Of Wasps and Ant-Men

January 7, 2015: The Winsome Wasp and Astonishing Ant-man discuss teaming up with the Irredeemable Iron Man.

Dr. Henry Pym's Laboratory

The 35th floor of the van Dyne Industries building requires an elevator key to be accessed. But for those who are fortunate enough to have one, they will find a state of the art laboratory. Much of the equipment found within was designed by Dr. Henry Pym or other employees of VDI, though some of it was purchased from third parties. Mostly, that relates to equipment that was legally obtained, but has undergone a number of upgrades. He's like that.

The laboratory has an open concept, with the elevator opening directly onto the floor. Around the edges of the floor, there are a few smaller rooms, one is marked clean, another kitchen, and the rest have names like changing room, storage, generator, and other things you might expect of a modern lab.

Parts of it stretch into the 36th floor. Some of the equipment is that big. Though there are windows, they're closed right now and feature a sealing mechanism that can block out daylight when experiments mandate it. Normally, the room is cluttered, but it looks like the Doctor has recently tidied up.



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Dr. Henry Pym is in his laboratory, as he is most days. He can come and go as he pleases, works his own hours, but despite all that, he ends up spending much of his time cooked up in that big old laboratory of his. It's a pretty nice setup, so he has every reason to make use of it. Like right now, he can found toiling away, working on his latest project. It's not labelled or anything, but he seems to be working on a pair of gloves.

They're interesting gloves, all woven with circuitry on the outside, but other than the lining, they appear to be pretty average, everyday gloves. They're black, so at least the silver and green circuitry contrasts with the rest of it. He also looks like he could use a shave, though he does smell pretty clean, probably because he might have showered recently. He has a habit of doing that. Showering in the chemical shower, living off the food in the kitchen, and sleeping in a lunchbox that he converted into an apartment. Oh yes, he converted a lunchbox into an miniaturised apartment.

Janet is sitting on the miniature apartment building, shrunk down pretty small watching you for quite a while as you work on the gloves. Maybe she is trying to puzzle it out. Maybe she is still slowly recovering from her ordeal the other day and is just chilling for a bit before speaking up. She flies off the lunchbox and grows to full size smoothly, Pym Particles, works like a charm there.

"So what do the gloves do, they look full of fancy.. well kind of.. they look like a garden glove slept with a computer?" well that is pretty descriptive, though she isn't her usual perky self this evening.

Hank doesn't even bother to look up. Whether he knew Jan was there or not, he's not giving any indication, but it doesn't startle him in the least that she just grew and appeared out of virtual nothingness to stand there in her Wasp costume. But when she speaks, he will reply, eyes never leaving the gloves or the tools he's using on them.

"Hello Jan, you're looking wonderful as ever. Is that a new costume?" It probably is, but does he know that, or is it just an educated guest. One never can tell with the brainy types. He might have noticed her reflection in that silver panel, or the glass of his monitor, which is currently displaying a screen saver. Transformers? Some men just never grow up.

He didn't actually answer her question at first, instead finishing up some delicate work, but when that's finished a few seconds later, he will explain, "Frank in marketing was telling me about how his kid doesn't like the new Xbox Controller, so I figured why not create a whole new interface. By wearing these gloves, he'll be able to mimic any interface he likes, even a Nintendo. Gee, I wonder if he was even born when that came out?"

And then he turns serious, setting the gloves down so he can swivel in his chair. "And how are you today? Really, I mean, that ordeal, it must have been terrible. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" The concern in his voice sounds both genuine and sincere.

Jan furrows her brow a touch "Oh… yes I like this one… it may be in the main rotation. I used the fabricator to make the cloth bulletproof. Though I am considering making one with more coverage in this style… I mean when we are small dodging bullets is pretty darn easy but big… it strikes me more bulletproof is good you know." she smiles.

Then she pushes off and heads closer to the table where you are working "So it is a computer interface control." she tilts her head at it. "Is it done … how do you connect it to a system?" she is totally avoiding the incident "As… and yeah I am fine now. He drugged me to the gills though with… well according to the police report from the paint balls LSD. I didn't trip out though it was really odd. I did save everyone and kick his butt."

Soft blue eyes begin at the top and work their way down as Hank gives her new costume a little more scrutiny, considering the design choices she made and contrasting them with the structural points. By this point, he's made designing costumes fairly easy for her. She just has to feed the design into the system and a few minutes to a hours later, out pops the finished article.

He returns the smile and watches as she pushes off and heads to his desk table. "Yeah, I've still got to test it and put an outer layer on the gloves, but in principal, place it next to any wireless device you want to control for 10 seconds and it'll begin transmitting. I'd have to construct a wireless interface for anything that predates wireless interfacing, like Nintendo, and me," he jokes, feeling old when he realises that Nintendo came out around six years before she was born.

"I wish I could have been there to see it. I love watching you in action. And maybe I could have helped you to avoid…" Yeah, he let her down. He was at the Stark Symposium while she was fighting for her life. He didn't have to go. He could have been there. And though he may not say it, the anguish on his face is obvious.

Jan studies the gloves curiously now without picking them up though. She looks them over "So, how does it interface and interpret the scheme for the wireless device. I mean could these be used to go all Minority Report on a computer system and just turn the environment effectively into a giant touch screen and interface… like pick up a brush and paint or .. more without needing to put sensors all over to do it?"

She blinks at your apology "Oh come on Hank, I can take care of myself. Also I was at a fundraiser for the Aquarium, who would have predicted that the Joker would be bombing the amusement park right then. That guy though.. absolute psychopath. I hit him and kicked him and hit him some more, I have no idea how the Bats in Gotham deal with that guy.. no rhyme or reason."

Now she's gone and confused him. Hank says, "Minority Report," repeating the line that caught his attention as if it were a question, and follows up by asking, "do you mean the short story by Philip Kindred Dick?" Evidentally, Hank doesn't get out of his lab as often as he should. He never saw the movie, but at least she describes what she meant, so there's that.

"Well, active sensor scanning is the current ideal, but it's not a very cost effective method. It requires set up and installation. Something like these, which are kinetically powered, or in time, a sub dermal equivalent, would be far easier to implement. With a wave of your hand you can change the channel on the television as easy as you would a book."

Though when she mentions the Aquarium, he admits, "Yeah, you're right. He is difficult to predict. But I can't help but wonder what I could have done if I had focused on helping to predict the actions of the Joker, Grim Reaper, Merlyn, Egghead, or any other meta criminal instead of helping to cheer up the son of a co-worker."

Jan studies the gloves "Well actually if they could be used to carefully interpret and allow for what I described and can be reasonably cost effective. That seems like an amazing use of time. I mean sure… the computers with active sensors are amazing. I want those sensors installed in my studio so I can design with my hands instead of a mouse really… but this could close the gap to the consumer market."

Thoughtful business Jan is thoughtful. Then she looks to you and smiles "Well if you could build a program to predict where crime is going to be committed and when that would be amazing for the crime fighting." Yes she has ramped up the crime fighting. She almost seems to want to go public with it the way she is taking chances.

"I'd be happy to have an active sensor grid installed in your studio. I could even do it myself, if you like?" Or is he just fishing for an excuse to come by her studio? Could be. "All you have to do is say the word and it'll be done." Of course they'll be expensive, but there's personal expenses and then there's the cost of having something mass produced for retail. They are not one and the same.

"And a program that could predict crime. I could always task one of my A.I.'s with that, though I'm not sure if it's a good idea to give one that much information. Maybe I've read too many books, but they always seem to end badly."

He has been worrying about that. He's created life. He has made artificially intelligent programs. Could he be the one who destroys humanity? Is the clock already ticking? It's possible and it keeps him up at night, one of several things that keeps him up at night actually.

"But on a slightly happier note," he pulls out a computer card. It says Stark on it, "I was invited to some kind of a super secret, private hero thing. It's not really a black tie thing, but I bet I could swing a plus one. Want to come?" It's a good thing she's trustworthy, because he just gave away a secret barely 24 hours after being trusted with it himself.

Jan pokes one of the gloves lightly with a fingertip "That would be great, maybe in my office here at the company too." She doesn't really care about the expense, but then why would she. She wanders back over to lean against the bench your apartment is sitting on now. "I'd still be curious to see the breakdown and get it to one of the commercial engineers and see how much it would be to commercialise. Even if it starts high end like for remote surgeons and moves on to personal use it could be very interesting to have one of the product managers explore."

She pushes off once more at this point and walks over to check out the card now. Computer Card holding her hand out for it curious "Super secret super hero thing.. is this like a super hero dinner or a super hero thing or .. what Hank?" okay you completely and totally have her attention now.

"I think it might be a super hero thing. Tony Stark and I were talking," Tony obviously being well known both as Stark and publicly known to be Iron Man, "and he invited me to join him to talk further. He knows Jan," and he gestures at the Ant-Man suit, which is currently sitting in a glass box. Normally it's hidden, but right now, it's still on display.

"So what do you say, should the Winsome Wasp and the Astonishing Ant-Man team up with the Irredeemable Iron Man?" He cracks a joke, since Tony's better known as the Invincible Iron Man, but Irredeemable suited the man inside far better, at least in Hank's sometimes demented imagination.

Normally, Hank is very tight lipped about hero talk, but here in his lab, he's secure. There are security measures in place and it would take a gargantuan effort to crack them, at least that's the going theory. He was quite pleased with himself when his defences foiled the great Tony Stark, so that's saying something.

Jan pokes the card then steps back and looks over to the Ant-Man suit. "Well… let's see." she taps her chin like she is actually thinking this over, striking a smidge of a pose in her Wasp gear as she does so. She lets it drag out for a suitably appropriate amount of time then laughs. "I think that sounds absolutely amazing Hank!"

Yeah okay Janet is an easy sell, but then she has been doing the heroing hard. Also your secrecy, she knows of course, not like you didn't do likely illegal genetic tampering under some sort of international treaty when you did the alterations on her. "I was thinking this while I was fighting the Joker. I mean backup is good like you said. No way I am moving to Gotham or joining some Teen team like the Titans or a Government Team like that Shield organization I read about in our reports." Reports not Papers. Oh Multinational industrialists. "Fighting crime with the Irascible Iron Man sounds like a trip and a half Ant-Man." she grins.

Hank rises from his chair and joins Jan near the Ant-Man suit. She looks so cute when she taps her chin like that. One of these days, he's definitely going to have to work up the courage to ask her out. And as if she can read his mind, she strikes a smidge of a pose in her Wasp outfit. A bit of blood rushes to his cheeks and he smiles politely.

"You're right, the Titans seem a bit too young for my tastes, and S.H.I.E.L.D., well, I learned my lesson when I designed that Anti-Radiation Gas. It could be used to help people all over the world, but I can't release the patent, or even get a licensing deal." Technically he's violating his nondisclosure agreement by even talking with Jan about it, but he's not too worried about that, and besides, they've had that conversation before. It was one of the few things he's done privately and off of the van Dyne Industries books.

"The three of us would be a good start. Wasp, Iron Man, and Ant-Man. That's a good start, though I'm not sure I'm ready to go public with my identity. Not yet anyway."

Jan taps the glass of the case, then shrinks down and flies up quick as a Wasp, okay way the hell faster than any Wasp. She settles to sit on the edge of the case and look down to you "Well none of my costumes have masks. It is pretty much just a matter of time before some reporter connects Janet van Dyne with the Wasp if I keep doing this." She pauses a moment thoughtfully as she sits up there "I'm also okay with this I think. If Stark can be Iron Man then Janet van Dyne can be the Wasp. I mean money and technology explains a lot about how we can manage to be Super Heroes and some people like Buffet donate to charity but we fight supervillains." she grins "And donate to Charity. I may have to get a PR person assigned to the implications though."

She has Hank at something of a disadvantage right now. Although he can regulate his size without his costume, that's all he can do. By now, after using Pym particles for so long, his body produces them naturally. But without the spring boots or the glue gloves, he'd struggle to get up to the top of the glass case to join her.

Even if he can't join her right now, he is always thinking about her, like when he slipped in a little bit of his technology into her costume fabricator. All her costumes produce a field that makes it difficult to video or photograph her. It was one of his little gifts to her, since he knew her feelings on masks. That and he designed a virus to blur any image put on the net of her with wings. With a knowing smile, he says, "It's funny that in all this time, there hasn't been a single photo of your face on the net as Wasp."

Jan kicks her feet a bit "Yeah it is pretty surprising they haven't managed that… though it isn't like I gave a press conference. Also half the time I am shrunk down really tiny which probably makes things pretty difficult on the paparazzi you know…."

She smiles from her perch. "Still eventually someone is going to recognize me in the papers or maybe I should just roll out a press conference… I guess it kind of depends on what this superhero thing with Iron Man is like you know." she thinks "I should stop by and see Tony sometime soon, haven't seen him since that last charity dinner at the Park Hotel." yes she has run into the Stark CEO in society of course.

"I'm not sure I'd be too quick wit the press conferences. It's like a celebrity sex tape, once it's out there, you can never get it back." Hank, always the voice of reason, or something like that. "And yeah, when shrunk you're too tiny for more paparazzi lenses. They'd need a macro lens, but then they'd be too far away." And then he brings his hand to his chin to stroke it, "I wonder, an extended range macro lens. That might be doable."

Reaching into his lab coat pocket he jots that down on his digital notepad. Yes, he just came up with a way to reveal her identity to the world and he's probably going to invent the damned thing. But while he's thinking of that, she's on about Stark and suddenly he looks a little jealous, wondering if Tony's ever gotten involved with Jan. He heard from Frank that Sadie, the receptionist who greeted Mr. Stark on Tuesday, also left with him and called in sick today.

Jan seems oblivious up on her perch for the most part, thinking about crime fighting. Then she blinks "I'm not sure what we would do with a distance macro lens… though I suppose it would have a market if the licenses were sold to someone in the lens business… I don't know enough about photos to know the demand really."

Probably not though logically, the Stark connection. It is almost impossible to hide such high profile society hookups from Page 6. Just similar social circles. "So when is this superhero business kicking off Hank?"

"Whenever we decide to, Jan." Pointing at her, but meaning to point to the key she still holds, which shrunk down right along with her, "That key opens a door in Pittsburgh. It's where Tony wanted to meet. He could be waiting there right now, or more likely, the minute we enter, he'll jet off to meet us." Technically, Hank was the only one invited, but to him, it's a package deal. Besides, Jan would probably skin him alive if he didn't bring her along.

Jan pushes off and spirals down to go full size by you now. She offers you back the keycard "Excellent and it must be nice to be able to just get in your work clothes and jet off to other cities in no time flat… I suppose that beats the midlife crisis sports car… suit of tactical armour… check…" she laughs and fishes her phone out. "I'll have to see what my schedule is like but I can't wait Hank."

She pauses checking her schedule "and hells I need to jet fast, I am late for a meeting I really shouldn't flake out on entirely…" she smiles and gives you a quick hug "Don't invent anything dangerous! We can catch Stark tomorrow perhaps"

Hank will pocket the key card when it's offered back to him, and he'll double pat the location for good measure. "Jet propulsion is so passe. Winged flight is a lot harder to accomplish." What he gave her was pretty advanced. Tony Stark wears a propulsion and weapon system. Janet van Dyne becomes one. And she's no worse for wear, no side effects, well, unless you count becoming an adrenaline junkie, but in Hank's defence, he's pretty sure she was one before he made her into the Wasp.

He's a bit sad when she has to jet off, but she gave him a quick hug, which he'd return, and probably linger a little longer than he should. "All right, see you Jan." Shortly after she'll leave, one of Ant-Man's ants will appear via the even more secret ant elevator. This must be a job for the Astonishing Ant-Man. Poor Jan, she's going to miss out on the fun. Again!

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