20141231-Gotham Night Out

December 31, 2014: Luke and Misfit go hang out in the swanky parts of town and have a friend date(?)

Swanky Part of Gotham

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It's early in the evening, and Luke has given Misfit a call, telling her to meet him on the old street where they met. He'd just pick her up there. He did specifically say the street, not the roof. But when she arrives, all she'll see that looks mostly out of place is the 2015 Dodge Challenger, and Luke wearing a pretty slick black suit.

He brought what looks like a small white bag meant to hold expensive or dry-cleaned clothes, holding it up and waiting.

He didn't even bother to tell her who he was, or that he was even going to come out of costume to begin with. But he did say to dress down.

Misfit would parry with asking what he meant about dressing down, like … what does that even mean. Dress down. She reluctantly bounces to the rooftop and peers down first, then bounces down to the alley and wanders out in street clothes. She eyes the suit and then Luke, mostly because Charlie is wearing jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt featuring Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes and Elsa of Frozen making snowmen, calvin art style. "Uhm.. your all fanced up." she eyes the car "nice car"

"Yeah, this is me. I thought it wouldn't hurt. If she trusts you, I do." Luke holds the bag out to her, nodding to it. "That's for you. You can change in the back of the car, I'll stay out here. We're about to have a night out on the town!"

Charlie blinks and accepts the bag, she peeks in it "I don't think I've ever had a night on the town before…" she sounds nervous. Which is funny because Charlie never sounds nervous. "All right." she peeks up at you and then back into the bag. "Actually.. hold the fort.. I'll brb." then she bounces after making sure the street is empty.. gone like that. With the bag.

Back at Lady B's she can manage to change into the dress without fightint the world in the back seat of a car, and steal some of B's makeup to boot. Also Google how one does a makeup technique video so she doesn't botch it with her lack of refined practice. Not her first rodeo but still, this is not the normal.

About.. eeeeh twenty minutes later she steps out of the alleyway once more, shyly, fancy black dress and dainty high heels. "How do I look?" nervous is the answer if the truth be known.

"You look great, wow! I didn't know what to expect, but… in a dress you definitely don't have the spunky tough girl thing going on. You're really cute." Luke opens the passenger side door for her, nodding into it. "First we're going dancing. Don't worry, I'll lead." he says as he naturally assumes she can't dance.

Charlie blushes "Thanks.. your…" she pauses a beat "Ripped." then grins "Dancing.. right… and very good idea" you leading "I never made it to a dance in high school and clubs.. clubs cost money…" is also not exactly 21 yet. She will slip into the passanger seat.

"I told you that I didn't just build muscles into my suit." Luke laughs and closes the door after her, then heads around to the driver's side. "School dances are overrated. Everyone's just showing off as hard as possible. At least at the schools I went to." Rich ones. With that, he revs the engine, then drives off. "So uh, now that you know my face, I should introduce myself. Luke Fox. Questions?"

Misfit laughs and then notes with amusement "Hi Luke… so .. your like in college or recently graduated but not like … thirty or anything right.. you look… mmmm twenty two?" she guesses. "Also no clue who Luke Fox is but you already know I am Charlie." she can always check Google later too.

"I graduated a year early. I'm twenty-three, so this isn't totally creepy or anything. I mean… not that I was gonna try anything funny." Luke coughs a few times, already in the most fancy and upscale parts of Gotham. At least as fancy as Gotham can manage. "I'm not really famous, at least I don't think I am. My father is. Lucius Fox. He works for Wayne."

Charlie nods "Oh, well like half the town works for Wayne." she smiles looking out the window "Oh wow.. everyones out for new years… " Gotham has very fancy parts, its a city of extremes.

"But like… he -really- works for Wayne. As in, if he miscalculated the company's finances it would probably be on the national news…" Luke laughs at the thought, then stops the car outside one of those trendy clubs that'll probably be gone in a few months. This one's simply called Schway, with a neon green sign as if it's from the 80s, and an incredibly long line of people waiting outside to see if they'll be let in.

"Alright! Time to go." He slips out after parking, then walks over to open the door for her. The bouncer seems to not be letting -anyone- in except a few people who look like they might be vaguely familiar socialites.

Charlie accepts the hand out of the car and then whispers "You do know I can't teleport anyone but myself in right.. maybe you didnt… trust me I can't teleport you in." though she is looking at the line and the club with wide eyes.

"You worry too much." Luke says before he closes the door, then tosses his keys to a valet. He offers his arm for her to take, then heads straight for the bouncer. "Luke Fox. This is my date." before the man checks the list, then motions the two of them in. "See? That wasn't so hard." he says before someone behind them starts yelling that he's on the list, but isn't being let in regardless.

Charlie hooks her arm into yours and follows you in, looking mildly skeptical and then surprised. Once inside she whispers "Who is your dad again?" because wow she would never get let in here. She feels her worry was totes founded seriously.

"Lucius Fox. Long story short, he basically keeps Wayne's business from bursting into flames. Kind of a hardass though. He wants me to just go and work for Wayne -right now-. But I graduated a year early, there's no rush. I turned the job offer down, I'll manage." Luke guides her in and nods to a few people he seems to know. The club is fairly crowded, the lights kept low but there are strategically placed neon glows, particularly around some of the tables.

"I thought we'd just dance, as soon as I find the dance floor. Unless you wanna go through a bunch of rich people giving you compliment-insults." he laughs, guiding her out to where people are dancing, then he turns to face her. "Don't be afraid to just grab all the man meat. I'll make sure we look good."

Charlie looks around at all the people and the lights "What kind of club is this.. it looks dancy…" she finally hones back in on you and blinks "Say what?" confused, eyes a little bit wide "ujm.. right.. dancing.. dancing is good.. lets dance." she very clearly missed something.

"It's a club where people just hang around being seen in it. But you know, I thought we'd come in here and dance, because why now?" The music -is- pretty dancy, a nice electronic bass beat going on. He slides an arm around her waist and gets a good, quick side to side rhythm going as he grabs one of her hands. "Don't worry about everyone else, just have fun. Do whatever you want. It's the last night of the year!"

Well hell, Charlie closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and then opens them with a smile. She has a bit of a headache, but then .. there are reasons.. and she starts to Dance with Luke. Thing is by Dance I mean Dance… for a girl who claims to have never been to a dance before she knows how. You are definitely leading but it isn't a chore and .. the redhead is in amazing shape despite her usual disheveled spirit, superior reflexts and timing.

"You're not bad!" Luke says before he suddenly lifts her with the arm around her waist, then spins her around a few times. He laughs, then as the music gets a little slower, he raises his hand to push her hair from her face a bit. He stares for a moment, then, looking as if he's going to say something terribly romantic, he says, "I didn't think through how hot it would be dancing in a suit this fancy. But I really wanted to go all out and show you a good time."

Charlie blushes at the compliment but easily keeps up. She is.. not entirely human in her physique which would go a long way to explaining how she leapt into crime fighting with so little training. "Thanks!" then she laughs as you spin her around a few times and is still chuckling when you set her down "I.. well" she leans in "It can't possible be as hot as the other suit. Also this is the fanciest night out Ive ever had… bar be low Luke… pizza night out was fancy before this… but way to set it high."

"Hey, the way you talk it's always like you've missed everything. So I wanted to give you this whole… Cinderella thing." Luke suddenly reaches down to scoop up her legs, apparently intent to carry her out. "Sorry, not our scene!" Now this place will surely close in a month, only to re-open by the same owners with a different name. "So, we can either go and get a fancy dinner and go to a play and everything, or we can do anything you want to do. Just name it."

Charlie was not expecting that, not at all, and she manages an undignified squeek as she is lifted and carried. She manages to recover to a laugh and loop an arm around your neck now "Dinner sounds excellent, full experience full steam ahead."

"At least I didn't get a horse. I traded my old car in for this one." Once they're out, he sits her back down. But instead of asking for his car back, he heads down the street and offers his arm to her again. "What do you want to do in the future? I mean, in your private life."

Charlie slinks her arm into yours once more and looks around in a very good mood this evening. "I don't really have one… you've seen my passion and life really Luke. Though everyone keeps pressuring me to have a backup plan."

"Pressure is something my father's into, that's not me. It's good to have a regular private life, but…" Luke looks down at her as he leads her into an Italian restaurant, where they're promptly shown to their seats. He apparently had reservations. "Sometimes you have to follow your passion and your instincts. Don't let anyone pressure you."

Charlie nods "I don't plan to.. I'm totes doing what I need to do and no one is going to stop me. Training is one thing.. but college.. man that would cripple my night job." she picks up the menu looking at it curious "Wooah" prices.

"I've been preparing to do this since I was a teenager. Even college was a part of it. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to do this." Luke looks at the menu himself, snickering at the same time. "But it took me a while to get anywhere near as graceful as you are. I'm still practicing that a bit." He looks up from his menu to add, "Get whatever looks good. I think I'll have the spaghetti…"

"I've been preparing to do this since I was a teenager. Even college was a part of it. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to do this." Luke looks at the menu himself, snickering at the same time. "But it took me a while to get anywhere near as graceful as you are. I'm still practicing that a bit." He looks up from his menu to add, "Get whatever looks good. I think I'll have the spaghetti…"

Charlie eyes the menu "I'm not even sure what some of this is.. piccata.. gnocchi…" she studies it all "maybe the Chicen Fettucine Alfredo.." she looks up "I.. Ive always been athletic but I wasn't interested in sports…." athletic.. that isnt the half of it.

"With the way you were moving, it's like you're more gifted than athletic. You'd be great learning mixed martial arts." Luke nods as she talks about the menu. "Sure, get that. Usually familiar sounding things taste -much- better in a place like this. It's authentic." He closes the menu and holds his hand out for her's. "So you don't like anything outside of your night job?"

Charlie nods to that and grins "Let's hope I do well learning it.. I'm being trained right now by the Iron Fist.." she looks to the menu and then closes it, going to get some soup too she thinks. "Well Im a great hacker and I am really good at video games."

"Seriously?! That's crazy. That puts me out of the race." Luke hands their menus off after calling a waiter over, then when they're alone again, he leans in and focuses on her. His arms are leaning against the edge of the table, but not his elbows. "If you're a great hacker, you could probably blow through some IT courses and get a degree pretty easily. I could tutor you in all the boring side stuff."

Charlie places her order then eyes you "Well I'm not sure why I would want to spend time in school" also high school drop out "instea of learning how to do my Night Job better and doing my night job. Also Lady B and O and others seem to have enough cash to keep me mobile and fed for it right." she grins and then whispers "Iron Fist is teaching all the Titans." yeah she is so on a Super Team <tm>

"You're totally connected… I'm starting to feel like a total newbie. Well, I've been preparing for years, but I've only been at it for a few months…" Luke looks up as they're given drinks. Some sort of sparkling non-alcoholic cider. "Well, college would be good for rounding out your knowledge. What if you're doing something in your night job, and then some random piece of information you learned solves everything?" he asks, then sort of laughs, taking a sip of his cider. "Alright, maybe that won't happen. But… it was a thought. You seem smart enough to me, though. So maybe it's no big deal. I don't want to sound like my father."

Charlie shakes her head "you've been doing this longer than me I think.. and really it is O that managed to get me connected.. I think she worries about me too much but… the Titans are really awesome." she smiles at the next bit. "See… everyone keeps pressuring me about college… and I am quite smart…. but I know what my passion is."

"If you don't want to go to college, it's not the end of the world. Don't tell my father I said that." Luke laughs a little, and soon their plates are coming. His plate of spaghetti has one massive meatball in the middle. "And if you stick with me, I'll make sure you've at least got some private life going on."

Charlie looks over the meal delivered "Excellent.. also that seems fair.. as long as you are prepared for me having to bounce away with no warning if there is an emergancy…. we should definitely hit more of those clubs…"

"Hey, I have to suddenly leave for emergencies myself, so we're both good there." Luke grabs a knife and a fork, starting to carefully cut the meatball and twist plenty of spaghetti onto his fork. "Hey, you asked how old I was earlier. That mean we're on a date?" he throws out there before taking the large fork of food into his mouth. He's gotta carb load!

Charlie laughs "mysterious exit club…" then she blinks and blushes at your question "I… dunno I mean maybe yes… I mean.. clubbing.. dinner… movie or something you said. I guess that is a date, though I haven't been on enough to give you a definitive answer"

"Hey, it's only a date if you want it to be a date. But I don't want to be one of those guys who takes a girl out and doesn't make it clear what it is. So…" Luke takes another fork full of spaghetti, then suddenly stretches his arms a bit, attempting to subtly flex against the suit while pretending to relax. "Do you -want- it to be a date?

Charlie thinks about it as she takes several bites of the dinner she ordered, oh and a spoonful of soup right right. "Well.. I think it might be nice. I mean .. I only kind of know you but I am good with a date to get to know you better outside work…"

"Yeah, I barely know you too outside knowing that you're really cute when you dress up. Usually I see you as a lot younger." Luke admits, his plate starting to disappear pretty quickly, though he only takes small sips of the cider. "I've told you most of the major stuff. I really like video games too, by the way…"

Charlie is really young, well emotionally, so this may be entirely fraught with peril and disapproving Oracles. Still she twirls her fork into the food and then pops some into her mouth. "We will just have to see how this works.. I mean like .. totes most of my focus is the night job.. you need to know that right."

"I get it, like, we don't have to be a thing, we'd both be doing the same frustrating things. But if we're doing the same job and we like hanging out, no reason we can't just go out and flirt while dancing in clubs sometimes." Luke shrugs a little, smiling as he considers, almost done with his spaghetti. "Keeping dates in our line of work is a little difficult, so, being spontaneous is important."

Charlie considers "That makes sense, wonder how other people handle it in our line of work." she smiles though and is eating slower, but still doing a number on it. But then she got soup.

"Probably just as badly as we would." Luke figures, focusing on his cider a little more since she's eating slower than him. "But they probably try for a deeper relationship than complimenting each other's ripped abs and pretty eyes." he hadn't called her eyes pretty, but apparently now he is! "But keeping it simple seems like the best thing to do when our lives are already complicated."

Charlie blushes again "Who knows.. I mean.. none of them I've seen have any relationships but work.. well except Gar and Vorpal.. they are dating totally…" she smiles "Im just suggesting we take it slow."

"Oh, yeah, definitely. We barely know each other. We don't even know if we'd -want- to be a thing other than finding each other mindblowingly hot." Luke seems to assume on her behalf with a little laugh, then leans back in his chair, taking a bit of a break from the food. "If nothing else, we've got to be video game partners."

Charlie definitely blushes at that "Really.. you think I am hot… is it the crime fightin or just me?" she is kind of teasing but mostly she is just surprised that Luke would even think so.

"Well I mean, you're not exactly a sex symbol when you fight crime." Luke just smiles a bit teasingly, starting to finish the last bit of his spaghetti. "I guess I just never really… saw you like that, until tonight. Tonight you're just being really cute and just… different from when you're doing crime stuff."

Charlie just maintains a small steady blush "Well.. it is probably like.." she points to her face "No serious mask and crime face… but.. right." she breaths "Thank you" for the compliments or maybe the dinner hard to say. "this was nice.. though we could have stayed at that club longer too. it was fun

"We'll find more clubs. And yeah, I'm having fun too." Luke takes his cider, then holds it up for a little toast. "To actually getting out there and having a private life!"

Charlie lifts her water glass up and toasts your cider there. "Heh.. to getting out.. not sure about this life but this was fun." teasing clearly.

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