French Food and Florakinesis

January 09, 2015 Lily and Doctor Nemesis bump into one another in a French restaurant. Sparks proceed to fly.

Generic French Restaurant, New York

Just as it says on the tin. A French restaurant in New York.



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It's quite early in the morning. Lily didn't quite get the opportunity for a whole lotta sleep because reasons. At least she's healed a little bit. Her right arm is bandaged up with a bunch of gauze and in a sling. She doesn't need to go to the doctor or anything. The bone in her bicep might have been completely separated last night, but she still had a pretty decent healing factor. It's properly set by now, little gaps of bone have weaved back together, but it's still fragile, and there is still a major gap. The wound on the exterior of her arm, however, has completely healed.

Just because Lily's been beat to hell the past day or two, doesn't mean she gets off easy from doing her chores, though. She's wearing today a pair of torn up jeans, a simple black tanktop, and a couple wristbands. The sweater she's wearing over that covers at least part of the bandages, but not the sling. Stopping at a French cuisine restaurant, she steps onto the outside patio among all the chairs and umbrellas set up outside and takes a seat. A pair of sunglasses obscure her eyes, but she doesn't make any effort to really cover her ears.

Normally, this might be an issue, but this restaurant? She has good worth with them. A waiter steps outside with a notepad, approaching Lily's table with a glass of water in hand, before looking at her. "The usual, miss?"

She looks up, "Yeah. Good morning."

The waiter replies with a small smile, "Good morning, Holly. Veggie platter, no croutons, slice of orange. It'll be right out." Then he turns away and walks back into the restaurant. Sighing, Lily leans back into her chair, regarding the sky.

"This is, without a doubt, the /worst/ restaurant I've been to in at least three years," A male's voice declares from beside Lily's table. The owner, a lean looking man dressed in a pure, almost sanitized suit of white, stands just a couple feet away, though he's moving closer. Without warning or indication, the owner of said voice places one, white-gloved hand on the back of the chair opposite Lily, pulls it out with a slight grating screech, and drops heavily into it as he pulls off his white fedora to reveal a mussed-up head of bone white hair. "Of course, I never did care for French cuisine, even when in France. I suspect there was a hefty amount of saliva in every dish, though. I wasn't very popular at the time, and, truth be told, I hardly blame them." Drawing one hand through his hair in a feeble attempt to straighten it, an act that only serves to leave his hair in further disarray, he flashes Lily a shadow of a smile before offering out his empty hand, "James Bradley by the way, I'm sure you haven't heard of me."

Lily's brow furrows a little bit behind her shades as some voice interrupts her meditation and morning routine. She's pretty chill right now, but the complaints just grate on her nerves and she sneers a little bit. Then there's the sound of the chair being pulled out. Someone's joining her table. Why? Why why why? Lifting her head, she looks at 'James Bradley' from behind her glasses with a grimace. Her eyes momentarily look at the hand, but her free arm doesn't move from the table where it's laying.

"You probably deserved it, you raging bile erection." Is all Lily quips back with, signing noisily before leaning back to look at the sky again. "I don't fucking care. What are you doing at my table?"

If James is even remotely offended by Lily's response, he hides it well, but he does withdraw his hand, placing it casually within one of the large pockets on his white overcoat. "Oh, I assure you… I did," he replies, eyes locked tight on Lily's ears, "but that's a story for another time. I'm here because you're a mutant."

"Naturally, I'm sure you're aware," he continues after a short pause, "What you don't know, is that the man sitting three tables behind you is also a mutant. As is the child who currently has his filthy face pressed against the equally filthy glass just to my right." James lifts his hand to tap the side of his head, just by his left eye, "And, as I'm sure you may have guessed, so am I."

"So what?" Lily responds, not looking away from the sky. People who are more self-conscious than she might glance over to the window where the little boy is. They might try to hide their mutations. Lily? No, she doesn't care. "I've been called a mutant and a freak my whole life." She looks down at James, lifting her sunglasses. Her eyes are stark black with red irises. "Do you think I'm ashamed of how I look? Because I'm not, shithead."

Lowering her sunglasses, she shrugs and reaches out for her glass of water. Lifting it, she holds it in front of her. "So what if there are mutants around me, do you expect a prize or something? I'll tell you something. Mutants are just as shitty little fucks as anyone else. La-de-fucking-da. If you're here to complain about the food, don't eat here. Get what I'm saying?" She cocks and eyebrow and takes a sip of her drink.

James' expression remains perfectly calm, his eyes shifting focus from Lily's pointed ears, to her off color eyes. "You're defensive. You've no need to be. I'm not here to insult you, or the food. I'm here because you need me. You don't realize it yet, but eventually you will." Surging forward, he plants his forearms on the table, his voice dropping as he talks faster, "What, exactly, do you know about your mutation, hmm? I'm sure you know how to use it — some of it. I doubt you know how to maximize it though. Likely, you don't even know the full extent of it. Do you, by chance, know your own genetic make up? I do." A brief smile touches his lips as he taps the side of his head again, just by his eyes. "I can see it, and I can not tell you how many mutants I have met in my lifetime, and of them, roughly five percent knew they're full potential."

Lily regards James for a moment. She's silent, glass held to her mouth. But then she finishes drinking from it, polishing it off. She was thirsty. It takes a lot of effort to regenerate blood, you know. Just in time for the waiter to come back with her plate of food. A salad, with cherry tomatoes, a sliced orange, and some other assorted thing. Instead of immediately replying to James, Lily smiles at the waiter, "Thanks, Frederick. Can I get a refill?" Her voice is back to a sweet tone, and she offers the glass to the waiter.

Frederick takes the glass and responds happily, "Certainly, Holly. I'll be back in just a minute."

Then Lily looks back at James, "Alright. Again, you're just telling me things I already know." What happened to the good old days when someone would approach you, offer to join you, say nice things. It's always so business like nowadays. Using her fork, she gathers up some salad and munches.

Finally, James' calm expression cracks as his eyes narrow at Lily suspiciously, his hand slowly reaching into his pocket again, "You already knew I was here to offer you help in discovering the full potential of your mutation?" Slowly, he uses his foot to push his chair backwards away from the table, only a fraction of an inch at a time until suddenly he whips out his hand again, a normal, if somewhat fancy, ballpoint pen clutched in his fist, the tip pointed towards Lily. "How did you know that? Who sent you?" for a brief second, his paranoid glare breaks for a second as if he was suddenly struck with inspiration. "Or are you telepathic?" he asks, the point of his pen drooping slightly as he relaxes a bit, "No, that's impossible. No doubt my mind is far too complex for your inferior mind to navigate. What is your mutation, I wonder?" Immediately, he raises his empty palm to her as if to interrupt, "Wait, don't tell me, I want to guess."

"Pointed ears, discolored eyes, unusually pale skin… Likely something physical. Slender figure, no significant musculature," he muses, to himself, but loud enough for her to hear, "Likely improved agility and hearing, yes? Though I don't think that's it."

Lily doesn't even interrupt James. See, that would be rude. Even as he goes about his fidgeting, she just munches away on her food. It's actually quite delicious. Picking up her orange slice, she takes a bite out of that, too. The peel is set back down on her plate, minus the tasty bits. When the waiter comes back, he gives Lily a new glass of water and he asks if everything's alright. Lily just gives him a thumbs up, and he nods and heads back in. Reaching over, she sips more water and sets it back down.

Finally, she speaks up, "Dude. I'm a plant." That's her mutation.

"I already /know/ my powers are under utilized. And the last two people I've.. You know. They were resistant to them." Lily adds.

"Ah, see? Didn't I say it was physical?" James insists, settling back in his chair looking pleased with himself. After a moment of considering his brilliance in silence, he suddenly blinks and looks back at Lily in confusion, "A plant? You're florakinetic? Or are you literally a sentient multicellular eukaryote?" For a moment, he looks Lily up and down, his eyes flashing unnaturally as if reflecting a light that isn't there. "Impossible. I can see now you've certain characteristics in common with plantae, but you're most assuredly human. You must share a similar genetic structure. What, /precisely/, can you do?"

Lily takes a few more bites of her salad. It's nearly gone now. Food is so delicious. And look, no animals hurt! Even though she doesn't /terribly/ care about that, given her occupation. It would be slightly hypocritical to Ivy-levels. She stops suddenly when James asks her about her powers. "Dude? Seriously? I'm eating." She lifts her fork to take another bite, stares at James, then lowers it. She looks annoyed.

".. Alright, fine. Whatever." Lily says in a deadpan voice. She can't just /say/ it, people around her might hear. That is evidently /why/ she doesn't say it. Also, she kind of likes showing it off. Lifting up her sunglasses, she stares at James, quickly working her power to just create needle like sensations over James' body. The pain gathers more after that initial impression right in his hand. She stops short of doing any real damage, but it will probably hurt. Then she just as quickly lowers her sunglasses. She has other powers. Powers she doesn't want people knowing about because they might lead to abuse. Those don't need to be mentioned.

In response, James simply raises an eyebrow at Lily, his impatience written all over his face and in the tension of his shoulders until finally she relents. Immediately, he sits back, watching with rapt attention for the demonstration to begin. When it does, his eagerness settles into a mask of steel-edged determination, like a patient sitting through an unpleasant, slightly painful procedure until the needle-like sensations fade and he lets out a faint puff of air, his left hand going to massage his right. "Interesting," he finally muses, watching her with even more interest.

Finally, probably blessedly in Lily's opinion, Bradley settles into a contemplative silence, his eyes occasionally flashing as his gaze roams all over her. At one point, he even stares straight at the table as if he could see straight through it to her legs and feet. "Right," he concludes, slapping the table with an open palm before he plunges his gloved hand into his coat pocket to produce a perfectly white business card which contains only a phone number. With a bit of a flourish, he offers it out to Lily and raises his eyes to her sunglasses, "My number. For now. If you're interested in learning more about yourself, call me."

On the other hand, Lily learns that this is /another/ one of those assholes who can resist her powers. She can feel the resistance of her mind working against James' body, and it's not unlike wading through a lot of mud. Her powers aren't short and snappy like she's used to. Reaching forward, she takes her water and gulps down a bit of it before setting it aside her plate once more. The silence is welcome, because it means she can eat another orange slice and enjoy some more food.

She jumps a little bit when James' hand hit the table, "Jesus," she sighs. She looks up in time to see the card being offered to her, along with its flourish. Blinking a couple times, she grimaces, reaches out and takes it. Glancing at it, she looks at James, "More about myself? Is this a self help workshop, or a mutant porno studio?" She snerks to herself, she'll probably find that more amusing than James will.

Indeed, James just blinks at Lily, his gaze narrowing into an annoyed expression. "Please tell me that was a joke and I do not have to explain this entire thing again," he replies, appearing perfectly willing, if more than a little frustrated at the prospect, to accept that she's simply too simple minded to remember their conversation. "Call me," he finally concludes, not really waiting for the answer, "And soon. You'll only be able to reach me at that number for so long." With a shove, he pushes away from the table and pulls himself on to his feet, settling the white fedora back over his hair again. For a moment, he looks as if he's going to say something further, or rather as if he's trying to think of something to say, but eventually, he just shrugs, turns, and starts walking away.

Later that night! Doctor Nemesis will receive an unlisted phone call.

Nemesis grunts, a hand lifting to pull a pair of goggles from his eyes as he turns from whatever crazy experiment he's working on to inspect the small, disposable phone by his hand. Curiously, he picks it up, flips open the cover and speaks: "Who is it? Where did you get this number?"

The voice that answers is female. Immediately the voice responds, "Hey, I'm looking for the mutant sex studio." Lily's at a random bus station in Metropolis with a disposable phone she just bought under a fake name. Do you know how easy it is to buy cheap cell phones with an unlisted number? Companies will do anything to make a buck.

"Wrong num-" Nemesis begins, suddenly cutting off as he remembers an earlier joke of Lily's. "You are the epitome of wit," he finally responds a bit flatly, "I will give you a location. Once you get here, you can have all the sex you want with /whoever/ you want, but /only/ after we do some tests. And if you so much as secrete on one of my experiments, I will destroy everything you hold dear."

"You're about as charming as when we last spoke," Lily replies in a similar deadpan voice. She chuckles at the secretion joke, though. "I never told you my name, Captain Dipshit of the USS Run Away Fast. It's Holly." She leans back a little bit in the bus station seat, "I don't have a car and it's getting past my bedtime. So here's how I want to do it. Give me a few days to heal my broken arm, and I'll do your tests. But if I want out, I'll leave. Deal?"

"Of course it is. The waiter addressed you by name. What sort of a stunningly bright intellectual do you take me for, if you think I can't remember something as simple as that?" Nemesis retorts, "As for your arm, I can heal it faster with my science then your body can, however I can agree to your terms. I will warn you, though, you will not find all of them pleasant, and quite a few will be embarrassing or painful. Do not waste my time if you're simply going to leave the moment I tell you to disrobe or if I need to use a needle."

"Obviously one who isn't very street wise. Do you think every name I give people is my own? Holly could be fake for all you know, but you may address me by it and I will response." Lily responds again with equal snark. She rolls her eyes. "What? Going to rub some leaves on it? My body will heal it correctly, can you say the same without knowledge of my makeup?" It's a fair point. It would all just be experimentation. "No, we'll wait." She laughs finally at the last part, "Needles and nudity don't scare me, James."

Nemesis grunts a bit, settling a goggle lens over one eye as he turns half his attention back to his experiment, an experiment that is swiftly trying to escape at the same time. "Very well. It's agreed." After rattling off an address in Mutant Town, he adds, "It's an apartment building. It looks abandoned, but you just need to buzz 3B twice, understood?"

Lily seems satisfied by the arrangement, "Understood." She says finally before the line clicks dead. And the phone is destroyed. Did she even memorize the address?

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