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January 8, 2015: Barry gets a surprising gift from Michael Jon Carter

Jail, Dude.

Barry is in Jail



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Barry Allen is in the depths of the city jail, in one of those cells where they hold people until they can figure out where they are going. His head is pressed hard against the bars as he tries to get an idea of who this visitor is. Michael Jon Carter? He's never heard of the guy, that's for sure.

Carter is taken down and he has to fill out all the requisite paperwork and show all the identification and all that stuff. Then there's the metal detector and a network of locks and latches and hallways he has to go to make sure that nobody gets out. By the time he gets down to the room in question, it's a long walk down a hallway toward the cells and Barry Allen.

When Carter shows up, he is wearing sunglasses even though he is indoors and the lighting in this area is not very bright. He's wearing jeans, a loosely tucked in white shirt and a very casual unstructured blazer for a look that seems thrown on, but in an elegantly calculated way. The sunglasses come off as he approaches, and he is recognizeable—at least to anyone who may have seen a Soder Cola billboard or television commercial. Or the daytime drama, 'Secret Hospital'.

"Hello, Mr. Allen." Michael smiles and starts to extend his arm for a handshake, pausing before his fingers get to the bars. He seems to be tenatively touching the air, and finding no resistance, completes the gesture. "I'm Michael Jon Carter. I also go by Booster Gold, although only when I'm in costume."

For what it's worth, Barry Allen has never watched Secret Hospital. Nor has he seen anything else of Michael Jon Carter's worth with the exception of a commerical, so when the blonde man regards him he has no clue who he is. Yet things begin to fall into place, just a smidge, when he mentions his codename: Booster Gold.

Barry leans towards the bars, closer to the man with the sunglasses, and peers at him. Booster Gold was a name he was familiar with but had not run in the same circles with. At not least as of yet. "I guess that means you know who I am," he says cryptically.

"I know you're Barry Allen," Michael says, cheerfully. "I know that you're important." He tilts his head to one side. "I'm from the future, Mr. Allen. I've never kept that a secret, so it's not one you have to keep, either. I have my reasons for keeping track of what you're up to… hm." He rubs his chin and glances upwards, thoughtfully. "Gosh, that sounds sinister when I put it that way. But this isn't the place to discuss it."

Michael's smile returns as his focus returns to Barry. "For now, let's just say that I know something about your past. I also know that you're not guilty of this murder, and that you really need to be out of that cell so you can get this mess cleared up. I'm going to pay your bail."

Barry's eyes go wide as he tries to figure out what this all means. "You're going to pay my bail?" This makes Joe West's life a lot easier, that's for sure. It also means he's going to get out of here a lot quicker. The whole sinister part of the conversation is quickly forgotten, and oddly, he doesn't seem to balk at all that Booster Gold is from the future. "Do you know anything about this case specifically?"

Michael shakes his head at this. "No. It came to my attention because you're involved in it. If I could tell you any details, I would." He takes a step back, away from the bars, and spreads his hands. "Even if I did, it might not help. Time is not rigid, details change even while the shape remains the same. If the shape changes, then it becomes an entirely different 'now'." The tall man does not try to explain any of that, he just gestures down the hall. "I'd give you my contact card but I had to leave everything out front. But I'll make sure you get one, in case you have any questions after they let you out."

"I don't know how to thank you," Barry says a bit bewildered as to how in the world this guy is just stumping for him. "Is this case something you want in on, Carter?" he asks as he hangs on the bars a bit. "I mean, I don't know a lot about you, but I know you help in these sorts of things from time to time."

"Look, dude. You don't have to thank me, but you're welcome, anyway. I took out a loan for this money, but I believe you aren't going to run away." Michael puts his sunglasses back on. "And yeah, I'm happy to help. I don't know how much I can really do for you… I'm not a scientist, and I'm not a detective. But maybe you'll need someone to punch through a concrete wall, and I can step up." He flashes another of his thousand-watt smiles and gives Barry a thumbs-up. "Keep me posted."

"That's funny, because, if you knew who I was, you'd know…well, you'd know why that was funny," Barry says absently.

It's not until the next morning that the whole thing is actually processed. As he's removing his personal items, he luckily had someone from the precinct drop off some clothing for him. He'd been taken from Ronnie's home, almost in the nude, so it was nice that he had a pair of jeans, a shirt, and his Chuck Taylors. The parka was a nice touch too. He's also given his wallet, his cell phone, and oddly enough a lone key. Barry picks it up and inspects it.
An hour later he's out in front of Stark Tower, having a cup of coffee as he was instructed. There, across from the tower, is a storage facility. Just like Hammerman had mentioned.

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