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January 04, 2015: Treasure-hunting in Gotham gets a lot more awkward. (Language)


This place is a real (interesting) dump. Seriously. Don't change it.



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Another day, another job. The perks of this particular gig include not having to trod around New York City nor deal with potential coffee-seeking pigeons in Metropolis. The downside is that she has to get her hands dirty in a most literal sense, digging through the dirt of Gotham's incredible past.

Out in the Bowery there's still some areas where the ground remains split open, cracked like a massive egg which plunges deep into its history. Layers upon urban layers, stacked high like a sandwich, likely spanning all the way back to its roots some four centuries ago in some areas. It's easy access into areas where people are not meant to be, where authorities would like to pave over completely, where historians would want to endlessly catalogue evern square inch, and it's the gateway to all manner of hidden dangers.

And treasures.

Many artifacts had wound up in this city over so many generations. Many of them also got lost during the several disasters which forever reshaped the face of Gotham. Lost, but not necessarily forgotten. History never stays buried forever.

A small avalanche of crumbling pavement rains down around the lone albino woman as she rappels down into the narrow ravine, flashlights attached to the sides of her head to peer into the eternal gloom. Flooding, fire damage, earthquakes… A safe journey this is not.


Gotham. It's a far cry from the well-manicured lawns of Westchester, and some distance from the urban life that is New York City. Still, it's somewhere that the fuzzy blue bamfer has found himself simply by virtue of answering a call from one of the parents of a student enrolled at the School. Fears are allayed, and all is in place for the student to return to classes tomorrow. The transportation is secured and assured. This, then, does give Kurt a chance to do a little exploring before heading home, and it's the thrill of discovery that truly takes him into what could be considered places 'not to go'.


Each teleport is only a city's block, easily withing eyeshot, and with each landing, Kurt is in the shadows. It's not so much for his own appearance, but for a companion that seems to never leave his side now; a small, cherubic looking version of himself that hangs upon his shoulder, little spade-tipped tail flapping in the breeze, even when there is none. (The little bamf is all about theatrics, apparently!)

It's the hole in the ground, the deep crater where Kurt pauses his progress, and steps from the shadows to the dim lights of the edge.


"I don't know," sounds in a thick German accent.

"Bamf.. bamf."

"Ja, but don't go down too far."


The little imp teleports off Kurt's shoulder in a softer but very similiar departure, and is on his way down, and down, landing upon ledge after ledge on his journey down.


From a rooftop not too terribly far away but with a good view of the hole in the ground a nondescript gentleman with a pair of fancy binoculars sighs "Well Domino, no sign of any of the Bats but my son for some reason is peering down the hole after you." pause a beat "And one of the Bamfs is with him..heaven help us… you likely have company incoming. Did you do anything to get the Xs attention before this job?"


One nice thing about being underground? It's warm. Much warmer than hanging out on the surface where the wind can get at a person. She left her coat behind, letting the thermal protection of her armor carry the full burdeon. Down here it's just Domino, her gear, and the wreckage.

"Captain's log, stardate: The day after yesterday," she says to herself, voice echoing throughout the chasm. "It's dark down here, and..something smells. If it weren't for the promise of fame, fortune, and green-skinned women in my quarters, I..would have sent Spock."

Some days you've gotta make your own fun.

Boots hit rubble in another small landslide, disconnecting herself from the cable then working through a narrow split through the remains of a brick and mortar wall much older than she is. "Pretty sure that's because I found all of the bats down here," she reports back through the headset with a slight scowl. "At least now we know where all of the damn things came from, because -that.- Is guano."

And -this- is a piece of glass wedged into the rubble, having supported a fine layer of grit just fine until someone decided to go and step on it.


Rubble and mercenary alike take a dive further into the ravine, scattering yet more debris about in a none-too-subtle descent. By the time she stops it's less from bottoming out and more from getting stuck, rocks clicking all around as the haze filtering through the flashlight beams slowly reveals the gleam of what sure looks like the bone of something.

"That's comforting," she mutters before a larger rock splashes down into water quite a ways beneath her.

..Wait. "Your son..? With..what? What would -anyone- be doing with a Bamf?" she asks with a quick sigh. "What -haven't- I done. Hey, as long as one of those teleporting gremlins is around then maybe I can get out of here in a hurry. This is clearly not the correct point of entry."


Kurt is pacing now at the top, at the lip of the crevice, his tail whipping around in time to his pacing. Left, right, left, right.

Glowing yellow eyes peer down into the chasm once more, and isn't blind like most others might be in a spelunking expedition.

The sounds of a mini-landslide rises, and Kurt calls down, fully believing it's the bamf's fault, "Be careful down there!"



The little guy keeps going down and down until he's on the same level and almost nose to nose with Domino as he perches on an outcropping. She's a familiar person, most certainly, but not in the best sense.

"BAMF!" The little bamf's voice doesn't carry up, but he's not currently talk to Kurt. It's Domino, and those smaller, glowing yellow eyes narrow suspiciously. "Bamf?" One might wonder if the interrogation is beginning.


A chuckle over the comm at the captains log, well Mystique seems to appreciate Dominos fun times in the chasm. "I haven't done a green skinned alien since that time with the science fiction convention where that guy was selling a real alien weapon thinking it was a prop.. that was a very odd day…" she trails off

Mystique comes back a moment later "Well he could probably do it, not sure if the little guys can actually carry a passanger." she adjusts the focus zooming in on Kurt then sighs. "I'm approaching now in case this gets complicated." and the nondescript gentleman form fades back into shadows as Mystique makes her way down off her building, hey look a chance to use her new antigrav device… zzzzzzzip…. silently…. thank you Hydra… and then starts to close distance on foot.


"You actually did something like that? That just sounds like a nerdgasm of epic proportions, right there. Did y-GAH!"

Domino -stares- at the Bamf's glowing yellow eyes, the twin beams of her headset lights revealing just how damn -blue- those furry little irritants are. "Damn, dude. You training to be a bloodhound?" she asks with a slight wince, hands braced on the rubble around her as she tries to unstick herself. Oh, and the little guy's starting to look suspicious now, too.

..Oh dear.

She gives the Bamf a level look right back with the inquiring word it speaks. "I have no idea what the hell you just said." Then back to the comms, she calls in "Roger that Indigo Interloper, we've got an identified blue bogey on my eleven and -I'm freaking stuck in the asscrack of Gotham- this is so embarrassing," she ends while deactivating the microphone, still staring at the one bamf. "Any chance you offer spontanious rescue services?"


Kurt loses visual contact with his bamf, and he can't hear anything coming up for the sound of the cascading rubble set off earlier. Now, he's got his decision; stand and wait, or go down after his smaller counterpart. One minute of silence, two… and his head whips up to see an approaching figure. His own featureless yellow eyes narrow and immediately, he's wary. Not alarmed, but most certainly on his guard.

Kurt says nothing; not yet anyway. Not in this city. He's been fairly warned, after all.

Meanwhile, down below—

The bamf stands in the darkness, right on a little ledge that is about even with the albino's face. Rocking his little head back, the blue fuzzy face is most certainly alive with expression of a dubious kind. Little arms cross in front of his chest, and the tail whips to the side, settling in next to his foot. "Bamf." Sounds almost like a 'no', however guarded it might be. Of course, there is something added as the little imp puts a hand out, palm up. "Bamf."


A GCPD officer, female, cute as all get out mind you, sergent by the rank and insignia on the gear walks out of the shadows. "Excuse me… what are you supposed to be.. some new Bat… Devilbat .. Batdevil… is there a crime in progress here or someone needing saving?" she pauses a moment "I know the official word is you folk don't do much good and just make the city more dangerous.. but I know better, you all are helping us keep a lid on this town before it goes all thermal on us." winning smile to Kurt and she leans to look into the hole. "Shame we can't get the funds to fix all this… rich neighborhoods first you know…" she doesn't bother killing her mic.


Domino's eyes widen, brows rising in unison as she dips her head toward the Bamf. "Really? You take after me more than Wagner," she points out. "And I suppose I couldn't be lucky enough to get a ride out if I just grabbed you by the tail."

No dice.

"Hey Wagner, your little brother's trying to practice extortion down here!" she calls out. "I'd almost be proud of him if I wasn't currently prevented from kicking his ass!" Back to the Bamf, tone and expression alike perfectly level, she offers "One bottle of whiskey, neat as you please," before adding in a mutter "You high-priced little blue shit."

Hmm, and the new voice coming to her ear must be Mystique's persona of the minute. "No wonder this city's got a bad rep, it's attempting homicide! I want my law-YAAAH!"

A bit of scrambling does her no good, watching those narrowed yellow eyes getting smaller and smaller. Upside: She's not stuck anymore! Downside: It's..somewhere down there…


Kurt takes a step back from the edge and his hands go to clasp behind his back, his tail swings up. Just so it's not all -that- obvious. He smiles, and the attempt is made to not show too much pointed teeth. "Nein. Just, I was travelling through town on my way back to New York, und… this hole is a bit obvious, ja?" His words are soft, genuinely friendly in tone. "I am not one of your Bat.. men? People?"

The bamf stands, palm up and out, and as the negotiation begins, a finger wiggles as an ecnouragement. Whiskey works, and just as he puts his tail out for her to grab, she's… gone?

Glowing yellow eyes look down, and in the next second, the bamf sighs and disappears off his perch in a bamf! to try and see if he can't make a falling grab and save in a 'single bound'!



The GCPD officer leans out and looks down at the scream "It sounds like someone is in danger down there, to bad you aren't a bathero, I'll have to call this in for backup….." she is trying to do her best to make sure Domino gets rescued one way or another from what sounds like an increasingly tight spot. Well or deep spot if nothing else. Isn't Domino supposed to be lucky or something. Mystique ponders, maybe all this mishaps will lead to the treasure or such.

To her 'radio' the 'cop' says "Unit 57C9, requesting backup in the Bowery, potential search and rescue in one of those dumb fissures .. probably some fool kid, I hope they are all right?" aka Domino tell her if you are all right or not, then the GPCD officer to Kurt "Well as long as you aren't a villain… are you one of those New York mutants then?" mostly just having some fun with Kurt.


You know what's great about teleporters? They're -teleporters.- Before Dom can hit rock bottom she's gone in a magenta stinkbomb, instantly reappearing only a few 'comfortable' feet above the ground beside the ravine.

"-tWaitWait-!" *WHUMP*

"Landing..needs help…" she groans while pulling herself away from the completely frozen terrain, oh so gingerly dusting her arms as she goes. Luck's kind of a fickle beast, there's no telling just how it's going to work out until the last card has been played. So far she's successfully been found and rescued by a critter she's not seen nor heard of in several months.

She also found a nice looking cavern down there. She thinks. It'll be the first place she comes back to, once the place has calmed down a little.

"Nothing lost but a little dignity, Officer," she tells the metamorph directly while dusting a whole lot of grit out of her hair. "Next time ol' Timmy falls, let 'im drown."

Then she sees Kurt standing over there. Something about spotting the other mutant causes her to stop, both in step and with her one hand at the back of her head. People like him are kinda hard to forget. Getting the visual reminder up close and personal… It's an experience.

A damn creepy experience.


That's the first noise he's heard from someone other than the bamf, and Kurt looks concerned, taking a step towards the edge of the fissure once again. He doesn't go down, however. Why, perhaps will remain a question. (He knows the bamf has it!)

He actually chuckles, the sound a bit wry in response to being called 'one of those New York mutants', as if there were other kinds? Kurt extends a hand, ostensibly in offer to shake in greeting, though if taken, he will switch it around and make to kiss the knuckles, though no contact will be made. "My name is Kurt, fraulein." Not 'mutant'.

Before he can say or do much else, there's the displacement of air, and with that contraction, a pair fall out of 'nowhere' to land a little heavily on the ground. The bamf lands in a three-point before he's on the move again with a rapid teleport, landing once more on Kurt's shoulder.


"She did?"

The bamf looks right at Domino and nods, fingers wiggling again at her. "Bamf."

"Did she?" Kurt looks to Domino, a faint smile on his face, his tail still tucked up behind, though the bamf's is waving freely. "He said he'll follow you home." There's a moment when his head cants; Kurt recognizes the albino, and it has been some time. "Fraulein."


Mystique, the GCPD officer guise, will shake, then have her knuckles air kissed. "Pleasure to meet a blue gentleman then Kurt." and then there is Domino and she grins a bit before hiding the expression with concern. "Were you alone miss, is that little …. whatever that is threatening you?" she isn't quite hamming it up but she is keeping upa a banter. "Oh.,.. you all know each other?" eyes flicking between Domino and Kurt.

Mystique is mostly curious at this juncture what Kurt will do about Domino, she knows Dominos rep, but isn't aware of any interactions with Kurt. So she keeps quiet to see what her son does now.


A look of confusion (or maybe that's concern) crosses the patch-eyed woman's face as the smaller blue creature converses..somehow..with the larger blue creature. (She did what?)

Okay, the translation helps. "No he won't," Domino flatly replies. "It took me -months- to get my gun back from one of those furballs, I'm not letting another loose in Candyland!" comes in more energetic protest. "He wants his payment then we can go to the place on Forty-Ninth like every other buying customer and I'll give it to him then."

Because what could -possibly- go wrong with letting a Bamf follow her into a liquor store?

Though, speaking of guns… There's at least four of them on the albino right now. Nothing is hidden beyond being holstered. At least she knows the cop isn't legit, with the comms and all.

"More like 'I was threatening it,' Officer," she deadpans in response while popping the kinks out of her spine. "Yeah..we all know one another. Shared a skiing trip a while back."



"Ja," Kurt's own comments were level enough to allow for doubt in knowing the albino merc in question. When Domino does reveal having his acquaintance, the fuzzy blue elf nods to underscore his response. He does inquire, however, "There's no one else down there, fraulein?" Even as he asks, the bamf is shaking its head in response. To Kurt or to Domino's insistance that they meet elsewhere, only the bamf knows for sure.

Now, Kurt turns to the 'officer' and inclines his head, "Perhaps you should rope off the area so no one falls in?" Yeah, because Domino so fell in. Uh huh.

The bamf that is seated on Kurt's shoulder looks at Domino, stares at her and leeeeeeans forward to get a good look at her face, his tail wrapping about the back of Kurt's neck as an anchor. There's a single pronouncement, and it's difficult to mistake its intent. "Bamf."

Kurt looks between the pair and exhales in a sigh, "I think his price just went up."


The 'GCPD officer' can't really help it, she reaches out and pokes the Bamf. "Where do these little guys come from anyhow.. do you make them somehow Mister." a pause "Kurt." since she officially doesn't know the last name in this guise yet right. "Are they dangerous?" then she looks at the pit in the ground "Well there was caution tape at some point.. but no one really bothers to get close.. you know.. it is dangerous right…" she smiles a good natured smile to Domino and Kurt, pointedly ignoring all the guns Domino has for the moment then she can't help it "Are you a secret agent or some such miss, from New York like Kurt here." man she is giving GCPD a bad name.


"This feels so wrong," Domino mutters under her breath while pinching the bridge of her nose. It had -just- been said to her that this guy is Mystique's son and she's still playing cop with the guy. Isn't that a little mean..?

Wouldn't she do the same freaking thing if she could shapeshift?

Yeah, thought so.

Then Kurt says that the Bamf's prices went up. Her hand is away from her nose and held forward in a 'what gives?!' expression, perfectly matching the one now on her face. "Hey! -You can't do that!- There is no re-negotiation of contract once it's settled! Fuckit," she mutters while dropping her hand to her hip, starting to take hold of one of the pistols resting there.

Until she can stop herself short. (There's a five month waiting period to get these out of evidence, Dom.)

She stares at the Bamf in question, carefully weighing the odds before she gruns a heart-felt "-Damn- it!" before she turns away from the two, pacing. Walking it off.

"Still not re-negotiating on me, buster."

"Yeah. I sometimes work with SHIELD," she answers the officer's question. It's not even a lie, she -does- sometimes work with them! Once they've got her properly motivated via blackmail.


The bamf straightens on Kurt's shoulder and huffs in indignation at the poke, the tail tightening around the back of Kurt's neck. In 'retaliation', the bamf begins a lean out in order to poke the Gotham's Finest policewoman. Fair is fair, right?

"No, they're not dangerous. They are…" What can he call them? "Well, I call them 'bamfs', but I suppose that's not what they would call themselves. So far, no one has complained." And Kurt should know. He can actually speak their language, or more accurately, understand them.

Kurt lifts a hand to dissuade the bamf from its path of poking the police, and it stops with a grumble.

The bamf's attention swings around, and he teleports with a soft bamf! in order to land on Domino's shoulder, it's tail ready to wrap about the back of her neck. No matter; he's there. "Bamf," it says rather darkly. "Bamfbamfbamf."


Mystique can't really help it anymore, she just cracks up and lets her form slide back to her more usual one. Not the white outfit with bones, this isn't some propaganda photo op really. She goes for the black and red leather outfit, not concerned about the cold weather because well she moderates her internal tempature so very well to begin with. She works on getting the laughing under control.

"Seriously though Kurt, where did you get them. I've been noticing them with you for a while now but I still haven't figured out where they are popping in from. Are you sure they are safe?" perhaps Mystique has some motherly concern for Kurt, perhaps she has an angle. The family is a wee bit disfunctional after all. "That one sounds angry." she notes amused.


Yet again Dom stops short, her shoulders visibly tensing as there's suddenly a Bamf..right on the back of her neck… Issuing a warning, it would seem. Once more she's staring over to Kurt, though she moves her eyes more than anything else.

"Did he just threaten to remove my head from my shoulders?" she bluntly inquires

She's about ready to pass a look over to Mystique, as well. 'A little help, here?' If she thought the metamorph could actually help in this situation, and if Dom didn't have too much pride to actually ask for the help…

Then the officer is no more. (A convenient and timely distraction, about flippin' time.)

A black-clad arm darts outward, pointing at Mystique as she ducks and turns to 'point' her one shoulder, complete with Bamf, onward for emphasis. "Look, it's mom! Go get 'er!"

(No, seriously! Get the hell off of my shoulder!)


The shift brings Kurt's attention around, and the greeting that Mystique receives is a scowled frown. He takes a step to the side, as if distance will lend a hand. "Mother," is said in the face of the laughter. Somehow, he's not seeing it quite as amusing as she. "Happy New Year."

It's not April 1st yet.

"They are safe enough with me, ja. I don't tell them what to do. It's simply suggestions." He's only got a handful, that he knows about. Minus one.

The bamf's disappointment and ensuing 'argument' with Domino pulls Kurt's attention back, and he takes a step forward towards the pair. "No, he didn't. But he does feel as if he deserves more as you are going to a store where they sell it." There's an exhaled sigh as he explains, "He wouldn't empty your cupboards, but all bets were off when you'd mentioned a store." It's apparently a corner the bamf knows well!

As Kurt explains, the bamf stands, wraps it's stubby arms in front of itself and nods, those golden eyes narrowed once again.

The appearance of Mystique does send the bamf back to Kurt's shoulder, a hiss rising from the little imp. That actually surprises Kurt, and he looks between the bamf and his mother, and back once again. "Um…"


Mystique watches the little bamf hisssing at her. She points at the bamf, then at Kurt "That is my son. I am not about to hurt him so quit your hissing you little gremlin." then to Kurt she nods "Well as long as they aren't hurting you. Also Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, did you get the card I sent?"

Yes she actually sent a Christmas Card, no return Address Mind you.

Mystique steps back a step and looks to Domino then back to Kurt "Why are they so fascinated with Whiskey.. are they little alchohlic gremlins?"


Right, so..! The creepy factor just went up by another magnitude or four. Not that Domino can say either of the two full-sized mutants are hideous..they really aren't. Far from, in fact. It's just..they eyes..and the glowing..and the -solid yellow in the night-…

Creepy! It's like hanging around a bunch of pigment-confused demons!

When the Bamf leaves Dom's shoulders and hisses at Mystique, he happens to leave behind an idea. Pale blue eyes drift right back to the shapechanger, a thin smirk edging across jet black lips before Dom deliberately strolls right on over to Mystique's side.

(Natural Bamf repellant. Lucky me.)

With a folding of arms and a slight rolling of shoulders, she replies "Beats me. Rum's where it's at." Then nodding, she confirms "Pretty much. Teleporting kleptomanic alcoholics. Kinda cute, in that 'Tribble' sorta way."



Kurt looks to the bamf on his shoulder, brows rising. "Apologize."

The bamf stands, arms folded against its chest once again, completely not contrite.



Another exhale exits the fuzzy blue elf and he shakes his head. "I'm sorry, mother." Kurt's apologizing for the bamf, obviously. Or moreso, what the bamf must have said, which remains untranslated.

Kurt's tail lowers and wraps loosely around an ankle, and he looks between the pair. "Ja, I did. Danke. Und why? They got a taste of it, und it's a word they can actually say. They can say a few things, but 'whiskey' is one of their favorites."

Domino's shift towards Mystique gives Kurt pause, and he nods slowly. "You know each other." A statement. "Good to know."


Mystique looks sidelong to Domino and then to Kurt now "Well some whiskey can be good, there is a drink called a jumping jack, irish whiskey, apple cider, delicious."

She looks back to the hole in the ground then back to Kurt. "Well they are sort of cute, though I do wonder where they come from." she has a bad feeling about anything other than Kurt that teleports through… that place after all. It wasn't a great breakup by anyones standards. "This is actually a good opportunity, I'd like to talk to you later Kurt, about some things happening that I think you and your little friends should be aware of. Even if I can't expect them to do the right thing, it would be useful to know if you have run into the same problems yet." she never has approved of his associations, but then it is likely mutual.


"Only so much in that I know she's keeping the furball away," Domino replies with that thin look of amusement intact. Though, she's already tipped that hand a while ago tonight. Yes, they know each other. If she's lucky he won't have figured out that she's working with good ol' Mom, too. The merc doesn't much care who's paying the bills, in the end it all spends the same.

It's probably for the best Dom doesn't know the extent of how far these two see eye to eye on things. Or don't. It's weird enough being in the middle of this situation, in a very literal sense. She's worked with -both- of them now. Being a neutral party does have its perks!

"Aw c'mon, Mom," she teases with a look back to Mystique. "A little danger's good for the soul. Builds character." Then, turning her back on Kurt, she subtly makes a *tic* sound from the corner of her mouth and twitches her head back in the direction of the ravine, just enough to be noticed. "Not done," she quietly tells the shapeshifter.

She did notice something of interest down there. Hundred bucks says it turns out to be something of value when she comes back for it.

"You kids catch up, Spot's got some errands to run," she calls over her shoulder to the pair.

The Bamf isn't forgotten. Mutter. She doesn't call so much as hold a finger up and swirl it around, the sort of hand gesture someone would give a crane operator for 'bring it up.'

He'll get his damn whiskey.


"Whiskey!" the bamf chimes in, finally. It's little voice is in a higher register, and sounds almost like a Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz. There, at least, is some common ground.

Kurt exhales again in a sigh; not the first and certainly won't be the last. "I know, mother. I assure you, they're fine."

The other bit does concern the blue fuzzy bamfer, however, and he looks a touch concerned. Wary. "Okay. Perhaps at a restaurant? Or in the park in New York?" He's pretty sure she can find him. He's not hiding, though he doesn't always make himself obvious either. "I will do my best to answer your fears," but he can't and won't promise anything.

It is getting to be time when he should start back. It won't take him long to make the city. Five, ten minutes, but he does have to start at some point. Domino is given a long look before he looks at the bamf on his shoulder. The little guy didn't miss Domino's gesture, and he's off Kurt's shoulder and back on to Domino's, though he's not perched; he's more, grabbing and holding on, his tail swaying. "Bamf."

Kurt calls out, "He said he'll take you there. To the corner of.. whatever it is you promised him."


Mystique glances down the hole again and then looks after Domino and her bantering self. "Thanks." she says dryly, letting a bit of acid, for show fill her voice. She does smile back to Kurt. "Fair. I'll drop you a note and we can catch up in the city in a couple of days. We can have supper, chat a bit, you can tell me I was right all along. Should be very pleasant." she steps further away "Be safe Kurt." then she is turning and heading back into Gotham's shadows.

Once she is sure she is well clear. "So you will pay off the little gremlin and then we can regroup and discuss why I joined you on this run in Gotham." to her comm. But that will be for another time.

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