January 7, 2015: Lois investigates a mysterious scientist. Murder ensues.


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"Lois, come in."

Perry White is sitting behind his desk. Though now a step higher than the office he used to have (he actually has the same physical office), he still maintains a close relationship; especially with his old staff. He's got a special project this time.

Steven Muffatti, an eccentric scientist (and conspiracy theorist) had purchased a facility out on St. Martin's island about a year ago, and White was interested in what the man might be working on. Muffatti is known for his unpopular views on human cloning, of course, writing an opinion piece in the Daily Planet about the value of cloning humans without brains to harvest organs.

Lois' assignment is to track down Muffatti and see what he's working on precisely. Whether or not she's up front about it, well that's sort of up to her. White, however, warns her that the scientist is a bit of a loose cannon, and to tread lightly.

Lois had a long and enjoyable weekend. But what was better, was actually getting back to work and doing something useful with herself. Writing was her bread and butter, invesitaging it more so. It was one of the things she so loved.

So, she knew that a meeting with Perry would bleed awesome results. For one her name was called she immediately pushes the door open, a bright and eager smile upon her face with glasses that nearly slide off the narrow of her nose.

The assignment? Right up her alley. While she wasn't on the up and up of the new, cutting edge technology aside from the latest smart phones and doo dads, but this man was quite the character.

She wasted no time in leaving the Planet in search of this scientist, for a quick stop home to the shared apartment, a change out of the usual dress best and into something more comfortable, a check left on the counter top for her half of the rent and utilities and she was off. Determination in hand.

There are several ways to contact the scientist, of course. He has his own website that keeps up with the latest in technology: everything from chemical research to chronicaling the history of manufacturing equipment.

The address listed for him, at least according to online sources, is a large mansion in Bakerline. And, of course, there are phone number listed for his labs on St. Martin's island. How she contacts him is entirely her choice.

Her usual cabbie was waiting out front for her, all the while she punched random buttons upon her phone, searching out the address to keep for a later date, possibly to research if it was real or if it was a cover front to keep the mass of potential media hounds (read: Clark and Jimmy, cause Lois is special) at bay. She didn't want to be a complete snoop, a total grab-type person for the Daily Planet, she wanted to try the professional approach, the straight forward phone call laced with pleasantries and mild flirtation with the need to meet.

That's if, Dr. Muffatti was kindly to such.

The number that she managed to grab from the quick searched records was dialed as she entered into the cab, only motioning for the cabbie to start driving as she waits for the line to pick up.

First there's the aloof receptionist, followed by her manager. From there, it was to a senior project manager who seemed terribly interested in engaging her in in deep conversation in her work. Someone has a fan and that's fan is Leroy Habush. In any event, probably because of his crush, Habush was able to get Moffatti on the phone.

Immediately, she can tell this dude is an odd cookie.

It's his slow, methodic, yet high pitched voice. Plus, the words he uses seem to prove just how much time he's spent in books and labs instead of the presence of other people.

"Miss Lane. I've consumed your work. I was especially entranced by the wordsmithing during your stories on Bialya. Tell me, how may I be of service to you?"

Aloof receptionists? She understands. Manager? Gah. Senior manager? This one was a piece of cake. She was a smooth talker, had to be, learned from the best of the best, her college professor. However, that was a story for another day.

Once Dr. Muffatti answered the phone, however, there was a little bit of a scrunched look towards her features, a brow raised and a deep breath to fix her tone. "I was hoping to visit your labs, Dr. Muffatti. I'm terribly interested to see what types of projects that you're working on that'll help the betterment of mankind. Of course, this is just a personal interest as well. Nothing will be published without your say so, but I do and appreciate a brilliant mind."

There is a long pause on the phone as if the scientist is not only considering the idea, but also all of the other parameters which would go along with such a request. "You do." It's a question, but he says it like a statement. Eventually, Moffati continues, "I think we could accommodate your request at some point this afternoon. We have many projects. Which sorts of things would you like to see?"

"Yes. I would be a fool not to."

It was her turn to take a pause. While she could specifically request to see something that directly related to human cloning, that would possibly be a tell tale sign that she was fishing for something. "I would love to see everything, but I know that it would be impossible to do with limited time we'd have in the afternoon." She winces briefly, then straightens again. "For afterwards, I'd love to sit down over a glass of wine or possibly coffee to just.. talk."

Alright. Maybe she laid it on too thick.

"I'm sorry, Lois, but I don't drink coffee, nor do I take alcohol. Nevertheless, I am interested in, well, your interest. Please meet me at my labs at precisely 4:27 this afternoon. My officers will show you in. From there, I will be an open book." Moffatti looks up to one of his assistants. His long, white garbed arm, makes a sweeping motion and some of his workers scurry from the room.

The phone was pulled away from her ear just then.

Who in their right minds refuse coffee? Alcohol? DOTH THOU NOT LIVE?!

"Very good, Dr. Muffatti!" Lois pepped up, "Very good indeed! I'll be there at the designated time. Could you possibly forward your address to my phone? There are a few things that I need to take care of before we meet."

"That will be fine, Miss Lane." Muffatti responds. "I shall have my secretary send you the address. There's not much on the island, you should find it rather easily."

After the preparations were made, Lois ordered the cabbie to swing around back to her shared apartment for a change of clothes. To wait, would be an extra tip and a little secret tossed in between friends. The cabbie? He was attempting to get the word on the status of his lady love.. who, in turn, didn't know that he considered her as such. Match made in heaven, she thought. She was going to set them up this Friday if they waited.

She changes into something more professional, leaving a note to Clark as to where her whereabouts would be, now that they lived together, she had to at least play it smart so that she wouldn't get caught up in something dastardly and wind up missing or that he would come looking. Purse grabbed, suit jacket fixed, heels slid on along with a peacoat and scarf, and she was out the door, in the cab, and headed to the island.

The trip wasn't eventful, but details were shared. The young lady that he had eyes for liked Sunflowers, so maybe a pin, or a small plant from the flower shop would do. Favorite foods were anything italian, how about Busateri's along the way?

It passed the time long enough for the island to be reached, as well as the laboratory in which they were buzzed in and Lois left at the front door and soon the lobby.

Once Lois in inside, it's not long before she's whisked away down a long, long hallway. The lights above have that harsh halogen that can sometimes be hard on the eyes. The walls are pure white and the tiling is a slight, grayish off white. Every few steps she takes down the long hallway, there are more and more doorways. Doorways everywhere and all of them closed. Finally she is left alone in a simple room with a grey desk and two chairs.

Doors, doors, doors. If they were labled, she'd take a quick read. If they were not, she'd continue on. But once the room was entered and the door behind her shut, she drew her shoulders up and lowered them to release a soft sigh. Her hands reach up to fix her hair, and soon, she helps herself to a seat, stalking forward with a quick click of her heels to pull the chair out and settle down with a cross of her legs and her purse within her lap.

Which was soon opened, her phone picked up to check for a signal, her fingers swiping against the display to turn the voice recorder on to let it run as she leaves it to be concealed. And now.. she waits.

After about 15 minutes, Dr. Steven Muffatti enters, alone. And quickly turns to take the open seat. "Hello, Lois Lane. I am Dr. Steven Muffatti. Thank you for contacting me. I am here to answer any preliminary questions you may have before you take our tour."

She glances back as she hears the first signs of entry, a warm smile placating her face as the good.. or bad, doctor makes his quiet entry and takes a seat. He was professional, she had to give him that, but he seemed a little off as most scientists would. "Just only two." She states, resisting to hold out the urge to shake his hand. She was sure that the sort of greeting was taken as method when speaking upon the phone.

"What current projects are you working on while you have been out of the public eye? And would they be on the tour?"

Muffatti crosses his long leg over the other and sits forward, never really wanting to make eye contact for some reason. Probably coming from his tortured youth. In any event, like everything else, he goes ridiculously slowly, and lets the air fill with silence for a long moment. "Currently I am working on nanotechnology," he lies. "And yes, you'd be more than welcome to see that. Some of our projects must be kept under wraps because of the patents issue, but I can show you a bit of our nano-tech, if you wish."

"Nanotechnology?" She questions with a nod of her head. Whether she knew that he was lying was subjective, everyone lies at some point of time in their lives, even she. But she wasn't going to point that out and drive that hammer home as soon as she had a chance to sit down. She hasn't even explored yet.

"I would love to see it. But.. could you also give me an explanation of what nanotechnology is? I'm sure it's nothing like what we see in movies or television, of course." She lets out a little chuckle, surely, it wasn't a joke. She was attempting to be disarming.

"Well, certainly." Muffatti's eyes look up to the lighting and for a moment he looks bewildered as he stares up and into space. "To sum it up in the most succinct manner, nanotechnology is the study of extremely small technology. Much of it has to do with technology that can aid the body in some manner. In the future, imagine surgeries performed by millions of small robots instead of the invasive nature of the knife. Imagine cancer being eradicated by lazers from the interior. Specific, localized, chemotherapy. It is these sorts of things."

Lois does lean a little bit to gain his attention, or at least some sembliance of eye contact. At least it'll be something she could work with, to guage his reactions just by eyes alone. While she knew the definition, she nodded her head either way, slowly drawing the chair back to stand, purse clutched beneath her arm as she smiles. "I'm ready for the tour then. Will we be seeing the nanotechnology in application?" Meaning, live subjects. Humans. Not animals.

"No," Muffatti chuckles. "Of course not. Our trials have not been cleared for humans yet. We're a long way from that."

Abruptly, the scientists stands and takes a moment to straighten his long white jacket. "Follow me, Miss Lane."

The man walks out a the long corridor, takes a quick left, then a right. "It's not far. End of the hall."

He opens the door into a large laboratory with a sort of staging area up on a lift where the entrance is and where they stand. Then below them is a large sprawl that looks very much like a factory.

But just as they enter, Muffatti is stopped by a worker. There are whispers exchanged.

"Lois, this is Rex Timble, one of the scientists under my employ. Unfortunately, there is something that needs my attention. I will be back here momentarily; please allow Timble to answer you questions."

And with that, he's gone.

Right. He actually laughed, so that was a plus in her book. But once it was time for them to take the tour, she eagerly followed behind in his wake. As they enter into the laboratory, her eyes widen and lower just a little, spying the employee from the corner of her eye, offering a smile and an offering of a hand for a shake, well after Muffatti has gone. "Nice to meet you Mr. Timble." Whether he took her hand or not, she'd step off towards the side, looking over the railing and down towards the factory below. "Just what are they doing down there, Mr. Timble? I don't believe that nanotechnology would be this wide scale of an operation.."

Timble takes the hand and gives a shake before he looks out over the operation. "Believe it or not it takes quite a lot of machinery to make very, very small machines. Once we have the ideas streamlined, we'll be able to make them more efficiently. At least until we need to adapt them."

"Were there any other sorts of plans he had for the nanotechnology?" She asks. "I know he mentioned using it as a form of chemotherapy, but how can he make the little machines sustainable and self replicating without causing some sort of damage to the human body?" She clenches her teeth just a little, wanting to wander off into parts unknown, so, with a little shift of her weight, she clutches her purse with a little sense of urgency. "I'm sorry, do you have a ladies room on this floor?"

"Well, that's what we're trying to figure out, Miss Lane," Timble responds. "That's the real trick. A bathroom? Sure. Please follow me." He then heads out the door she came in and yet further to the facility by two doors with a drinking fountain in between. "I'll wait for you out here, if it's just the same to you."

Before any sort of venture into the outdoors, mothers used to always warn their children to use the bathroom first. And that's what she does here. Use the bathroom. Along with a washing of her hands because, germs kids! Lois practices healthy habits by washing her hands after using the toilet and doing the 'vampire' when she sneezes. She also carries hand santizer, though there's no clue as if it actually works but it's peach scented. And it smells delicious.

Looking all around the room now, she notices an air vent, stepping underneath it now to make sure that she could actually fit, using her hands as an all too modest judge of her size and.. no. She wasn't going to knock out the scientist. She didn't need to be seen. Shoes were soon kicked off, as well as her jacket, the sleeves of her blouse rolled up, the chair soon dragged to rest beneath the vent so that she could pry it open soundlessly. It was carefully rested upon the sink, and her purse now rifled through so that she could grab her phone and hoist herself into the vent. A cough here, a cough there, a squeeze and a wiggle.

"Totally going on a diet, Lois. And right back to yoga."

"Are you alright in there?" Timble shouts with a tone of worry in his voice. Apparently he heard a bit of the commotion. Nevertheless, the scientist keeps the door /closed/.

"Yes, I'm fine!" She calls out, pausing, waiting to see if the door would be opened. Since it wasn't? She begins to drag herself forward, moving at an hideous slow pace until she cleared the area she originated from. Surely, she would have looked funny with her bum hanging out of a vent, and just thinking about that now causes her to scoff quietly and mutter words. Cause it was totally Clark's fault. Someones going to be roped into doing yoga with her.

She stops mid-way to turn the flashlight app of her phone on so that she could see her way, coming at an intersection and choosing left.

The pathway brings her back towards the way she came, and each of the rooms has vents in order to keep the air circulating throughout the building. As she slides along she'll begin to see all sorts of crazy things. First they're relatively innocuous, then a bit more sinister.

In one room, there seemed to be a thousand jars, all filled with brains. Another looks like the botched experiment room of an attempt to meld man to machine.

That was interesting. She could have sworn she seen a bunch of rabbits in cages. Sleeping. She liked rabbits. Boring.

Each room was photographed however, getting which ever angle she could. She was no Jimmy, but she managed to get decent pictures from where she was positioned. But the last room? That almost made her vomit from the sight, but she held true, her camera snapping pictures quietly until the phone was turned on standby and tucked into her top.

She was careful and quiet, fingers wrapping along the grate to give a sharp shove, holding the grate outwards to listen for voices or sound, then carefully releases it so the screw that was left could cause it to hang.

She slithers out the top, showing expert control as she does, having been trained to do this by her father of course. She lets go, dropping down into a crouch, then slowly stands to survey the room, before she approaches the 'experiment' left out in the open.

Meaty flesh is strewn over clear tarp. In the middle a steel table with machinery and old, rotten human flesh left behind. Apparently they gave up in frustration and moved on to something else. But it's from there, that Lois is able to notice a large black curtain, obscured by the lack of light. There's some sort of area behind it; she can tell because of where the corner of the room meets behind and above the curtain.

She had to lift a hand to cover her mouth, the other reaching into her top to withdraw her phone, turning it off standby and pressing record to survey the scene with disgust. Perry was right to send her there, this would be the story of the century, and hopefully, with evidence gathered, whomever was this man family would be able to put him to rest.
She moves along now slowly, surveying the room with her camera phone inch by inch, that was up until she catches the black curtain as the last obsticle (sp?) to be filmed.

With the camera held in front of her, she grabs hold of the fabric of the curtan, then pulls it back with a sharp jerk of her arm, whilst the other holds the camera still.

Once the black curtain is pulled back, Lois is able to cast her eyes upon what's behind.

A large oval table style bed is propped up at a 45 degree angle on top of which a giant of a machine man lies, apparently unconscious. A blue pair of stretchy pant-like material covers his nether regions, but the rest of his body is a mixture of wires and grey, dead flesh. The man is huge, easily twice the size of a normal man with bulging dead muscles and sinewy chord like connective tissue that moves within and without the body.

Instead of hair, thick black cords hang out, almost looking like dreadlocks. Over the eyes are a pair of orange-ash like shades and his wide mouth is closed.

Lois, got everything. But she was at a loss what to do at the moment. Should she try to free the man, rouse him and get him out? And just, exactly how would she do that?

The video was soon cut off as she tip-toes towards the man, pulling up her messages so that she could email the video to herself and Clark, if anything. Pictures of the other room be damned, this was a live human.. maybe. Forever playing it smart.

Once done, she stuffs the phone back into her top, and carefully.. reaches out to lay a hand upon the obscenely large man, gripping his fingers with her own in attempts to shake him awake. Weird, but.. it wasn't as if he were sleepy beauty.

As Lois' fingers wrap around Equus mighty ones, there is nothing at first. But, as if waking from a long slumber, the large hand squeezes hers gently.

Then angrily.

With a mighty roar and a swipe of his fist, Equus slams Lois off to the side, sending the woman sprawling. Angrily he pulls his bonds, pulling out some of his dead flesh in the process.

But he is free.

As he screams, she can see his teeth are jagged cuts; tooth reinforced by steel, black liquid spills from his mouth.

As if on cue, warning klaxons and sirens begin to sing like a lounge woman.


Boy did Lois fly! And it hurt. She was caught off guard, landing upon her back and her bottom, arms lifting in attempts to shield her head from a knock against the cold hard ground. She breathes raggedly as she watches him, the man.. the beast, pulling, ripping and tearing away. But she believes that she could help him, that he was innocent.

"Stop!" She weakly cries out, the alarms covering her voice like a blanket, crawling to her feet with a staggered limp to try to approach the man again, this time, hands splayed, stance careful, ready to brace or duck from a swipe that may come her way.

"Let me help you! I can save you!" No she can't, but Superman can. Maybe there was something that his robots can do.

With a mighty roar, Equus bursts through the doorway, running right past Lois. As someone, a man dressed in a black tactical outfit, attempts to intervene, he is picked up into the air. Promptly, Equus takes the man's head, helmet and all, into his mouth and tears it from the rest of the body in one fell swoop.

"Oh shit! It's on the loose!"

Lois can hear shouting and the sounds of shooting and violence outside of the room. Then some of the shouts turn to screams—those blood curdling death screams you hear right when someone knows they are about to die in a horrific manner.

The adrenaline kicks in right when Equus runs past her, her vision narrowing into a tunnel and expanding again as she turns. She was her fathers Daughter, both her and Lucy. They were able to ignore the fear (unless being mind controlled) in lieu of what's right. Her rationale was that Equus was frightened, this was forced upon him, so she needed to just try.
She takes a step, her body at a slight hunch as she begins to move, she ached all over from just that one hit, but that was not going to stop her. Into the hallway, even though parts of the man was missing, she snatches the gun from his body and slings the band over her shoulder.

Safety was taken off, and instead of running the other way, she holds in a breath and ignores the pain, pushing it away.. just for now.

The trail of death is out in front of Lois as she makes her way into the hallway. He's no longer there, but Equus has killed at least 15 men out in front of her. The hallway is littered in blood, gore, and death. Out towards the end of the hallway, Lois can make out a white labcoat.

There was blood underneath her bare feet, she slips and still managed to hold the gun like a pro. She kept herself at a crouch, her eyes peeled, left and right she looked and covered every door that she went past to make sure that there were no surprises looming. "Goddamn it Clark, where are you.." She muttered, aside from missing him like crazy, she was used to him swooping in at the best possible moment.

But this was the worst moment. She had a high powered rifle in her hand and she was attempting to protect a souped up patient with thoughts of knee capping people like her daddy taught her to.

Because when you wash your hands at night.. one of his suboordinates said.. the blood will run right down the drain.

Seeing the white labcoat, she presses herself against the wall and brings herself to one knee, blood making it a little hard to keep it still.

"Is that you, Dr. Muffatti? Call out!"

Equus bursts into one of the larger laboratory rooms with a lowered shoulder and deep scowl. The metal door bounces awkwardly from his force and clangs upon the ground as a room of thirty lab coated people stand in unison. One woman begins to scream, and all of them begin to run to the far door.

Meanwhile, Lois' cellphone beeps loudly. Inside it is a message from Clark. Her beau writes, simply: ?

The loud clang sent her running and sliding, that was until the phone beeped, which was snatched and picked at.

Was it kismet? She loved the guy deeply but if he was hiding some sort of telepathy powers and read her thoughts, she was going to shoot him right in the face. And with him being on speed dial.. it was easy for her to call, run, and hold the gun.

She was.. after all.. oh fuck it. Everyone knows who her daddy is.

"SOS." She calls out, so desperately wanting to call out his name, or anything else. "SOS! SOS!"

In the background? Clark could probably hear screaming, for Lois approached the room with a slide and a skid, and a drop of the phone upon the floor.

He'd soon hear gunfire. For Lois shot towards the ceiling to get Equus' attention. Which, probably would be really, really stupid. "HEY! IT'S OKAY! CALM. DOWN! LET. ME. HELP. YOU!" Clark would probably hear that too, if he hadn't left yet.

But he had left.

Equus turns around, stopping a moment before killing the scientist, and his eyes settle on Lois. His large steps thunder a bit as they hit the ground, obviously weighted down with metal. Another step, and he closes the distance to her. He seems unafraid of the gun.

With a lightning quick strike, he sweeps his arm and is able to grasp Lois in one swoop. He pulls her close and opens that large mouth of his.

At least the scientist was safe, right? As the man/monster turns towards her, Lois keeps the gun pointed straight up, her feet back pedaling as her eyes grow wide, "Wait… calm down.. it's oka-..HURG!"

Her hand immediately drops the gun, she really didn't want to shoot him, what if he was just a victim and she actually hurt an innocent man? That sort of blood would have been hard to wash off. But that doesn't mean that she was just going to let him eat her.

So she fought back, hands.. feet, all pounding away at the man/beast, trying her best to hit him as hard as she could so he'd let go.

It's no use. This being, Equus as he is called, has super strength, and likewise super insanity. He pulls Lois closer, his breath smelling like battery acid and oil.

Finally, Clark shows up.


He delivers a nasty blow to Equus, punching him upside the head. The latter drops Lois, but Superman is there to catch her, setting her down slowly. "Are you alright?"

But Equus is quick to readjust and comes screaming towards Superman with murder on his mind.

It wouldn't let go. It wouldn't let go! She turned her head to the side, leaning herself back as far as she could until… he.. let go!

Oh thank god!

Clark catches her, and she smiles gratefully, delivering a quick and more than likely unseen kiss to his cheek as he sets her down. "No. Somethings probably broken, he hits hard, Kal.." She warns.. until the monster comes creaming right back towards them.

In a close quarters mix up like this? Lois knows to be a team player and to stay out of his way. To evacuate the people who were hurt, so that he could focus upon the fight. She also knows to dive bomb to safety first when the fights just beginning.

"Look out!"

She screams, lurching from his grasp to move dive in the opposite direction.

The pair of behemoths go crashing into the wall, bursting through it and going back into the hallway. Those harsh lights begin to flicker out there, and finally go out, shrouding the part where they lay in darkness.

The attack gives Lois the opportunity to help the bystanders out the back exit towards the parking lot of the facility.

As the lights flicker, Lois uncurls from her tuck and roll, glancing towards the hole that was left in the wall, and the cowering few. She scrambles herself to her feet, a lone scientist helping her up as they all rush towards the back exit of the door. She limped heavily, but after much discipline, she straightens herself, gritting her teeth, anger in her features as she pushes the exit door open. "Get out! All of you, get out!"

And they really didn't hesitate. They all filter out, pushing, scrambling, screaming and crying, though one stops at the door to give her a worried glance.

"What about you Miss Lane?" He asks.

"Don't worry about me. Just.. find someone with a phone and call the police." She gives him a shove with her shoulder, pulling the door shut. While she was all 'Stand by your man', she knew that Kal-el didn't need any help. She was going to find the good Doctor. And she was going to whip his ass.

Superman and Equus trade terrible blows and smash each other into walls and doorways, over laboratory tables and into computer servers. Millions of dollars of research gone with each smash.

As they fall into the lab, the hallway is open for Lois, but she must move quickly in order not to get buried by the two men.

No weapons, she was at a terrible disadvantage while she was alone here. But now she had Superman.. and while she looked on worried, she couldn't let the doctor escape. This was all his fault. (Even though Lois started it, but no one will ever have that conversation with her, ever.)

She waits for the a good moment, then dashes forward, still running at a half limp, her head ducking, arms raising above her head to duck the fallen dry wall and into the hallway, clear from the mens danger. Or.. Superman and man-beast Equus..

She finds herself in the original hallway, the one where those 15 dead men lay. Upon closer inspection that white lab coat, the one she saw earlier, was indeed the body of Steven Muffatti. He's quite dead.

Her footsteps slow, her head hung down as her hand rubs the back of her neck. She lets out a sigh. He was dead. There was no one to be held accountable. No one, really. She kneels down next to his body, quietly apologizing as she begins to rifle through his pockets. If this was funded, all of it, she could find out who through his cell phone.

She finds his cell phone in his pocket, of course, but as she puts her thumb upon it refuses to wake up. It just sits there, face black.

Meanwhile, Superman walks calmly down the hallway, looking disheveled, but okay. "Are you alright?"

She needs to find a tech. But that was neither here nor there. He was dead now, almost all of them. And the phone was soon tucked into her .. well, mexican purse. (Her bra.)

Hearing Kal, she turns immediately, crossing the distance with a few slips, slides and limps until she gets to him, and hugs him. "Are -you- alright?" She asks, and.. doesn't really let go.

"I could be better. I can't find my jacket. My jimmy choos are probably gone.. but.." She glances back towards the fallen man. "Dr. Muffatti is dead."

"The police are on their way. I'm going to need to speak with them, but I'd like to get you somewhere safe before I start." Superman looks down at Muffatti and the others, and though the scientist was not a good man, the resigned look across the Kryptonian's face leads one to believe Clark wishes he hadn't have perished.

Lois understood. She pulls away from him, retrieving the phones from her tops to grasp for safety. There was a thought, both phones pressed to her lips as she slowly strolls past him now, brows at a downward arc. "Take me to the Fortress." She was hurt, but she didn't let it show. 8 could take care of her. As well as the phones. She turns around, a relaxed smile upon her face, her head tilted slightly. "I didn't mean that as a demand or anything but.. please?"

"Not now, that will take time, Lois. I've got work to do, here," Superman replies. He's fast, but he's unable to take her up there at his full speeds because she's a human and all. "I can take you there tonight," he adds.

"Home then." Shower and a change, maybe a nap would do. A very long nap. And a very, very odd phone call to Perry. That was going to go over well. "What did you do with him? The.. man.." Thing. The beast. She slips her arm around him then, waiting for him to scoop her up. There was a twinge of guilt there, but she pushes it back, for now at least.

"He's out, but he'll be up," Superman says. "Let's go."

He picks her up into his arms and bolts from the laboratory and up into the sky.

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