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December 30 2014: Evelyn runs into the Joker in New York

<Ruined Aquarium

An old run down aquarium near the Coney Island area.



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Part of being a SHIELD agent is also having special privileges, being able to go into areas that normal people aren't allowed. The old aquarium section is still in incredibly disrepair. The concrete flooring and walls have cracked under pressure strains. Wood supports both decorative and foundational have split, bowed under weight, or splintered. Emergency scaffolding and support infrastructure in the form of steel tubing has been added to the hallways of the aquarium just to prevent it from collapsing in on itself. It is such a hazard that you'll fine a "Do not Enter" sign posted at the door with yellow tape and boarded up entrances.

To be fair, being a SHIELD agent doesn't actually have you access to these places, but it certainly removes the fear from accessing places that are normally out of boundaries. For Evelyn, it's a place where she can seek some solitude. No one would be out here.

Her dress is casual, a plaid overshirt with a red undershirt, slightly torn and dirtied from crawling around in the ruins here, paired with a pair of jeans and sneakers. She's walking alone in one of the observatory hallways, one side covered in broken glass which used to be a curved window into an aquatic world. The other a staccato concrete, dirtied with seaweed and trash in the crash. As she walks, she drags her fingers across the wall.


"Go tell Aunt Rhodie. Go tell Aunt Rhodie. Go tell Aunt Rhodie, the whole damn town is dead…" The Joker's slightly nasal voice echeos along the hallways as he wanders through the otherwise abandoned aquarium, pausing to look at a hallway here or a bit of rubble there. Yes. This'll to nicely as a hideout. He'll have the boys and Harley help him spuce it up. Put some explosives down as party favors. Maybe paint the place a bit! Yep. It's got that new lair smell.

Or did right until he comes around the corner and sees Evelyn. She's a robot, sure but the Joker lacks any form of enhanced sense. All he sees is a young woman. Alone. He starts to grin. "Well… hello there…"


Evelyn is lost to her own, somewhere quietly observing the damage the building has taken, and perusing her own thoughts. There's a lot going on in that head of hers at the moment. So much that even her training fails her. She doesn't notice she's not alone until she hears the singing, and oh the singing. She stops in her tracks, frozen briefly as she rubberbands back to reality. Her eyes dart briefly over the environs as she scans maybe for some place to hide or take cover.

The aquarium is a poor place to have that kind of need, as the walls are made to really expose everything. All that remains is the scaffolding which can be so easily seen through.

The actual aquarium is no better, being visible from all sides via windows. In this time of indetermination, Joker spots her. Her body tenses as she hears the greeting, and she looks over. "You're the Joker," She says stunned for a moment. "Well.. Shit." And then she's off at a run. Fight or flight? Flight.


Running? What's the best way to get the Joker's attention? Well, that's kind of a trick question. He's nuts. Who knows why he does what he does. But running definitely does it and the madman takes off after Evelyn with a cackle, producing a small automatic pistol from his coat. He doesn't fire, just yet. "Leaving so soon? But we've not even gotten to the part where I threaten you yet!"


Evelyn could probably out-endurance most people, but the injury on her leg keeps her from really reaching top speed at any point of time. She could very likely run longer than Joker, but not at this speed. It's only that by pushing herself a little harder that she can maintain a distance, at some pain, but that won't by a useful tactic. Ducking to the right at a passage, she enters the crustacean section. An animatronic lobster, covered in debris and heavily damaged stands guard by the door.

Just running won't be a viable tactic. As she turns into the main section of broken tanks and concession stands, she ducks in behind the counter, immediately on her knees. Behind her, she pulls out an interceptor pistol from a holster on her back. Her hands are shaking and her breath unsteady, though she quiets it as best as she can as she ticks the safety off her pistol.


Somehow, chalk it up to predator's sense, the Joker knows she's turned at bay. So as he approaches the Crustacean section he slows, and starts singing again, tuneless and off key as his shadow preceedes him into the doorway, followed by the sight of him casually holding a gun. "So, you're doing his all wrong. A for effort but first we talk, then you run. You skipped a vital step and now I'm not sure whether to go right to the torture and games or start all over."


Evelyn pushes her back up against the concession stand, really trying to make the most of her cover as she watches the wandering shadow proceed. The gun is braced in both of her hands to keep the dang thing steady. She's not going to particularly be interested in conversing with a madman. Every deserves a second chance, but Joker's used them all straight through chance fifty. Tensing up for a moment, she pops up on a heel turn at the end of his monologue, gun pointed forward.

"Freeze! I'm SHIELD!" Is about the most intimidating thing she can come up with. There's no doubt she'll fire. But she is evidently strained, from the sweat on her forehead. Adrenaline rush.


The Joker grins as he puts his hands up, letting the gun he's holding clatter to the floor. He saunters forward though, definitely not freezing. "SHIELD? Ooooooh. Heh. Well you're in luck. I like SHIELD. SHIELD has the Low Fat Bat Subsitute." His insulting little nickname for his favorite agent to torment, Melinda May.

"I wonder… are you the Bird to her Bat? And what would a little Bird be doing all the way out here by her lonesome, mmm? By the way, if you were to shoot me, it'd probably end our conversation… with a bang…" There's… something rather blocky under his waistcoat.


"Don't move!" Evelyn shouts with increased steadiness as Joker approaches. Of course, she has no idea what Low Fat Bat Substitute is. But if she did, she would probably torment May with it. That's one thing The Joker and Eve have in common. "No. I don't have a handler." Evelyn says sharply in retort. Damnit. That wasn't really critical information, but she didn't really need to say that, either.

As if to make a point, she fires the pistol slightly aside from Joker. The muzzle flash and report quite loud in this enclosed area. It's not made to compress that, it's made to be compact and fire bullets. The slide kicks back and ejects a shell of brass onto the floor, though the shot should still miss. "I'll survive. You won't. Don't tempt me."

That makes the Joker stop and he almost looks… disappointed. "Oh really? You're not with the lovely, dangerous Agent May? A pity. I was going to have you tell her that she needs to start wearing capes if she expects the other suits to take her seriously. Buuuuuut since you're not with her I suppose I don't really have a reason to keep you alive…"

The Clown Prince makes a sudden throwing motion with an empty hand a stream of confetti bursts from somewhere along his wrist. Confetti that happens to be laced with powerful hallucinogens… of course, Evelyn isn't human and it may not affect her but he doesn't know that.


Evelyn tenses, she looks about ready to fire when Joker remarks upon her being somewhat irrelevant to his interests, but it's the toss of the hand that gets her to jerk out of the way as if avoiding a throwing knife. At the same time, she decides to use the gun. By throwing it. At Joker's face.

This leads to her standing, somewhat sideways and covered in confetti with a confused look on her face. No, Evelyn. Use the gun like a /gun/. Though, she didn't necessarily want to risk a trickshot while avoiding a dagger. That didn't exist.


The gun smacks the Joker in the face and clatters to the ground. "Ow! Hey. Are you sure you're with SHIELD. Man they need to update their training regimen. No wonder the Low Fat Bat never uses guns." He bends down to pick it up and just looks at Evelyn, expecting her to freak out or start seeing fish in the tanks or…

"Nothing? Really? Huh. Immune huh? Or very, very lucky." The Clown Prince checks the safty on the weapon. Off. Suits him fine. "Well I guess there's always the old fashioned way."

And there's the gun… aimed right at her.



Between the time that the gun hits Joker's face and he comments on the SHIELD training regimen, she just maintains a confused stare. "Are you serious, confetti?" Yeah. Nothing. She must be immune. Knowing Joker, it's probably laced with cocaine or something, but she doesn't know, other than the fact that it smells weird. With the moment of distraction, she takes the opportunity to vault over the concession stand. She has a knife, but knife combat isn't her preferred. Guns are. Though she's trained /thoroughly/ on military hand to hand fighting.

All of this would be completely relevant if Joker hadn't picked up her gun in that time. She needs to act quickly, and this is where her training becomes relevant. Ducking low, she uses her forearm to try and smack away Joker's firing arm at the wrist. She'd be coming in for a low blow to his side, too, if there weren't explosives under his jacket, so instead she moves in to bowl into Joker with her shoulder. These are not ideal fighting circumstances.


Fighting the Joker is kind of in general not ideal, as any of the Bats could attest. The Joker cuts off his next portion of lecture as his arm is painfuly smacked aside and he loses his grip on the gun. Off it goes clattering again to the side of the room. The next blow bruises his ribs and he grunts in pain, though his eyes… those go manic in delight.

"Thats it! Yes! If only the Bats were so eager!" His lips curl into an insane kind of sneer as he stumbles backward, fishing out a nightstick from behind him. One that seems to be electrified.

"Now… let's do this…" Despite having his ribs just possibly cracked by a punch the Joker lunges right back in, swinging that nightstick wildly at Evelyn's head.


Evelyn gets back into a military fighting stance as she recovers from the momentum of her previous attack. She stumbles a little bit, avoiding putting a bit of weight on her right leg. Her arms come up, fists clenched as she readies to defend herself. She didn't read all of Joker's file, but it's easy to tell something's not right here. As the electrified nightstick is revealed, Evelyn regrets these circumstances almost immediately. Picking away from the silence, she talks herself, "Why are you here?"


She can't really respond to Joker's eagerness, it would obviously just be worse to encourage it. Immediately, Evelyn tries to step back as Joker lunges in. The blow misses her her, but she forces the use of her arm to block it as she can't quite backpeddle fast enough. On contact, the nightstick would likely produce a crack of electricity, eliciting a cry of surprise from Evelyn as she tenses briefly, in addition to the fact that getting hit by a nightstick /hurts/.

Sidestepping back, she grabs her arm, obviously looking pained. Just as quickly she recovers and comes back at Joker. She feints low to the left, then comes in to try and stomp her sneaker down the inner side of Joker's leg, along with a shove to try and push him back.


That stop right along the thigh and instep gets a pained cry from the Joker followed by an absolutely maniacal laugh. The butt of the nightstick comes right in at Evelyn's ribs as the Joker circles to her left, favoring the side he's already attacked. He's moving slower though. For all his lack of traditional pain response, it's clear that he's hurt and in pain. The man's not inhuman…

Just insane.


That'd be enough to down a normal man, collapse their leg and subdue them. But not Joker. With the momentum of Evelyn's previous strike, she's not quite in the position to really defend herself from a side strike. The nightstick slaps roughly against her ribcage, causing a seize long enough to completely mess up Evelyn's balance and send her tumbling against the floor with another cry of pain. Her muscles are trying to compensate for the sudden electrical activity, but really all it's doing is numbing her movements and making her slower.

Laying on her side on the concrete, she slowly starts to try and get back up, trying to get on all fours as she coughs a couple times.


Cli-click. Cli-click. The Clown Prince of Gotham is limping a bit. And wearing… tap shoes. Why? Well they have metal plates on the toes. Ask May how that works some time. Still, he's sensing downed prey. Like a shark smelling blood in the water he comes on. One kick comes in at Eve's ribs. Then another even harder and- "OW!"

The Joker skips back and looks down at his shin. "What on earth is wrong with you? And they call me a freak." Rather than kick, the Joker just brings that nightstick down again…

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This might well be the apex of that…


Evelyn lets out a hoarse yelp as she's kicked in the ribs, immediately falling back to the floor from all fours. The second kick winding her even as it hurts Joker, knocking her back a little bit as she curls in, clutching at her chest. Coughing and wheezing, her hand slips into her sweater as Joker approaches her with the nightstick. She winces up at him as the nightstick is raised, then the familiar crack of a gunshot rings out. A smaller carry was present in her sweater pocket, but she refused to use it because of the bomb. She just spent a whole tour of duty defusing bombs. But if she does nothing.. Well, inaction is usually the worst choice of them all.

The smoking hole in her sweater is the proverbial smoking gun as she fires at Joker, near point blank.


The nightstick stops midswing and the Joker staggers back, shot through his right lung. It's likely collapsed. "Ugh… so you do have some fight in you after all…" He wheezes. "That's good. Good. You'll need it."

He's bleeding a lot and while he's insane and bloodthirsty, he's also not stupid. This prey may be a bit too much for him. Still, it was fun…


Evelyn looks up, still breathing heavily as she starts to get back on all fours, again. There's some damage in her chest, who knows what Joker's knocked loose in there. At the very least, he's interrupted her breathing cycle. Clamped hose? It'll fix itself eventually, though she finds it now hard to breathe. The hand helping her stand has the little gruber kurz pistol in it, a tiny little handgun of black metal. Coughing a couple times, she wheezes, "Had enough?" She's a tough little firecracker.


The Joker spits blood as he recovers his own gun. What? He likes this gun. It's a genuine german luger that he stole from a genuine german. Evelyn's question gets a hacking laugh. "Enough? Oh… I like you. I haven't had nearly enough… but we may have to take a rain check."

The madman staggers for the door, producing a few small things from his pocket that turn out to be jacks. He flings them at a rickety support and they detonate causing the thing to shake and shiver ominously. "Seems like we're bringing down the house… tell the Low Fat Bat I said hello… and I'll be seeing you both soon."

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