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January 1, 2015: Mystique and Magneto meet by chance after years avoiding each other and address some current Brotherhood problems

Mutant Town safehouse

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The New Year is here and so is snow. Unsurprisingly, Mutant Town is covered in ice and slush. The snow blowers came late and did a crappy job. Not many tourists go to Mutant Town in Christmas.
The cold keep most people indoors, and the holidays keep most business closed, so it is unusually calm around the neighborhood. Magneto, however, got up early and did some errands and checkups. He is still going, and right now opening the door of one of the hideouts the Brotherhood keeps in the area.

The blue skinned terrorist finds herself at a bank of computers, slowly sifting through the R&D research of Queen consolidated, so many damn research projects to filter through and she is excellent with computers, but definitely not a technopath or hacker extraordinaire.
When the alarm on the door trips, she glances at the small entryway cameras and frowns "What on earth is he doing here…" still a bit bitter perhaps about his turning to other avenues with his life. She gets up to her feet and leans against the computer desk waiting for him to make his way fully inside now.

Magneto has the codes of the hideout, that an alarm is fired means someone changed them recently or just setup the alarm to sound if someone opened the main door. Which is good policy, but few Brotherhood members would do it.
The white haired man glances to one of the cameras and closes the door behind him, letting his magnetic senses guide him to the only room with an appreciable electric activity. “Interesting changes,” he states opening the door. “I heard you were in the area, Mystique. Good morning. What are you trying to do here?”

Mystique crosses her arms and gives you a very neutral look. "I tend to be around everywhere. In the last month I think I have been in most major cities on the eastern seaboard for instance." she pauses a moment then adds "I'm helping our people Erik, what are you doing here." with the total implication she feels you are not these days.

“The same,” replies Magneto, giving Mystique a cool glance for the implication he wouldn’t be helping ‘our people’. “Which today included checking up this place for surveillance devices, among other details. But I think it is not necessary now. Instead…” he looks for a place to settle, “we may have a chance to do some catch up, and perhaps exchange important information.”

Mystique continues her neutral look and defensive posture with her arms crossed. "It's clean I swept it." she looks past him to the door now. "Catching up sounds fine, I know I have plenty of things going on. Though with your retirement I am not certain what information you may have uncovered that could be important Erik." yeah someone still feels pretty betrayed by your actions.

“I am hardly retired,” replies Magneto. “My renunciation to open war doesn’t mean I believe mutants are safe, and therefore I can’t retire. I am currently exploring alternatives. And watching for acts of aggression, of course.” She would know he is still active avenging hate crimes, but those small operations seems the only things the news media can report from Magneto in the last few years.

Mystique is just bitter, she felt things were going well. Of course she hasn't been doing large scale operations either these days, not her style to begin with, and lacking the sheer firepower you always brought. "Of course we aren't safe Erik. They hate and fear us and in the end only one of our species will survive, those with superhuman genetics or .. the monkeys we come from." she looks to the computer "The SRD… the government… they are doing something Erik." she steps away from the computer desk and picks up a metal case and starts to work the locks. "Something really bad… I've destroyed one of their labs under Brookhaven but they are making something.. new.. I just am having trouble figuring out how deep things go. It doesn't appear to be solely governmental, the defense contractors are involved but kept silo'd on the individual components they are providing to the project. I need to get into more government systems.. so far I've plunged the Brookhaven lab I got one of these from, The SRD, and Queen Consolidated."
Brookhaven may ring some bells, there was a huge Hydra assault on it about a month ago.
She opens the case and reveals a crude prototype silver collar, one of the first of something.. new.

Magneto is very aware of what Hydra did. The mutant-killing virus plot was stopped, and he kept several canisters of the bio-weapon. Maybe one day he will reverse-engineer it so it kills humans only. All the humans.
Meanwhile, he picks the collar and studies it briefly, doing a magnetic scan too. “Do you have schematics? It seems to be designed to interfere with the brain, I can’t say more. Of course the human government will want weapons to keep us contained and limited. They will claim is against terrorists, but if they find a cheap solution they will turn on us. Which is why I am finding the idea of creating a mutant nation or refuge appealing. I might have found a safe place.”

Mystique indicates the computers "I got the Brookhaven files which include the research. Though portions are heavily encrypted and compartmentalized. They were assembling the prototypes there, but it wasn't a department of energy operation like the rest of the facility. The SRD and Queen files may show more.. I want to get ahold of Stormwatch and Stark files next.. perhaps Wayne Enterprises." she pauses again "It isn't just… a mild thing Erik. The goal os these collars is to completely inhibit mutant and .. I believe metahuman powers. Something called Project Catch-22"

“Are all those companies involved? Even Wayne Enterprises?” Magneto seems somewhat surprised and alarmed by the scope of the conspiracy. “Inhibition mechanisms, of course. I’ll keep this device and I will get you the full schematics in 48 hours. Then I will begin working in interfering technology for the inhibitor.”

Mystique frowns a smidge then nods "I have a second prototype in another secure location, picked it off a truck that was transporting it into Canada.. which does not make me happy there is cross border cooperation either civilian or governmental.. and I am not sure if they are involved or if the parts were just procured from them. As I said I just have two sets of heavily encrypted files.. I need to try to hit the other companies and see if it is .. off the shelf.. or custom orders.. or if they are knowing participants in this projects work. They all have defense contracts but they may not know what they are supplying components for after all.. but really humanity can't be under estimated." she looks at the collar "This could also just be the tip of the iceberg to a Governmental program Erik.. like we feared."

“There are always programs and plans involving mutants, Raven,” replies Magnus, leaving the collar on a table. He can dissemble it chip by chip with his powers, but he prefers to do it in sterile lab conditions, not to make any mistake. “Most of them are illegal by their own laws. So bringing them to light would help, at least to give us more time,” he adds. “Time is our ally. We will outnumber them in a century.”

She sighs, he is always so sure of himself and his plans of action. "Not if they manage to isolate the genes and enslave or wipe us out Erik." Mystique just shakes her head "The same lab had a scanner that was able to detect meta-humans. I believe they intend to find all of us, and deal with all of us in a very permanent fashion.. and of course they will open with criminals .. but they won't end with criminals."

“No, the technology to find mutants is already out there,” notes Magnus. “Still very short range except for very large machines. But it will become smaller and cheaper soon. In a few years they will have mutant-detection devices in airports and government installations. But I already have masking devices. I began designing them by the time I learned about Cerebro.” He gestures outside, “but it doesn’t matter. Mutant Town, and other ghettos like this one, make finding mutants too easy. There are too many, and they are tired of hiding.”

Mystique frowns and then nods "You are right about Mutant Town.. and the one in San Francisco and overseas… no one wants to stay hidden and some of us can't hide themselves as easy as others. No one wants to be a Morlock." she frowns "But this scanner was… not short range or large it was handheld and has very good range Erik. How small are your masking devices and how easy to produce?"

Magneto is very adept at hiding, but not as much as Mystique, of course. For the bulk of mutantkind the time of hiding is over, but for the Brotherhood, it is a lifestyle. That is what it was designed to be.
More bad news. Portable devices with more range than mini-cerebros? “I need one of those devices,” he grumbles. “Smaller than cellphones and can be built with electronic components that can be found in laptop computers and house appliances. I could miniaturize one, but I would need a good electronic lab. Which is not feasible for most people.”

Mystique nods "I'll try to get my hands on another one, that one was unfortunately destroyed with the rest of the lab." Not true but. "I have access to a lot of facilities, if you give me schematics I may be able to fabricate the components for you. As for the scanners… about.. smartphone sized and a few blocks range at this point. Not a cerebro unit but still good for troops sweeping a scene or a city."

“Portable Cerebros are not that good yet,” notes Magneto bleakly. Unless Xavier has been hiding his tech from him… not likely, Xavier is never paranoid enough. “No, I have access to electronics labs. I can get small masks for some operatives. I just rather not to do it, to prevent them from tracing components. But I will do it if circumstances require.” He pauses and sighs, “I see you have been busy. And this investigation of yours should be a priority. I had some news… but most of them can wait. But you should know I saw Rogue a few days ago, in Mutant Town. She was sleeping at the Tailor’s safehouse instead of Westchester.”

Mystique considers then nods "I should catch up with her and see what she has been up to, I knew someone used the Tailor's safehouse but…" she sighs and then focuses "I'll continue to chase this down, it is a serious problem… I would still like to hear your news though."

Magneto hrms. “Well, a few years back I found a hidden land in the Antarctic. Alien tech keeps it hidden from modern technology, and although I suspect it won’t be so for long, as I said times is our ally. The weather is controlled, tropical. Possibly we could regulate it if we can find the engines. It is inhabited, but the humans are primitive, tribal and they have an extraordinary racial diversity. It might be a good place to establish a colony, outside the grasp of the human nations.”

Mystique looks thoughtful and then nods "Well you could establish a safehaven. Though I really don't like the idea of giving them a concentrated target to try to isolate or take out Erik.. and the whole world and our homes belong to us … this … feels like running. But some won't fight.. they never would…. so .. a safe haven." she frowns though chewing it over. "How would they even get there… a lot of logistics."

Magneto nods. “Travel is problematic. Airplanes would need special modifications to get through. But I think a ship and a short trip through the snow could accomplish the same and draw less attention. And although I agree the whole world should be open to us, I also see the advantages of having our own nation, and let mutant culture flourish without human interference.”

Mystique nods "I see that, though I imagine factors will try to attack it. They won't want to let is solidify and build strength to put their world at risk Erik." then more logistics "Could use teleporters, set up an underground railroad."

Magneto hesitates. “If you know a teleporter strong enough… although I am loathe to rely on such a single point of failure. This is a long term plan, and there are other problems we need to deal with first. Let me tell you some more about this Savage Land…”

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