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January 08 2015: Jericho and Illyana put some demons back where they belong

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One thing, for all his magical surroundings and entanglements, that Jericho has explicitly not sought out is taking on duties that Illyana or S'ym ordinarily performs. He wants to be part of the Darkchilde's world but doesn't want to be seen as 'horning in' on her domains. So it's been a bit of surprise that demons have been coming up to him from time to time, asking him things. Even weirder is the fact that occasionally K'nert will come and tell him (yes, he can sort of understand the guy now) when demons have accidentally broken out nearby. K'nert can put them back on his own. Mostly he doesn't because he doesn't care and because he needs to convince rather than order. Jericho though, well Jericho owns K'nert thanks to Illyana and so the more demons listen to him, the more they listen to the imp. It also helps that Jeri really doesn't want them hanging around and getting hungry. Especially not near his safehouse. "Okay back in with you." The tone is one of someone who really doesn't want to say it twice. It's also that of someone whose' bored. He does that deliberately, as if he 'happened' to be in the area because again, this is normally Illyana's job and he's not trying to poach.


Of course Jericho doesn't need the flare of light to know that Illyana's stepped in at his back. He just knows. The tread of her boots are fairly distinctive as well, more from the way she walks than the shoes themselves. There's something both lazy and cocky in the way she does so, giving it a particular cadence.

"I'd listen if I were you. You wouldn't want to make him angry." The blonde's tone holds that familiar mocking edge, the words spoken a moment before Illyana's fingertips comb through Jericho's hair and down to the nape of his neck in a lingering caress. Her hand settles at the top of his spine, thumb and fingers bracketing either side of his neck while the former does a slow sweep against the small sliver of skin there.


Jericho lets out a low growl, his eyes half closing. It gives his amber eyes a sort of ominous look, that lazy half awake look. He actually is paying attention as the three… they look like skinned dogs. As they skitter away back into the stepping disk that K'nert opened. "Hello there." He looks over his shoulder. "Sorry. I found them here. I didn't want them to get hungry and make trouble."

His traces are starting to flush slowly.


"No need to apologize. I don't mind you taking out the trash. Or I suppose returning it." Illyana says, coming around his side as the three duck out. Her touch slides to his shoulder, tugging him down to kiss him briefly, watching the flickering glow of his now amber eyes. "I like to think they just snuck out for some fun, but it's too easy for them to forget." Demons, especially the less powerful ones, have memories like an etch-a-sketch. Move around too much, and they forget things like how painful it is to piss off the Mistress of Limbo.


"They can have odd definitions of fun…" Jericho murmurs, returning the kiss and then just resting his arm around her shoulders when it ends. Sure, sometimes they listen to impromptu piano concerts. More than they used to now that Jericho goes to Limbo to do that, but sometimes they decide fun means mayhem or murder. And they switch between the two in an eyeblink. There's not even malice behind it sometimes (sometimes there's a lot). Just, you know, hunger and no regard for life.

K'nert's been letting me know if they get too close. And I don't usually have to fight… not since the binding."


"Well, at least some good came of things, eh?" Illyana remarks with her usual smirk. Her arm comes around his waist as she settles in comfortably at his side with thumb hooking through his beltloop and fingers splayed over his hip. "I don't figure you'd actually tell me if there were any other weird side effects… So give. Any potential badness since it happened?"


Jericho cants his head and actually gives the question some thought. Illyana can tell partly because she knows him very well and partly because she can probably almost hear him think. "Hard to say just what's a side effect. Demons have been asking me… things. Permission or advice. Little things usually and only when they can't find you. And S'ym's been… watchful." Not usually talkative but he isn't usually talkative so that's not abnormal.

"And I told you about my impulse control aleady. Also, I think I have a… digital demon in my hardware. Remember when it was scrolling demonic over my HUD and advising me on how people were corrupt and how best to kill them? It talks now too."


Illyana's brows go up at that bit of news. "Oh. Joy. You're now a demon spawning ground." There's a glimmer of teasing in her eyes but the set of her mouth belies her concern. "Technomagic is way out of my field of expertise." She says with no small amount of annoyance. "Can't say I'm too surprised though, given that the stuff access your life force which is all tangled up with what makes a soul."

As to the demons talking to him? She gives a slight nod. "I noticed they get closer to you now." Then she clarifies. "Physically closer. They gave you a pretty wide berth in the beginning, knowing I said you were off-limits. They still know that but they're almost… comfortable, I suppose, around you." More like he's one of their own. "And that makes sense. Asking your permission. You're essentially considered an extension of me." He speaks with her authority.


Jericho seems uncomfortable with that, but not because of the implications nor because of the asking itself. It's more focused on her. "You okay with that?" He's kept it as low key as he can so far. And it's not like they do it every day. Or even every week. Illyana is, after all, often around or her wishes quite clear. Still, it happens often enough.

"Only the one demon so far. Gave him a name…" He frowns and mulls something over, turning the word 'technomagic' over in his head. "You don't do technomagic… and neither do I. But you do magic and I do tech. I've been wondering for a while how and why someone developed tech that taps the soul to use for a weapon." He pauses. "Is there any magic like that? Pure magic?"


The smile that Illyana gives Jericho is faint but real and she squeezes him lightly. "Yes, I'm OK with that. You're almost eerily good at knowing how to make it clear I'm in charge." And his pride doesn't seem to prick him for doing so. "It's not something that's going to change, or be undone, so might as well get used to the reality."

The question gets a thoughtful look, and then a slow shake of her head. "I don't think so." She admits. "Sounds like something some of the hermetics might try, their magic is almost science as it is. But definitely nothing in the demonic spheres of power."


Jericho grins. "You are." In charge, that is. He has no issues with her being in charge, partly because he trusts her implicitly and partly because she seems happy to let him take charge when it's important that he be in charge, like when he's more experienced in some matter or… even when she doesn't need to be.

"I'd love to do some digging when things are less hectic… but I don't know my way around souls very well." He murmurs. "If this is some kind of supernatural tech, might need both of us to decipher it. If you feel like it, at any rate."


Whereas souls are something that Illyana knows all too much about. She chuckles, looking up at him. "The fact that you say you'd love to do it is enough reason for me to want to help." She points out. "And definitely the pair of us. I suppose I'll need to figure out how some of that evil tech of yours works." She mock-grimaces before tossing him a wink.


"Well, when you feel like finding out let me know…" Jericho cants his head slightly, thinking of ways to do that. Possible he could actually bring her into his 'Limbo'. Cyberspace should be interesting for her. Alternately… his stuff has a demon in it now and it was born of her own magic… maybe she can command it like her other demons? He's got no idea. "I'm sure we can figure out a way." He grins finally, returning the wink.

Unspoken, he's really very grateful that she's so willing to help him out. This is the second thing he's asked of her recently and he knows she's got other things on her plate.


"As soon as we get some breathing room, hmm?" Illyana remarks dryly, chuckling at him as she starts them walking back towards the street. She's fairly sure there's somewhere off this way to find some ice cream…

"I admit, I'm not sure where to start. But we probably should because I figure there'll be a lot of research and 'thinking' time. But first we need somewhere to start." Even if it's just confirming things they already suspect.

Illyana may have things on her plate but she also has priorities. And she's demonstrated that Jericho's right up at the top of h er list.


"I know where the DoD labs are that developed this stuff. Project materials are probably under lock and key if standard proceedures were followed… though… if this is… actual magic, there might be more than standard proceedures in play." Jericho takes a deep breath and sighs, squeezing Illyana lightly about the shoulders. "I'm not sure which prospect worries me more. The notion that they knew what they were doing… or the notion that they didn't."


"I'd go with they didn't realize what they were doing. Because then they're just stupid instead of evil." Illyana points out. "Some things you shouldn't mess with. People have this small, finite amount of time but their soul goes on. Where it goes on to might be a matter of some debate, but there's an ever-after that those people are mucking around with. Maybe if you knew you were headed for one of the Hells, what they were looking to do would be a better option… But that's a hell of a gamble. Pun not intended."


Jericho chuckles at the pun a bit anyway. "You're right, though you never know with the government, I'm discovering. I ran into a mutant the other day who was running from her own father. He'd been in charge of a program to turn mutant volunteers into operatives. Except when it came to his daughter, he didn't plan on giving her an option…" The hacker shakes his head.

"And, actually, I suppose it'd depend on which hell you were going to… and why." He gets that the hell realms that are not Limbo are even more awful than the one he's familiar with. And Limbo is, to be clear, a brutal realm full of brutal demons. However… he's not particularly been averse to spending time there.

"But your point is well taken." Most folks who mess with soul magic are not even remotely good.


"See? This is me being all cheery optomist." That those that did this to Jericho were just stupid, and not actually evil. Totally cheery. "I'm sorry that you had it so bad for so long." Illyana says, Jericho being one of the few people she can empathise enough for that to be a true statement and not just platitude. "But I can't be sorry that it happened to you." Because that brought him to her, and she's enough demon to be selfish about that.

The big about the mutant gets a frown. She doesn't chase it though, knowing that he'd have passed on the information to get help from the Xavier folks. Even if the school's secretive, the Red team is an easy link.


He didn't, actually. The girl in question didn't want it. He did offer though and the offer will stand. She's using one of his safe houses in Metropolis right now. One he's never been to, so it was easy enough to peel off and 'burn' in that fashion.


Ordinarily Jericho would tell someone who said they were sorry about how things were for him that 'it was okay' or that 'he was okay' despite the fact that neither of those things can be in any way okay. He hated it and it nearly broke him entirely. But like her, he's glad for some of the things that came out of it. Friends close enough that he considers them family. Allies in his fight. And having found Illyana. Or been found by her, rather. Repeatedly. In some very awkward places, sometimes.

"Thank you." He murmurs, acknowledging with that not-quite whole smile of his both the humanity and the demon in that statement and liking them both equally.


Illyana leans her head against his shoulder, turning her face in towards his chest briefly. She's still not big on words, but the tightening of her arm around his waist and the way her body fits in so comfortably against his is its own statement. "C'mon. I want ice cream."

There's a scratchingscrabble sound behind them as K'nert hurries to catch up. Illyana may be a sucker for Jericho, but K'nert's first love is still Butter Brickle.

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