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January 2, 2014: Ronnie and Barry lounge around his apartment and eat salad. No, really.

Barry's Apartment

A small apartment in Little Italy



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New Year's Day is pretty sweet, because Barry has the day off and after being sucked into an alternate dimension portal and with no memory of what happened, other than be super duper tired, it's nice to just relax. He's sprawled out on one couch, having turned the channel after the conclusion to 'The Game,' and is now looking at the news.

"You hungry at all?" Barry asks over towards the other couch where Ronnie is laying. "This is probably a really lame date."

Ronnie is not quite ~as~ sprawled as Barry, but she's still pretty sprawled. A modest level of sprawl, as far as the measurements of sprawling go. She isn't wearing quite so many sweaters as normal, such that her arms are — gasp — exposed, revealing the lean, chiseled musculature that makes her look like some kind of Olympian.

"I could eat," Ronnie says, looking over and pushing herself up to sit on her knees. "And, uh, considering you just got… sucked into another, you know, dimension? Or whatever you said it was, I don't even… I mean, I'm not gonna be like 'why aren't we going ~out~' after a thing like that. Haha." She smiles, kind of goofily.

"Everything is pretty much closed today anyways. What are you in the mood for? I have a ton of stuff. I have to eat a lot of calories just to keep it all going. My friends at the labs made me some snack bars, but sometimes you just gotta go all out, you know?"

He stands wearily and makes his way towards the kitchen, intent on fixing her up something grand, when the news comes across his small high definition television.

"…Mayor Hilton of Albany had no comment, but the information is damning, if not terrifyingly embarassing to he and his wife. It seems Mr. Hilton suffers a bit from the aging process and was knee deep in searches for everything from lingerie, to exciting viewing material, to pharmaceutical assistance. Apparently, Mayor Hilton's enemies, notably the Tomorrow Party and its allies, are having a hayday with this. The Twitter Verse has exploded with the embarassing news, and sources have said that Hilton's wife is considering divorce."

"This comes as quite a shock to those in the inner circle of Hilton's administration. The extremely popular Mayor was a favorite to run as governor of New York, and had widespread support from both sides of the aisle. He has been known as a tireless worker and extremely honest. Two rarities in today's politics."

"Uh, I'm vegan, mostly, I hope that's not a pain in the ass," Ronnie says. "I mean I think I told you that already but it wasn't, like, it wasn't me telling you stuff. I mean, just to tell you stuff. Like, lying. Anyway, uh, I'm good with like… a salad or a stir fry or whatever." She stands and stretches, popping joints. She probably ~does~ do a lot of yoga.

Ronnie looks over at the TV and brushes some hair out of her face. "Huh." She rests her hands on her hips and watches a few moments more, before glancing over at Barry. "What d'you make of all that?"

"Oh! Vegan! Right!" Barry has like a ton of meat out on the counter. Luckily he hadn't done the super speedy preparations yet. "I can do salad. I can make a great salad." He becomes a blur as packages of meat begin to disappar. In its stead, within two eyeblinks is a biggole salad with croutons and tomoatoes and fancy cheese and all of that stuff, and with a decided lack of bacon bits. "If I eat meat does that mean you're going to get grossed out and not kiss me anymore?" He looks almost deflated, clearly joking, "Because I really, really like meat."

The television piques his interest and Barry just sort of shakes his head. "I think…honestly? I'm terrified as to how many people seem to…" He pauses, trying to find the right words, "get their jollies from watching other people be humiliated. It's like our national passtime. I mean that Hilton guy? He didn't do anything wrong, and now his life is pretty much over. Who's going to vote for that guy?"

"I like meat too," Ronnie says with a laugh. "I just, y'know, don't eat it. So maybe if you eat a really good burger you're gonna have to kiss me ~more~." She pauses. "Wow, that was really gross, what I said, that's… I don't know, it sounded clever in my head." Ronnie sits back down with her salad bowl, and turns her eyes towards the news while still listening to Barry. "Yeah, no, it's… ugh. I mean, I don't know. It's really kind of… like, I don't like the voyeuristic aspect of it? But I think like, if politicians have REALLY bad things, um, I mean, like not just online… porn… or whatever, they should get outed. But this is just kinda not necessary. So he looked at porn, like, big whoop."

"I tend to agree," Barry says with a nod, poking at his own salad with a fork. "What I want to know is how people even get this information. I mean, who thinks it's a good idea to actually give this sort of thing out? Why do we feel the need to watch people squirm? Maybe it's political, but at the end of the day, how much difference does political affiliation make in the day to day operations of a city."

Barry just shakes his head, reaches for his remote, and then turns off the television.

Ronnie could give a lecture derived from years of SHIELD training and experience, but she doesn't. Besides, she's not in a classroom. "Some people just want to watch the world burn. You know, like that lame movie."

Ronnie is eating at a measured rate. She's no speedster with a fork. "But, y'know, it's probably whoever else wants the governor's seat. Like, being the governor can drive people down some shady roads. Have you seen The Wire? It's like The Wire."

"But that's what I don't get. I mean, it's the Mayor of Albany. Why would someone stoop so low to do that? And worse, who is making these sorts of things available for public consumption. Google, yahoo, all these people horde information on you, and then are the absolute worst custodians of it.

"Yeah. Tell me about it." Ronnie Hautzig, of course, only has Google results carefully prepared by SHIELD, showing how she's just a normal student and totally not a SHIELD field agent. "It's just, like, industrial sabotage, I guess. Brought down to the personal level. And no one really knows not to, you know, put their naked pictures on the cloud or whatever."

Barry sighs and puts his feet up on the coffee table, apparently really bothered by this. "What bothers me more is us, really. Us people who watch this stuff or are affected by it in anyway." He shakes his head disgustedly. "You wanna go for a walk after we eat?"

Ronnie nods, though with a mouthful of salad it takes a second to respond. "Sure. I'm gonna google what borough had the fewest knife crimes in 2014, though. And we can walk there."

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