Remember the Titans?

January 03 2015: The Titans meet a certain druid in Gotham. Does he remember them? Oh yes he does.

Midtown Alley

A back alley in Midtown, full of trash, dumpsters and, oh yes, werewolves



  • Syndicate Werewolves

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Gotham after dark is host to some rather… odd sights. But not often this one. A man in a hooded cloth and leather outfit darts up an alley with a pair of hulking shadows right on his heels. There's a sigil glowing on his chest, an old celtic phrase that says 'Hunter' if one knows how to read it. The man runs 'up' a wall for a few steps and flips over in a scene reminsicent of movies and whips out a large claymore from his back, that sheathed with a bright blue glow. There's a pair of sounds of metal going through meat and a deafening roar from an alley behind an old green grocer's shop where it's all happening.


Vorpal hears the roar. His particular patrol through Gotham in the night is usually eventful… this time, though, he's keeping his fellow Titans on the loop of what is going on. Because fostering teamwork is one of those things you do.

"Just heard a roar about a block north of me. Anyone in the area?" he speaks into his phone, using the TeamSpeak app. They don't have a comm system yet, but this is the closest they have.

He's working on it, anyways. He's on the rooftop, looking over the gloomy streets.


Misfit nearly falls off a roof, oh right the teamspeak thingee on the phone. For a minute she was trying to figure out how Vorpal got in her comm system. Maybe she should have Vorpal talk to Oracle about how to get this really setup. Cause she would totes know how it is done right. "I'm in Gotham… but really I'm wherever you need me remember." she steps and bounces /pinkurple/ and is behind Vorpal now without the twang of magic. "Where did you hear it?" verbally right behind him, she is practicing the fine Bat-art of appearing behind people and giving them anuerisms.


No, Zee is not in the area, she is currently in Metropolis having finished a rather enjoyable lunch. But the call comes in on her phone and she frowns slightly "I'm not Vorpal, but can be in a matter of minutes if you tell me where 'here' is" the young magician smirks a little as she waits for a reply.


The view from outside the alleys shows only shadows. But there's rather more slicing sounds, the another pained roar, the clang of steel on steel and then a meaty thunk, followed by the sound of… actually it sound like someone dropped a carload of potatoes on the ground. A certain druid leans against the wall with a pair of badly cut up, unmoving, unbreathing men on either side of him and a bloody claymore in his hand. He's panting and greatly tempted to take his mask off… but doesn't.


"Gotham, let me ping you the location…" Vorpal hits the share location button on the app for Zee as Misfit appears behind him, and he points to the source of the sounds. "Over there-"


Misfit sticks her tongue out at the lack of reaction from Vorpal and then takes off at a run leaping onto the next building and sliding over to look down into the alley. "Woah… what a mess… it's Foxman again, though he has a really big sword…. I think he just sworded… is that a verb… sworded two guys in the alley…. which honestly isn't being a very good guy unless they were warpwolves… though they look like guys." it is all said quietly to her comm, which she bluetoothed to her phone and the teamspeak app. Science.


The share location is just what Zee needs and as she strides down the street of Metropolis, she speaks

~ gnikorW sehtolC ~

And her sweater dress, leggings and boots are replaced with her fishnet tights, thigh high boots, leotard, swallowcoat and top hat. Ignoring the bystanders shocked looks, the young magician keeps moving and speaks once more

~ tropeleT eM oT laproV ~

as keeps the share location fixed in her mind.


The Fox hasn't seen Misfit yet. He looks exhausted which makes sense if you've ever handled a weapon like a claymore. Demigods may be able to fight for days but for regular people, even fit, skilled ones fighting for minutes is extremely tiring. Perhaps curiously, he's not moving to getaway from the scene of - evidently - brutally swording two people. Who still aren't moving.


Vorpal will not admit to Misfit that her teleport scared the crap out of her. He's a cat, though, so he made his swirl to face her appear as intentional as he could make it.

The girl had some awesome powers to sneak up on people. In any case, he does Rabbit Hole himself to the rooftop overlooking the alley so that Zatanna can appear right at the location.

"Right, I'm going to go and take a look, in case our ally has turned murderer. I'll go down," he says quietly to Zee and Misfit, "you two take the flanks, in case things turn ugly…"

The cat leaps off the roof and lands down the alley in a crouch.

"Fancy meeting you here, Zorrillo."


Misfit eye rolls a little "and awaaay he goes… hmm.. I totally liked Foxman.. you know like batman but Foxes…" she is ready to back Vorpal's play and flank if she needs to, but then she can be there in an instant and the rooftop gives her an excellent view of the whole alley to plan for.


Stepping out of her portal, Zee hears Vorpals instructions and looks to Misfit as the young woman goes to the left. Zee moves to the right, stepping carefully across the rooftop until she has a view of the street below. On hearing Vorpals greeting, the Mistress of Magic holds her breath.


The Fox glances up at Vorpal and grunts, pushing off the walls and bringing his sword up to rest on his shoulder. "Hello Cat Man. Not opening this conversation with a club to the head, so that's an improvement over last time." He says dryly. The druid doesn't move much, still standing exactly between the two downed men. "Caaaaan I help you today?"


"Well, that depends. Who exactly are you murderizing?" the Cheshire answers still in his demi-crouch, the better to spring at you with, my dear. "The Bat doesn't take a good view of people getting killed… the Titans aren't crazy about it, either. So… who are they?" he asks, hoping that the proper question is 'what', not 'who'.


Misfit flicks some snow off the edge of the roof with her hand. Splush. Okay maybe she isn't the most patient. It is a virtue she needs to work on. She teleports down and to the left further, onto a fire escape with a bit better view of the two guys and the two animal guys. Quietly to her comm "what is it with animal themes anyhow… I'll be mongooseGirl."


"Quiet and don't give your position away" Zee hisses into the comm. Now she's got a look at the Fox-masked man, she's frowning slightly and she casts around with her magical senses.

"Vorpal… I'm coming down… they're werewolves he has and they're not down for the count." The Mistress of Magic doesn't wait and follows the fire escape down… holding her magic for later.


Kane quirks an eyebrow at the woman in the coat and the unitard coming down the fire escape… and there's Misfit. He hasn't heard the comm system they have going though. "Well…" The Fox turns to look at the two men rolling his shoulder a bit. "Firstly, inasmuch as I've not seen any of you folks out here taking care of any of this, I'm not yet convinced that those opinions on my methods are things that should really factor in to anything. And second…" Now his brow quirks. "Whatever makes you think they're dead?"

One of the men takes a gasping breath, then the second and both start to push themselves to their feet, starting to grow fur and gain mass as they do.

"It'd be so much easier if they were, I'll grant you…" Kane sighs before turning and laying into one of the werewolves before it can rise. That glowing claymore slices into muscle and sinew and draws a deep cut across the chest. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to slow him that much.


"Werewolves. Great." The last time Vorpal ran into werewolves, he got punched halfway through the room and ended up with broken ribs that Raven had to heal. "Suppression tactics, then, team. We want them alive, but without spunk."

The cheshire focuses and summons two small earplugs, which he stuffs into his ears. The reason for that is that immediately he begins to produce a high-pitch squeal using his powers of illusion… not a squeal that either of his team-mates can hear, however, but a piercing, screaming sound past the hearing of human beings and more into the area of where certain animals, such as cats and dogs, can hear. Last time he met werewolves, Vorpal was stunned by a magical howl. He's prepared to return the favor.


"Awesome!" she leaps off the third story fire escape and disappears mid-air in a flash >pinkurple> and reappears right above one of the two werewolves, not the one being sliced, using the force of the whole drop to put it into a kick rihgt to his werrewolf snout as he starts to change. Then she is gone again back a ways so she doesn't get bitten >pinkurple> "Uh do we need magic or silver or what to put these down…. I have my magic batarangs" yeah she said that "But … yeah what do I do to them.. are they warpwolves?" whatever those are.


Zee looks as the werewolves transform "Silver will at least slow them down. I hope all of you have some silver on you today" she responds before she speaks in her unusual fashion: ~ revliS sniahC dnA sdnaB dniB mehT ~

Anything silver in the form of a chain or band on any of the group, or in the surrounding area will wrap the werewolves and hold them

As the spell takes effect the silver necklace Zee has been wearing today stretches and pulls at her neck. Staggering under the pressure, the young magician reaches up and unfastens it allowing it to speed towards the nearest Werewolf, enlongating to wrap around it.


The Fox gets slammed into a wall, then fluidly ducks out of the way of a claw swipe that powders the brickwork where his head was. His claymore flashes again, down on a werewolf's wrist, then follows it up with a rising cut to the belly. The wolf howls in pain but despite a number of deep cuts it's not even close to slowing down…

Then he grabs a crossbow off his back and shoots a silver tipped bolt into his opponent. That makes it mad.

"Warpwolves? No! These are just Syndicate thugs!" Which is both better and worse. On the upside, mere mortals can beat them if they're careful, good or lucky. On the downside? Well Misfit finds out as the warpwolf she kicked produces a pair of… what are to him knives but are in fact small swords to something more human sized. It doesn't quite get to use them though because Vorpal's dog-ear shattering screech leaves both animals covering their ears. Zee's silver band wraps around the legs of the wolf the Fox is fighting, hobbling it.


"Aw, what's that, boys, you don't like my song? Just wait for the remix!" Vorpal says, in that 'TALKING TOO LOUD' voice that people have when their ears are covered. He continues the sonic onslaught using his powers of illusion, since he has found out that not being within striking distance of werewolves makes for a healthy cheshire.

Unfrtunately, there is nothing on the Cheshire that can contribute to Zatanna's silver-requisitoining spells, as Vorpal has no necklace nor other jewelry to contribute. Gar has clearly not Put A Ring On It. Perhaps there might be ground to worry.


Misfit teleports >pinkurple> moving further from Sword-Wolf. "Crap.. hm" she flings the coral batarangs at the wolfguy with the swords, super fast and super sharp coral. Maybe magical atlantean coral will be effective against Werewolves. "Take that!" as she aims at the wolves sword hands.

Alas Misfit has no silver either though she calls to Zee "Should I bop to .. like tiffany's and loot the silver department Zee?"



The mark was missed. Veruca had planned to open up a portal where she would emerge upon the ground and not in mid-dair. However, there's no sense in looking a gift horse in the mouth. What was done was done and with a tuck and curl she lands atop of a roof of a car, caving the sucker in and blowing out the windows by sheer force. That was one portal down, four to go.

Veruca's contribution to the heroes, which, if she had her say, she really wouldn't have done it guys. She's all murder and mayhem, she only helps herself. If people ain't dyin', Veruca ain't trying. So believe you me, when she finds out that she helped?

She will pitch..

But she has to keep moving, regardless of what was abound, and she did look as she slid herself off of the car to land upon her feet, and then her knees.. blood spilling recklessly against the ground.

Icy blues catch the scene at hand, and with a bloodied lip scowl, she hisses outloud. "FUCKING WOLVES!" And then, with a hand striking up to grasp the car to pull herself up, she hobble limps and jogs the other way.


Looking at her two team mates Zee heaves a great sigh "No Misfit…. but remind me to fix that tomorrow." Watching the effect of Vorpals ear shattering scream, Zee looks about once. There are dumpsters and who knows what manner of things are in dumpsters? Holding her place, the Mistress of Magic speaks once more…

~ dniB ehT sevlowereW dnaH dnA tooF ~

The dumpster lids open and anything that can be used to bind things will come flying towards the wolves to hold them tight.


There's a green grocer on the other side of this alley. Aaaaaand. Er… let's call it a specialty shop. It specializes in whips. And leather. And metal studs. And sometimes fine chain….

It's a tack and saddle supplier, you pervert.

Silver flies out of the dumpster (there is some) and out of the car Veruca smashed and her yell is rather distracting. One werewolf ends up hobbled in silver mesh in front of Kane. There's not enough for the both of them.

Then the druid runs the werewolf through, whips his blade back out and brings it down on the back of the wolf's neck with a crunch.

The Werewolf that's left can hear Vorpal. He's too staggered to do anything else. It. Hurts. So. Much. He grits, glares up murderusly and then hurls one of his blades up at the Cat.


Vorpal sees the blade heading his way- and the sonic scream fades away as a giant kite shield appears on his arm, raised to intercept the blade.

"Fine. Is that the way you like it? C'mere, Fido." The cheshire snaps his fingers on his free hand and a vorpal blade appears, ready to go snicker-snack. "Time to take you back to the pound!"

Bravado much? Maybe. But he's come to hate werewolves.


Her foot drags against the ground in an almost dead limp, her arm, clutched to her side in a white knuckled grip. If she were better, she would have ended those werewoles out of spite, and placed the figure of the hard chisled jaw upon each of their faces present where the knuckles prominent upon her fists would make themselves /home/. But not this night, she seeks to find the safety and freedom, and much needed medical attention that she'll lie about not needing.

There was a final last look towards the group with the werewolves, a slight wrinkle of her nose given as she aims herself towards the car. With a faithful sprint, she runs.. dives..



Misfit frowns at the lack of … impact of her Atlantean Coral on the wolves "DANGIT." she whistles and they fly back to her. By fly back they literally animate like little bats and fly back at batspeed to her hands and she shoves them away. Then well her attention drifts to the car crashing, and Zee's spell, and Veruca hobbling away… and diving into a .. mirror or window or.. huh "Hey… who was that teleporter…" oh right werewolves. Misfit looks back in time to see Vorpal Cat-Up and try to provoke a charge… and Kane… with the sword. "Eww…" she teleports nd snags the sword out of mid-air, and then teleports again out of sight, up to the edge of the roof once more with a new sword.


When Misfit's batarangs fly back they rip chunks of werewolf off with them and the remaining wolf flinches and snarls with pain as it raises it's blade and begins a furious charge down at Vorpal. At the same time the Fox turns and places a bolt in his crossbow, racking back the string with a slide on the stock of the weapon. He doesn't have a clear shot yet… so it's up to Misfit and Zee to actually, you know, do something before about three hundred fifty pounds of angry supernatural muscle get to the Cat.


Vorpal narrows his eyes and grins. "Ole, toro!" he shouts, his shield turning into a red Matador's cape and his suit turning into a bullfighter's outfit. He twirls that cape right in front of him and then sweeps it aside just as the Werewolf is getting to him to reveal-

A Rabbit Hole right in the werewolf's path. A Rabbit Hole whose mate appears right over Vorpal's head and points -upwards- so that the Werewolf essentially propels himself up into the air, right where Zee and Misfit can see him.

"All yours, ladies!"



Misfit watches the werewolf launch itself out of a rabbit hole in the air. "We should probably practice team tactics…. um are these guys human… is killing them murder or at they like demons or something…" she tries something new, she teleports over to the crushed car. Then teleports herself, and the car, who knew she could do that right, above the werewolf. She is going to drop a car on him is what she is going to do from… it looks to be roughly four stories up, then she teleports back to her rooftop to watch.


Zee watches and in the end, it all boils down to this: the werewolf will be crushed, not beheaded or pierced with silver. This is so not Zee's style… but one does what one must… and the car looks likes it's going to hit the werewolf without any issue.

The raven-haired woman focusses on the car that is falling, hood first, towards the werewolf, gestures with a short sharp chopping motion and speaks once more:

~ raC dooH emoceB edalB ~


Zee has… just turned a crushed Fiat 500 into a sword. Which rather makes the silver bolt that the Fox was going to follow up with… rather redundant. In fact his eyebrows go up a little behind his mask as the wolf is taken down with a meaty 'crunch'.

All is quiet for the moment and the druid wipes his blade clean and returns it to the scabbard on his back. "Well, that was helpful of you, thanks."


Jaunty music begins to play and an 'Experience Bar' appears above Misfit, Zatanna and Vorpal. The bar fills up quickly with 'XP' until a 'LEVEL UP!' message appears.

"Good job, Titans, excellent teamwork!" Vorpal says, grinning.

Vorpal Has Leveled Up! Learns 'Caterwaul!'
Zatanna Has Leveled Up! Learns 'AbraCadabra!'
Misfit Has Leveled Up! Learns 'Dark Vengeance!'

(Keith may have spent some time playing a few classic JRPGs over the holiday break. Blame it on the consoles Berto gave the Titans as gifts)

"Maybe a little excessive…" but maybe not, since there was clearly no ending this peacefully. Either his team-mates did something or the druid shot his bolt. And if nobody did anything, then the werewolves would have killed them all.

++Dogs. Filthy beasts. So stupid++
~Yeah, don't let Fenris hear you think that~

"So these werewolves, are they part of the ring of werewolves that were trafficking in artefacts?" Vorpal asks.


Misfit just gawks as the car turns into a giant blade and…. she looks away with a wince at the meaty crunch. Then she is gawking at the XP bar and …. right she rubs her eyes and teleports down >pinkurple> and continues to gawk at the .. very .. deadwolf. "Um.. is this okay.. I mean… they were monsters ..right?" she didn't mean to take part in cutting a werewolf in half. Maybe she needs some reassurances.


Zee doesn't hear the jaunty music or see the XP bar. They are, after all, in Vorpals imagination, right?

The meaty crunch of the car hitting the werewolf has the Mistress of Magic blancing a lot and she turns her back to her team mates and places her hands on her knees for many, many long minutes. There may even be the evidence of slight heaving breaths…. but eventually, the raven-haired woman turns to meet the eyes of her team and the Druid.

Nodding sadly at Misfit "They were monsters, turned and as far as we know they have no possibility of redemption… " Zee sighs still looking sallow "It was the best thing, I believe"

Looking at Kane, she cocks her head "My teammates seem to know you… I don't." She steps forward and offers her hand "I'm Zatanna Zatara, or Zee to my friends."


"They have this nasty habit of coming back over, and over, and over." Unless you hit them with the right stuff, the Fox knows you tend to have to put them down several times before they stay down. "And actually, Misfit… they're not dead. Well… this one might be." He looks down at the one that got crushed by the Fiat. "Might not. If they do come back though they won't be in active circulation for a little while."

"Yes, Catman. They're part of the Silver Syndicate. Which is not a gang so much as it is a… very nasty organization. Wolf pack efficiency. Human visciouness. They're not all werewolves. Most aren't actually but they're all into magic trafficking."


"Right. Fox, allow me to introduce you to my team-mates. You've already met Changeling, these are Misfit-" he points to the Sister In Red Hair, "and Zatanna, Mistress of Magic. You should tell her all you know about these traffickers so we can get the rest of the Titans working on this."

They did, after all, demonstrate their effectiveness as a team, completely bizarre though their tactics may be. Then again, no more bizarre than when he and Gar were fighting ghouls.

"You did well, Misfit." Vorpal isn't shaken by the rather gruesome moment back there, mostly because felines do not tend to be squeamish. Were he in his human form, with the Cait sitting in the back, then yes. "Good thinking on your feet there, with the car."


Misfit looks up and over at Vorpal "I've met him.. he knew my name Catman." pointing it out with amusement. Then she pokes the gore under the car with the sword she took from the wolf when he threw ot at Vorpal earlier. "Ew." she straightens up though and sighs "Thanks.. I think.. though if they are unredeemable inhuman monsters.. .. I could save… a lot of time and just teleport them with me… if we get desperate." she sounds a little.. unsteady about that idea for some reason. Just how bad is teleporting with her.


Zee still has her hand out and has noted that Kane has ignored her. Strike 1 for the druid. "He doesn't have to tell me anything Vorpal. I can do my own research." The teen magician, who just cut a werewolf in half with a car, stares steadily at the druid.


"I'm glad you can." The Fox finally notes her hand and winces a little. "Sorry, I get caught up." The shake of his gloved hand is short and firm.

"I can tell you that they're all over the Northeast, that they're violent and that they deal in magical artifacts, drugs and weapons, as well as mundane ones. I can also tell you that not all werewolves are created equal, that some may not have ever been human to begin with and that a few of them can be very polite, so don't judge the book by it's slobbering cover when it comes to irredeemable inhumanity. Beyond that? Well it's not like I've got spies everywhere or a vast network of computers."

The steady look doesn't phase the man who is haunted by the ghosts of his twelve dead friends whom were murdered in front of him. "What?" He finally asks at the look.


Vorpal wiggles his fingers at Kane. Ignore the showwoman at your own risk, tree hugger. "Right, we should head out then, since we do have a vast network of computers."

Or at least he knows someone who does. "You know how to contact us, Druid. This stuff needs to be routed out and you're not going to do it by yourself. That's what the Titans are for."

He decides not to leave the druid to suffer the cold shoulder from Zee- he knows that those who are accustomed to the spotlight do not enjoy being ignored, and so he decides for a very diplomatic course of action: "Zee, Misfit, how about we head over to the base so we can file the report for this, let the other Titans know what's up?"

Note that the said 'base', never 'castle.' It was important never to hint that they were at that lovely little castle… because there weren't a lot of those in the area, and people might decide to look.


Misfit looks her sword trophy over "Can I have a room at the base for trophies, I think momentoes of missions might be cool…" she looks to Vorpal "Wait we file reports?" some little vigilante is spoiled by the fact Oracle just has records of all her missions and there isn't a need for reports. "That sounds almost like homework…"


Mollified, Zee turns a showbiz smile on the Druid "Fox, is it?" and the 'what' comment makes the smile widen "Really, I'm not used to being so ignored… particularly when I put my hand out in friendship."

"I'd like to know more about these werewolves and what this" Zee frowns "you're a druid?" then continues "knows… do you need me back immediately if Fox agrees to speak with me that is?"


"I am a druid, yes." The Fox nods, the movement subtle beneath his hood. Vorpal's… offer of help gets a slight smirk. It's not the most elegantly phrased thing in the world, but he does appreciate the sentiment behind it. How many people have ever offered assistance in the time he's been doing this?

Not many. None he was convinced actually could, to be sure. And he's not really sure about these people but they're a lot closer to it than anything he's encountered in a while.

"I haven't seen you folks in over a year I've been doing this…" So he's not really sure if it's 'what the Titans are for' but hey not going to look a gift cat in the mouth. "But I will consider routing you information when there's time." He's… gonna have to work on a way to do that. Phones get traced. Burners are expensive. Perhaps he can get a certain disembodied voice to pass it along.

"You… want to discuss something?" The druid cocks his head slightly.


Vorpal doesn't do/ elegance, cats don't waste time. Elegance happens when you walk, or when you swipe at someone. Cheshire cats are more likely to take delight in frustrating people than in wowing them with eloquence- not that they find themselves lacking in it. It's just that there's very little fun behind them.

"Very vital homework. Crimefighting Lesson number two- always keep reports, look over your team-mates' reports as well, you can learn a lot about what they encounter. And always keep up the Bogie Database to date. C'mon, let's head back to base while Zee and the Druid trade data. I'll walk through the process of the report, it's not too complicated."

A purple, glowing top hat appears, and he tips it at Zee and Kane with a grin. "Take your time, Zee. See you back at the base when you're done."

And he vanishes. His body first, his grin lingering in the air for a bit before it too vanishes.

Gotta do it. It's in the contract.


Misfit groans lightly "Homework sucks…." she scuffs her foot on the ground a couple of times then waves to Zee and Fox "See you later Zee.. you too Foxman." she then teleports >pinkurple> back to learn about filing and rreading reports from Vorpal. Well.. it isn't likely to be too boring.


"Well you haven't seen me because I've been travelling a lot and really we've only just started seeing a big uptick in activity here." Zee looks down at her outfit and smiles… "Excuse me a moment" and she speaks

~ teertS sehtolC ~

The stage costume slowly disappears and is replaced by the sweater dress, leggings and knee high boots Zee had been wearing earlier.

"Discuss something?" the teen kind of bubbles "You do magic, right… do you know how hard it is to find someone kinda like me?"


"Oh." The Fox kind of chuckles. "Yes, I do magic. Not really impressive magic. I'm not, you know, from an exalted bloodline or anything. But I've studied a lot, I have a few tricks." He nods at the sword hilt over his shoulder. "Like that glow you might have seen on my blade. Blessing. Makes it hit harder than I could manage otherwise. Or making myself or someone else a bit faster and stronger." Mostly faster.


"All magic is impressive and I'm not sure…" Zee stops berfore finishing that statement. She is /homomagi/ and, well that is a bit different. She peers at the sword "Blessing… doesn't that indicate the favour of a god or something similar?" she shrugs a shoulder "Right now, I need to have the physical materials around to work with, I can't create from thin air like some like me can."


"The ancients just meant for it to confer goodwill. You can read about it in the Bible, if you're into that sort of thing, where Abraham gives Jacob the blessing he had meant to give his older brother. Those kinds of things have power, or can. Gods and spirits do it a lot in stories and folklore but if you know what you're doing you can call the blessings of the earth, sky and beasts down on yourself or others." And Kane's studied that kind of thing for a while. "You need the right focus…" He glances down at the pouch at his side and the charms that hang from his outfit. Scraps of inscribed leather, carved bone. Little things that look like decoration and affectation are actually vital parts of his practice.


"Sounds like you've been doing this a while" the teen smiles "I've been doing what I do my whole life and I still don't understand it all that much at all." Looking at his pouch a small frown creases Zees brow "They're all focusses?"


"I was trained by an old school druid." Kane admits as he starts walking toward the edge of the alley, motioning Zee to follow. "Which was oh… eight years ago? Been doing the monster hunting thing for about a year. Long story."

At her question he nods. "Yeah. They take a while to make but I have time and materials so it's not too bad." It fits in with his work though but he's not about to give that away. "Can't do my thing without them though."


Zee follows as he motions, he's talking to her not talking down, that goes in his favour. "Eight years isn't all that long really… " not for someone who was born to the power and trained for as long as she can remember. "Monster hunting… " that gets Zee to twist her lips in a grimace "Tonight was the first time in a long time I've had to deal with the like… " She really has to ask Vorpal about this Werewolf thing though. "Only a year? Is there a reason you only started a year ago?"


"Yes." The Fox nods, but doesn't elaborate, not on that at least. "Well, the hunting took other forms before then. It's kind of complicated. The long and the short of it is I used to have help and now I don't." And at least so far the Bats don't count and neither do the Titans.


"I like complicated, Fox" Zee smiles brightly at the man "I'll get you to explain one day, and not too far from now." Gotta love the optimism of youth, right? "You have help now… do you know how to contact us, the Titans?" Zee cants her head to watch him carefully "Vorpal might come across a bit strong, but he's a good person and just wants to help."


"I get that, which is why I didn't say 'no' straight off. But the fact is that this stuff gets people worse than dead if you don't respect it. Which I suspect you know. Beating down werewolves isn't easy, but it's simple. Dealing with soul snatching witches and the like? Less simple." Kane shrugs. "On the other hand, you guys don't exactly seem like fledgelings, so you've got a shot at it. But I haven't seen or heard of your team before a few days ago so… I dunno how much spooky magic your folks have been dealing with."

And maybe he's got a tiny grudge from having been clubbed in the head in their first meeting. "But I'll pass along anything I think I should. I'm not one to turn down help I think can actually do something. Vorpal gave me a card. I'll have to set up something to make use of your number though. I value my privacy so I don't really wanna be traced. You understand I'm sure. If my real name got out…"


"And we hadn't seen or heard anything of you…" Zee shrugs "I get the need for privacy… lot's of vigilantes seem to need it, the Titans don't. I hope you can work out something." The Mistress of Magic chews on her bottom lip "You can always contact me through magical means if you know how… I don't know if your powers work that way or not. But I need to head off, thanks for talking to me Fox. I'm sure our paths will cross again."

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