Not Playing Nice

December 31, 2014: Evelyn and Domino have a sisterly argument, while Rogue tries to mediate.

Streets of Mutant Town.

A taco stand within the poor streets of Mutant Town.



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It's a beautiful morning in New York City! Well, beautiful is relative to a couple things. The first is that it's New York and the mornings can only be so nice. The second is that it's winter, so the weather is actually about freezing. The last is that it's mutant town. This street in particularly is definitely not the nietzsche poster child of Mutant Town. Trash is scattered at the edge of the street, mashed up against the staccato concrete. A streetlamp or two have bulbs hanging from loose wires out of their casings, the glass broken and long washed away. Despite this, businesses thrive on either side of the street. A food vendor sells vegan fried foods in a concessionary built into the alleyway between two clothing businesses that look like a cross between thrift shops and high alternative fashion.

The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Wandering these streets is Evelyn, wearing the same layered sweaters she had on not a few hours ago during her encounter with the joker. In all honestly, no one would probably guess that she had a scuffle with one of the villain powerhouses of Gotham earlier that morning, and that's probably good. The only tells of the scuffle are her dirty and cut clothes, smudges of dirt on her cheeks, and the burned hole in the pocket of her sweater. With a slight limp in her step she moves towards the vegan food stand, entering the rather short line to grab an order of whatever she'll be having. Her eyes remain glued to the ground for now.

Mutant Town has never been the classiest of places. Some people would do anything to get ahead and improve their living conditions. On top of this, because of the social stigma surrounding this part of the city most 'flatscans' and non-mutants want nothing to do with it.

Which makes it positively ideal for criminal operations.

Not that long ago a certain something had been stolen from another location in the Big Apple. Now, it's come 'home' to its new rightful owner. In the back room of a building almost right by where Evelyn happens to be standing. The item is exchanged for cash, then the albino mutant is on the move. Even on an overcast day the bleached skin of her face acts like a spotlight in a crowd, but with the sun shining? It's almost blinding at times. Quite possibly even to herself, as dark blue sunglasses are quick to drop from forehead to nose.

Domino nearly walks straight past Evelyn before she stops short, slowly walking backwards while staring at the other woman. ..Droid. Thing.

"If Barton sent you I'm punching you here and now."

For Rogue, she's just exiting a very beat up building, that houses Mutant Town's library. It may not look like much, but inside there are books, new and old, and also computers to use for free albeit with a time limit. While Rogue has access to all the glorious computers within Xavier's Mansion, she didn't want to use those to check her burner e-mails. Just in case they were being watched. She may not have a ton of technical knowledge, but she knows that firewalls and all of that can be broken, and easier than what most people think.

Either way, after she checked her e-mail and saw with disappointment it was only evil SPAM and nothing from the young man she met earlier in the week, Rogue stepped once more back outside. She's wearing her typical brown leather jacket to combat the cold, though her physique allows her to not feel the cold as painfully as others might. Once outside, Rogue will automatically scan the crowd, her green eyes stopping when they fall upon the white-skinned woman. Not in horror or anything of that sort, just simple curiosity. She's not close enough to hear the conversation either, but that's about to end as she considers the food line. "Well, might as well catch a bite t'eat. Even if it's all veggies."

And with those words said to herself, Rogue is already moseying towards the food line.

The vegan food cart is a bastion of humanity, a torch to remind people of the good in the world that can come from something being fried. Anything can be fried and be delicious. It's just the cornerstone of cooking in America. Vegan steak sandwiches with cheesauce, fried 'chicken' fingers, cut sweet potato fries or plain potatoes, tempeh sandwiches, and even tacos. The smell is alluring. One man steps away with his delicious tofu tacos, and the line moves forward. Evelyn takes a step with them, eyes still to the ground.

Normally, Evelyn would notice Domino, they left on good terms last they saw each other. Not today. Something's wrong. It's not until Domino stops and reels back with her greeting that Evelyn looks up, one eyebrow cocked in curiosity, but smile faded into a slight frown.

She mouths a word, but nothing comes out, and she covers her mouth, coughing a couple times in her hand. Beating on her sternum a couple times, she retorts in a softly spoken voice, "Barton sent me." She glances to her side, towards Rogue. The line got longer.

One thing which can be said about Domino, she does hold up to her promises.


Public displays of aggression are great ways to clear lines in a hurry, too. In a place like Mutant Town, they also look out for their own. All Dom's luck, the people here are more quick to defend Evelyn than they are the crazy lady that just walked up and decked her. One guy suddenly grows spines, tearing through his clothes. Another lady holds her hands palm up, light and energy swirling above her palms. A third guy grows twice as large as he had been, his skin colored and textured exactly like the brownstone building beside him.

Some others run. Yet others just stand and stare. It's probably for the best Dom didn't reach for a gun yet. As it is she's too busy shaking her hand out, punching skulls is never comfortable. Punching -android- skulls is an experience all of its own.

"Tell him to get stuffed."

Well, Rogue can definitely say she wasn't expecting a fight to break out within a food line when she sidled up to it. Oh sure, there are many times in Mutie Town that fights break out, but rarely near food. Food is just too precious within these hallowed walls.

Still, that doesn't stop the brown and white-haired woman to watch the punch happen and then watch the various reactions stem from that aggressive move. And while a good number ran there's still a good number who stayed, and that just spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E in Rogue's book. Thankfully, with Xavier's influence the Southerner takes a deep breath and steps forward, her gloved hands raised upward in a placating gesture. If this weren't such a potentially serious situation this would almost be comically funny, since Rogue is often the hot-head of the group.

"Woah woah, ladies. Ah know we're all hungry here, but there's no need t'throw punches over it." She's going with humor to try and diffuse this situation.

Evelyn looks back to Domino just in time to see a five finger punches inches from her face. There's not even a second to react, she just gets slugged and goes down right away, bowling over to the white concrete sidewalk with a yelp of surprise. She lands on her side, braced by her hands. She doesn't even try to get up immediately. That would likely be due to the fact that Evelyn has approaching zero fucks right now.

Turning a bit onto her back, Ev holds a hand to the side of her face where the punch landed. "Tell him yourself," she says back in retort. There isn't even an edge of anger is her voice. But holy shit ow, that hurt.

Sitting up, Evelyn slowly gets back to her feet, blinking a couple times to get the stars out of her eyes. Looking between the flamed up mutants and Rogue, Evelyn just raises her hands and lowers them in a peaceful gesture, "It's okay guys, I know her."

"The tofu ain't that great anyway," Domino almost growls before even bothering to make eye contact with the intervening woman. It's quickly met with a sharp upturn of her chin. "Like the hair."

Then she notices everyone that decided to stick around, and the certain..hostility that's now in the air. Okay..this might be her fault. Hands are held up, empty beyond fingerless black gloves. "We're good here, people. She stole my lunch money a few years back." Gods know how bad of an idea it'd be to get a public brawl started in a part of town inhabited with tons of powered individuals, with only a fraction of them having any sense of control over said powers.

She's still not helping Evelyn back to her feet, though. Rather, she glances to the vendor and asks "Can I get one of those tacos?" (And maybe some ice?)

At the mention that Evelyn knows the woman who punched her, Rogue can't help but say with a dry note of humor to her voice, "Ah hope you ain't friends, because then Ah'd have t'tell you she doesn't seem t'be the best of friends." And whereas Domino doesn't offer to help Evelyn up, Rogue will. She'll step close enough and cautiously extend a gloved hand towards the other woman, "Ups a daisy. Nothing broken Ah take it?" She says easily enough, though she is keeping an eye on the crowd and Domino still.

The mention of liking her hair earns a quirk of a grin from Rogue, as she nods back to Domino, "Thanks. Ah like the eye. Very distinctive." Which is much like her hair. Something that definitely makes the two women stand out, especially in less colorful crowds.

Evelyn takes the gloved hand when offered and pulls herself up the rest of the way, she'll certainly take help when offered. This earns Rogue a smile and a soft, "Thanks." Patting herself down, she looks up to Domino, and the others, "..Yeah.. Just wanted that extra chocolate milk so bad." Then back to Rogue, she shakes her head, "No, nothing broken." She's a tough cookie.

The street vendor happily obliges, handing out a small bill with the order on it, exchanging money, doing the rest. It seems the dude inside hasn't really been paying attention or is completely ignoring what happened outside of his concessionary. It's not his deal. Not his bag.

Evelyn looks at Domino briefly, her facial expression tensing for a moment into a hard look before returning to something more solemn. There's no time to really talk about things here in such a public place. It just wouldn't be worth broaching more trouble. That and, quite honestly, she might not have anticipated Domino was serious earlier. So the discussion turns to /other/ topics, and Evelyn looks towards Rogue. "I'm.. Evelyn. I guess friend would be an odd word for her, but it's close." She glances back at Domino.

"Oh yeah, that," Domino replies while subconsciously reaching up to brush part of her cheek. Sometimes she'd like to forget that the spot is there. She almost can if she avoids any mirrors, for a time. Though, spot or no spot, she never enjoys being the center of attention. She attempts to deflect it by adding in "Also the accent, long way from home."

Then, perhaps reluctantly, she turns back to the now once more upright Evelyn with a narrowing of her eyes. She even takes the sunglasses off so The Look is completely obvious. "Acquaintance," she adds to the 'friend' comment. It's quickly followed with "Nothing..? No snappy comeback, no 'you heartless bitch?' What's got you acting like a kicked puppy all of a sudden? And what are you even doing here, Ev? You're not a mutant."

Speaking of, the few that had been quick to take to arms are starting to stand down and blend back in. All but the guy that now has completely perforated clothes, looking around at himself while muttering a string of curses. "Third time this week…"

"Not a problem." Says Rogue to Evelyn's thanks, "An the name's Rogue. Nice t'meet you, though not the best of circumstances." Once Evelyn is back on her feet, Rogue will simply tuck her gloved hands into the pocket of her coat, a subconscious movement upon her part. At Domino's mention of being a long way from home, Rogue once again smiles, as she simply offers instead of a true explanation, "Ah am at that."

But when the conversation turns once more back to how the two know each other, Rogue shakes her head. "Ah think you - " Meaning Evelyn, "- need t'brush up on yer definition of a friend." A nod is given to Domino's better definition of the two's relationship with one another, "Ah think the lady there, got it right." Of course, Domino's next harsh words only causes Rogue's eyebrows to raise upward again for a second or two.

Then Rogue is once again interjecting, trying to soothe ruffled feathers. "Ah didn't think you had t'be a mutant t'visit this specific part of the city." Though the fact that Evelyn isn't a mutant does caused Rogue to give her an appraising look. Not suspicious, at least, yet.

Evelyn perks up a little bit at Domino's persistence, she wants to grin but really can't. Someone really took a dump in her daisies. "Sorry," is all she can really manage in rebuttal. But one line in particular, about her being a mutant, really piques her interest long enough to give her a bit of the normal inquisitive and friendly retorts Domino's used to, "And you are?"

She shrugs a bit, patting off some of the dust on her sweater. "Do you want me to call you a bitch or do you want me to be the kicked puppy, Domino?" Evelyn retorts further, glancing towards the patch-eyed mutant, then a quizzical look flashes across her face, "Do either of you know what Low Fat Bat is?"

"'Rogue,' huh. I can relate. 'Domino,'" she offers while lightly tapping the tattooed part of her cheek once more. Maybe The Spot has something to do with the name, maybe she's just pretending it does.

"You don't," she then agrees to Rogue about visiting. "I just can't figure out what purpose she would have to visit this part of town."

Then the wounded droid blindsides the heck out of her. Three words asked in question, words which everyone -knows- she heard because it's in this moment that she's going right back to staring at Evelyn. Right in time for her order to be ready. She doesn't look away from Ev as she reaches out, takes the order, then all but presses it against the other woman's sternum. (Happy Taco Day.)

Maybe she's trying to make amends. Then again, it might be more on par with 'congratulations, here's your cookie.' She's not saying a word about the subject either way.

"Really I'm just curious why you're out this way, and why you lied to me about being sent here. Did you -want- me to hit you?" she pointedly asks with a somewhat puzzled expression. Then back to Rogue as if by way of apology, she offers "Confusion is also a normal part of our interactions."

"Ha." Comes Rogue's own appreciation of how the two of them seem to share quite a few similarities. A striking feature and names that are obviously not real, now they just need a third similarity. Domino's second question earns a quizzical look from Rogue, now, as she turns to see what Evelyn's explanation of just why she's here. Of course, it's about that time that Evelyn says those three words.

It is /quite/ clear that Rogue has /no/ idea what they mean. None. She gives the slim young woman a look of confusion, before she turns that same look to Domino. "Ah swear, is this like opposite day or something? Ah know you're both speaking English, but Ah only seem t'be catching every other word."

As to how their interactions entails quite a bit of confusion, the southern woman snorts a soft sound with an empathic nod, "Ah can see that, sugar, and Ah think it's infectious because Ah'm confused now. Low Fat Bat? Can someone explain, please?"

Evelyn oofs as she takes the bag of veggie tacos. This wasn't what she came here to order, but she'll take them anyways. A prize is a prize. She takes the bag and looks towards Domino slightly confused again, but then her eyebrows perk up a bit. Then furrow. Wait. What? Wait. .. Wait.. Oh.

First, she addresses Rogue. Who deserves an explanation as this conversation undoubtedly seems disconnected. It's hard enough for Evelyn to follow and she's been .. She’s /known/ this other woman for a long while. Ever since that heist with the moving semi. That was a while ago, she was still working for the CIA, then. Clearing her throat, Evelyn speaks up, "I honestly don't know. Low Fat Bat was someone's nickname at SHIELD, I'm supposed to be looking for them. I honestly have no idea who it is." That's a little blunt and straight forward, Evelyn tipping her hand. Domino already knows, Rogue doesn't, but it can't hurt.

She shifts a little bit, glancing from Domino to Rogue, "It's nice to meet you, Rogue. Sorry, my mind's been elsewhere." Looking between them both, she's not likely to admit directly why she's here at the moment, but she does say, "Hell, I've just been in a bad mood. Things haven't been going all the great." She's not likely to say what's been going wrong, either. An odd thing to say, given her recent successful covert campaign. Maria probably has words.

It takes Domino a moment to recognize that there were, in fact, two completely different sets of 'three different words' she had shared. "Half the fat of traditional bats?" she replies in a level tone. An actual, honest attempt at flat humor! She pushes the attempt a little further in looking back to Rogue, offering "Pretty sure they offer an ointment for that." Infectious confusion, that is. "We could speak in another language if it'd help." That's her, such a helper.

Aaand there goes any sense of subtlety from the droid. SHIELD contact, right up in ol' M-Town. "The hell kinda name is 'Low Fat Bat?' He must be a popular fellow. He's a SHIELD sort so he'll be drawn to conflict like a moth to a flame. If you'd like I could punch you again." (And bruise my -other- hand.)

Now that there's a known reason for Ev to be here, along with a confession, Dom's demeanor is quick to shift towards something a lot closer to sympathy. "Yeah, when are they with you."

Not that it's obvious with her initial choice of words.

"Is anyone giving you trouble, Ev? I'm gonna be irked if someone's rolling in on my monopoly over your discomfort."

An amused look is given to Domino, by Rogue, at all the witty little comebacks she's just dished out. A hand will be freed as the brown and white haired woman points toward the merc with a mouth. "Ah like you."

Evelyn also earns a look of sympathy from Rogue, as she says, "Honey, Ah think this year has been tough for a whole lot o'us. Next year has t'be better." However, the conversation concerning Low Fat Bat still gives Rogue obvious confusion as she says, "So, Low Fat Bat is a person? Do you have anything else t'go on besides that name?" She flicks a look towards Domino when she offers to punch Evelyn again, but when no other punches come forth, the mutant adds, "An why does Shield want him or her?"

And yes, the mention of Shield does cause Rogue to become ever more careful of what she says now. She may have not had any /personal/ run ins with Shield, but her old gang definitely did, and it likely wouldn't be good to drop their names about now. It's however at Domino's last line, that Rogue will turn towards the other woman and say with amusement, "So, Ah'm guessing you have a love/hate sorta relationship, right?"

Evelyn looks curiously over at Domino, a slight amusement playing on her express by tugging the corner of her mouth up. Really? "If we're just talking about my luck with just about everything that has to do with that city, I'd say things never really quite work out to my favour, do they?" That's not entirely true, "But at least it's no fungal outbreak.." It was only a few months ago that the entire city was nearly shut down to prevent the spread of zombie fungus. That was a cool story that should never be brought up ever again.

Turning, Evelyn steps a little out of the way of the line and just repositions herself in the conversation. At least for the sake of convenience, so people stop mistaking her for someone waiting in line. She has tacos after all. "SHIELD isn't looking for them, I think," She cleverly plays that one off, "I'm looking for them and I heard they're SHIELD. I don't know anything else about them, really." Well, if she's looking for them, and they're SHIELD, she obviously can't be SHIELD. Right?

Opening the bag a bit noisily, Evelyn digs out one of the three tacos and hands it over to Rogue. "Hopefully 2015 will be better, right?"

There's three more words of significance, 'ah like you.' In response Domino's hands go out to the sides, mock-curtseying to Rogue. "Nice to know someone out here does."

The Southern Belle isn't the only one who's uneasy about the whole SHIELD thing, either. Dom just makes the effort to not let it become too obvious. It's true, Evelyn's signed on with the Division. The very same Division that would just -love- to get hold of someone like the albino. They've had some colorful interactions over the course of this year, usually resulting in lots of dollars spent at their expense. Case in point, 'zombie fungus.' "Warm, happy memories," she laments.

She may have shot Evelyn a couple of times, too. Now she's punching instead of shooting, there's hope for their relationship!

"Something like that," she replies with a thin frown. "The odds just keep placing us on opposite sides of the fence. That might have something to do with me being a bad person, I don't know," she thinks with a half-hearted shrug. There's plenty of dirt to be discovered on 'Domino,' if one knows where to look. Rogue shouldn't have much difficulty if she takes the plunge.

"Hard-pressed to think it'll be any worse," she sourly replies. "So what does a 'Rogue' do? Sounds like a fighter without a cause to me. Or a thief. Not that I'm one to judge," she adds with a front-showing of (figuratively quite dirty) hands.

Fungal outbreak? That causes a look of distaste to wash over Rogue's face, "Ah think Ah'm glad Ah was out of the city at that time. Especially if it was bad enough t'get the whole city sick." And especially if it somehow induced zombiehood.

When the conversation swings back towards Shield momentarily, Rogue only adds, "Ah'd be careful messing with Shield. Yah just never know when they might set their sights on you and make you conveniently disappear." Obviously Rogue is unaware of Evelyn's ties to Shield and while Rogue could have likely said more about Shield since it seems she's had some dealings with them, she doesn't. That would only earn more questions, potentially. Best to keep it vague. "You know how those government agency types are."

A nod is given to Domino, at her mention of being put upon opposite sides of the fence. "Ah understand what you mean." She has a few relationships like that, "And ain't any of us perfect, Domino. We all got black marks against us, just means we're more interesting." But likely Rogue will try to dig up any information on the other obvious mutant when they're through here. As to her name …

"Ah can definitely say Ah ain't a thief." At least now. "And Ah can't say Ah don't fight either, but currently, this Rogue is just wandering about. Helping where Ah can." She shrugs obviously not wanting to share much beyond that and then the question is deflected right back to Domino, "What about a Domino? That makes me think you like t'gamble and play games." And Domino does not strike her as one to play games.

Looking from Rogue to Domino, Evelyn remarks in reply to 'black marks', "In Domino's case it's literal." Zing. "By the way, it's good to see you again. .." She opens her mouth as if to say something, probably pertaining to some smart-ass remark about being punched in the face, but she closes her mouth again on second thought. She did ask for it. Though, she hasn't confirmed nor denied that Barton sent her here either. Just the amount that she's been tipping her cards has significantly muddled the actual facts of her appearance her today. Domino will likely need to track her down later to figure that one out.

"Yeah, it was really bad. A lot of people died that week that didn't really deserve it," Evelyn responds to Rogue, her voice falling a bit quieter. It wasn't really fair to them, and it was Domino's and Evelyn's fault, even if it was accidental. Fuck that werewolf. "Thanks, Rogue. I'll be careful." She glances at Domino briefly, "I have to go. I really want to lay down and be alone for a bit. It was nice meeting you, Rogue. Be careful around Domino." She offers a half smile before turning to walk off with the remaining two tacos. What? You thought she was going to give Domino one because there were three? Hah.

"Yeah, they're not good people to get caught up with," Domino agrees with a displeased expression. "Harder'n hell to shake once they spot you, too." Spoken as though she's got some personal experience on the matter. Maybe it has something to do with that 'Barton' fellow and the earlier 'meet and punch.'

..Huh. Rogue just keeps saying the right things to help put the albino at ease. The bi-hair-colored woman seems to understand. Another point in her favor, as well as another against Evelyn. "Zing," she responds in the -flattest tone ever.-

As far as the inquiry about her daily dealings though, a thin smirk comes about when Rogue mentions gambling. "A bit. I'm not half bad with darts." Or national lotteries. "I'm something of a trouble-shooter. Someone has a problem, I figure it out."

When Evelyn starts to branch out Dom remembers the Fat Wad of Cash that's in her pocket from making the last drop. "Yeah, that's an idea. Business is always calling. See ya around, Stripe," she tells Rogue with a lazy wave.

A wave is given to Evelyn, when the young woman wanders off. Rogue will give a slight head shake at the younger woman's antics and words. "Ah think Ah can handle myself." Is all Rogue will say to Evelyn's parting remark about being careful of Domino.

As for Darts? Rogue's eyes light up, "Ah ain't too bad with darts, myself. Perhaps we can catch a game sometime later." Poor Rogue, so unaware how badly matched she is for a game of darts WITH Domino. Perhaps Domino can start with a handicap? "Ah like that. A problem solver. Ah'll have t'keep that in mind, if Ah'm ever in any trouble Ah can't solve."

And then it seems like the little group is parting ways, which is understandable, and when Domino begins to mosey along, Rogue raises a gloved hand in a wave. "Thanks, Spot. Be seein' ya, Ah'm sure." Then with a glance around the area, Rogue simply lifts up off the sidewalk and zips high in the sky. She doesn't fear too much with showing her powers off in Mutie Town.

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