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<January 2, 2015>: Kate has some good news to share with her girlfriends. Unfortunately all she gets is Vorpal.

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Since she came to let the Titans know what was going on with Damian, Kate's been giving the group a little bit of space. One might get the sense she didn't particularly care for the way they took the news. But they're still her friends. She's not going to abandon them. And recently, she's just got something she has to talk about. So she gave Vorpal a call, inviting him into the city for a snack at an exclusive desserts bar in the city.

Exclusive meant dress code, and dress code meant no fur. It's one of the things that's just common sense, nobody likes shedding all over their nice carpet, after all. "This place is pretty swanky," the redhead muses, clad in black blazer, turtleneck and slacks (because black is elegant, even if you can't afford fancy), "As always, you've got the best taste. Did you do anything fun for New Year's?" he asks, taking off his blazer and setting it on the back of his chair.

"We stayed in actually." We? Kate's back to her usual self, in skinny jean, boots, bright blouse and tailored jacket. "It's was nice." She grins, stirring her soda with her straw. "Did you guys do a thing? I figured you would've said something, but I kind of…stormed off last time. Sorry about that," she adds with a faint grimace. "It was kind of…emotional, you know?"

"Yeah, I know…" Emotional was a word for it. It was hard for him to understand, that Robin didn't really reach out to any of the other Titans, though a few tried. He reacted to the news that Robin was now and assassin with the impersonal distance one would react to a rogue element they never bonded with, as most other titans did. It was strange.

"We stayed at the castle. Gar got a little tipsy, we both passed out watching old movies." Keith grins.

He did catch that 'we' there, but he's going to let Kate reveal what was up when she felt like it. "You know I am such a total lightweight. Two glasses and I was out."

"Hey, but you didn't end up on youtube," Kate points out with a grin, flipping through the menu. "Okay," she suddenly says, shutting the menu and setting it aside with a broad grin. "I can't take it. I didn't want to tell a lot of people, because I don't want it to be weird, and I don't want to hear everyone tell me what a bad idea it is, but I have to tell someone." She folds her hands over her menu, leaning forward. "Clint took me out for Christmas. Like. Took me out."

Keith takes a few moments to process it. He takes a sip of water. He takes a second sip, and then a slight curl at the side of his mouth shows itself.

"Waitwaitwait… lie… he took you out, like in a Put On Your Sunday Clothes out? Like in Kodak Moment out?"

"Like, jewelry in the Christmas tree," Kate says, holding out her wrist where a silver bracelet with a sparrow and an arrow rests, "Note to a flower shop, pick up the flowers, meet him at the restaurant where he was wearing a suit out." There might be a little bit of a squee beneath those words, even.

"Oh my god," Keith says, blinking a couple of times. He remembers Clint quite well. The thought of him in a suit is strange and alien, and strangely mesmerizing. "So you two are… are you an item, casual dating? What? Dish, Kate, for crying out loud! You can't just drop that bomb there and not have a follow-up!" He leans over the table, keeping his voice down but his eyes are wide open.

"Dating. Like, for real dating," Kate says with a crooked, girlish smile. "It's…I mean, it's great. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't had a crush on him for years. But at the same time, you know, it's Clint. He's my best friend. He's my teacher. He's…I don't know. He's home. Like, I feel like there's supposed to be this crazy passion, and it's not that there isn't, but at the same time, it's like it's so easy to just fall into old patterns, too. I have no idea how this is going to work."

"It's a bad idea." Keith states, "That's what you think you're going to hear. What's so bad about Clint?"

He, of course, knows nothing of Clint's record with women or relationships. "I mean, you know him best, you've had this mentor-friend relationship for a while, no? It's not like you'd date an axe-murderer!"

"Clint is, like. The enemy of relationships," Kate says ruefully. "Epically bad at boyfriend. Every time. He shoots himself in the foot. Usually over a pretty pair of eyes or a sob story. Clint makes the worst decisions about women. And then he makes it his fault, and he goes and shoots himself in the foot over it next time. Every time. On the level of, I'm beginning to seriously suspect a gypsy curse of some sort is in play." And yet, she sounds incredibly fond when she says it. "Also, he's, like. Ten years older than I am."

Keith shrugs at the age and sweeps it aside with a literal move of the hand. "That is some serious relationship history… and cause for concern. However…" He puts his elbows on the table and rests his chin on his hands, "I'm going to make a point here. Would you say Gar and I are a mistake?"

Kate quirks a brow at that question. "Why would it be?" she asks, leaning back in her chair again. "You guys are totally comfortable together. You take good care of each other. And you don't get in each other's way when it comes to a fight. Much. Now."

"Well, let me enumerate Garfield's past relationships-" the redhead holds up a finger. "One. The girl with the earth powers, a team member in the past team he was in. She manipulated him and used him against the team, driving emotional wedges between him and Robin and Raven. She turned out to be a traitor who had been working them all along to sell them to a major villain who was going to kill them all. She broke his heart and left him scarred for years… oh, and the plan backfired and it ended up with her trying to bury Gar and everybody… and killed herself in the process."

Another finger goes up, "Second, socialite girlfriend who pretended to care about Gar but thought he was a freak, only dated him for the status. And then, a whole slew of short-lived relationships with girls who used him in one way or another before he simply had enough and shut off completely."

Keith leans back on his seat. "I'm the first actual functional relationship Gar has had, Kate. And it wasn't easy, he wanted to keep me at a distance. But see… I have a theory."

He grabs a Petit Four and takes a nibble out of it. "Determination can break even the worst gypsy curse. And you're even more stubborn than I am."

"That…sounds like Clint's usual spectrum, yeah," Kate says ruefully, shaking her head. "I think…I think we're both really determined to make it work. He's the most important person in my life. And I like to think I'm at least up there in his. Neither of us wants to screw this up. Mostly, I just worry that I'll end up enabling him or something. Like, he'll do something stupid, and instead of walking away, I'll just want to wave it off. Like, it's just Clint. You know? Where do you draw that line?"

"Part of being in a relationship is keeping each other honest Kate. Gar doesn't let me get away with bad choices just because I'm a physical embodiment of chaos," he says that like it's a bad thing, "And I try to do the same. Like that time at the Mahogany Cabin," he smirks and shoots Kate a mischievous look.

"The thing is that you both need to want a relationship where that sort of thing can happen. If you're both going to be in a relationship where you turn a blind eye to serious problems… then it's better that you don't bother because no good will come from it, know what I mean? If, on the other hand…"

"I mean, I don't think it's his fault most of the time," Kate says, rolling her eyes with a fond smile. "Have you not seen the video?" Oh, she totally has it queued up on her phone. Which she pulls out to hand over to Vorpal. It's a youtube video, and it shows one Agent Clint Barton, in Times Square, getting hit with a nudity ray. And while that's going on, Kate pauses to order herself a brownie sundae, because she's totally going to work it off later.

"…" Keith watches. And watches. When he hands the phone back to Kate, he asks very carefully: "And this kind of thing happens to him often?"

"Two days later, he got brainwashed by this washed up Hollywood star lady and shot me with a stun arrow," Kate says ruefully, still grinning as she takes her phone back. "I'm telling you, Keith, gypsy curse for sure. Five years of friendship, all good. Five days of dating, and he's naked in Times Square and shooting me." She can't even say it with a straight face, though. She's snickering the whole time.

"So… he wears purple. And he seems to attract trouble," Keith draws the points with his finger. "Kate. Are you sure he's not me?"

I mean, all the signs. "Wait… what washed-up Hollywood star? she brainwashed him?"

A tinge of jealousy. That sounded like a weird adventure, and usually those hapened to him. Maybe Clint was Vorpal?

"If he's you, then I have no idea why you aren't spending more time walking around shirtless, and I'll see your at seven for another make-out session," Kate says with a glance at her watch and a bit of a smirk. "Besides, I've known him way longer than I've known you. Maybe that's why we get along," she winks. The question, though, get's a moment of pause as she wrinkles her nose. "You ever see Colleagues and Mistresses?"

Bobby Drake comes into Midtown Manhattan from Lower Manhattan.

Bobby Drake heads out to Upper Manhattan.

"I only do that for Gar. Besides,I have him/ walking around in-" Keith pauses, TMI, "Colleagues and Mistresses… yeah. I remember that one, vaguely though." He peers at Kate. He's going to come back to Clint in just a bit, but this sounds like some interesting info.

"I have not," Kate admits. "But apparently, she was the ditzy dominatrix?" Her sundae arrives then, and she starts in on it with gusto.

"Marilyn something?" He's going to have to go back to IMDB and look it up. "So why exactly did she brainwash your boyfriend, and nudify him?"

Keith's sundae arrives a little later, but he doesn't drink it just yet. This was getting more and more bizarre of a story. "More importantly… how did she brainwash him? Did she have one of those crazy spiral devices from the sixties or something?"

"Oh no, she didn't nudify him," Kate clarifies through a mouthful of brownie and ice cream. "That was a completely different incident. Days apart." Seriously. Gypsy curse. "And it sounds like it had something to do with her eyes. Apparently she's completely crazy. There was some cult, there was burning people alive, there was…a lot of crazy. We're still investigating. But he shot me, and Clint would never shoot me, so I'm going to believe she was definitely in his head."

Wow. Hollywood types kept getting crazier and crazier… he was going to have to look this woman up and then let the Titans know she was out there hypopotomizing people. "Alright… well…. have you guys talked about boundaries, that sort of thing? I mean about the relationship…" back to Kate and Clint.

"Uh. Boundaries?" Kate quirks a brow, taking another spoon worth of sundae. "What sort of boundaries? Is that a conversation you're supposed to have? I mean, we don't really have a lot of boundaries. I am not great with boundaries." Oh god she's already doing it wrong!

"Calm down, calm down Katie, whoa whoa," Keith laughs, perceiving a worry. "I mean, boundaries are a good thing… but what those are vary from relationship to relationship. You're talking to the guy who was basicallyliving with and sleeping in the same bed as Gar before we were even official. Though nothing happened until way after we were official. So… we were living together and sharing the same sleeping space before we were ever in an actual relationship. But for us the boundary was intimacy- it's important to know where you want to go and how fast, and at which point you consider yourselves to be at a comfortable spot to… sort of mesh your lives together more, you know?"

"Oh. Yeah. We…sort of had that talk." At least the talk about sleeping together, and when that was likely to happen. "A couple of talks like that. We're still feeling some things out," she admits, poking at the ice cream with her spoon. "I mean, we practically live at each others places already. Usually he sleeps on the couch. Lately, it's been a little bit more…we sleep on the couch. Is that weird?" she asks suddenly. "Like, I feel like if we're sleeping in the bed, then there are expectations, but if we sleep on the couch, we can sleep together without sleeping together."

"Hey, whatever works for you! Gar and I kept our underoos on, that sort of was our equivalent of sleeping on the couch. Because his dorm had no couch. God, that bed was small," he shakes his head. The upside of waking up with kinks in your back was the massage that came to loosen those up, though. "The important thing, Katie, above all else is this. That you two are happy, that the relationship is good for you, and that it is what you want. Nothing else matters, not what I think, not what other people think- heck, if I had listened to some people, I wouldn't have gone after Gar, even though I wanted to more than anything. You always know what you want, Kate. It's one of the awesome things about you. But even though I said that what I think doesn't matter, I'll say this…"

And full squee mode, "Ohmygod I'm so happy for you!" He leans to hug, almost spills his drink and instead gives her an air hug, "But you totally realize you're Hawkeye dating Hawkeye now. That's so meta!"

Kate laughs, her smile crinkling the corners of her eyes as she reaches out to take his hand from the air hug. "Thanks, Keith. I just…Wow, I really needed to tell someone. I mean, I know it's going to complicate things in some places. Even with the whole Clint issue aside, there are going to be people who are going to be uncomfortable with us working together if we're in a relationship. Which is dumb. I mean, he worked with his exes, too." Yeah, that's not a pattern, Kate. Go with that.

Avoid subject, NOW. "That's kind of silly. I mean, we're all professionals here." Says the man who turns into a purple cat in spandex.

"Totally," Kate agrees, taking another spoonful of sundae and leaning forward as she lowers her voice. "But oh my god, Keith, sometimes I just want to…Okay, seriously, you saw the video. He is hot. And he's my best friend. I am a lucky girl. Now I just have to keep him from getting himself killed. Which…is not new, so."

"I know!" He was not blind, and that video was very generous, "I know exactly how you feel. How do you think I felt sleeping right next to Gar? My dear, you're in girlfriend country now. Keeping our men alive is what we do… except, well, it's more Gar keeping me alive, but you know what I mean." He smirks. "You've got quite a cath there. And you work together well, you'll make it as long as you want it to make it work. From the pupil, I imagine the mentor is just as strong-willed." Codeword for stubborn.

"He is truly gifted at getting into trouble," Kate chuckles, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. "But he's mine. Wow. That's…pretty awesome, actually." Looking down doesn't quite hide a goofy grin as she pokes at the sundae. "So how's things back at Titans base?" she asks, clearing her throat and changing the subject.

"Very quiet. Everybody was hung over on the first. Gar slept like a tree trunk. I may have done so as well… I got kinda beat up the day before New Year's by a crazy woman. How about you? How's your neck of the vigilante woods?" Keith answers

"Pretty quiet. Except for crazy actress lady, apparently," Kate wrinkles her nose. "And lots of training. Because apparently I'm a probationary member of the JL:A until I meet Wonder Woman and make up with Superman for questioning the legitimacy of a space station as a home base." The nerve!

Keith was very well aware of Kate's ideas about bases, so he grins. "Man, that's awesome, a member of the Justice League…" he gets that dreamy look in his eyes as he sips on his sundae. "That's the major leagues, Katiebug. I'd never make it over there! How does it feel like?"

"It mostly feels like being me?" Kate answers, smile wry. "I don't know. I go back and forth. It's kind of…still quiet right now, so it's not in full swing. And I keep waiting for it to fall through or something. Which I kind of really hope doesn't happen, because I seem to be collecting enemies, too. Ra's al Ghul showed up in my apartment to tell me to stay away from Damian. And then yesterday I find out HYDRA's got a file on me. Which is hey, yay, cool, I've made it! Except that HYDRA has a file on me."

Keith blinks. "Ra's al What told you to stay away from whom? And don't worry, HYDRA has a file on me too after I went to Greenland and helped blow up their base there with… a whole bunch of people…" he pauses. "Were you there? I honestly can't remember who was there and who wasn't. There was this big furry guy and this girl who could phase through stuff called Kitty. And there was this policeman who turned into a demon…" Man, it seemed so long ago.

"I think I missed that one. And Damian's grandfather." Kate finishes the sundae, pushing the bowl away with a sigh. "I don't think the whole secret identity thing is going to fly for much longer. And then I get to deal with Dad's opinion. Which…should be interesting."

Keith looks at Kate for a few seconds, and purses his lips. "Um… Kate. I didn't know he was called Damian before…" though, thinking about it, it is the perfect name for the guy. "You had his crazy grandfather, the head of that assassin thing, come to threaten you? I mean, did he bug your place? Did he try to hurt you?" concern now is very apparent. It's not that he thinks that Kate can't handle things… it's that this is a man who, Keith guessed, could kill you with his farts simply because he's found a way to poison those.

Kate pauses. Stares. Then drops her head onto her arms on the table. "I am SO BAD at secrets," she groans before straightening, taking a deep breath. "Sorry. Let's pretend I didn't say that. For whatever it's worth. I don't know. He had a sword, he put it away. Kind of like staring down a tiger. You know, I read somewhere that farmers in India wear masks on the backs of their heads because tigers won't attack you to your face. I'm pretty sure that was my whole strategy there." She reaches for her soda, taking a long drink before shaking her head. "I doubt it's going to matter. He wanted me to stay away from him, and he hasn't…I don't actually have a way to get in touch with him. So. Probably an extremely moot point."

"Please. You probably just blurted it out because you knew I wasn't going to blab." Like the fact he hasn't blabbed that Danny Rand is Iron Fist OH MY GOD.

"I know you don't like to touch upon this but… do you think Rashomon-" okay, so he's bad with exotic names "-did something to D- Ro- the guy to make him all headsrewy and Assassiny? Because if he's not there voluntarily, then it behooves us as his team-mates to rescue him. But if he's there willingly…"

He takes a sip of water. "Well, then there's nothing we can do." Except apprehend him if he ever tries to murderize someone. But Damian had more common sense than that.

Keith hoped.

"I honestly don't know," Kate shakes her head. "He didn't seem like himself. But he's- He always was, and I'm sure he still is…vulnerable." Probably not a word that absolutely anyone else would use to describe Damian. "If he feels like I let him down, then he'll close the door. If he feels like they're there for them, they care for him…then he's not going to leave. But I can't force him to believe we care about him. All I can do is give him space, and hope that the person I know he can be wins through."

Keith isn't a pessimist by any stretch of the imagination… but he's glad that Kate now has Clint to take up her attention because, well, he thinks her hope in Damian is misplaced.

"Well, enough about that- say, how do you feel about teaching me how to… do archery?"

Kate's brows rise at that suggestion. "Yeah?" she replies. "I could do that. Clint's better at teaching than I am, but I'd be glad to show you a few things. The thing about archery, though, is that it's a whole lot of practice," she warns. "Doing it isn't hard. It's a stick and a string and another stick. You get the basics pretty quick. After that it's building strength and skill with practice."

"I study Black Tiger Fist and gymnastics, I'm very familiar with practice," the young man grins. "And Gar doesn't let me pass up a training session unless I'm sick. You know, I've only met Clint once?"

"Yeah?" Kate smiles crookedly. "So you'll have to come over and meet him more properly, then. He's pretty great. Kind of all work sometimes, but all heart underneath it. And just, like. I mean. He's a train wreck. The most adorable, awesome train wreck you've ever seen, and you can't help but pick him up every time."

"I'll make sure to wear my conductor's apron, then," Keith grins and winks. "Now, let's toast with Sudaes to your relationship! May you always hit the mark!" he says, raising his Sundae.

Kate lifts her soda, grin flashing. "To a few happy moments," she responds. "May they keep balancing out the inevitable crazy."

"Pfff. To the crazy. That's what makes everything else possible." Keith grins and sips his Sundae. "Now… how about we hit the stores after this? You need a New Relationship Scarf. Totally."

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