Drop Offs and Drop Ins

January 6, 2015: Pepper Potts is a popular lady. Two SHIELD agents drop off something for her, and two others drop in to visit Stark Tower.

Midtown — NYC

Midtown Center is the site of one of the most famous commercial districts in the US. This, right here, is the reason they say the city never sleeps. This area pretty much doesn't. It's also the site of a growing financial presence, already a major influence in across the nation. Times Square is here, along with notable businesses and landmarks such as Stark Tower, the Baxter Building, the Daily Bugle and St. Patrick's Cathedral.



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Someone at SHIELD has a sick sense of humor, or perhaps a sadistic streak. Somewhere in the grand pyramid of administrative paper pushers, somebody thought it would be a brilliant idea to assign Agents Morse and Hunter to a delivery op. Together. Like in the same vehicle together. No doubt there is currently a betting pool on one of the floors of the Triskelion involving who gets thrown out of, run over with, or hit by the car, and various side bets on the number and type of injuries either or will sustain after an hour-plus of the ex-spouses being trapped together in a confined space, all in the name of security.

The plain black sedan is currently parked outside of Stark Tower, where Bobbi is sitting behind the wheel, gritting her teeth, as Hunter changes the radio station yet again. They have been volleying satellite stations for the better part of an hour. Miraculously, no blood has been spilled yet, perhaps because their contact hasn't shown up to collect the briefcase Hunter is currently handcuffed to. "I swear to Fury, if you touch that dial one more time…."

Because Hunter cannot think of anywhere else he would rather be right now. Perhaps the bowels of hell. So another station and then she is threatening him. "Now now, luv, is that any way to speak to your favourite colleague?" He twists it again, just to grate on that single last nerve she has. Then he leans back in the passenger seat, one foot lifting to rest on the dashboard, casual, apparently at ease, giving her a broad grin. The baseball cap he wears to make them look even more casual might be better without the bullet holes from his last car trip with a woman.

There's a distinct… distortion in front of the car. It's a ripple in the air that resolves itself into a tear in time and space and a moment later a tall, dark haired, lean man pushes a red haired woman in a wheelchair out of nowhere and onto the sidewalk. Then waves his hand behind him to close the casual violation of the rules of space and time. He looks up and grins at the two people in the car and waves. There's something about him that feels vaguely… predatory.

Babs smiles up at Fenris as they exit the way. "Thanks again for the ''lift'', Fenris." Seeing him wave at the car, she raises an eyebrow but holds her question. As they reach the sidewalk, she picks up the tablet and starts checking her systems, totally engaged in the process.

Pepper Potts is just stepping out of Stark Tower, phone in one hand and bluetooth earpiece in place, and looking for… ah. The black sedan. She's just started to approach the vehicle when Fenris and Babs pop in almost literally and she startles. To her credit, though, she's seen more than enough weird to recover very quickly. With a smile and a quick wave to the just-arried pair — be with you in a moment — she hastily finishes the phone call she was on as she stops next to the front passenger's window of the vehicle.

Well, Bobbi's last nerve has finally been run across the cheese grater of Hunter's wit. She pulls a ceramic composite knife out from inside her coat, and stabs it through the faceplate of the satellite radio. It splutters, sparks, then squarks out of existence with a tiny, sad puff of smoke. There, now no one can listen to music. Check. The chess game continues.

Suddenly, a very unscientific wormhole opens in front of the sedan. Agent Morse stares at it, and the pair who exit it, with wide blue eyes. "Why can't it ever be something easy and normal, or at least involve warm, sandy beaches?" she mutters, in a continued litany that's been on her lips all day. She pulls a pair of batons from beneath the front seat and sets them across her lap, just in case. "Think they're here to intercept the exchange?" she asks Hunter, with a scowl.

Bobbi tips her chin towards Pepper as the woman approaches. "That's our contact."

"What the bloody hell, woman?" His voice is raised as she stabs the radio, "Seriously, woman, get help." The tone is calmer now, and the appearance of those two catches his eye, distracting him from the need to needle his ex-wife. "Now what is he doing here?" The murmur is soft, as Hunter returns the wave with a nod and a lift of his hand, "I know him. I don't know her. But he is friendly, as far as I know…" The reply is business, and he glances at Pepper. "Cute." Needle needle.

"Hunter." Fenris murmurs to Babs. "He's a government contractor. No idea what he's doing here." Nor who the woman with him is but based on scents and body language there's some history between them. Not pleasant history. "Hello Pepper. I hope I'm not interrupting anything. Was just hoping that Jim was okay." And stopped in to say hello. Also it seems Babs may have some questions.

Fenris' comment brings a small smile to Babs face. "Our mutual acquantaince met him the other day with May." she murmurs back just as Pepper walks out. Waving to Pepper, Babs nods in agreement with Fenris. "I would very much like to see how Mr Reha is doing."

Pepper Potts waits patiently for a moment next to the car, but when neither person inside seems inclined to get out and give her the data she requested from SHIELD, her eyebrows furrow slightly and she reaches to knock lightly on the passenger-side window — right next to Hunter with his foot on the dash. Hello, she's got about 871243498 other things to do before bedtime, and you're making her stand here and wait.

"If you think you can woo her away from Stark, Lancelot, you go for it. King Arthur Tony isn't, but I think his bank account makes yours look pretty…" Bobbi glances at his lap, "…miniscule by comparison." Two can play the needling game. Morse punches the window controls and rolls down the passenger side. "Ms. Potts, how are you this evening?" she asks, all politeness, protocol, and sweet smiles for the Stark liaison. The Demonic Hell Beast vanishes beneath the cheery demeanor, like one of Zatanna's magic rabbits into her top hat.

"We have the delivery you requested. We just need you to provide the key and paperwork to transfer custody and we'll be on our way," Agent Morse adds.

"Thought we agreed on Hunter, she-devil?" The reply comes with narrowed eyes, and he watches her handle Pepper, his gaze moving over the woman briefly, before the professional comes to the surface. In the meantime, he leans forward, fiddling with the switch on the damaged radio, making it make little fittttzzzzing noises. Because he knows it will drive Bobbi mad to have to be polite with that in her ear.

Pepper's eyes flit from Bobbi to Hunter and back, and she seems to pick up on the tension between the pair that Mockingbird does such a good job of hiding. She offers them one of her business smiles along with the key and paperwork as requested, then accepts the briefcase and steps back to let the sedan pull away. Shaking her head slightly, she turns to follow Fenris and Babs at a hurried walk.

Fenris chuckles. "Off to be alone, I suppose. Hello Pepper. How are you feeling?" He keeps at a steady walk, letting Babs take over her own locomotion if she so desires. "Things been quiet since… last night?"

Babs does want and moves beside Fenris looking questioningly between the two at Fenris' comment.

"Well, that's a very relative term, Fenris. There haven't been any more green fires." Pepper steps ahead of the pair to open the doors for them to enter the lobby. "You missed all the fun yesterday, Babs. The weirdest building fire I've ever seen, and everyone who showed up to help were every last one of them — except me — were spell casters."

Fenris chuckles. "I don't think the other red haired woman was Pepper. Nor either the who shot things from her hands." He walks into the main lobby. "I hope this isn't a bad time. Those government agents seemed quite interested in you. Sorry if we interrupted something."

"Well that certainly sounds interesting. Green flames and spell casters." Babs sounds genuinely amused "Nothing quite so exciting happens to me… and I think I might be thankful that." The young woman looks again to Fenris and nods "Yes, I do hope it's a good time."

Pepper Potts ohs softly as she leads them toward the elevators. They can all relax in her office while JARVIS checks to see if Jim has time to come talk with Babs. "That makes sense. I was kind of … distracted for the most part there. And you're fine. I just asked for some particular data, and they were delivering it to me." She lifts the briefcase slightly as if to illustrate before the elevator opens on its own in front of them courtesy of JARVIS.

By the mans absence, Fenris suspects Jim may be busy. Or hiding. Which is fine. If they find themselves with some privacy, like say, Pepper's office, it's possible Babs will have some questions to ask that Pepper just might like hearing as well.

"I'm sorry for not calling ahead" Babs murmurs "but someone turned up and offered a lift… I took the offer on the offchance." she smiles slightly as she looks at the briefcase the other redhead holds up. "It would be my own fault if Mr Reha is not around…" Moving into in the lift she turns her chair around and waits.

Luckily the elevator ride is quick, and Pepper shows Babs and Fenris into her office, where the briefcase goes into her office chair so she can start a pot of tea brewing. Someone holler out a preference if you're picky. "Perfectly all right, Babs. You're both welcome to stop by anytime. Really." Fenris has already done so before, after all.

Normally Fenris comes right into the office, so that's an improvement at any rate. At least he's never dropped in on Tony's workshop… except for the one time Evelyn was there half naked. That'd amused the hell out of the god-wolf. "Well now, here we are. I'm always sort of impressed by how warm your office feels Pepper." Ever since he'd been stuck here as a wounded wolf. If one must be stuck… not a bad place.

"Thank you Miss Potts, that is very kind." Babs moves into Peppers office and takes up a position out of the way as Pepper goes to make the tea. Taking the short respite, she checks her tablet again before putting it face down on her lap.

Pepper Potts smiles at both guests. "Well, it helps when the guests are some of the best people out there." She pours a cup of tea for Babs automatically, then looks to Fenris to see if he wants a cup as well. She suspects, though, that he'd rather go for that single malt tucked into the back of the credenza.

Scotch is good. But Fenris never presses. He simply nods at Pepper with a smile. "That's kind of you to say, Pepper, after all that's happened when I've been around." He makes himself comfortable on that couch. "How are you? The news has been rather full of Stark Industries of late."

"It is very kind, Miss Potts." Babs isn't quite sure how Pepper formed the opinion, but the smile that touches her face shows how much she appreciates it. Tea of course for Babs, it's cures all ills. "I thought the news was always full of Stark Industries, Fenris. If it's not one thing, it's another. You seem to be doing a fabulous job here, Miss Potts"

Pepper Potts pours a cup for herself and sets it down to cool a bit before digging out the scotch, remembering how much Fenris appreciated it when he was stuck here with injuries. She also pulls a tumbler glass and pours two fingers for the Old Wolf before leaving the bottle out and easy to reach for refills. "Well, to be fair, we'd been preparing for Howard to announce himself publicly. But what Tony did…" She sighs and shakes her head. "I know he had his reasons, but I really feel he could have handled it a lot better."

"Family is often difficult. Take it from someone with an immortal one." Fenris notes dryly as he sips the scotch with an appreciative nod to Pepper. "I suspect you could say the same Babs. That said it did seem rather unusually complicated even by Stark standards.

Sipping the tea, Babs cocks and shakes her head "Maybe, Fenris, but it really is just my Dad and I now." she shrugs "Mr Stark has always struck me as someone who has his own ideas." The redhead smiles "Did it cause you much grief, Miss Potts?"

"Me personally, some. It's the PR department that's calling for blood over this." Pepper settles into a chair, and that's when the tiredness shows on her features. Burning the candle at both ends AND in the middle. All at the same time.

Fenris looks very sympathetic. It's a not often remarked upon, nor often picked up on personality trait that he considers his friends 'his' in certain ways. He doesn't talk about it because most people don't get it. It's a lupine way of thinking and not a human one and that distrubs a lot of people. "You need a break, Pepper." He says quietly.

Babs watches the other the redhead and nods "You may be right, Fenris but it's not always that easy, particularly when it's just you that can do the specific job." Babs sighs "It's like that for me sometimes, I just don't run a corporation and for that I'm thankful. And those two parties, so close together" Babs shakes her head "I don't know how you do it, Miss Potts."

Pondering for a few moments, Babs looks between the two "Miss Potts, would you mind if I talked some ''business' with Fenris? You might have some insight as well."

Pepper Potts offers FEnris a small smile, but shakes her head no. "This particular shitstorm, pardon my language there, isn't done with yet. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop." When Babs asks if she can talk business, Pepper nods without hesitation. "Please don't hesitate on my account."

Fenris glances to Babs with a curious glint to his eye. "Mmmm? Business? What's going on Babs?" He's still got one eye on Pepper. Poor girl. At least Tony knows what he has. It's a pity he can't seem to figure out what he wants to do about it.

Nodding to Pepper, Babs chews her lip for a few minutes. "Fenris, you were singing a song on New Years Eve… it was strange as an acquaintance had been asking me what I knew about that exact subject." A sip of her tea "I wanted to ask if you knew about the suubject of the song."

Fenris makes a 'one moment' motion, walks over to Pepper's desk and murmurs a word that puts her to sleep. He catches her, of course - he wouldn't just let her fall - and then lays her out on her couch. She's going to need the rest and hasn't been getting it.

"There now. Oh, the song about Orboros and the Birds of Minerva. What about it?"

Poor Pepper. "That was really nice Fenris, she needed that I think." Babs watches as the Old Wolf lays her on the couch and motions to a cupboard in the corner "See if there's a blanket or her coat to lay over her. It might be warm in here, but sleeping… you get cold."

Nodding at his question "Yes, that one. My acquaintance has recently been told about the Circle of Orboros and well… they think they've met a druid. They're seeking information." Babs is cognizant that they are still in Stark Tower.

Fenris does indeed find a blanket and lays it over pepper.

"A druid, mmmm? Well I've known a few. I can tell you things, definitely, but you'll need to be a little more specific." He chuckles.

Babs smiles as Pepper is covered and nods at Fenris' statement. "Alright… the druid they met was about my age, a touch younger. And they said they were all alone, that anyone else who could help them were dead." She blows out a breath "The circle was mentioned because other acquaintances have had a run in with them. I don't know… I know tech, not this magicky stuff."

"Druids organize themselves in 'Circles'." Fenris says as he finds another seat. "There have been hundreds, thousands over the years. It's their version of a pack or a social group. Seldom very numerous and seldom more than thirteen."

"The Circle, though usually refers to the most powerful of all the druidic Circles. The Circle Orboros. They were numerous and powerful and opposed for a time the Rise of the Roman Empire. They vanished at the end of the first century AD. Related to the circumstances I sang about. I remember. I was there."

Nodding slowly as Fenris talks, she frowns "This druid, said he wasn't of that Circle. My acquaintances certainly confirmed that… " she sighs "What my acquaintance really wants to know is how do they know if this new druid is something they should be worried about. It /seems/ they are trying to help, but how do you know?"

Fenris shrugs. "How do you know that anyone is trying to help? Just because they happen to have powers doesn't make them less human. You have perfectly good judgement Barbara, regardless of what you may have been told about the matter. I suggest you use it."

"I didn't say they were less human, Fenris." Babs sighs "I know plenty humans who I don't trust. But I take your point." He did have a point. "I'll pass your advice on." Looking across to Fenris she smiles slightly "I haven't thanked you for the Christmas present. It's been helpful a few times already."

Now Fenris smiles. "I'm glad you like it. You do good work Barbara. I thought perhaps the extra resources would be helpful. And the added privacy never hurts. The swiss are so discrete." He grins a bit and looks rather pleased at that. "So no one should be finding anything out."

"Thank you Fenris, I try hard. It's sometimes not easy. Your gift though" Babs smiles broadly "has been very helpful. I'm already thinking of it terms on the 'Fenris Data Center'." Looking at her empty cup and then to the sleeping Pepper, she nods "I think we should leave Miss Potts in peace, would you mind terribly taking me home?"

"Not at all." The Old Wolf tears open a way that opens up to her living room in the clocktower, waits until Babs steps through and then follows her, closing it behind him.

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