Queen Bees From Outer Space

<January 4, 2015>: Queen Bee attacks S.T.A.R. Labs, and the Titans come to the rescue

S.T.A.R. Labs

Everybody attacks it



  • Queen Bee
  • Bee Soldiers
  • Hostages

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S.T.A.R. Labs is one of those tricky landmarks in Metropolis- at times it is a source of pride due to the amazing research that takes place in the laboratories, but more often than not it is an aggravation to the citizens of this good city due to the constant targeting that takes place from villains wanting to get their grubby paws on advanced research and technology.

"It's Queen Bee," the officer in charge says to the assembled Titans, the first group to get to the scene after the emergency call went out. We've got reports of researchers being taken as hostage by drones. Distributed along the lower floors as far as we can see, but we've also received visual reports of activity up on the top floors as well."

A tired eye turns towards the assebled motley crue crew."I don't want any casualties here, we're willing to work with what you've got."

Vorpal frowns and looks at the towering building of the laboratories. He looks back as his team-mates. "Well…"

Bunker gives an emphatic nod at the 'no casualties' comment. "We can handle it," he says to Vorpal. "We can't let her get away with all the super-advanced tech in there. Who know what she'd do with it?" he says, looking at the imposing structure.

Misfit rubs the back of her neck and looks at the building curious then to the others "We don't kill people or let people get killed." agreeably, then she leans and asks Gar "What is a Queen Bee?" pause "Is this one of those I should be doing villain homework at the base and reading some sort of villain database thing. Also what is it with animal named villains and heroes.. really." she eyes the building.

The Queen Bee has come to Earth for a reason. The Apiarn Empire was once a great force in the cosmos, but too many advanced races have learned how to defeat them. And like cosmic honey badgers, they took apart Hivehome, and the Queens were forced to gather their surviving workers and drones and Swarm.

The Earth, this insignificant little planet, yet has something special about it that drew Her here. She was the youngest, the least experienced, but also the cleverest.

So she hides, building her forces slowly, and stealing the equipment and people she needs. And today she needs the Replication Matrix in the vault below.

"Bring me the security chief," she says, faceted eyes focusing on her soldier chief.

Gar looks over at Misfit. "Yes, Yes, you should. And what's wrong with animals?"

He turns into a rather large spider. Ick. At least it's green. And has the cute face of a Jumping Spider. Too bad it's six feet across.

GAME: Vorpal has set the pose order to Vorpal(Emits)/Bunker/Misfit/Gar(Emits)/Zee

Zatanna Zatara smiles brightly towards the Officer in Charge as she stands with the rest of her team before looking to Vorpal and Changeling. The young magician nods "That's our MO, no casualties. Let's do this. What's the game plan?"

Vorpal exhales. One of the hard things about not having a leader was not having that instant 'Do this and that' that the go-to person would do. However… it also provided a chance for each to state their strengths.

"Alright… I can turn myself invisible so stealth is something I can do. We need to take down the hostage-takers first…"

The cheshire looks at his team-mates. "Okay… Misfit and I can teleport into the lower levels… Zatanna, you and Gar can portal to the top and see what's going there. What do you think?" he asks.

In the lower levels, the drones are taking position, their weapons aimed at the hostages. They have instructed them to remain standing and visible to the windows, that way providing a buffer between them and the Drones- and providing a deterrent to action. At least for normal police.

Bunker hmms and scratches his chin. "Stealth is totally not my thing unless I'm flying, and even then I'm hard to miss. I can harry and distract, create diversions to draw them off. I can make walls and barriers to keep them off me, and isolate the scientists at the same time." He looks back at the building. "That gets a little property-damage-y, but I can keep from breaking anything really important, I think."

The chief soldier finds the security chief among the captured security, and drags him before Queen Bee. A few minutes with his Queen, and the man would be their willing accomplice.

Gar nods to Vorpal, spiderishly, which is probably still creepy.

"Yes. We'll go top down. You go bottom up. Bunker, you may need to be transported inside, but once you get in, just don't let them take you to Queen Bee. She can take over men's minds. It's a pheromone thing."

Misfit fishes around and pulls out a tiny pair of binoculars. They have a cute little yellow bat-M symbol like her costume painted on them with craft paint. "Lets see…" she looks at the drones in the windows there. "So bad guys have hostages in the windows… there are… hmmm" she counts for a bit. "I'm pretty sure I can get their guns away from them Vorpal no problemo."

She keeps watching the windows "I can't teleport Bunker in, just me, how about I take the drones weapons and Vorp gets in with Bunker and we go upsies … and I like this.. that way no Giant Spider." she pauses "Pheremone … do Bees even have Pheremones?" yes, biology science not Charlie's thing.

Zee looks carefully at Spider-Gar "Is it just Men's minds or peoples mind… if it's Men only, perhaps Misfit and I should be the ones to be near her." The raven haired woman listens to Misfits report and nods, she's the young womans abilities. "I can teleport people, but your Rabbit Holes work well that way too. I'll follow Gar and we'll work our down, disarm and disable the bad guys and retrieve hostages."

Vorpal nods. "Right, then, let's get cracking. Misfit and Bunker, you're with me. Gar and Zee, from the top." the Cheshire cat frown and looks at the builing and borrows Misfit's binoculars. "I need to establish line of sight. If I'm going to teleport in there with Bunker…" it was his limitation, something Misfit did not have.

He finds an empty office, a corner office probably belonging to one of the high-tier scientists, or one of the government bureaucrats who work with laboratories of this sort. "Alright… Bunker, let's step through. Misfit, feel free to scout ahead but stay out of sight until we know what's going on. Earpieces on and TeamSpeak app on."

The Rabbit Hole opens for him and Bunker, the little corner office on the other side.

The Drones remain waiting for word of their Queen, patient and almost robotic, their weapons trained on the hostages.

Bunker hmms. "Would that even work on me, I wonder?" he says to Gar, when the pheromones are mentioned. "Or maybe not as much?" He forms a platform under himself, raising off the ground a foot as he levitates it. Once down the Rabbit Hole, he forms up brick-fists around his hands and forearms, ready for some diversionary tactics.

Misfit snags her bat-misfit binoculars back now "I thought i was going to disarm the drones… are we not disarming the drones in the windows… because I think I can snag their guns and disarm the ones putting on a show right quick like…" she seems confident, hopefully no hostages get shot.

"Yep," Vorpal says, "You are disarming them, but wait until Bunks and I are in position. That way we can have your back, since you'll still have to deal with unarmed drones."

"I think she has to work harder to do non-humans and females, which is why I'm not going to be human while I'm in there," Gar says. He pauses to think about what Bunker asks… "Maybe. Don't trust it."

He looks with all six forward eyes at the rabbit hole, and glances to Zee.

"Shall we go?"

The security guard is brought to the Queen, and she caresses him along the chin. A smile crosses her face as if guided there by the forces of some alien muse. certainly no human thought. The security guard looks at her eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, all the facets… She touches his slightly pudgy chin, and a fingernail injects a drop of her special royal jelly… he falls into her eyes… His own eyes start to turn yellow, his too-many-donuts frame tightens up to meet the requirement of her Drones… In a minute, his eyes will become compound and he will hear her words on his new antennae and everything he knows will be hers… including the protocols for opening all the vaults.

"Bring me a few of the male hostages," Queen Bee says. "I want to make assurances."

Already in her costume, Zee nods to Changeling as she makes sure her earpiece is firmly in place "I'm ready, lets go" Looking up at the roof, she gives an upnod of her chin "I'm heading for that topmost office, hold on with one of your legs… " and she speaks

~ tropeleT sU oT ehT eciffO ~

There'll be a soft 'pop' sound and both her and Changeling will be gone.

"Be careful, and kick ass," Vorpal says to the teleporting pair. "Right… let's go…"

He slips into the hole right after Bunker. He turns both of them invisible as he opens the door to the office carefully, so he can look at the proceedings…

The large office room has four Drones, and there are about ten hostages being held up.

"Alright Misfit… got three on my sights. There may be more around, but lets see if we can- wait."

One of the Drones seems to get a communique of some sort. He grabs three of the male hostages and begins marching them out of the room and into the elevator. This does not bode well.

When the elevator doors close, Vorpal hrms. "Alright… Misfit, we've got three here, armed. On my word, do your thing and disarm them. Bunks, give me a wall between the hostages and those guns until Misfit's disarmed them, I'll create supplemental walls as well. After that… feel free to show them what Titans do to Hijackers."

He waits for any objections, and then takes a deep breath.

"Alright… ready…. Titans Go!"

Bunker forms up the first wall, of double-thick glowing purple bricks; certainly harder than stone. He drops it between his nearest group of hostages and the gunmen. "Surprise!" he grins.

Misfit trains her bat-M-binoculars at the room with the hostages near Vorpal's office antics. "RogerRoger." she notes and then teleports away from the police >pinkurple> and is suddenly by the first drone grabbing his gun "Thankyou" >pinkurple> "And you" >pinkurple> "Aaand you" >pinkurple> she dumps the guns on the ground by the nice police response unit outside then >pinkurple> is back in near the elevator behind all of them to see what she should do to them next.

Top floor office. There is a glorious huge mahogany desk, a brilliant top-of-the-line holographic computer control worthy of Tony Stark, and a rather scattered set of files along the floor. Gar shifts into a smaller spider form… much smaller. Through the glass door, there is only one drone flying in position in the airspace that leads down to the lobby. Industrial Design!!

And there are two of them outside a door one level down, hovering in place. Apparently the Bee thing is more than just an image thing.

Three men are being dragged through the door.

Inside, and down the hall, the security guard's eyes have become faceted, and he is telling his Queen everything.

Zee steps forward after the teleport and takes in their surroundings, watching Gar shift and then assesses the situation. "I think we need to get the Security Guard first… who knows what they're sharing with the Queen… and then go save those poor men. But first, we need to get out of here, I'll take care of that one out there, I'm going to send it to sleep. If you can bind it when I do, we can keep moving." The Mistress of Magic strides out the door speaking as she does, gesturing as she does

~ eeB naM oG oT peelS ~

When Misfit disarms the guards, Vorpal leaps into the air and regains his visibility. "Let 'em have it!"

It's a distraction tactic, since the Drones go into alert mode the moment Misfit so considerately takes away their weapons- now they have a target when something large and purple comes into view. Bunker? He has left invisible so his fellow Titan could add another layer of surprise. The closest drone begins to fly towards Vorpal and the two collide in mid-air, grappling at each other. The second drone flies toward his fellow to aid him, while the third remains in place as he reaches for his communicator to sound the alarm- fortunately he is not too far from Misfit, and he missed her re-appearance when the Cheshire made his convenient Everybody Hit Me appearance.

Bunker starts creating and lobbing bricks as fast as he can at the various drones, softer ones so they'll be knocked out or dazed, and hopefully not badly concussed - many of these people are obviously converted personnel. He especially goes for the one with the communicator, creating a moving wall to hopefully slam him against the one already created. If that comm goes flying, he'll do his best to crush it.

Misfit doesn't miss her cue, though when the bricks start flying she pauses a moment watching the wall slam the guy in the face. "owwwch." she notes and then teleports in >pinkurple>, carefully to pluck the communicator off him before he gets his bearings.

Figuring that Bunker has the one he just slammed under control she leaps >pinkurple> and reppears kicking the second one that was going to gang up on Vorpal in the back of his drone head. "Darrrrk vengeance!"

The newly Droned Guard has been quite talkative, and Queen Bee is ready to fetch her new hardware … but first, something seems … off. There is an alarm scent, her Drones are upset by something. But there are three fresh hostages, and she has just enough time to prime them, even if she can't give them the full Jelly.

"You will be my backup," she says, touching each of them on the face, her eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes gazing into theirs.

"Yes, My Queen," they say.

Gar leaps on the suddenly sleeping drone, and they're dangling in mid-air for a moment. That catches the attention of the other two guards outside the Royal Temporary Apartment, and they start firing their sting-guns at the giant spider, totally missing the woman with the top-hat. The giant spider twitches as the stings begin to build up … he whirls, leaving the web-bound drone attached to the line, and leaps towards them.

Zee generally needs material to work with when she casts… binding something or someone from thin air isn't something she can do, just yet. But… Spider-Gar has been creating some pretty cool and strong web and she can use that. "Give me some of that web, Changeling, I can bind one of them… if you can take the second…" She really hopes those sting things aren't affecting Changeling badly. The raven-haired woman, who the guards have missed completely, continues moving forward and speaks and she points to one of the guards

~ dniB sihT naM dnaH dnA tooF htiW beW ~

And the Darrrrrk Vengeance makes one drone see stars, while the other Drone has purple bricks sending him to blissfull sleep. So the tally, as it stands, are three Drones down for the count, no injured hostages, and only a slightly scratched Vorpal from a clawed Drone glove.

"Nice job, guys," the Cheshire says, getting up and pushing off the Drone. The walled Drone slowly falls down to his knees unconscious.

"Misfit, I'll need your binoculars to open a Rabbit Hole for the hostages…" to whom he says-

"Don't worry, folks, we're with the Titans. Just wait a bit and we'll get you to safety-"

With the use of the binoculars, it's just a manner of opening the hole next to the waiting officers and let them file through.

Before letting the hostages go, though, Vorpal makes sure to ask the relevant questions.

"We've got reports that the Queen went to the top. How many Drones did you see with her when she came in?"
"Several… ten. Maybe more…"
"Did she say anything more about what she's after? Any leading questions being asked in a cackly, evil sort of way?"
The researcher frowns for a second, and replies, "I'm not sure. I got hit over the head with something, I only woke up a few minutes ago…"
"Alright. Tell the officers we're working on it."

And the Rabbit Hole closes.

"Alright, Titans… looks like we need to make our way to the top, but first we should check the floors in Between. That's you, Misfit," he nods to his Sister in Red. "Bunker and I will take the stairway up, you go and check every floor but the top one by one and let us know which one contains hostages. Doing your Dark Secret Vengeance Stealth thing. Sounds good?"

Misfit looks up and then shrugs "Right." she >pinkurples> disappearing. There are a rapid fire series of >pinkurples> in the intervening floors aiming for out of the way spots. It is a very good question how she is even aiming but aim she does not popping right in their faces. Maybe … magic pink teleport powers take me to an empty office out of the way with a view… works but no matter.

Misfit reappears in the stairwell three floors up and waits for Vorpal and Bunker "One of the little bee dudes and three big bee dudes and some hostages." she reports looking smug.

"Fine to me," Bunker says, as he dissipates the constructs he's put up so far. "Big bee dudes, about get bricked," he grins, looking at Misfit. "Show the way.."

Changeling hands, er, legs, some web to Zatanna, and then the stings are getting to be too much; he shifts into something more durable before he forgets how to breathe. About the size of a tiger, the new green mustelid resembles a badger, but doesn't really care about the comparisons. Or much else beyond what he's about to do, which is to go pummel some bee boys. And then get lunch. Lunch sounds very good all of a sudden.

Inside, and down the hall to the left, Queen Bee becomes alarmed. "New Guard, take them to the room across the hall. They are to be hostages against My safety."

She begins moving to the fire escape stairs.

"Should I be threatened, you know what to do with them."

"Where are the rest of you?" Zee speaks into her headset to activate the teamspeak app. "We're on the second floor to last with Queen Bee, a guard and the hostages…."

Changelings errrr Change makes her smile slightly as she walks briskly, down the hall just in time to see the hostages being dragged across. Still having some of the Gar-Spiderweb left, she targets the guard in the same manner and binds him hand and foot. "I think the Queens in there, Changeling" the young magician points to her left…

"About to put the drop on the last set of hostage takers," Vorpal mutters into his comm. "You and Gar are fine? We're about to go in."

The cheshire grins at Misfit and Bunker. "Alright, boys and girls… same as before. Bunker, I'll take care of protectinng the hostages, you and Misfit disarm and beat the crap out of these guys. Ready?- go!"

The Cheshire opens the door and moves in, creating walls to protect the hostages as soon as they come into view- now it was Misfit and Bunker's turn to kick serious ass.

Oh, only if they knew they were sharing a stairwell with the Queen… albeit with several floors of difference.

Funny thing, Vorpal thinks as he creates walls of solidifed chaos magic to intercept the bee-guards' beams, a year ago he was pushing boxes around in a warehouse, now he was fighting bee-themed villains in a high-tech super-science building fighting alongside a redhead who could teleport, a guy who creates psychic bricks, a maagician who can do real magic and a green guy who turns into animals, whom he is dating. He couldn't have made this stuff up if he tried.

Bunker forms up several squares of bricks, and sends them tumbling at the bee-warriors like dice, moving and rotating seemingly at random to confuse them and draw their fire - and then SLAM SLAM the cubes rocket forward and KO the warriors by rattling them around and throwing them in to walls. "Yahtze!" yells Bunker.

Misfit will teleport before the door is opened by the boys >pinkurple> and she is gone repeating her disarming techniques, she appears four times in the room and dumps all the guns out with the cops once more. Well all but One. One Gun is totally dropped off on a nearby rooftop for her to check out later and not in police impound. She wasn't kidding about a trophy room, but she doesnt pop it back to the base without checking for trackers. Then the girl is back in the room with Bunker and Vorpal. "Lets see…." she tosses a batarang at the one drone, well okay two batarangs, clocking him in the head and dropping him. "HSss!" then the batarangs flap back to her outstretched hands.

The Queen Bee traipses quickly down the stairs, her ridiculously high heels no problem because she uses her wings to keep her balance. Two of her Honor Guard follow behind, sting-guns and stun clubs ready. One precedes her, making sure there's nothing in the way. And as they reach the bottom, purple bricks are blocking her access to the main hallway, and she says some very unRegal things about the ancestry of humanity in general.

"We must flee," she decides. Outside, the police wait. Inside, the pesky heroes. Of course, her ruse upstairs remains in effect: the guard, the hostages, the closed door with the tiny box that relays her speaking voice. She touches a button on her belt, and a whispering, buzzing sound precedes a hole opening in space before her and her Honor Guard.

"We are prepared," she says, her voice echoing upstairs. "We will kill one hostage for each of them who steps through that door.."

The heroes will hear. Meanwhile, she and her Honor Guard step through the door, and the hole … closes, leaving no trace that Human science can readily detect.

Gar smashes the door open, and growls at the Drone guarding the entrance to where Queen Bee's scent says she's waiting. The converted Security Guard holds a long, sharp blade at the throat of one of the hostages.

"Szztop, Or I will kill thiszz Human. You will not molezztt My Queen!" he says fiercely.

Zee follows Changeling through the door and stops when she sees the sword at the hostages throat. "I'll take care of the sword if you take care of the guard" she murmurs to her companion and with a flick of her hand, speaks again

~ ekaT ehT drowS yawA ~

The sword flies out the guards hand and embeds in the wall, missing the hostages in the room.

"Excellent," Vorpal says, taking the walls down and showing the terrified hostages. "Ladies, Gentlemen, calm yourselves, the Titans are here!"

It felt good to say that. "Bunker, Misfit, go ahead and join Zee and Gar, I'll make sure these people make it back safely and I'll join you." He will, of course, borrow the binoculars again for this. Because it could be fun to take the hostages through the Rabbit Hole Express, but he doubted they would appreciate it.

Bunker nods a quick thumbs-up and rockets up through the stairwells on his brick platofmr, carrying Misfit as well if she wants to join. Once there, he swoops in behind Gar and Zee, dissipating the platform and landing in a nice little hop-step-step. "What's shaking?" he says quietly behind them. "All the other guys have been given the Beeness. See the Queen yet?"

Misfit hands over her binoculars again. Mental note get another compact pair and paint a kitty on them for Vorpal. She passes on the Bunker liftomatic and steps out of this room >pinkurple> and into the room with Zee and Changeling. "We got the hostages… woops missed this one" as the sword flies by her head and into the wall by her. She pokes it with a finger then looks around "Hey… where is the Queen Bee lady…" not teleporting to her though. Not that impulsive thankfully.

Gar stands on his hind legs and puts his paws on the guard's shoulders, shoving him against the wall. The newly minted Bee-Man thrashes slightly before he flinches, as the giant mustelid's nose whiffs over him, then growls sniffing at his neck.

"This is the source of the smell of the Queen Bee."

The man slugs Gar-Badger in the stomach, to no effect other than to hurt his hand. Honey Badgers are invulnerable to mortal harm, just ask one.

"Put this one to sleep. He was just changed, you might be able to fix him. Misfit, be careful, but she might be in that room. I think."

He growls at the Guard…

Misfit bouncing in and being narrowly missed by the sword has Zee's eyes rolling "Careful…" Bunker gets a nod of the teen mages head "No idea…."

Moving closer to the guard that Gar has pinned against the wall, Zee nods "Sure, I can do that. I'm hoping we can save the others too" and she speaks again

~ tuP miH oT peelS ~

Looking at the door and to Misfit, Zee stands back and watches ready to act on her team mates call.

The guard drops to sleep instantly. The hostages, naturally, are terrified, and once the tape over their mouths is removed, they are begging to be taken to safety (and away from the scary green bear-badger-weasel-man.)

The few remaining Drone Scouts downstairs sense their Queen's departure, and attempt to go into hiding in the building.

Bunker knocks his brick-fists together, looking at the others. "So, that room, huh?" he says, looking at the doorway. "Anyone want to slip in while I bash it down, get them to keep eyes on me? We have to assume she has some people in there, as well."

Misfit nods "Sure the ol distract and bounce.. this seems like a solid strategy." she grins at Bunker and then will >pinkurple> once he is bashing things in. She plans to bounce, scout, and deal with things. Of course the Queen isn't in here or anywhere anymore… so…but Titans don't know that yet right.

"Go for it, then," Gar growls. "They can hear you talking, don't stand around."

Honey badgers apparently don't care for manners. He shakes his head, trying to focus. Don't eat the guard. Lunch will come soon enough.

Nodding at her teammates, Zee takes up position behind Bunker ready to provide protection if required, when the door opens. "Ready…"

And that's when Vorpal comes into the room, "Sorry that took so long, this crazy lady said my hole was unsafe-" he watches his team-mates take position, and huhs. "… big showdown time. Got it." He goes invisible. For the element of surprise…

"Oh, right! GO!" Bunker says, not having the ability to facepalm at the moment. So he steps up to the door, rams his psi-brick-sheathed hands through it and tears open a ten-foot-wide hole in the wall. "No smart remarks and I'm all out of bee-puns!"

Misfit teleports when Bunker rams the door >pinkurple> and is totally ready to do .. stuff… lots of stuff. None of which happens though.

In the room there a desk and a Misfit now standing by it. "Hurt lady back here.. I don't think she is a queen bee though…. " she straightens and looks at a box on the desk curious next. "Where did the bad guy go?"

The room… is indeed not quite empty as Misfit appears inside. There's an unconscious hostage inside, from earlier, an injured woman who has been Stung twice, and is having trouble breathing, semiconscious… and a small box on the desk inside, with a speaker on top. It mutters every few seconds in the voice of Queen Bee, nothing quite discernible.

"She got away," Gar says, growling and sniffing. He lunges back out to the hallway and sniffs around. He lunges to the exit stairs, and bolts down them taking a deep whiff… and starts sneezing.

"What sort of horrible person sprinkles black pepper over the stairs," he complains, returning to his green human form to cough and sneeze harder.

Zee, leaving the hurt woman to the other three follows Gar down the stairs and looks at Gar "Are you sure it's black pepper and not residual energy" The raven-haired woman peers at the space where Gar started sneezing and reaches out with her magical senses.

~ laeveR ynA slatroP oT eM ~

"Maybe this will show us something" she murmurs looking back to the snoughing Changeling.

"Sounds like a good idea," Vorpal mutters. If he had put black pepper all over his gift, he wouldn't have needed to leave the git with Kate. You can learn something from villains. "Misfit, you're the awesome teleporter, can you see if there are any thugs left in the building? If you see any…" he grins "You know what to do. Bunks, make a gurney for that poor woman and levitate her out, she needs medical assistance. Once we get the clear from Misfit, I'll let the authorities know to come in and secure the situation. You alright there, Sneezalupagus?" he asks of his sneezing boyfriend, giving Zatanna a wink.

There were, indeed, a few more thugs left hiding in the building, but it was nothing that Misfit couldn't deal with. A few minutes later there are police and special response officers coming in, paramedics (several of whom help Bunker take the injured woman out), and reporters. Dear god, are there reporters outside. Although the Queen Bee got away, the Titans have resolved a major hostage situation without casualties. Although several of the men who were fed royal jelly are going to have to spend time in observation in Cadmus and STAR labs cells while they figure out how to reverse the effects of the serum.

"Anyone for pizza after this?" Vorpal asks.

Bunker moves to form gurneys, lifting pads, and immobilization beds for various victims, and helps make walkways or stairs from the ground to the other floors from the outside, as needed - or slideways. "Totally up for pizza," he says to Vorpal in passing.

Gar gives Vorpal a woeful expression, sneezing and leaving … speckled slime … on the wall.

"Yeah. Just, no pepper."

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