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December 31, 2014: After meeting a contact at Stryker's Island, Lois meets The Green Lantern.

Strykers Island

It's a prison, yo.



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Super-intelligent gorillas just made excellent bad guys. Everyone knew about Grodd! And there was Monsieur Mallah, the French one! And…some other guy. The Mandrill is basically the nasty, bad-tempered dick version of those guys, a mind controlling monkey with a brightly colored behind. Not that it does him much good inside the sealed bubble of green energy floating behind Green Lantern as he lands at the front gates of Stryker's.

"Hallo, the prison! Like the mounties of the north, Green Lantern always gets his monkey! Somebody come out and find a cage for this cheeky ape before I starts throwing his poop around. Seriously, he smells, it's not good. You should wear one of those surgeon's masks. He smells like Bigfoot's dick."

The guards, of course, having been prepped for no prisoner transfer and having no papers, just stare at the superhero. Some of them reach for their guns (GL's not as well known over here, he's more of a West Coast guy - Yo, 2Pac, RIP) - but still, c'mon, it's Green Lantern. He's kind of distinctive. "Oooo. Did I forget a form or something?"

Lois always gets her ma—.. her lead. Yes, her lead! There could be a moment to where she had a smug sense of satisfaction after grilling the man for thirty minutes, a record best, at getting what she wanted and hearing what she needed to hear. No lies necessary. Next stop?

Gotham. But that would be later, rather than sooner. She needed to keep her feet planted in Metropolis to be sure that she wasn't a trouble magnet like Jimmy.

She was unassuming today. A pair of jeans, white t-shirt, heavy coat that would combat the chill of the weather along with a nice, knitted hat atop of her head. She even wore sneakers today, just to feel a bit of comfort for comfort sakes. Not to mention, she was probably going to have to stand on the ferry instead of sitting down upon the cold seats. Mother always said that doing such would give you a butt ache.

Stepping outside and watching the commotion, she frowns and takes a few quick steps forward. "Hey. HEY!" She barks at the guards, while she wasn't their boss, she was always a notable figure, visiting the isle to gain information.

"Ease up. He's alright." She didn't know Green Lantern from a can of spam, but if he was dropping off someone who needed to be jailed? So be it. "C'mon Jerry. He's just wanting to help. Just think, job contingency."

Green Lantern nods and floats down to stand next to Lois. He puts an arm around her shoulder, as if they were best friends. "Did you hear that, Jerry? Job contingency. You wouldn't want to be incontingent about your job, would you? That could get you reported. Plus, if you don't take him, I'm not really sure what to do with the mind controlling monkey. I currently have him sort of blindfolded and muffled and shackled with all my superdoodads, but that'll go away when I leave, so you might wanna get a hyperbaric chamber of some sort ready. I don't know how you people do these things."

He turns his head fully towards Lois now, breaking into a grin. Now mask can hide that winning smile, that perfect hair. This is a good looking dude, dude. "Lois Lane, right? You're the big newsgal in Metropolis. You named Superman. Seriously, I can't believe he let you call him that, dude's ego must be…" he says, miming a giant head with his hands.

For a moment, Jerry gives them both a look of ire, but soon after? He relents. Shoulders slump, a slight grin drawing upon his face as he rounds up his boys in preparation to take their latest resident. "You heard him boys. Green dude's alright."

And funny too!

As they make preparations and head inside with their latest acquisition, Lois raises one brow towards GL, her shoulder lifting briefly to let him know that.. hey, paling time was over. But she was still going to make nice with the good guy. "Actually, contrary to popular belief, he's quite humble." Yes, she answered the question.

"Besides, there was a big S on his chest. What else was I going to call him. Soup?" She giggles a little, surely.. it wasn't funny, but still.

"You know my name, so. What's yours? I've never seen you or.. anything like you around these parts. It's pretty impressive."

Green Lantern keeps his roguish grin on. He likes making women giggle, and, gosh, he's so darned good at it, so it's a win-win for everyone all around. He crosses his arms over his well-pecced chest. "I dunno, Steve? I'd go with Steve. One of the most common names in the United States. Steve McQueen. Steve Jobs. A lot of well-liked Steves. It's a very respectable name," he says. "But hey, he stuck with it and that's the important part. Well, as you can guess by the mask, my name's kind of a hush-hush sort of thing. But fancy name's are popular, so I go by the handle Green Lantern. Lantern, light, see?" he says, making a bright, gleaming point on his ring.

As he's talking, a green waiter wanders up with the guards' coffeepot and a pair of styrofoam cups on a tray, pouring some out, 'Oh, thanks, Jeeves. Sugar, cream, anything like that?"

"And yes, I am impressive. You've never seen anything like me before. You really -are- a perceptive reporter, getting your facts straight from the get go."

Green Lantern laughs and takes the styrofoam cup without a bit of hesitation, tossing it back, black and strong and probably more than capable of running a motor judging by the texture, "Mmmmmmmmmm. Prisony. Clearly, Starbucks is missing a franchise opportunity here," he grins.

"I'm glad to run into a member of the press, though, especially one of your qualifications," he says. Whether he means her history of journalistic excellence or her legs (hint: it's both). "Seems to me that criminals are a fearful and cowardly lot. I read that in some old comic book. Richie Rich, I think. Anyway, Superman probably has a lot of criminals think twice in the first place - nobody wants that guy punching them in the mouth. And, well, I was thinking, if Superman's a deterrent - well, wait'll they get a load of me!"

"I mean, seriously, I've mostly been protecting San Diego and Coast City. And do you hear about a lot of big supercrime there? Nope. It's like they don't exist - but that's only because Green Lantern is there to protect them.

"Wow." So, it can actually be drank, she wouldn't dare though. Trust only goes so far, and what if it tasted gross?

She walks along now, keeping her steps slow, the smile fading just a little as she gives a slight little nod. "I've only heard a few stories come out of Coast City, but not much at all. Nothing like New York or Metropolis. Gotham even. For some reason those cities are wide scale full of crime, Coast City seems like the Carribean compared to those."

Her hands stuff into her coat pocket now, seriousness marking her features. "Do what do you want? Fame? Press? Want me to claim that I officially dubbed you /THE/ Green Lantern so you can reach Superman status?"

She stops, turning upon the heel of her sneakers. "Or do you want to actually /meet/ the Man of Steel?"

Green Lantern grins, "The Caribbean wishes it were Coast City. The Pearl of the Coast, they call it, 'cause it's all shiny. And probably because it was founded by a bunch of white people. I have no idea, I flunked history," he says.

"You don't need to dub me. I am dubbed, official or otherwise. You can let it be known that I'm in town and looking for some action. Take that however you like," he says. "Be better than another Sunday feature on Bruce Wayne lounging in his bunny slippers while Gotham burns," he says.

At the last, he raises an eyebrow, "Sure. Unless I have to call him that. If I do, he has to call me the Emerald Abs."

Still looking in his direction, one brow raises as the other one falls. "Have ever lived in the tri-city area? Well.. no. I'm assuming not. You don't look for action, especially being what and who you are. It finds you." Even her. And like most people like her? Real people? They were bound to have a breaking point. She was only human and there was only so much she could take before she hung up the hat and busied herself at the Fortress for a few years.

"No. You really don't have to call him that. He'll swoop down, shake your hand, and say.." She tries to do her best, Superman impression ever. But she doesn't have the blue eyes to fill with wonder.

"Hello. I am Kal-el. It's an honor to meet you. Lets be pals."

She pauses, shaking her head. "Okay, that lets be pals is a stretch. But I'm sure he'll try to exchange contact info just in case something comes up that he and a few others can't handle alone."
Green Lantern smiles, "I think you underestimate how much action I can handle. But it's okay, I understand being skeptical. I like tough critics - they're usually extra nice when they're convinced." he says.

"His name is Kal-El? What is that? Is he, like, Jewish or something?" he says. This is a bit of subterfuge of course - if there's anything the Galactic Database explained to him its the SO YOU HAVE A POWERED KRYPTONIAN keep and care handbook. Currently, he was the only one in the universe using it, far as he knew. Mostly it just made him wonder how one race of creatures gets to be a superpowered Swiss army knife and people on another planet just end up…G'nort.

The universe is weird. "If he wants to be pals, that's okay, I guess. Not pen pals, though. Susie in Sweden is enough for me, I can't write to everybody."

"It's natural to under-estimate. I like pleasant surprises. And not to say that I'm a judge on what you can handle, it's just to say, be careful." She gives him a meaningful look. She meant it, be careful. She would say that to a regular joe walking across the street to be careful, even to her sister and her father, whom her relationship is all too strained.

"Kal-El. Yes. That's his name. You could always ask him. That's as far as I'd go when it comes to divulging information about him. The rest, if you two are going to be fighting together, should at least be asked by him when you see him." Why is she trying to make Superman have friends?


"No. Not pen pals. But everyone needs someone to talk to that's of their caliber. Shared misery, or joy. But it seems like your bag is joy." They reach the gates finally, the buzzer rings as the gates slide open. Lois was too eager to step through, taking a slight breath. The Ferry wasn't here yet. "Why did you come here? Action couldn't be the only thing you're looking for."

Green Lantern smiles and starts to rise up into the air, a green nimbus of energy surrounding him, "I'll take you up on that sometime," he grins.

"Maybe, if he's lucky, he can be friends with me. In the meantime, Miss Lane, I do believe there might be a sea monster I have to throw into orbit. Or maybe it's just a horny sailor ravaging a cruise ship. Either way, th ey're calling it Leviathan! Ciao!" he say and, quickly, he streaks off into the sky.

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