Catching up with Pezza

January 3, 2014: Barry and Sara catch up and compare notes.

Police Headquarters

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The firing range at the precinct does steady business. There's always someone who needs a some requalification, or clearance, or training. And then there are officers who like to do a little target practice to blow off some steam. Sara usually falls into the latter category. She's just stepping out of the range at the moment, ear protection hanging around her neck and protective goggles on top of her head. "Good for the next year," she says as she signs out at the desk outside, passing back the protective gear.

Barry Allen isn't in here to shoot guns. He hates them, and tries to get out of as much gunwork as possible, aside from what's somewhat ridiculously required for his position. Instead, he's handing off charts to Detective Jordan and just finishing up the conversation.

"Hi, Pezzini," the cheerful midwesterner says, giving her a wave. "How are things?"

"Hey, Allen," Sara tips her chin up toward the analyst, checking her phone and leaning against the counter as she waits for the proper paperwork to get filed. "Things are okay." Aside from the crazy ancient wizard who showed up at her place to ask if she still had the Spear. That was a little awkward. "Keeping busy. Making a little headway on some of those missing kid cases. How about you? Busy in the lab?"

Barry nods, "Yeah, been busy. In the lab. And otherwise." When Sara finally looks at him, she'll notice a purplish bruise over his eye that is nearly healed. Such is life when you take on the Savitar, one supposes. "How's Manning doing?"

"Adjusting," Sara says ruefully. "Taking on the paperwork. You know how it goes." Glancing up, she arches a brow at the bruise. "Walk into a microscope?" she asks, a hint of a smile tugging at one corner of her lips. Is she actually not making fun of him? For once?

Barry leans closer towards her, sort of taking a step so that their shoulders are almost even but his head is sort of pointed away from her. Close enough to talk in hushed tones. "Ran into a guy named the Savitar. And by ran, I mean I physically ran alongside him. He was pretty fast. Somehow related to some cultists."

"You know," Sara murmurs with a sigh, "People keep telling me religion is dying. People don't go to church, nobody believes in God, all that jazz. But every other week, there's some new cult making the rounds. If you ask me, religion isn't dying. People are just looking for gods they can actually see and touch. Like we're all falling back into ancient times." She pauses, blinking. "That was grim. And dramatic. Sorry. Who caught the case?"

"That's very philosophical of you, Sara," Barry says with a grin. "My grandmother would have been horrified at your words." He folds his arms over his thin chest and tries to remember. Only now has his memory and thought processes cleared up. It's pretty clear to him that without his accelerated healing, he probably would have died. "Romanowski, I think."

"Hey, I still go to mass," Sara laughs, shaking her head. "If all the things I keep running into are real, I figure it's just a matter of time before I run into the big guy himself. And have to explain why I'm holding family property." At the answer, she wrinkles her nose. "He's an okay cop. Does good with the drug cases. A little less good with the creative thinking ones."

Barry nods, "I'm sort of keeping tabs on it from afar." He chuckles a bit, "Well, when you do meet the big guy upstairs, be sure to put in a good word for me huh? He's given me a lot of gifts down here. But he's taken a lot away."

"I've got some choice words about his granddaughter," Sara snorts softly. "But I figure if I get to that point, he's probably not taking a lot of good words from me," she points out with a rueful smile. "That, and the non-evil god sorts usually have some sort of vague, new-agey things to say when you want to talk about the things they've taken away."

Barry grins at her now, "So you're saying you won't put in a good word for me?" He looks away, shrugging, as if taking on the burden himself. "You think he likes hockey?"

"I'm saying you probably don't want my good word," Sara chuckles, shaking her head. "The way my life has gone, I'm not sure we're on super good terms even without the extra special circumstances. Seriously, hockey?" A smile curves as she laughs. "Sure, why not? I guess if you've got infinite time and infinite attention, you might as well enjoy everything you can." As the paperwork is completed, she takes her copy from the desk with a nod, stepping away. "So. You think this guy's been building the whole cult thing?"

Barry has that awkward moment where you don't know if the person is leaving and you don't know if they want you to follow and so he just sort of freezes, but responds to her nevertheless. "I'm not sure. It's almost like they brought him. In the file, and from what I saw, he didn't seem to care for them much when he realized they'd been beaten."

Sara tilts her head as she starts back toward the basement office she shares with Paul. That was probably an invitation, at least. "So you think we're dealing with a legitimate god sort?" she asks, arching a brow. "Or just some sort of meta who's been hit with something to hold him in place that's just now breaking loose thanks to this cult? Like magic or meta isn't bad enough on its own, now we need them crossing the streams."

Barry eventually begins to follow along, maybe a half step behind Sara as he considers. "To be honest, I'm not sure. I wonder if it has something to do with the speed force. I don't really know that much about my powers or where they come from—but I have to believe he's related somehow."

"Speed force?" Sara echoes, tossing the paperwork onto her desk and sitting at the edge of it. "That's a new one on me. I've seen metas, mutants, mages, aliens, other versions of not-human, and artifacts," she adds, giving her wrist a jingle. "But speed force sounds new."

"Well, that's my name for it. It's a mixture of my powers and Star Wars." Barry shrugs and goes wideyed as if exasperated, "What?! Yeah, I was a geek in school. So what?

"I said nothing," Sara points out, raising her hands. "I'm the bearer of the Balance, I make no judgment on what things get called. Not the question, anyone," she continues with a faint smirk. "What's a speed force? Some sort of energy you're tapping into that other people haven't been able to locate or monitor?"

"Yeah, something like that. I guess. To be honest, I'm not really sure. It kind of goes above and beyond my expertise in science. I've worked with STAR Labs in Central City and here to try and get a better handle on it, but so far it's been outside of their expertise. Either way, it must be something more than one person can tap into because KF has it, and …well, I guess Savitar has it."

"KF?" Sara echoes again, though she doesn't seem to expect a real answer. "I'd guess from the way you talk about it, some sort of power or energy, yeah. Huh. See, that one's interesting. Any chance your guy was actually, uh…Stuck in it?" she suggests. "Maybe whatever those cultists were doing was enough to break him out."

"KF? Kid Flash. You've heard of him, right? Short african american kid with a big mouth and the silver outfit? He's the best sidekick there is out there. And he'll tell you all about it." Barry jokes, but he loves Wally to death. And respects him even more. "That's a good hypothesis as any. I should go talk to some of those cultists."

Sara may not have a fancy education, but she's not stupid. There's a reason she's one of the youngest to ever make detective, and it's not because she's pretty. "I was not aware there was a Kid Flash," she says, amused. "But he sounds super fun." Translation: Do not let him get into trouble in New York. "Seems to me like if these cultists are speed worshippers, you might want to costume up and stop by, yep."

"I think that's a pretty good idea. I think I'll do that tonight after I'm off work," Barry says before turning the subject back towards Pezzini and Manning. "What about those kids? You and Manning need any help on that case?
"I never turn away help when it comes to missing kids," Sara shakes her head. "But I think we've got as much as we're going to get without a real break in the case right now," she admits. "Unfortunately."

Barry nods, "Well, I'd be happy to take a look when you guys think you might need some fresh eyes. I know you guys'd do the same for me."

"Thanks. Let me know if you need anything with Speedy two, the remix," Sara adds with a tip of her chin. "I don't usually do fast, but at least I'm pretty durable."

Barry nods, "I appreciate the help, Pezzini. Have yourself a good day. Don't be a stranger." But before he leaves, he turns over his shoulder, "And for the record Star Wars was amazing and I'm not going to apologize."

"Who asked you to?" Sara replies with a smirk, settling into her chair. "It's Star Wars, it's the twenty-first century, nobody has to apologize for Star Wars."

"I guess it's just a reflex," Barry says with a laugh and a waves as he bolts.

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