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January 04, 2015: A visit to Widget's gym.

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The lab is almost precisely the same as the time before, set up in precise lines ready for Widget's work. She herself is sitting in the centre of it, her goggles balanced on her head as she places a welder to the side. It seems she is busily working on Zola's latest request, a part of which is sitting in front of her. Other parts that may be related surround her, but no plans, no map of what it is or how it works, apart from in the gadgeteer's head. The small frown between her eyes is concentration, and her head is bent over the part for the time being.

Agent Hauer looks into the lab, ah finally the gadgeteer is in.

She waits quietly for a break in the movement of her hands, heaven forbid she make Widget fry a small important component, she has a sense the loss of science would mean bad things.

Finally Hauer knocks, with precision timing. "Got a belated christmas present for you." chipper tones as always with the blond assassin.
A cover for her work is applied neatly to each part of the device before she turns towards the door, rising to greet the assassin. "I do not celebrate Christmas, as a point of fact." Precise data, in case that changes matters for the other, "It is unusual for people to give gifts to me."

Agent Hauer chuckles lightly "Yeah well color me surprised about that Widget, still all said I got you something you may find interesting." she steps into the lab looking around. "The Brookhaven mission wasn't a total wash."

Early December a small detachment of Hydra assets hit Brookhaven National Labs hard, aiming at a new prototype Graphite Reactor technology. Unfortunately SHIELD and several very competent metahumans showed up in time to scuttle the assault.

Hauer fishes around in a satchel "I tagged along with the field team because I'd heard a bit about a DoD facility hidden inside Brookhaven and found something interesting there." she pulls out a small smartphone sized device "Something pretty new really, they were working on a metahuman scanner.. which isn't totally new..but most of them are huge you know.. this one pocket sized and a couple block range. I was hoping we could break it down, maybe make more of them for field Ops" she pauses a beat "Which reminds me, the EMP grenades are really effective. Field tested the little buggers on the mission… brilliant work."

The phrases used seem to puzzle the gadgeteer, her forehead knotting. "Do you wish me to actually colour you? I do not believe surprised is a colour, but your use of language may process that as a …" She stops, shaking her head, "It is an irrelevant matter." That dealt with, she steps forward, reaching for the devices, her face lighting up with enthusiasm and interest. "Indeed, this could be distinctly useful. It was appropriate for you to bring this back to the lab." Almost praise from Widget, who instantly turns aside, placing them on another table and peering down at them, not touching them. "The EMP grenades worked with acceptable parameters then?"
Hauer leans against a table without anything on it, precise movements in this lab, not human but then everyone knows she is not a human agent. "Quite. They have been working right to specifications and have been very useful for field operations Widget." she looks around "Also had a chance to test the data spikes" small spikes that can be inserted, forcefully into a computer and just pillage the network and file storages quickly extracting all the data "They worked faster than specs against regular computer hardware, all in all very good."

Hauer finally looks back to Widget "I'm not sure which organization is behind that scanner in the American Government but if we figure it out I can hit some of their other facilities and see what other technology we may be able to liberate for our glorious cause."

"That is excellent news. It may be possible that they could be adapted to become part of the drone usage." The quiet reply comes as Widget peers at the equipment in front of her. Then she straightens, giving Hauer a direct look, "I require priorities, please. I can reverse engineer these items, or discover the scanner's origin, but not both at once. It would be logical to perform the simplest task first and so I recommend that reverse engineering be the first, followed by the scanner."

Hauer nods "Perfectly logical that, break it down and get them queued up for some of the engineers to actual make them seems like a good priority. Thinking of putting them in ariel drones to do fly overs to tag potential recruits?" she pauses a beat then adds "The government angle will wait, they are likely moving at government speeds so they will be there when we are ready to tip them over and shake the toys out… this should help though." she sets a memory stick down "it is encrypted but the spike pulled out the data on the scanner from the lab station where the researcher was working on it. Can have a crypto start working on it too, though my money is on you beating them reverse engineering it."
"It would be logical to do so, and have them return to the drones perhaps." The quiet reply is absently spoken as Widget applies her brain, studying the new item. "It would appear to be a sealed unit initially but there is a small … yes, there." And the device is opened already, Widget's brain a weapon in itself. "Fascinating. If it were possible to discover who designed this, and bring them here, I would be delighted to explore their thought process." The suggestion that Widget would dismantle the other to find out is not an unusual one. "It would appear to work by processing… " and Widget is off, in full flow, describing what she is seeing in the device. No technical term is explained or softened, her assumption that Hauer would understand obvious. "It is not a simple device but relatively easy to copy I believe."

Hauer hmms "The scientist working on it is in no shape to be brought anywhere, but we may be able to find out who designed it or who heads the project still. I can bring them in if I can nail them down sure." she tilts her head following the thread fairly well actually. "Hm interesting, would have never thought to detect that wavelenth of energy and do that. When we re-engineer it I'll have them twist me a wrist unit so I can get a heads up if one of the SHIELD metas is about to drop in on me." well if nothing else Hauer is pragmatic. "Told you it was a good Christmas present. By the way you should get me a list of things you want acquired for your birthday."
"It is unacceptable the way you field agents perpetually damage the people that would be of use to me." The comment is neutral, Widget's irritation revealed in that polite way. "I believe the wrist would be a logical adaption, yes." The quiet agreement comes as she gives Hauer a look that is thoughtful. "It is a… good present." Widget is awkward with this bit, adding hesitatingly, "Thank you." A rare sign of humanity.

Hauer nods "Your welcome Widget. I am serious though, if you get me a list of useful projects or scientists I can probably go shopping for you. I'll even try not to damage them to bad." she grins a little sadistically "Especially if it means I get to field test new gear and add to my arsenal."

"Any of the SHIELD scientists would be welcome additions to my knowledge base." The precision is quiet and firm, her forehead knotting in thought. "Additionally, …" She lists a range of SHIELD and other agency items that are rare and very specific.

Hauer listens and eventually she pulls out a smart device and starts to make a list. Sure she could probably do it from memory, Mystique certainly can, but this looks more like Hauer. "Okay. I may have to go poke SHIELD in the eye for some of that gear but it should be exciting." she looks around "Anything new to field test?"

"Do SHIELD keep their equipment in … that is another turn of phrase. I find them difficult to comprehend at times." Widget observes quietly, before she reaches for a small device that seems to have a number of straps attached. "This is ready for field test. It should provide sufficient power to lift someone up a ten story building, or down one, in each charge. We are working to power it up but it is initially ready."

Hauer reaches out to take it and check it out curious "Antigrav device?" she turns it over slowly "How many charges before it needs to be recharged at this configuration?" the import stuff and then curious "Is is a bit like the fantasticar?"

"At this stage, five, but that will improve as I replace the battery with another power source." The precise reply comes before a run off of all the stats, and she finally replies to the last part, "Related only in function."

Hauer seems to mostly absorb it, though she does jot down a couple of notes. "Excellent. It should help next time I have to leap out of a building or get to a target who thinks he is fortified.. much more low key than a jetpack too. Very clever." she looks up "How is the new power source, we to super stealth assassin Stark suits yet?" she knows it hasn't been enough time, but she looks like she always wanted to say it.
Widget looks up, giving Hauer a look, thoughtfully, "I believe it is achieveable within the foreseeable future." She has been learning from others, it seems, an inprecise answer provided, with an awkward turn of phrase. "He has an ability to engineer that is problematic for me."

Hauer remarks dryly "I'm pretty sure Tony Stark infurtiates just about everyone who comes into contact with him. If I didn't think it had high probability of getting myself captured or killed I would try to snag him. I certainly think bringing him here for ..anything would result in this whole base being compromised. Probably low on that front, though I probably could break into Stark Industries and.. liberate some R&D if it can make things accelerate."

"We would certainly require a separate segregated base to hold him." The planning for kidnapping and holding Tony Stark begins there, in her head, Widget's gaze on Heuer. "I may not be able to fully replicate his suit but it may be possible to prevent it operating within an environment we control, and then reverse engineer once we hold him." The proposal is logical, presented as a simple task.

Hauer considers "Well, I've been planning to loot Stark Industries.. let me see if I can get the R&D files… then we can move on a plan to build a facility we control and get him in it for analysis. Worst case we still get his files before he repulsors me into the next zip code…"

"If we can receive the files prior to your repulsoration, it would be acceptable." The precise words are spoken with a look at Heuer that may be a very dry humour, or just that she thought that was reasonable. "As an alternative to the subject himself." Clearly she wants Stark's body, possibly not in the way women usually do.

Hauer grins "Right.. from now on I will take extra care to bring in scientists entact…. hey do you need them alive or just their brains?" morbid.

"It would depend on the procedure planned. I may be able to extrapolate their methods but alive is tidier." Almost humour. Maybe. She settles in front of her computer, apparently working down her list of priorities.

Hauer chuckles "Noted." she looks around and tucks the antigrav away. She meanders to look at stuff on a work table. "Lets see what else before I get out of your hair.. oh the Dragon" advanced helicoptor "has a flaw in the rotor blades.. or well just needs a studier alloy.. damn meta blades cut the one on the mission down…." then she looks to you "What are the drones you are working on.. a small army of drones might be really useful… swarm tactics."
"You do not have security clearance for those tables." The absent comment is almost routine these days, and Widget looks up, speaking quietly, "Their meta blades are problematic. I will require upgrades of the equipment to compensate for this issue." And she reaches out, putting a cover over her work on the table, giving Heuer a look.

Hauer eye rolls "I have tons of clearance…" she says it good natured though and wanders back to the door. "I'll go see what we have on Stark and Co, start forming a plan of attack. Maybe I will get to use the antigrav unit." she pauses a beat "Do you need anything else from me?"
"Silence." The reply is quiet, Widget's head already bent over the computer, almost a humourous reply. It may be that she isn't joking however. It is not clear if she has got the hang of interactions yet.

Hauer will keep giving her regular doses of human interaction if it kills Widget, which well considering who and what Hauer really is, who knows right. In the meantime she grins "Sure thing, drop me a comm when the reverse engineering is done and wrist united .. I can't wait to take it for a spin. Happy New Years Widget" and she steps back in the hall with her newest toy.

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