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December 30, 2014 Vorpal eats some crow.


A rooftop near S.T.A.R. Labs



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Sometimes you have to 'man up' and do the right thing, which involves eating humble pie. A piece of crow.

Apologising isn't exactly a feline virtue - every time Vorpal says 'I'm Sorry', Voldemort creates another Horcrux.

It was easy to hold on to a grudge when the person you hate is easily caricaturized - but then the guy goes and behaves decently, bringing down your house of cards. What's a Cheshire to do?

He had left a message with Green Arrow's phone, giving him directions to meet on a rooftop near S.T.A.R. Labs, so now all that was left was to wait.

And wait. Vorpal is sitting by the edge of the rooftop, although he does not look like his Cheshire self - for the moment, he has taken Gar's appearance. Just in case Arrow sees him from a distance. After their last encounter, the temptation to hit him with a concussive arrow might be too strong if he were undisguised.


First, there is the twang of an arrow going taught as it spikes into the door access. It is quickly followed by the sound of a weighted object sliding down the attached cable. As the mysterious figure approaches the end of the line, he lets go, rolling to a soft stop. The whole process is very quiet, but not so quiet that a feline wouldn't hear him. Though the background noise, a vent going off, traffic below, might prove an effective mask.

After his roll, the Green Arrow rises to his feet, bow at his side, but no arrow has been nocked. He was invited after all, and he's already cased the area, checking to see if this might be a set up. Looking at the creature on the edge of the roof and presses a button on his chest, which modifies his voice, making it deeper. "I'm here, what's this about?"


The person in the semblance of Garfield Logan stands up to face Green Arrow. He heard the twang, of course, but it didn't do to just spin on people. Bad form and all that.

The image of Garfield vanishes, leaving behind the Friendly Neighbourhood Cheshire, smirking a little. He does this once he sees no arrow nocked - for reasons pertaining to their last meeting.

"Green Arrow," Vorpal nods to the man as a manner of greeting.


"Vorpal," he replies, still not sure why he was asked to meet. He barely knows Gar, though he did learn both Gar's name and codename. Why do people keep telling him things like that? He doesn't go around explaining that he is really Oliver Queen.

"Was there something you needed?" He's direct and to the point. After all, Vorpal pancaked his arrowcar, and he doesn't like going into situations that he does not control. He was asked to meet here, so he did. He assumed that there was something he could do to help, but he's… tense.

Having beaten up seven thugs, dealt with the League of Assassins, and having an issue with the Ringmaster, all in one night, will have that kind of effect on a person, especially one without super powers.


Some people have the luxury of secret identities. There are those whose appearance makes it impossible-Gar being one of those people. Stranger than the green Titan, however, is the Cheshire Cat.

"I'm glad you came. We need to talk. " Vorpal looks at the archer. His expression is not unlike the child about to receive a spoon full of Castor oil. "Right…"


When you live in a world where holographic image inducers and genetic manipulation are accessible, it's hard to understand why anyone would live without a secret identity. But then again, most people don't have the financial resources of an Oliver Queen. If he needed it, he could afford it. But most can't.

Relaxing his stance, the Green Arrow listens and waits for Vorpal to get to the point. He would fold his arms if it weren't for his bow, but he does seem more at ease than before. "It's all right. What is it, Vorpal?" Yeah, Oliver doesn't really know how to handle children, especially those in adult bodies.


"Are you still pissed off about your car, I take it? " maybe Vorpal is looking for a reason to keep things on an antagonistic tone. Or maybe he's trying to gauge how long-lived the Arrow's grudges were before he took the painfully high road. "Since, you know."

Hands in his pockets, he takes a moderate breath, for courage.


"No," comes a curt reply that might suggest that the real answer is yes. "It was just a car. There are far more important things than that." Taking a softer tone, he says, "Look, Vorpal, you called me. You obviously want to talk to me about something. What is it? Maybe I can help?"


"I understand that you helped Changeling a few days ago when he was trapped at the Zoo. Am I right? " Just in case he had gotten his facts wrong. A guy could hope. "Down by the Japanese snow monkey exhibit. " Vorpal keeps his eyes on Ollie.


Green Arrow nods his head in the affirmative, "he was in a bind, so I lent a hand." Clearly, Vorpal has heard about the incident, but Ollie doesn't know how much he's heard, so to spare Changeling further embarrassment, Ollie doesn't elaborate. "He's one of your teammates, isn't he?"


"He is, and significantly more than that. " There was little point denying the relationship when they had been the subject of gossip online for weeks now. Keith didn't bother hiding his identity because Garfield didn't either. Both of them lacked any real family, so it worked out, in a way. "It seems that…"

Breath. "I must apologize. I didn't mean to destroy your vehicle. And it was poor of me too-" subject him to the vomit-inducing terror of the Rabbit Hole.

"I am sorry. Thank you for saving Garfield. "

Note to self, crow tastes like chicken.


Oliver Queen pays little attention to internet gossip. Spending several years on a nearly deserted island will do that to you. At the revelation, he says, "ah… glad to hear it." Why do people keep telling him this kind of stuff? Maybe it's the suit.

When Vorpal apologises for destroying the Arrowcar, Oliver raises a hand to stop, "if that's all it is, you can forget it. Don't worry about it." Could it really have caused that much trouble for Vorpal? It's just a car after all, and he did get to use the remains for a good joke on Roy, giving him the keys and directions to where it was parked.

And then he extended his gloved hand, to shake Vorpal's paw in friendship. He really doesn't care about the car, or the vomit. It's in the past. And he's suffered far, far worse.


Sometimes Vorpal does envy heroes with private lives - but such a thing is not practical for him. They were each other's family.

"We started off on the wrong foot. I'd like to rectify that." Vorpal shakes back. His hand is actually very much human… except for the claws. And the fur.


Nodding in agreement, Green Arrow says that "it's good to meet you, Vorpal," thereby signifying that as far as he's concerned, this is their first meeting. Trying to change the subject, he asks, "how are the Titans doing these days? I heard about the destruction of your headquarters… that must have been rough."


Vorpal takes the between-the-lines offer and goes along with it. "It's good to meet you too. The tower… yes." As far as anyone knew, the Titans were still destitute. That was something they had to fix with a public office somewhere…

"We actually have a new place. It's not public knowledge, though it is open to other heroes and allies of the Titans… Gar is working on getting a public office in the place where the tower once stood, for people to reach us. Until we got our new place, we were having meetings at the local IHOP."

Which were delicious, to be honest. "You can come visit the new place at some point if you wish. Fair warning - Raven likes to sit at the window overlooking the entrance and stare at anyone who comes in. Don't let it unnerve you."


Green Arrow did think that Vorpal had put on a little extra weight since he last saw him, but didn't want to comment. Now he knows why. Being a human hero, Ollie doesn't get to eat junk food. He has to keep his body a temple. Though he does make an exception for Big Belly Burger. Dropping his voice to a whisper, he asks, "where is the new location?"

He considers the thought of Raven, creepily sitting at the window over the entrance. That could be unnerving to some, but it takes more than that to worry Oliver Queen. "And I appreciate the offer. I may take you up on it at some point." Though he would be out of place, being old enough to be the father of most of their members.


To be truthful, the extra weight wasn't from IHOP, but from the completely decadent five-day vacation at Disneyworld. Gar's Christmas gift to Keith.

Fortunately, the Cheshire was an acrobat, and a few days of doing his usual patrol route through Gotham and Metropolis would make short work of the extra pounds.

"It's in Jersey Devil country, here…" he takes out something from one of the concealed pockets in his uniform. "This card has the directions, it's pretty straightforward."

Fortunately, unlike the previous incarnation of the team, these weren't teenagers. Sure, there may be about ten years of difference (roughly) between Raven, Gar and Keith and Green Arrow, but it was better than thirty. "Do feel free to drop by. Hawkeye - the female one - and Booster Gold stop there every now and then."


Those Big Belly Burgers disappear in a similar manner. Running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop, scaling buildings, fighting crime, and doing his exercises burn a lot of calories. Taking the card, Green Arrow examines it for a moment before tucking it into a pocket in his jacket. It's then zipped up to ensure that it doesn't accidentally fall out during one of his acrobatic stunts.

He recognises the female Hawkeye if his facial expression is anything to go by, but he may not have met Booster Gold, certainly not very well. "Thanks, I will. And don't hesitate to call me if you're in trouble." He can't always respond, but he's usually willing to take a call and do what he can to help out. When Changeling called him, he was in the middle of fighting the Sewer Star, so the Zoo was a welcome change of scenery.


"The team will be happy to meet you. We're always looking for experienced heroes to meet, maybe arrange training exercises where you kick our asses and tell us how we can avoid it." He grins, and this time the grin is genuine. "We have that thing going with Iron Fist too. Robin and I once-"

He pauses. "Right. We used to have two Robins on the team…" his expression darkens, "But one has gone rogue and is apparently doing the job of an assassin. I don't know what Batman says of this - we sent him a letter, but he hasn't replied."


Batman hasn't had the best of luck with his proteges. One Robin has become an assassin, and another died. Normally, Green Arrow has a healthy rivalry with the Bat, but on this, he can't help but look sad. He too had problems with one of his proteges, but Roy seems to have cleaned up his act since. "That… is a concern."

But returning the idea of training sessions, "Oh, I don't know about that. My training methods are not for the faint of heart. Healing factors are also a strong plus." His words may sound amusing, but his tone suggests that he's being straight with him.


"That's fine. Dealing with a lot of villains aren't for the faint of heart, either. Can't have our trainers wearing kid gloves, because the Joker doesn't." Vorpal nods. Even though he had gained a pretty spike in his public fame by actually capturing the Joker and throwing him in Arkham, the Cheshire knows that had been a stupid, stupid choice. If anything had gone wrong, he would be very, very dead. He went in without a team and without backup, it could have easily ended up a tragedy.

"In any case, I should let you get back to your patrol, I've taken enough of your time already."


"You did well in capturing him. The Joker is a difficult opponent." Arrow sounds like he's curious to hear more about that, but it may have to come at another time. "But you're right," and he does have to track down Rampage and his thugs. The results from the blood tests should be finished by the time he can get to the Arrowcave, and then he'll know where to start. "Well, it was a pleasure. Call me if you need me."

And then he starts off on a run, leaping off the roof of the building, where he fires a grappling hook arrow and uses it to swing down towards his motorcycle, which starts with a roar, and he's off, because there are still plenty of people who have failed this city.

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