It Came From Planet X

<December 30, 2014>: When one of Reed Richard's inventions is tested in public by the government, something goes wrong.

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There are at least one hundred people here, all gathered and looking at the stage for the unveiling of a Meta Transporter, a collaboration project between HelioTech Industries, the United States Department of Commerce, and originally, Dr. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

Despite dropping out of the project two weeks ago, Dr. Richards was contractually obligated and allowed to be at the unveiling, a slight oversight by the lawyers who hadn't foreseen such an acrimonious divorce.

The split came over some of what the designs were going to be used for. Originally the Meta Transporter, according to the government bid, was to be designed to move goods across large tracks of land; the commercial and philanthropic potential was something Reed could get behind. Once he realized that they were really interested in its military abilities, and that several of the D.O.C. officials were actually taking orders from the Department of Defense, well Reed quit right there and right on the spot.

The military didn't much care; they'd already gotten the technology. What they didn't realize was that there was a clause that stated that Richards must be at the unveiling if he had worked 20 or more business days. He had worked 23 on the day that he quit.

The government at first assumed he wouldn't want to be involved. Oh, lawyers at the Baxter Building assured, he was more than happy to fulfill his obligations. Then the government tried to threaten Richards, but listened to reason when the White House intervened, worried that Richards would be forced to sell his things to foreign governments. Finally, they tried to buy him. For 17 million dollars.

Reed, himself this time, politely said no.

So now they sit at a three person panel with a pair of large circular devices in the background, held afloat by wires that go to and fro; attached to large cement posts dug into the ground.

Eventide reads the newspaper. Or, well, actually, she's a Millennial, so she reads the news online. And it's not just to locate the occasional SHIELD coded message that they slip into HuffPo (oh, yeah, SHIELD runs HuffPo — you weren't aware?), it's to keep up on the trials and tribulations of the super-powered set. Case in point, an article about the unveiling of the Meta Transporter, to be attended by one Reed Richards.

Eventide both doesn't know why she's here, and knows exactly why she's here. Lurking high up, out of sight and in a blind spot for security, she's ready to dive in if the Mole Man or Vibro or the Thermite causes trouble. Why, when Reed Richards alone, to say nothing of his fantastic family, could trounce just about any bad guy? The answer is obvious, if you're someone making inroads into the superheroic community:


Where there's a crowd? There's Reese. Or Seikatsu, or Reese, aptly named from middle to first to last, and swarming in the sea of faces that she probably won't recognize. Her modus opperandi was simple. Steal, steal, steal. Beg, borrow, probably throw in a cheat here and there. But really? Steal.

Her hands belonged to a magician, they were slight, dogging and digging into pockets with the lightest touch.. and maybe, just maybe none would know any better. Her hair was combed, surely she was in borrowed street clothes and Chuck Taylors that were way too big and mismatched, borrowed from the closet of the one person who'd say..

'Hey, cut that out. Here's five dollars and my fridge is full.'

Old habits die hard though. And this habit was alive and well and would soon see her belly filled along with most of the folks in Rat City community. Business was going to boom today.

Rowan does, at least, have the good grace not to show up as a dragon. But he's in the crowd too, toward the back, unaware that his blind friend is about. Why? Well Arthur asked him to keep the sea king appraised of surfacer technology and military abiliy. And if there's one thing Rowan knows it's how to spot tech with military applications. The fact that there are DoD officials in the background is a giveaway too. Meta Transporter, mmmm? Sounds interesting. He wonders what they'll be transporting. And where.

The young man doesn't look too out of place. And… is that a hand in his back pocket?

Surfacers are odd, but they're usually not quite that friendly…

America isn't exactly thrilled to be here. Then again, she figures she could have warned Richards- being the Jaded Teenager and all, she was always suspicious of any contractual work for which the government approached Richards. One Reed was very much like another in her experience, the man had an insufferable tendency to either look for the good wherever he could find it… or get lost in his work until he had a moment of 'wait a minute.'

She felt sorry for him, though. Although she thought Stark was an idiot, but Richards wasn't- just a little too enthusiastic for his own good. She's here in her Fantastic Four capacity, which means her blue-and-white star T-shirt has been replaced by the blue shirt with the '4' emblem on it, which is the only concession she will ever make to any uniform.

Her arms are crossed, and she is in her default facial expression: a hint of hostility and a soupcon of jadedness.

As for the Mystical and Marvelous Meggan, she is here because she was in Staten Island for reasons as yet undisclosed, and was distracted by news of a display. She is eating a hot dog and wearing slightly too-light clothing for the season. She is in the crowd, albeit having worked her way fairly near the front.

Emon Hayes, Planning Analyst III, a civilian employee with New York's Department of Military and Naval Affairs. While little more than a grant manager with the State of New York's national guard may seem like an unassuming position but it has its perks. First, Mr. Hayes gets to work from home. Second, when there's a piece of technology funded through a private sector grant that's going to be part of a big unveiling he has the option to attend and the credentials get a few steps closer than general masses.

"I dunno, Mac.." Emon, a heavy-set thirty-four year-old ginger, shrugs with his hands in his suit pockets as he speaks to one of the uniformed personnel, "..I kind-of just wanted to see if whatever comes out the other end will be more Star Trek or more The Fly." The officer, a major, chuckles politely, getting part of the reference, "Anyway, I think we're going to be running contracts in April. I'll shoot you an e-mail." He shakes the fellow's hand then and sort-of sidles away from the sea of olive, navy, and brass.

He squints and looks out over the crowd. So many are making polite conversation with others while they wait for this thing to kick off while others seem to have come to an event where they just want to wait in the wings. Typical Humans.

Taking a hand from his dress-pants he pats his suit jacket feeling the small square notebook within. He may get the autograph of New York's First Family yet. (J'onn)

The argument starts slow, but by fifteen minutes in, Reed and Secretary Li of the Department of Commerce are going on and on, ruining the unveiling. Event officials all around the stage are loosening their collars and looking around awkwardly.

"You have no clue how absolutely wrong you are," Dr. Richards states in a serious tone with a deadly stare. If you point that thing and your calculations are off even by a fraction of a decimal, the chances of you actually being able to transport something are nil. The chance that you're able to do something very harmful to everyone here are a lot better."

"Dammit Richards," The CEO of HelioTech, Chandler Vos, is being made mockery of and he doesn't like it. "If you hated this idea why did you bother to show up today?"

"As I've mentioned, I was contractually obligated to be here today. And it was something I jumped at the opportunity for. You see, I quit this project 23 days in when it became clear to me that the government and that your company, Mr. Vos, was far more interested in the military capabilities of moving troops in and out of battle on a whim. Both friendly and enemy troops. This entire project is based on lies, and I am happy to be here to expose that."

"Be that as it may, Dr. Richards, but the duly elected government of the United States has given us authorization," Secretary Li responds. "If you don't like it, write your congressman. It doesn't matter how many degrees you have or how smart you think you are. America is a democracy, Dr. Richards. And you're not the President."

With that, Li motions towards the curtain. The purple maw drops to the ground showing the two circles in great splendor. The power goes on in the first device, and a purplish/pinkish hue envelops the space in the middle. A few seconds later, the second circle comes alive, with a darker bluish grey hue.

"Get a load of this," Li says darkly to Richards, off mic. A humvee that sits on the stage, fires up and drives headlong into the circle and miraculously comes out the other end!

"See?!" Vos exclaims. "It works!"

There are moments of backslapping and cheering and the crowd goes totally nuts.

That is…

Until a spidery, alien like figure also comes out of the return valve.

Nearly three stories tall, it's movements look labored. It leaps off the stage and into the middle of the standing group of people.

Reed stands there with wide eyes, looking downward. "My word!"

"What is it?" asks Vos.

"A life form of some sort. It looks…sick," adds Li.

"It's not sick," Reed corrects. "It's pregnant!"

Suddenly at all directions, the alien life form begins spitting out nasty, angry, humanoid sized spidery creatures with 6 legs, huge fangs, and large tails that have an extremely sharp whip on the back. It's thought that they could be nice, until one slices straight through an innocent bystander, cutting him in two!

Ronnie Hautzig just started a relationship, maybe, kind of, and the last thing she needs to see is the horrors of pregnancy writ alien-large. This is just fuel for her fighting fury as Eventide, thankfully. As soon as a tail slices the guy in half, Eventide is moving: firing her grapple-line to the stage platform's lighting rig, to take one of her fighting sticks and zipline down to the action!

So long as nothing cuts the zipline, anyway.

Reese just grabbed ass someone. Which was fine! The other ass she grabbed managed to have at least a pack of tic-tacs in the pocket, perfect for her model-esque diet. At least her breath would remain fresh. Pockets full of various wallets and trinkets, she was heading towards the front, the argument nothing but a background sound in the play of /her/, that was until the crowd goes wild, gasps and screams heard which causes her Lines of Life to draw forth just to see what was what.

By the time that little shin-dig was activated? A life is gone, split in tow with her own hand outreached too little, too late.

"Fuck.. me.." She blurts out. Just when she thought she wasn't going to steal again and actually does? This reaffirms her decision. She wasn't heading towards the action, though. She was turning her short self right around to try to find the exits by recounting her paces, if she could.

Rowan… er… doesn't know what those are. Hey, he's a dimensional traveller by accident. He does however guess well enough what the reaction will be. Most people, across any time and place will react to such visceral danger the same way. Get away. In a place like this that means a stampede and Rowan doesn't want to be caught in it. He's just in time calling his wings and lifting off into a hover to see spider-things spilling out everywhere.

This isn't good and his instincts kick in as he summons up his omni-bow and extends his spear, looking for people who are in danger of getting run down. He's got no doubt there'll be more than he can help soon enough.

In the back of his mind, a small, unconcerned, detail oriented part of him mentions just by the way that his tic-tacs seem to be missing.

Emon Hayes fidgets nervously at the exchange upon the stage and feels a certain sense of regret. If someone official sees him autograph hunting now he'll wind up getting an e-mail and have to drive into town again just to have a one-on-one with command for his 'unprofessional behavior'.

There's certain relief when the curtain drops and although he keeps his composure there is a certain childlike wonder as the two circles power-up. He claps loudly as the Humvee drives through and then emerges…

…but it is not alone.

'The Fly?' he would think were he not horrorstruck as the shambling creature moves bow-legged down off the stage. Then everything seems to happen at once. Alien babies. As he backpedals a hand grabs his collar, its Mac, "Emon, let's go." This snaps him out of his haze and for a moment he's half-drug — stumbling — away from the scene as people are cut in half behind him. Then he's moving on his own, struggling to keep up in a crowd that quickly becomes a riotous mess in every direction the aliens are not. (J'onn)

Li is wrong- America is not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. America knows this for a fact because it would be rather galling for someone with her name not to look up facts.

It would also be rather galling if she ran away in the face of the chaos.

"Spiders. It's always spiders," she mutters and kicks off the ground, taking to the air in order to assess the situation better.

Right. It's clear that while the offspring are a problem, the source of the problem is very much the gigantic spidery monstrosity that keeps spitting the things out. What she had to do was clear- stop the creature.

She sees that someone is flying and has a bow in hand, good. They can take care of the larvae (or whatever it was spiders made).

"Doctor Richards," she speaks into her communicator, "I'm in position. Attempting to incapacitate the intruder." She puts her fists together in front of her and flies at high speed towards the enormmous spider, swooping in to try and break off some of its spidery legs.

The tension between Reed's intense sciencemasculinity and the more refined airs of the military men's politicalmasculinity is picked up on by Meggan, even if she has no idea of the context of the situation. It's kind of nice to feel in a weird and abstract way, like how a sad movie can be nice to watch.

The portal opens. Meggan claps and cheers with others! And then out comes -

"Ohhh, is it a mother?" Meggan says. This is when she starts showing that she's not quite like others, because when the crowd ripples back, she doesn't, really. In fact she takes about a step towards the huge creature, raising up one hand in an effort to show her innocent greeting.

She comes in peace…

The child spider doesn't.

After that brutal blow, Meggan leaps towards that creature to body tackle it, not even quite realizing what she's doing in the sudden furor of what has happened. The emotional surge from that nameless man was enough to motivate her, and Meggan manages to shout "NO!" as she leaps -

Now, of course, in most situations, Meggan - who is armed only with her contempt for moral clarit— wait, wrong script - who is armed only with a hot dog, recently eaten, and lacking any sort of tactical operational gear, would be setting herself up to be ripped apart in short order as well. Of course, that really was quite an emphatic leap, and she seems to be sparkling in some questionable manner, so maybe there's more at work here.

"Shut it down!" Reed says as he points towards the still operating portal.

"I think you're right," Li says as he nods to the techs over by the opening. Even from Reed's vantage point, he can see there are many more monsters on the way, looking to come to this new world and wreak havoc before munching down on some new meat.

The machine cuts out as the next monster has a claw on the metallic entrance. As it winks out, the space in reality shears the claw away. The whitish blade falls to the ground in a heap; presumably the monster on the other end is having a bad day now.

Anyways, there is a monster that cuts Ronnie's line, but not until she's down safe enough to prevent a major injury on her fall. Not waiting for her to get up, the insectoid charges down upon her, looking to finish her with a tail strike through the stomach!

The exhibit has exits at 6 different points. There's an open blue, cold sky, but all that prevents people from leaving is a chain link fence covered by a blue tarp. However, in between Seikatsu and the nearest exit is a nasty little thing who kills the man next to her, spraying blood all over the little thief. Looks like, after it's done eating the brains of the bystander, it'll be coming after her too.

Rowan's gaze takes him straight toward Seikatsu! Surely this is the person in need of help! Oh Lord no, don't let her be eaten!!!

From behind, Emon is grasped by the leg. The tug is strung and he's not immediately able to catch free. He falls in a violent crash, and behind him, one of the monsters raises to an impressive height, looking to eat the man's brain!

Miss America, is of course wrong. Constitutional Republics are very much democracies as are parliamentary democracies, and all type of democracies. It would be like saying a silvery blue car was not blue because only blue is fully -you know what, eff this. Never begrudge an American for glossing over the particulars and just going straight black and white. Because 'Murica! F**K Yeah!

And this American had better get down to work. "Good work, MAC," Dr. Richards says into his communicator. "I hypothesize that these beasts are cold blooded. Meaning they will be extremely susceptible to cold and heat." Darnnit. Where was Johnny when you need him? Probably out on a date.

Meggan takes the beast by surprise and due to its long legs and her precise strike, she's able to topple it, fangs away and buried into the ground. Whatever she does, though, better be quick as it turns it's evil head around and *SMASH* A giant black fist smashes the beast in a knock out punch; a moment later, Reed Richards rolls on by lookin' like one of those giant balls from American Gladiators!

Eventide is, indeed, able to tuck and roll with her fall. The problem with her roll isn't her form or execution, both of those are just perfect, believe you me, buddy. The problem is that she pops up just in time for an insectoid thing to charge at her and plunge a tail into what is medically known as her thorax.

"Unff!" Eventide lets out a heroic grunt as her super-sharp reflexes catch the tail — literally, she slams the tip between two palms, and digs her heels and her toes in because it's all she can do to avoid being thrown like a ragdoll or just flat-out punched through like a rewards card at a sandwich shop. "Little— help—" she gasps, teeth gritted as she pushes back at the tail with all her might…

…but it might not be enough!

Almost.. there.. so… close..

"Ahh.. dammit.." She was so close, so close to lifting her hands to heal the man that was immediately felled by the alien beast, and so close to the exit that she could feel the lick of the air upon her skin, which was now replaced with a splatter of blood that actually gets in her eye and causes her to blink rapidly. She slowly backs away from her freedom, her hands reaching up to wipe away quickly at her face, the way that she could see now still active as she glances around to the crying and screaming lot who shared the same idea in mind but yet remain trapped.

The spider chitters, it's legs skittering and scraping against the ground, Reese's attention focused on it as she continues to back away, her pace slow at first, which soon picks up as she turns and begins to run at full blast.

She even slipped here and there, hands touching the ground, feet in a steady movement of 'Go, go, go..'

She might live through this, after all! Might! 20 percent chance!

Emon Hayes loses Mac in the crowd. A moment later the stalwart Major resurfaces shoving a pair of mustachioed hipsters aside as he surges against the tide to grab for Emon..

"Mac," Emon says with a preternatural calm upon his countenance, "I'm fine. Get to safety.."

Maj. John T. McAlister blinks, as if forgetting his whole purpose for coming back, and then turns to make his way to safety.

Amidst the storm, there is a brief moment where Emon Hayes stands stock still as people stumble and push into one another. They move through his form as if it possessed no tangible substance; Then, he turns..

…suddenly evaporating into a vaguely humanoid haze of green and cerulean with eyes that glow a pale crimson color.

Disturbingly, the torrential frenzy of the crowd is quelled; their anguish cut off as if it were merely water from a faucet. At once they begin running together with a single purpose as if this were all some terrible alien themed 5K.

'Occupy the creatures,' a hollow voice, as distant as the cold wind which blows over the Martian wastes, echoes to those who move forward, 'the crowd will evacuate itself.' There's a flash of understanding. They know which way the crowd will move. Perhaps the monsters can be corralled in some other direction.

"REESE!" Rowan slams down behind the blind woman and takes a charge. Twin sprays of blood follow. One his, one not. The spider creature gets whipped up into the are and flung off the spear toward the nearest of it's fellows.

The Dragon Warrior looks down at his arm as scales creep up it. Yeah… that hurts. He thinks it's out of the fight… Which is fine, he only needs one for this. Extending his left hand, spear pointed at the mass of alien arachnids, Rowan does a passable impression of Thor as lightning creeps up the shaft and forks out at his targets with the earsplitting crack of multiple peals of thunder.

"Brilliant deduction, Dr. Richards. Unfortunately I seem to have left my heat vision in my other jacket," America quips back to Reed as she flies around, aiming kicks and punches at the massive arachnoid. She could have grabbed the Humvee, torn it apart and used the tank for inflammatory purposes, but that would have put the evacuating audience at risk. Explosions were very unpredictable.

The two-storey creature was clearly too big for just one person to work at incapacitating it, so she swoops away and lands on a clear spot of floor. Three younglings jump towards her to attempt to rend her to pieces, but they quickly discover that this woman's skin isn't so easily harmed. They make this discovery when a punch goes through their bodies, and they won't be making any new discoveries, but such is life.

"I'm going to try to change their mood from aggression to retreat, Doctor." She's seen how spiders react to earthquakes. Without further ado, the woman raises her right foot and brings it down hard on the ground in a blur.

The ground cracks under her feet as the tremor wave erupts out in a circle and the ground shakes. It's not a major tremor, but it's worrying enough for a localized tremor… and hopefully something that may make some of the 'kiddos' decide to seek refuge with mommy.

Meggan pulls herself up to her knees quickly, her hair trailing sparkles. She is about to tense up and give the spider a sharp strike to the snout, when

POOMP! "Oh, Dr. Richards!!"

This gives Meggan ample time to actually get back up to her feet. At which point she's able to actually put some thought into things. Seeing Eventide nearby, under some pressure, Meggan raises one hand - and a burst of channeled latent heat, taking the form of cerise force in a streak, smashes at that creature.

Then, of course, lightning crashes. Will a new mother die? Will, in fact, her horrible alien bug placenta fall to the floor? It is unclear.

Slightly baffled, Meggan asks in general, even as the earth quakes, "Were you all expecting this, then??"

The confusion sets in, of course, before the doctor can even close the door.

But a thought comes over him, being Reed Richards, like a rollin' thunder chasing the wind.

With a flip of the switch, Reed Richards turns the machine back /on/, opening up the portal.

Miss America's antics get the beasts to want to scurry back towards their mother, at least most of them. Those still intertwined in glorious battle are still where they're at.

Mr. Fantastic, meanwhile, is bounding over behind the crowd, away from the portal. His legs grow extremely long and his arms stretch way out. He arcs over at an angle and begins to twirl as fast as he can. He's basically turned himself into a giant ceiling fan, desperately trying to cool the block off, making it even colder, and attempting to encourage the scared monsters back to their warm alternate dimension.

Meggan's heat blast hurts the tail that Eventide is grappling with, and it gives the blue-clad vigilante enough of an opportunity to THROW the tail away from her and get a move on. "THANKS," she says to the elfin woman, though she sounds more angry than grateful! Curious!

Keeping on the 'angry' theme: Eventide charges into the breach, hoping to get close enough to the creature's body that the tails aren't as much of a problem, and so she can wail on it with one of her billy clubs. Or maybe her fists. Or maybe if she gets pissed off enough, taking a bite out of it, like Tyson on an ear.

Hearing her name gives her pause, drawing her to skid to a stop with heels pressed to the ground and a slick slippery slide in blood and goo with arms flailing magically. Well, it wasn't a magical flail as much as one trying to keep herself from the ground. "Rowan?"

Yup, that was him. She knew that flow of life almost like the back of her hand, which was soon disrupted after the grapple with the spiderish fiend. While she could say and announce that she knows he's hurt, she doesn't bother. She trudges towards him, slipping and sliding, hands held out to keep her balance and soon, a press to the back to allow her power to push through to his core and incite regrowth.

There was a tilt of her head towards.. something. It was faint but she could actually see it. She really couldn't tell if J'onn was alive or dead but, her hand was held out towards him either way to draw a blue beam of light with the hopes of hitting him center mass to rejuvenate. But .. something was off. Something she'd pick at later on.

The fan trick seems to be working. America had considered something of the sort herself, but flying in a tight circle as fast as she could would have unleashed a sonic boom, and that would simply not do for those present. Richards was better equipped to be his own Mr. Cool at this point, anyways, so America flies forward, sending formidable punts towards any arachnids trying to attack the remaining fighters. Her shockwave managed to get some of the bugs on the retreat, now it was time to protect others from being harmed until things got too cool for Spidey.

Rowan's impression of a reverse lightning rod ends as Reese mends the cut on his arm. "Thanks." The relief in his voice is evident. He may be a soldier and used to pain, but that doesn't mean that he likes it!

"They're trying to drive them back… using… I have an idea! Reese, hang on."

The Dragon Warrior drops to his knees and begins to change, hopefully scooping up Seikatsu as he does. In no time the open blue sky above the display area is slightly occupied by a thirty foot long lizard… with six feathered wings. All of which are flapping and flapping hard as Rowan uses that and little bursts of lightning to encourage the spider things to leave.

Meggan looks nonplussed at Eventide's sour reaction. She seems unsure of herself for a fleeting moment, but it would seem that superheroic chaos is getting well and truly involved. She looks up at others, feeling tension, confusion, dismay!

It's rather distracting. Perhaps it's because now there are others around her, that self consciousness leaks back into her awareness —

But she isn't able to dither too much, what with all the giant spiders. She raises both of her hands this time, emanating a wider, broader beam of that same cerise latent-heat-wave from her hands, to help with the sweep-up effort: beneath her the ground cools slightly, but given all the lightning and other stuff poured into it, this is probably only statistically interesting.

The blast of flame extinguishes the Martian's glowing eyes and as suddenly as they had calmed the crowd they begins to whip themselves into a frenzy again…

..the cerulean and emerald mist phases back into reality as an overweight ginger man who is unfortunately attacked by one of the alien-brood. Grabbing his leg it pulls him from the crowd and hard onto the pavement where it postures and rises in search of his nutritious brain.

"Nononono!" He cries and rolls aside with amazing dexterity as fanged appendages impale themselves into the concrete next to him. Using his elbows and the heels of his cheap dress shoes he backpedals along the ground like an awkward crab.

He looks distractedly Seikatsu then and with an exaggerated movement he holds his breath, vanishing..

Seconds later a ghastly form bursts out of the ground without disturbing a molecule. Thirty-feet tall it lands upon four muscular legs. A whip-cord tail ensnares one of the alien brood as two fore-limbs snap-up others. With a complex undulating movement it whirls and flares all towards the circles hurling a trio of monsters back through the portal with a succession of bright flashes as they pierce the event horizon.

The horrible creatures gestures towards another broodling and its form collapses into a humanoid shape — the Martian Manhunter — who flies forward shouldering hard into another creatures and sending it through the portal with a fractured exoskeleton.

He then seems to look at the bobbing fan, Dr. Richards with a sense of approval.

"I think that did it," Reed says, mostly to himself as his swinging arms come to as top and he can't help but feel a strong sort of dizziness. Whatever monsters are left are making it towards the portal on their own volition or on the volition of others.

Once the flames, and the electiricty, and the heat, and the wind and the tremors have enticed everyone in, Reed throws the switch and shuts down the entire operation. A sense of quiet spills over the event block, as Reed turns and gives the Secretary and the CEO a stern look.

Those monsters who didn't make it are already being tagged and bad, certainly for research by the government. They're big on that sort of thing, and Reed is too, but not under these circumstances.

Eventide survived her first encounter with alien life. She's breathing a bit heavily from the excitement of it, or maybe from landing something like fifty sucker punches on something from another dimension in an astonishingly short span of time. Okay, maybe not fifty. But still. She fought, and she lived. Now comes the REALLY difficult part:

Post-fight mingling. Eventide takes a breath and steels herself.

Reese was scooped up. In fact, she was totally falling into that category where a Japanese man/woman rides a dragon who flaps powerful windage to best foes. But this time? She's tucking in her healing powers to avoid the blue gleam to prevent any otaku fan to drool or pee. Or both. Bluegh.

But her eyes remained upon the faint sign of life. That was until he was upon the ground. And hurt… and then..


Now it was something to be said about seeing an alien. So far, as she knew it, she was among many of the old, those who had been there and done that. Those who had lived to tell the tale and other things that old people would refer to the young whipper snappers as. But once J'onn vanishes.. and something else takes it's place?


She remains surprised. She was even smacking the long neck of Rowan to try to get his attention, to stop and look, but he doesn't. Who's going to believe that a blind girl saw a man disappear and a large weird looking alien type thing that shrinks into a humanoid again anyways?"

The Martian Manhunter turns transparent like some sort of special effect from a by gone era utterly forestalling any soldiers who had approached with their capture guns.

"Folly." He declares with baritone detachment and an alien gaze that falls directly upon Secretary Li for a final pronoucenment, "Mankind should first master its own world before attempting to gain conquest through the use of another."

Then, he vanishes completely.

America nods at Richards, and then she looks at the Manhunter as he makes his pronouncement.

She doesn't object to the contents of it at all. Except that now it's cleanup time. "Right. All injured come this way," she says to those who are still in the area. She's going to prepare the area for the treatment of minor injuries, and she will fly those who are severely injured to the nearest emergency treatment center.

Before she has any temptation to cause a second tremor and ruin that blasted machine.

She's pretty sure she could write it off as an accident.

And so the day is… saved? Meggan is unsure, but she does say to the majestic green man, "Oh!! That was astounding!" And she should know. "Do you know G- Changeling?" she calls up to him, because…

You know… Green skin.

Then he leaves. Meggan's head slumps slightly.

Adjusting her jacket, she walks towards the anxious Eventide. "Are you alright? I mean, they're gathering the wounded over there, which… well, I suppose is obvious, really… are you with the American army…?"

Misfit comes into Staten Island from Interstate 95.

Misfit heads out to Interstate 95.

"Fascinating," Reed says as he reaches for the pipe he carries in the breast pocket of his coat. He had to shed the garment in all of the hubaloo, and the pipe isn't even filled with tobacco anymore, but sometimes it helps him think.

Reed watches the green man disappear with astonishment and then absently watches Chavez handle the injuries. She's made a good addition thus far.

A nod to Meggan and Eventide, but Reed is engrossed as to why these monsters came about. Where they came from and how they ended here.

He's got most of the research…this is definitely something he'll need to investigate further.

"Wh…" begins Eventide's response to Meggan's question about being in the army. "Yeah," she replies, with a touch of exasperated sarcasm. "This is the new uniform. Blue spandex." Eventide shuts up when she earns a nod from Mister Fantastic. Mission or not, that feels pretty good.

"I'm fine."

Before the dragon floats off into where ever to take Reese to safety, she uses her given gift to focus in upon the crowd of the injured. She was here. Might as well. And she was safe atop of the dragon who'd get her to a place to let her rest.

Her hands rub together, allowing that blue light to coat her fingers, growing by the second as she focuses her energy upon the growing crowd.

And soon, her arms spread apart, the beams of blue light touching the injured present, sinking into the backs or where ever they were facing, washing over their skin and internals to heal, re-knit, and rejuvenize.

And.. that was all she wrote, cause after she was spent, the dragon takes off, up and out. Probably to a buffet so she could wreck shit when she awakens.

Chavez flies by in a blur of red, white and blue, stopping by Meggan. "If you are injured-" she begins, and that is when the glowing beams of blue light make her job much, much easier. Even the bruises on her own skin vanish.

"Nevermind." America says. Well, that was easy. Maybe she could still find a way to wreck the machine. Totally by accident.

Chavez flies by in a blur of red, white and blue, stopping by Meggan. "If you are injured-" she begins, and that is when the glowing beams of blue light make her job much, much easier. Even the bruises on her own skin vanish.

"Nevermind." America says. Well, that was easy. Maybe she could still find a way to wreck the machine. Totally by accident.

"Oh," Meggan says in a small voice.

America comes in and fires blue light everywhere. Meggan is unharmed… physically.

"I'm very glad I could help," she tells to her. "But I'm not too bad off really. Thank you very much, and ah - well - um - mm -"

Twisting around she kicks off the ground and into the New York sky, trailing sparkles from her long mane of hair!

For Meggan has felt the most American of emotions today: guarded awkwardness, as well as everything else. 'At least things didn't get any worse,' she thinks to herself. 'I wonder if I should stay and give a report?' She is, at least, getting away from New Jersey.

Reed folds his arms over his chest, even as the Fantasticar begins to descend towards the ground behind him. Out pops the pipe in his hand as he uses it to point around. "Excellent work you two. All of you." Reese and Rowan are high in the sky, and the Manhunter is gone so he must clearly be talking towards Eventide and Meggan. "I'm Reed Richards," he says, absently, still looking at the machine. "Of the Fantastic Four," he adds as an afterthought. "Thank you for your help; if you're ever in town and near the Baxter Building, feel free to stop by."

Reed has what he needs. What MAC decides to do is her business. The government gets what they deserve on this one. Sheesh, he almost sounds like a Republican.

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