Visiting the Jailbird

January 8, 2015: Manning and Pezzini visit Allen in jail. You know it's bad when Manning is the best tempered of the three.

New York City Lock-Up

Holding facility for the NYC jailhouse.



  • Booster Gold makes a cameo at the end of this scene.

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Two days ago Paul Manning and Sara Pezzini conspired, well slightly conspired to ensure that Barry Allen was a free man. Now, the news this morning is that later that night, he was in fact arrested for murder, but not those that he talked to the detectives about. It's all their in the report. Evidence was found at the crime scene of a young woman, a young woman who had been split and desecreated and Barry's DNA was strewn about where they found her. Chestnut brown hairs he had no real excuse for.

They pulled him from Veronica Hautzig's home in the middle of the night in his underwear in what was a rather embarrassing manner. He was booked, and although it was supposed to be hush-hush, the story got to the press, and now all hell has broken loose.

Barry Allen, the skinny babyfaced science nerd, is sitting in an orange jumpsuit in a holding cell and watching the clock.

Sara had this worked out. Sort of. And then someone had to go and get ugly. Which doesn't reflect well on her and Manning, either, considering they didn't see anything about this mysterious dead woman at the first scene. So once she had a chance, she told her partner she was going to go and check in on Allen, see what was going on there.

And something is definitely going on, Paul agreed. "Orange is definitely not your color, Allen." he says as he and his partner arrive at Barry's cell. "So tell us, what's your supposed motive for killing this woman? Did you even know her? And who's trying to ruin your life? They're doing a very good job of it in such a short time. It is a short time, right? Or is there more to it than we know?"

Barry pulls himself up to his feet with a groan and he's definitely had better days. He moves over towards the edge of the cell, where the detectives stand, but off to the right. His eyes trail up sullenly to the wall as they come to rest on the clock once again. "I don't know her, no. But I also can't explain how my hair got there." With a long sigh he turns to the others, "Anyone have $250,000?"

"Nope," Sara replies ruefully to the question of bail. "And, not to be a bitch about it, but what would you do if you were out anyhow?" she points out. "Not like you're going to be able to go in to work. Not like anything you find doing your own investigations is going to be admissible. Unless someone's giving you trouble in here?" she asks, arching a brow as she looks around.

"On a cop's salary?" Paul counters. It's all the answer he needs to make. "There's lots of ways of getting someone's hair. Not all of them are illegal." He falls silent as he studies Barry then looks to Sara. "Maybe we should go talk to the DA. If the only thing tying him to the murder is some hair, there are, after all, lots of ways of getting some. And it's possible it ties in with what happened in his apartment."

Barry leans in close to the pair, but his eyes stay on the watchmen at the end of the hall. He's eager for them not to hear what he has to say next. "Detective Hammerman is lead on this case." Barry looks out down the other hallway to make sure none of the other prisoners hear this either. "He knows I didn't do it. He's got a storage facility with some evidence in it, that's somehow connected—I just need to post bail. I literally could not be more clueless," he says before turning to Sara. "That's why I want to get out of here. Aside from the whole part about being innocent."

"Well, I still don't have a quarter of a million dollars, and I'm not exactly on asking terms with people who do," Sara grimaces, leaning one shoulder against the bars. "Not without getting into some really awkward situations." She reaches up to rub a hand at her brow. "Paul's got the smarter idea, honestly. Some hair's not all that much without a little more to go on."

"How do you know?" Paul asks Barry, keeping his voice down to match the other's level. "Are you suggesting he set it up and has it in for you personally? Or is being told to?"
"I don't know," Barry says with a shake of his head. "Whatever Hammerman has he's keeping it low and out of the way. We didn't have a lot of time to talk alone. He was busy booking me and I was in my underwear." Barry looks to Sara, "I guess I can talk to my foster father to see if he would be willing to put his house up against it."

"Or, and this is just a thought," Sara raises a finger, "You let your friends, the detectives, do the detective work. It's sort of our thing." She reaches for her phone, eyeing it for a moment. "I could also call Steve, but hey, do you have a quarter of a million dollars to get an accused murdered out on bail is kind of pushing where we're at right now," she adds, dry.

"Considering the last two things he's been involved in, he might be safer where he is." Paul muses. "What will they try next if he keeps avoiding being put in jail? We should go talk to this Hammerman and maybe we'll be able to get some idea of what's going on."

Barry looks to Sara, close his eyes and shakes his head with irritation. When he opens then, he's looking at Manning, hoping the man will be a bit more on the same plane as the young man from Missouri. "Well, if you tell him you know, it's kind of going to blow his cover a bit. Do as you will, I'm going to get the hell out of here."

"Don't do something stupid, Allen," Sara warns, turning a stern look on the scientist. "I mean it. I really, really, really do not want to have to hunt you down as a fugitive. You're a good guy. I'm sure you didn't do it. But don't be doing something that's going to make it look like you did."

"If we go talk to the DA first, it won't be surprising to anyone watching if we also talk to the arresting officer."

"If we go talk to the DA first, it won't be surprising to anyone watching if we also talk to the arresting officer." Paul points out. "Depending on what he tells us, and how he does so, we'll have a better idea of what's happening. And if we need to look into him as well."

"I appreciate your confidence, Sara, but you could literally never catch me. Just like this jail could not hold me. But thanks for condescending. Your timing is great as per usual." Barry shrugs, "Do what you want, Manning. There's no way that Hammerman is involved if he's going to feed me information on the case, but you guys can spin your wheels all you want. You're not the ones stuck in here."

Sara rolls her eyes, pushing off the bars. "Yeah. I'm the condescending one. You don't want help, you called the wrong people, Allen. But you got this on your own? That's cool. I've got a desk full of missing kids, possessed people, and god only knows what else right now. You called us. Ass. I'm out, Manning," she raises a hand to her partner, starting down the hall.

"Two desks full." Paul says with a grimace. "But yeah, there's no way he could possibly be setting you up further. Things like that only happen in the movies. Give us a call if you need a hand after all, Allen. Though since there are no demons involved in this one, it's not really our jurisdiction so we couldn't look into it on the clock anyway. Good luck." Giving the scientist a nod, he starts after Sara.

Barry ignores Sara, but gives a nod to Paul as the pair depart. He takes his normal place on the little silver bench that has a weird bow in the middle. In the hours he's been here he's tried sitting above it, and in it, but nothing is comfortable.

About an hour later, Barry is still in the same exact spot when one of the watchmen comes back. "Allen. Visitor." He's fairly sure it's his lawyer, or maybe even his girlfriend. But as the name is announced by the burly man with the mustache, Allen is taken by surprise. "Michael Jon Carter is here to see you."


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