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January 4, 2015: The Oni attack Eventide and The Flash in search of Takeda Seikatsu. (Emits by Seikatsu)

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Three bodies lay across the floor in no typical order, Yama-uba stands above them, her visage nearly terrible, her hands waving above to draw the Hitodama from the air. The three black flames slowly sink into the bodies, reanimating them from death, each one of them sitting upright in succession, yet Yama-uba speaks to the red-head in the middle alone.

"Everyone that she was attached to. Leave nothing behind. Summon the Jikiniki once it's done."

"Yes, Yama-uba."


Seikatsu Takeda had left not only a day ago, leaving a package behind with parts of herself for Barry's use or safe keeping. Their friendship was an odd one of sorts; she'd follow him around when there was nothing for her to do, often times steal his clothes and shoes even though they were a bit too large to fit to the frame, and when permitted? She'd cook while he was away, preparing lunches and dinners and then hiding out once he returns home from god knows what. Or, just sitting in silence to creepily stare at the young man to become accustomed to.. people in general.

And while she hasn't met Ronnie, she did spy a kiss between two forms and promptly puked in the bathroom due to the Death in the Afternoon. Hemmingway be damned for making the drink, but it was delicious.

The door to Barry's apartment opens and Barry stops to knock off some of the snow on his coat. Not doing the trick, he begins to vibrate at unbelievable speeds, becoming a blur, all in an attempt to warm up.

"Imagine that," he says to Ronnie as he looks back at her. "We went outside and no on got stabbed."

Ronnie's coat is heavier than Barry's. 'Snow' is a recent development in her life, and she dresses like she's trying to insulate herself from ever being too acquainted with it. (Besides, a bulky peacoat is a great way to hide how severely shredded she is.)

Taking off her knit hat and revealing that she now has an acute case of hat-hair — but she always kind of has a case of hat-hair, even when no hats are involved — Ronnie bristles and rubs her cheeks. "No, but I think freezing to death might actually be worse. I feel like Jack Nicholson in the hedge maze."

There was a bit of time to get the two settled in, for it takes the three just moments to actually arrive at the door. The redhead, who seemed to be the leader of the three, approaches the door with a hand held out, a quick knock and a ring of the doorbell to alert their attention.

To hide their obvious state, winter coats were worn, hats donned, boots upon their feet. If they were really alive, the three would complain about the winters and wishing to be back in California, at least earth quakes were more pleasant than freezing to death.

"Hey, check this out," Barry says as he steps closer to Ronnie. He reaches out, and if she lets him, places his hands on either side of her face. Suddenly,a burst of energy, well two really, comes from his hands. It feels like two motorized children's toys on either side, but suddenly, her face will feel a lot warmer.

Then of course, Barry doesn't realize that she may be impervious to cold. Really, he's not sure about any of that, because to him she's just a tough mutant.

His hands come off her face as he looks to the door. He takes a step towards the door, opens it, and sees the three. There's a deep intake of air. No, he does not want to have a conversation about God's wife and how all you need to do is come to the Vector meeting so that you can give them your money and be saved.

Ronnie's hair flutters from the technique. "Haha," she says with a grin when it's over, "okay, that felt… /really/ weird." She puts an arm around Barry's waist and gives a gentle (for her) squeeze. "You clearly have your uses, Allen."

Ronnie lets go as Barry goes to answer the door, and takes off her coat, revealing the parade of sweaters and other formless things underneath. She looks back over her shoulder and then turns, to see who's at the door with mild curiosity.

Once the door opens, the red-head smiles brightly, pale cheeks almost rosy due to the lick of frost in the air. "Hi. I'm sorry to distrub you." There was no mentioning of Christ or becoming a Witness to Je-hoove today. Only the presentation of a badge that was held aloft near her shoulder. "I'm Detective Anyanka Setanta from the L.A. Police Department. This is my partner.." She gestures to the left of one of the men, "John Vang and our associate from Bristol County, Detective Marcin Pagacz. Would it be alright if we step in for a brief chat? We're working a couple of cold cases and have a few questions."

For all intents and purposes, she and the two seem rather unassuming. John was tall and lanky, while Marcin looked a little bit like Gru. Bald, glasses, black coat and scarf. Pale, long nose. Each of them show their respective badges once introduced, which were /not/ knock offs that were found in the boys isle at Toys R'Us. They were the real deal.

"Cold cases?"

Barry knows a thing or two about cold cases (SEE FILE: NORA ALLEN that sits on the bookshelf.

"Sure, I mean, come on in." He backs away from the door, allowing the officers of the law to come on in. "What kind of case is it?" he asks, before looking towards Ronnie. Well this was a way to spend an afternoon, he imagines.

Long distance to Barry Allen: Reese used to actually really play Anyanka a long time ago as a cop. -.- Total throwback.
Barry Allen pages: Nice!
Ronnie squints, but then… well, Barry's a forensic scientist, this stuff probably happens. She lets it go with a silent roll of her shoulders, and exchanges a look with Barry that's half shrug, half smirk. 'What can ya do.'

"I'm gonna make some coffee, I think," Ronnie says, to give Barry and the cops a minute to talk — and so she can listen in without obviously eavesdropping. "Anyone else want some?"

Anyanka looks so grateful to the two as she steps in, one of the men veers off to return to the car that they drove in, as the other follows the little redhead inside.

"Oh, thank you so much. I never realize how cold it can get on the east coast." Gloves were soon taken off, hat the same, red hair smoothed down to remain presentable as she smiles towards the two present. "Yes please. I'll take it black. Thank you."

As the third returns to the house with a pack of files, Anyana's expression soon turns serious. "Yes. Cold cases."

The man enters, setting the box upon the ground as the other bends to open it, retrieving the top two files, and soon, hands it over towards Barry.

"Missing persons. Murder." John says. "All connected to one person."

If Barry should open it, he'd see Seikatsu's picture at the top.

John and Marcin say nothing about the coffee, but only shake their heads in reply.

"Nah, Ron, I'm okay." In truth, Barry usually refrains from coffee. Whenever he has it he feels like he's going to burst from his skin and take off running towards the speed of light. Silly, huh?

Barry takes a seat and looks at the file. "What's this about?" He can tell when someone is being cagey, and two can play at this game. He'd known that Reese was a thief, but murderer? He highly doubts it.

"You guys can give it straight, I mean I'm one of you." Barry says, his tone taking a more strong tone than it normally does, but his eyes show his intent as he looks at their leader.

That's what Ronnie gets for assuming. She looks in the cabinets, finds no coffee to actually make. Whoops. "Uh… actually, is tea okay, Detective?" she calls from the kitchen area. Oh well, she thinks. Good way to keep up the whole 'brain-fried Californian' bit.

While the two men remain at the door, Anyanka steps forward to take a seat. She wasn't too close to Barry, personal boundaries and all of that. But she too, held the same serious tone as he. "In 1980, a family of four was found murdered, each of them stabbed to death while sleeping in their beds." She leans in a little, reaching for the file. "May I?" If allowed, she'd take the two pictures of Reese away, getting straight to the case files. "The mother, the father, two teenagers were butchered. There was a child that they were babysitting overnight that was presumed missing. We think she's dead as well."

Hearing Ronnie, she calls out. "Yes please! With a little bit of sugar."

John steps foward now, both hands clasped in front of him as he does the all too typical rock upon his heels. "That woman, Jane Doe, was rumored to stay with the family at the time of their deaths. She's was considered missing until we've recently captured CCTV footage of her here in New York a couple of days ago."

While John speaks, Marcin already had the picture ready from the box of files. As he walks over towards Barry, he offers it up, and it indeed was her. A picture of her and Hal, New Years Eve, walking out of the Stark Tower, arm in arm.

"With that being said, we're looking for them both. And we believe this man is in grave danger." A pause. "But there is a question that we would like to ask you."

John speaks up. "How well do you know Seikatsu Takeda?"

But didn't they say that she was Jane Doe?

"You mean John Doe?" By now, Barry is extremely worried for his friend. On one hand, he has no reason to doubt the police, but it's a bit odd how cagey they're being. Moreover, as he looks at the casework, he's trying to find where the murder took place.

"Seikatsu? I thought you didn't know her name," he responds noncomittally.

Ronnie gets to work preparing the tea, and playing the role of innocent something-or-other. She peeks out from the kitchen area, mentally working to judge just the right amount of 'intrigued but not wanting to interfere' that will still let her keep tabs on the situation.

And while Ronnie works in the kitchen, Marcin veers off in that direction, appearing not too far away from her with a broad smile. "Need any help, ma'am? I know my way around making tea, plus Anyanka is pretty particular about how it should taste. I know she's only being polite, not barking orders.. but still.." He holds his hand out, disarmingly.

While Marcin steps away, Anyanka gives John a tired look, her head shaking slightly as she sucks in a hint of breath. "My apologizes. We often start off with Jane Doe to see if we can guess if the person we're speaking to knows the suspect."

John looks away, slightly angered. Almost impatient.

Anyanka continues however, attempting to lull Barry into a comfortable space. "We know who she is, and we know we're she's been. We're looking for anyone who knows even a single shred of information about her. Where she lives. Where she works. Where she eats. Anything."

Really, they were attempting to close a book, a chapter. To kill or take over anyone who knows her to erase her very being from existence. "This is a very, very dangerous woman. Sir. If you could help us with anything, whether big or small…"

"Mind if I take a look around?" John blurts out.

"Sorry," Barry says as he looks back toward Ronnie, inwardly wondering how his new girlfriend will respond to all of this. Seriously, every single day with this guy is an adventure. And if it's not, it's sitting at home watching the news. There's no in between, clearly.

"You came into my home /a police officer's home I might add/ and lied. And don't give me the line about how you were just trying to flush out information. If you wanted it, I'd have told you. But I also know that it's standard procedure that if you're investigating a police officer, your department would have contacted mine before hand. You can search my home, with a warrant. Until then, get the heck out of here."

Dangerous or not, she'd never seemed at all violent to him. And he's pretty sure he's going to want to talk to his Chief about all of this before he tells this trio another word.

"I, uh, I think I'm good," Ronnie says to the cop who offers to help make tea. She doesn't seem too comfortable with the offer.

When Barry starts making a fuss, Ronnie looks past the cop and says: "Actually, um, I think — I dunno, you might want to be out there, because it sounds like something's going on…?" Plus if it gets weird, it's easier to crack the guy in the back of the neck when he's turned away.

Anyanka sighs, her foot lightly pounding upon the ground as elbow join to knee, fingers pinching the bridge of her nose as she gives a slow shake of her head. "You're such a fuck up, John." She states mournfully. While she could plead, beg for more information, it was felt that Barry was the strong willed sort. Not to be swayed by pretty blue eyes, red hair, and a smile. "You're right." She gives, but only a little, hands clapping against her thighs as she pushes herself to a stand with a small grunt let out and a glare towards John. "In a way, I was hoping that it didn't have to come to this. But everything.."

" inevitable."

Anyanka's hand snatches out into the air to unleash a snap of her fingers, the bodies of John and Marcin soon stand straight, stiff as a board, petrified, their mouths slowly opening as they begin to spasm and tremble. The slow opening of their jaws releases a sickening crack and snap of bones, stretching their maws to inhuman heights, their heads soon turned upright to vomit black smoke which billows to the ceiling.

"We can smell her. You see. She's left her mark on you, Sir. And the woman has sat where she has sat. Even the cup in her hand has traces of Takeda Seikatsu.."

Anyanka moves away from the couch now, coat unzipped, thrown back, two pistols drawn from their shelves with chambers cocked. Where the men once stood, Oni stood in their wake, dressed in black robes, black blades apparent, Hanya masks donned with eyes aglow.

"Give Takeda Seikatsu to us and promptly die!"

As things start getting crazy, Barry stands and puts himself in between this woman and Ronnie, not sure of what her deal is, but it's clear that she is very powerful.

Ronnie can hold her own, but she's a strong mutant, not trained in the ways of this sort of thing. Not like the Flash.

In an eyeblink, Barry Allen is now covered in his crimson suit, staring down at the redhead. "Leave my home, and never come back." His mind tries to remember the gifts Seikatsu left for him when she left, but in the hurry, he can't remember the particulars of her cryptic note.

Ronnie's reaction is basically 'what the shit' on every level. This isn't her acting. She's really going 'what the shit' at seeing someone trasnsform into some kind of crazo corpse demon in front of her.

Still, the adrenaline is making her feel jacked up. She waits two seconds from Barry's warning to the demons.

And then she tries to put her fist through one of the oni's freaky skulls with a sucker punch.

"No." This was a very simple answer to a demand that was as complicated as the Oni make it. Because of that change, Anyanka was simply content to kill them to allow the Jini to eat their corpses. But this? This was new. And she /wanted/ that.

Pistols raised.. shot's fired.. the Oni that used to be John? Dashes forward in ghastly speed, katana raised to aim a downward strike towards Barry. If he wasn't quick enough. (And the person who wrote this just giggled at that line.)

Ronnie's efforts though? They were fruitful. For the hard punch to the Hanya mask snaps the Oni's neck backwards, cracking it a little near the top, and drawing it's head up with a fierce roar. It was almost as if they were syncronized, blades extended and drawn at a downward arc.

The both of them? Worthy of being possessed. They were strong, plans have changed.

The Flash leans out of the way of the strike and nearly yawns. It's gonna take a bit more to hit the Scarlet Speedster. But before he even let's this John fool take another breath (or whatever it is these things do), Barry buries his head in his chest and grabs the front of his shirt.

Then, in a move not unlike a football offensive lineman (I would know), the Flash begins pushing the Oni with short choppy steps, blasting the pair right through the door!

Oh snap! The rental agreement was extremely picky about the state of the apartment. Looks like someone's not getting his security deposit back, if he even gets to continue living there.

As Barry tries to tackle the Oni, Ronnie tries to tackle Anyanka — literally.

As in, Ronnie tries to run directly at Anyanka like she's going to sack a quarterback, to try and tackle her into the wall, or the ground, or furniture, or a doorframe, or whatever happens to be behind them. The gun? That doesn't scare her much. "Hrrrrghgh!"

The Oni that attacks Flash, try as it might, sends another series of slashes that were obviously deflected by the Scarlet Speedster. Had they been well informed of the circles that Seikatsu ran through, they would have known that Ronnie and Barry were a power couple to be reckoned with.

Perfect for possession, /HORRIBLE/ to battle.

Oni John and Marcin were pushed out of the door, the catch of the light hitting them and.. *POOF*

Gone. In that instant.

But there was another element that Flash possibly wasn't expecting, for across the way, a woman stares as she stands in between houses, wide eyed and slack jawed, garbage bags held at her side which were soon promptly dropped.

Anyanka however, was surprised at the turn of the events. There was a little look of glee upon her face as Ronnie begins to charge. Gun lifted, perhaps not in time, trigger squeezed which soon plants two bullets into the wall of the apartment.

He's totally not getting that deposit back.

Anyanka was tackled to the wall, Ronnie's sheer force of will pitting the dry-wall, the redhead curling against Ronnie's shoulder, winded.. out of breath.. her mouth soon pits open wide as the vomit of black smoke protrudes for her mouth, that trail of smoke attempting to rush it's way out the door to flee from safety.

In other words? Fuck this noise. These two are boss level hard, they're going to need a raid for this shit.

The woman with the trashbags, the apartment, and whatever happened to Reese is momentarily put at the back of Barry's mind as he continues to push Dear Old John.

Once Barry finally decellerates and stops, the pair are out on the ocean and the force will create some space between himself and his foe. Whoever this Oni is, he'll have to swim his way back. If that's even how these things tend to transport. "Oh no," Barry says as he realizes his error. "Ronnie!"

Running frantically, the Flash pushes his upper limit. As he crosses the streets of lower New York, he appears as little more than a lightning bolt, leaving a path of shattered glass in his wake as he desperately tries to get back to safe Ronnie.

"Put some sugar on that, /bitch/," Ronnie says just before black smoke starts pouring out of Anyanka's face and she has to pull away, covering her mouth in case it's… toxic. Or something. If she only knew.

Ronnie is kneeling by Anyanka, under the crater she left in Barry's wall, by the time the Flash returns. She can't do anything to catch the smoke, and she hasn't yet twigged that the smoke is something to be caught — next time she'll get a vacuum cleaner ready. "Hey," is her greeting to the Flash, breathing heavily.

Flash was gone, the woman saw the streak and couldn't believe her eyes! She knew it! There was a Scarlet Speedster in town, she's followed all the blogs left by that lady.. who's name she couldn't recall. But never did she guess that he'd be staying /right/ across the street from her! Oh, this is news. NEWS!

She pulls out her phone to dial her friend first, because gossip. "Jessie, you would /never/ guess what I just sa-.."


A hand clad in black snatches the woman from betwixt the two houses.. muffling a scream.

Meanwhile, Ronnie was left alone with Anyanka's corpse, John and Marcin in their respective places, dead.. petrified. Three officers fallen in duty, but who initially killed them? Those case files, they were as real as they come, authorized, vehicles checked under their respective departments. Everything checked, noted, notarized, itenararies approved by their Chief's. All directions lead to one city.

New York.

Whether it was Barry Allen that the three, while living, were searching for along with Seikatsu Takeda was a mystery in itself.


The woman remained bound in the middle of her livingroom, furniture pushed to the side to allow the plastic to coat along the ground. The man, clad in black and buckles had his tools ready, instruments of death, one would possibly call them. But once upon a time, long ago? They were used to save lives.

Her mouth was stretched along an apparatus, slowly filling with blood due to her tongue being cut and tossed into a tin nearby. For her to witness the horror of her organ floating in solution was one thing. But to know that she felt nothing as it was removed while she was awake, was another.

"Mmfhfm!" She cries out through her gag, the man standing behind the naked visage of his latest victim.

"SHHH!" He implores, mouth stretching along the thread that keeps his lips wired /shut/.

There was a saw…

A scalpel..

Soon after, blood.

Splattered along as he hacked away at the woman, snaps and cracks galore as fingers dig, rip tendon, pull muscle.

All she felt was pressure, all that she could make was a ragged breath. For lungs were soon flipped to rest upon her shoulder, rib cage spread wide like the wings of a bird..

Blood was soon gathered upon hands as walls were scrawled upon, the muffled sound he makes was akin to a sorrowful cry of old men who lay abandoned in their beds close to death.

Murmur made sure to not allow his tears to hit the floor, taking precaution into not leaving his own DNA behind but someone elses.

Hair. Finger prints. Saliva.

He wails now, finished.. body shaking as his hands ball into fists to smack against his head in anger. To quiet the noise, quiet the noise.. someone help me..



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