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January 01, 2015: Evelyn gets called into Hill's office for an evaluation. (Some language)

Hill's Office, Triskelion

It's an so many other offices..except that this one comes standard with something grumpy.



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Back at the Triskelion once more. Hill wishes she could say that this office held good memories for her but it's nothing more than an office, a reinforced glass and metal box that happened to store some of her personal effects for a time. During the months she was gone, the office became something else. Now that she's back she just happened to be fortunate enough to be assigned the same room as before.

Not that one could tell, they all look the damn same. Cookie-cutter construction. 'Make five thousand of these and link 'em all together in a giant fucking cube.'

She's still getting her few possessions sorted and organized. Still getting the background and color scheme figured out thanks to the hi-tech glass. Today's backdrop must be from the Louisiana bayou during sunset, some twisted trees and small tufts of grass interrupting a glass-smooth reflecting pool which probably flanks the Mississippi Delta. Calm, peaceful, serene, yet you just -know- beneath those calm waters there's eight feet of shit waiting to swallow any unsuspecting creature whole.

Leaning back into her chair, white gloves neatly placed together on the side of the table, she idly pokes at a dataslate as she waits for her guest star. The first one since she's returned, in fact. Not that she told Evelyn this much, it might go to her head. But, out of all of the agents she's been more directly overseeing lately it's Evelyn which is the most curious, and pressing, of the bunch.


Evelyn's not been present at her assigned quarters at the Triskelion. Amusing, given the limited quarters that are available there, for refugees or agents that no longer have a place to go. Apparently she found a place to go. Though, when she sees the event for a meeting pop up on her phone's calendar, she'd rather be dead than miss it. Probably for good reason, if Evelyn didn't have her phone on her at all times, Hill would likely have a team out to track her down in no time at all.

Five minutes before the appointment, she's already at Hill's office door. She lightly knocks at the door before she opens it and peeks in. "Co-Director Hill?" Evelyn says tentatively, before actually entering the room. Closing the door behind her, she approaches the center of the room with her hands folded behind her. Her eyes can't help but wander the walls, an interesting decor choice, but she quickly refocuses on Hill. "You wanted to see me?" The meeting description wasn't set.


Hill doesn't look up from the pad when Evelyn knocks and pops the door open. Who else would be showing up? Like people actually want to randomly stop by and say hello, not so much with this queen bee. "Your punctuality is noted, Agent. Come in and have a seat."

She'll even give Evelyn a chance to get settled before diving in. Those extra few seconds let her do that much more reading of the slate in her hands. All of it's related to the other agent's work.

"You've been making some significant strides lately, Evelyn. I've been getting myself back up to speed as quickly as time allows..God knows everyone and their brother wants something from me without actually speaking to me about it..but what I've been reading is not only well documented but surprisingly thorough. You've been on a couple of major assignments, operating independently, and you've delivered. I'm starting to believe that you're gearing up for a promotion."

The tablet comes to rest in her lap as she lifts her gaze, peering intently at Evelyn from across the Smartglass table. "Which begs the question, what became of the Evelyn I had witnessed when I was last assigned here? What might have impacted you so significantly that you've changed into an ideal agent?"

Here she flicks upward across the tablet's screen, instantly transferring its contents right onto the surface of her desk. It's the original psych evaluation for none other than Evelyn.

"I'll direct you to the 'emotionally unstable' entry in particular," she says in a level tone. "There's also no record of you having spent any time with our psychologists. However, you -are- still assigned to Mister Stark, and you have been spending some considerable time at his building. What I don't understand is where this change of personal stability happened to occur."


"Thank you," Evelyn says, regarding her punctuality. At the request to take a seat, she shifts a bit uncomfortably and takes another few steps forward to take a seat infront of Hill's desk. Her leg is still bothering her, but she doesn't have her normal slight limp. She's just dealing with it right now with a straight face. Her game mask is on.

Folding her hands on her lap, she leans back into the chair. Looking up, she maintains eye contact with Hill throughout her report. She doesn't look particularly happy, nor surprised. Emotional instability? No, that's still her. She's just hiding it, what else is she supposed to do? At the end, Evelyn can only reply in a level tone while looking away. "Well, Ms. Hill. Like my CIA profile states, I was a good agent." That's a bit of an understatement. She needed pulling out a couple times in hot situations, but other than that..

She shifts a bit in her seat, avoiding any questions specifically regarding her emotions, but she does frown a little bit. "I'm really honoured, but gearing up for a promotion?.." Based on her expression, she's almost politely asking to /not/ have a promotion.


"I wouldn't want to waste your potential behind a desk," Hill flatly replies as if to ease Evelyn's concern about such a promotion. "'ve got me in a peculiar situation here, Evelyn. -People- I understand. Technically you're not, yet technically you -are,- yet you're some kind of hybridization of concepts that makes you something of a headache to psychoanalyze. I don't know what you started doing differently. I don't know what all you -can- start doing to deal with these things. Maybe you started taking drugs to calm your nerves, or found the inner joys of a rivet gun or something. Don't know, don't get it."

"What I have are averages. Comparisons." Another two swipes and two more displays fill the desk, overlapping the initial evaluation. One has a list of repairs and costs related to them from the earlier months, the other relating to the last few months. With a significant difference between the two.

"Emotions can be hidden, dealt with. So long as you don't suddenly crack one day I don't much care what you do with that baggage, it's something every one of us has to deal with sooner or later. What concerns me are unexpected changes in trends, and here we have -two- anomalous results. If you're stuffing away your emotions then why not also stuff away feelings of injury?" she asks with what might be a tone, and stare, of accusation.

"Some time back I told you to stop falling apart, Agent. This isn't what I had in mind. You -are- part of the Division, and we -do- look out for our own. 'Not falling apart' includes rapid and violent self-disassembly from ignoring your own unique requirements for too long. Don't be afraid to ask for some help in rotating the tires once in a while, yes?"


Evelyn looks at Hill, listening to her when she talks, but when it's her turn to talk, she looks away. It's just difficult to maintain eye contact and talk, almost unnerving. "That's why there was an entire research team dedicated to psychoanalyzing me back when I was a kid." She was something of a normal kid, depressed, rattling against the cage, bookworm. In military training she gave them her all, even if she didn't want to. She didn't have a chance, they break you in training. You do what your told or bad things happening.

Looking to the desk, she notes the comparisons with a grim look on her face. Oh, she's close to being found out. Hill's been paying attention since her return. Looking back up when Hill goes on to say that she needs to report her injuries and that they look out on their own, she immediately looks away. Posed the question about reporting in for repairs, she pauses. Glancing at Hill, there's just some temptation to tell her about all the damage she's taken. The burns on her leg, the exposed muscle fibers. The parts knocked lose in her chest. She couldn't break until she coughed so hard that something popped back in her chest. The water damage. There's more, too.

Instead she looks away, wiping at her eyes with her forearm sleeve, "Yes, Co-Director."


"There it is," Hill points out in a tone which is a good deal less stern. It's kind of an 'aha, gotcha!' but it's not completely without sympathy. Not -completely- without. "I didn't call you in here to tear you down, Evelyn. I'm trying to take some preventative measures. -This,-" she states while swiping back across the pad and -covering- the visual space of her desk with field reports Evelyn herself had filled out, "is all the proof I need. -This- tells me that you demand to be taken seriously, treated with respect. So that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Hill does look out for her own. Always has.

"You've been doing a good job of keeping it together but it's going to start weighing down on you soon, and when it does it's going to hit you hard. I don't want that to happen. Nothing good comes out of falling apart." She pauses for a moment to let the weight of her words properly sink in.

"Get yourself checked up with R and D then take tomorrow off, I want you back up to spec. That's an order."


Evelyn rubs her eyes a bit more, easily hiding any tears or anything from her being temporarily choked up. She's composed as quickly as possible, though. It was just a small crack in her facade. She nods back towards Hill, "Thank you, Co-Director." Actually, Hill's concern for her actually moves her a little bit. She shifts a bit uncomfortably again.

"I'll go in for repairs. It's been a while." She clears her throat a little bit. A little while is an understatement.


There's one final lingering stare from Hill before she subtly nods once, content that her message has properly gotten through to a..let's face it..incredibly stubborn creation. "In the meantime keep doing what you're doing, Agent. You're proving to be quite an asset to the Division. Your current assignment with Stark remains, I see no reason to quit while we're ahead."

A lazy swipe of a hand clears all of the electronic documents off of her desk, returning to a blank and transparent slate once more. "Dismissed."

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