in back, "But you tell me about taste."

"You're a…" and he's a man-whore. Literally. Ask Kate. Clint doesn't really have a 'type', or maybe he does and it's 'cute woman'? "Okay…" Clint shakes his head and he can't help but laugh. "How screwed up is that that I'm more surprised about being a virgin than when I found out you were an android?" He lives a messed up life.

Clint laughs again and settles down on the floor of the scaffolding, setting up to do his perch and watching. "I think I've got great taste in women, when I want to get serious, though. All of 'em really smart and could probably kick my ass in a fight." All of his ex-girlfriends easily fall into the category, as well as the ex-wife holding a PhD. "I like to live outside my means, apparently." And now Kate. And Evelyn. Both are far more intelligent and Clint would argue extremely capable.

"Oh, about a 6/10 on the scale, I would say." Evelyn titters, "I've heard worse. You're probably the first I've told, aside from people at SHIELD that already know every personal tick and quirk about me. I imagine they already know." She tilts her head and shifts a bit of her weight, though still against the support. "They always say punch above your weight, and Kate's a pretty fantastic woman." Evelyn bites her lip. "I was also issued my custom request for a firearm."

"Wait… wait. They -test- for that?" Clint's tones sound both incredulous and a little annoyed. "How could.. I mean.."

The archer shakes his head and reaches for his coffee thermos. This time, he unscrews the cap again and takes a couple more swallows of the still-warm, black goodness. "Yeah. I'm lucky, actually. She likes me. Had to hit me with a clue by four. Hell, she even told me that even Roy Harper had the guts to ask her out on a dinner date." A challenge if he ever had heard one. Of course, if he'd stopped to think, Harper asks every breathing female out on a date. Though, Clint won't throw stones. He doesn't date- he sleeps with them.

"What'd you ask for? It's not as if SHIELD won't give you the good stuff. Hell, they gave me a bow." And cool arrow tips.

Evelyn laughs suddenly, covering her mouth as her laughs subside into giggles, "Yeah. They have psych profiles on all of, Clint. Our habits, .. a bit about our sex lives. It's all important. Especially for an agency like SHIELD. Can't have a jilted lover storm into work with an employee / husband at gunpoint." She grins, stepping forward to take her weight off the tubing behind her. "Clue by four, I like that. It's alright."

Shrugging a bit, she says, "They gave me a Wildey 475. It's a really large calibre pistol. Biggest one I own. I have it with me, but I can't remove it here, obviously."

Clint can't help but laugh and he nods his head, looking a little… guilty? Psych profiles? His must be out of this world. Literally. "Well, okay. They're pretty lenient, though." Considering he slept with a mob boss' WIFE. The Russian mobster wasn't happy. At all. But he wasn't called in on the carpet for that one!

"At no time did I ever get yelled at." Just in case she was wondering.

Clint pauses and huffs softly before checking his watch. Couple more hours, not that there's anywhere he has to be. He doesn't cook. Puppy is fine.

"Why would you want something that big? Jeez, Ev. Isn't that a little bit of overkill? Just a little?"r

"They are. It's not shared with anyone, either. I don't know your profile. No access. I doubt you have access to mine." Evely nods with a shrug. When Clint looks at his watch, Ev looks at her phone. There's something a little amusing about an android needing another device to tell time. Planned feature. Pocketing the phone, she smiles.

"I need a big gun when I'm taking down big things. It's for when I want to defend myself, by shooting through an entire house. Or through an armored car. It has its uses. But hey, I'm going to get going. I need time to think.. Don't forget the camera." Evelyn steps forward, approaching you, before stopping, and her smile fades. "Well. Catch you later, anyways." Then she hops off the scaffolding, leaving thermos and bag behind.

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