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January 10, 2015: Rogue and Mystique catch up over coffee and pastries.

M-Town Cafe

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For those that are keeping track of Rogue's movements they'll notice that she's fallen into a predictable routine, of sorts. It seems she's splitting half of her day here in Mutant Town and half somewhere else. For those that are more in the 'know' that other half of her day is typically spent at Xavier's Mansion. While in Mutant Town, Rogue typically can be found in several locations. A run down cafe that services pretty good food, a would-be library with free internet access and finally (on occassion) the Brotherhood safe house (apartment) that she used when she first returned to New York.

Today is no different and while Rogue knows that routine and predictability is something to shun, normally, for some odd reason she's ignoring that basic rule of survival. In fact, the brown and white haired woman just left the would-be library and is slowly moseying along towards the run down cafe she's been frequenting. Her hands are tucked into the pockets of her coat, as her gaze scans the people that drift by her.


A pretty young red headed girl, complete with freckles and green eyes, the whole look screams Irish wanders down the side walk and falls in step with you now. She has on a nice sweater, looks hand knit, nice jeans, cute little knit cap, and Yankees jacket. "How about we get out of this chill and I buy you a coffee and a bearclaw Anne-Marie dear?" she even has a a Irish lilt but there is definite mischief in her eyes.


While Rogue was definitely looking for someone this evening it was not (sadly) for the young woman who just fell into step beside her. In fact, Rogue was just about to turn a polite smile towards the red-headed woman when suddenly she said her name. Her real name. Not to mention her favorite pastry to boot.

That polite expression of Rogue's begins to turn slightly suspicious as she says, "Do Ah -"

And that's about all Rogue gets out, before the light bulb all but turns on over her head. Growing up the way she did she had to get used to Mystique wearing many forms, many faces and many names. And so while it took a moment, Rogue finally realizes just who's beside her and her expression falls to something much more relaxed.

"Ah think that sounds like a great idea." She says, not mentioning names of any sort right now, "Ah know this perfect little cafe. Not much to look at, but good food."


The redheaded Mystique in disguise watches all of the expressions Rogue goes through. Polite, Suspicious, and then Realization. "Excellent plan then, good food, excellent company, and we can catch up on things. I've been busy, you haven't called.. could slather some Jewish guilt but then we aren't Jewish. Though they do seem to have the best deli spots anywhere in this city." she shakes her head and continues to walk with you in silence for a moment at least.

You mother does seem to know which cafe though, she doesn't need you to lead her there and she reaches out and snags the door and opens for you ushering you inside now. "Erik told me he ran into you in the city so I've been keeping an eye out to catch you, wish I had before the Holidays."


Mystique's remark about Jewish guilt causes Rogue to grin, adding onto the end of that particular remark with, "At least it ain't Southern anger. Nothin' worse than an angry Southern." As for Mystique knowing the way to the cafe she's been haunting lately? Rogue's not particularly surprised, though she does offer a quirk of a smile at her mother's knowledge of her movements in M-Town.

It's however at the mention of the holidays that Rogue's expression turns somewhat guilty, "Ah know, Ah'm sorry. Ah should have called more, but when they came around Ah was just heading back into the City." Mystique would know that Rogue took a breather from both Xavier's Mansion, as well as New York to get her head on a little straighter. "Ah wasn't near a phone and by the time Ah realized they had passed - " Well, then she just felt too guilty to call. As soon as the two are in the cafe, Rogue will nod toward a corner table. "Why don't we grab that one? We'll have a little bit of privacy with it and you can tell me what you've been up to lately."


The redheaded Mystique nods there and steps over to snag a chair out for herself and settles down with quite the slink. "Look perfect. You are right though the food smells great." she wiggles her fingers at a server to let them know they need menus and all. "First off I am glad you are okay. So really it's okay I probably couldn't have answered my phone on Christmas eve if you had called dear, I was fighting one of the most obnoxious metas I have encountered over in Gotham. If he had really been determined he might have been able to take me in, though he was no hero so that is probably why it worked out. I swear mercenaries." she shakes her head, one to talk.

"Just glad I managed to run into you finally today."

When the waitress gets over she orders herself a bearclaw as well and a large coffee, and looks to you to contribute your order "My treat of course."


Worry flares in Rogue's eyes at the mention of a meta that, if they had really tried, could have taken down Mystique long enough to bring her in. While Rogue is no longer an 'active' member of the Brotherhood, that doesn't mean she doesn't realize how many of their faces are still plastered across wanted posters. Mystique's in particular.

Before she says anything, however, first she orders. "Thanks." This is said to Mystique and then to the waitress, "Ah'd like the same, thanks." Once the waitress is gone, Rogue will turn her green eyes back upon the woman who raised her. "Who was the Meta? And who was he trying t'bring you into?"


Mystique shakes her head "Bad timing really, his name is Aspect. He has a lot of cybernetic enhancements and I'm pretty certain he is wanted by Hydra more than just about anything. Bit of a hacker really." she leans back "I was gathering all of the SRD's files in Gotham to see if they were connected to something I've been digging into, well a couple of things, and then he burst in to hack them as well.. it was.. tense really but we decided to both just walk away so it worked out fine.

She looks around the restaurant "There is something really bad coming down the pike I can tell, well and I have a lot of evidence at this point. I have Domino and a new Nathan Grey… I think he may be from another dimension.. like Scott's kid from the future or .. who knows.. crazy time and dimension hoping logic.. looking into it but I wanted to make sure you knew. Erik knows."


Rogue's gloved hands will be folded neatly atop the table as she listens to Mystique explain the merc situation. The merc's codename will be filed away for later use, should she ever run into someone going by the name 'Aspect'. "Well, Ah'm glad you're okay. Ah take it you still got the files you were searching for?"

And while the mention of something bad coming this way causes Rogue to look concerned, that emotion is quickly overwritten by surprise, once again. "Domino?" She says, and then, "Nate Grey? Ah can't believe Ah'm going t'say this, but Ah've met them both. Ain't that a coincidence." Her voice will drop lower, as she adds, "And yes, Ah believe he's from an alternate world, or somethin'. He said he found someone makin' collars that'll block yer powers, but that have terrible side effects. The reason Ah've been making myself so visible was t'see if Ah could find him again. He was supposed to contact me back, but so far hasn't."

Her head will tilt slightly to the side, as she finally asks, "What've you been looking into? Ah feel so out of touch with everything lately. Is it something Ah should put on the Mansion's radar?"


Mystique thinks about it then nods "Good. I told him to seek out the Mansion and others and see if he could get a technopath involved in the help I asked him for. He seemed skeptical but I'm glad he is passing on word about it after all." she smiles "You know I know just about everyone worth knowing, even if they don't know I know them. The collars is the problem though.

There as a pause as pastries and coffee and such arrives and she gives the waitress such an endearing smile and then focuses back on you serious. "Someone, goverment affiliated, if making inhibitor collars. Part of a Project Catch-22. I've intercepted two prototypes so far. One was on it's way to Canda.. which is very bad if there is cross government support. The other I got when I raided a lab hidden under the Brookhaven laboratory. They were manufacturing the prototypes there and researching them. They also had a short range scanner that could detect metahumans and mutants." she takes a bite of her bear claw. "I'm not sure why Mr. Grey said anything about side effects though."


"Well, if he ever shows up again, Ah'll definitely take him to the mansion." Rogue says in agreement and likewise gives the waitress a friendly smile, when she drops off the drinks and pastries. Her own bearclaw will be pulled towards her, but for the moment remain untouched. The coffee will be given a sip or two, at least.

"Catch-22?" Rogue says quietly, even as she rolls her eyes, "Ah swear the government must have a think tank just to come up with these 'catchy' names for all their underhanded projects." She'll shake her head, even as she worries an edge of her bearclaw off. The mention of Canada and the short range scanner causes Rogue's expression to go grim, "Even if there ain't cross government supporse, like you say, it's still bad that they're getting up to Canada. If it ain't the government than they already got a buyer up there."

Another piece of bearclaw will be torn off, "How close are they to figuring out how to make a bigger scanner?" She asks, even as she shrugs at Mystique's last question. "Ah'm not sure, but he seemed pretty certain that they caused neurological problems if worn too long."


Mystique frowns darkly "Thankfully they don't seem to be trying to go the road Charles went, or the devices don't work that way. Some of the files are really heavily encrypted but I have someone working on that and making me a couple prototypes of the scanners to play with. They seem to have a range of a couple of blocks.. the problem with them is they are portable. If you have handheld meta/mutant scanners and collars that inhibit them.. you can gather them all up and go hunting." she takes a bite of her pastry, breaking off a piece.

"Well they might at that, maybe he saw them where ever he is from.. which is worth questioning him more on. He is working with a merc named Ravager, metahuman as well but seems an idealist." she points a piece of bearclaw at you "The collars components are all over the map, every major defense contractor supplied parts, and i don't know if they are actively involved or just off the shelf yet.. I hit Queen Consolidated but need to hit Stark, van Dyne, and Wayne still … oh and Lexcorp. Any could just be selling components or active involved.. it is a big project and I know Brookhaven couldn't be the only lab involved."


Rogue finally manages to eat a bite of bearclaw, though it's quickly washed down with coffee, as she listens to Mystique. With each word from her, Rogue's expression seems to turn even more grim than a second before. Sure, someone who knows her troubles might find it odd that she wouldn't want to see some sort of power blocking technology, but in the wrong hands it would be horrible … And for the most part the majority of the world's governments are the wrong hands to hold that power.

The mention of Queen Consolidated causes Rogue to pause, only because of her recent run in with the Billionaire who owns that company.

Finally, however, her poor abused bearclaw is pushed away as she looks towards Mystique. "Tell me what you need me to do. You know Ah'll help. We run and hide enough in this world, as is. Ah don't want us to be hunted down like some flea bitten dog." What crumbs that stick to her gloves are quickly brushed away, as she adds a final thought, "Ah'll let the Mansion know what's going on too. Ah told them about the collars, but Ah had no clue it went so much deeper than that."


Mystique nods lightly "If Mr. Grey shows up get him to hit one of those technology companies, he is majorly psychic from the itch he gave my brain trying to read me. You can say you got the news of the collars from him luckily, otherwise Charles and his people would be so skeptical of the source." she just frowns, perhaps a bit bitter about the idealists. "I may need help hitting one of those companies but I don't want to compromise you or the reputation you have managed to rebuild Anne-Marie. I suppose just stay in touch, make sure I have your new number and I'll give you a burner of mine to make sure you have my current." she digs around in a pocket and pulls out a very small wrapped package. "Really though I miss working with you, but I understand what you are doing." even if you and Kurt don't seem to always. "Oh I ran into Kurt in Gotham, he is doing very well it seems. Though those creepy little Bamfs … one was with him." she shakes her head.

Inside is a silver necklace with filigree initials, yours of course on it.


"They were skeptical of me at first too, but they came around. Not all of their students have stellar reputations when they come." Rogue says quietly, "But Ah suppose for now Ah'll tell them the info came from the kid."

As to hitting other companies? Rogue simply nods at first, smiling a little at Mystique's attempt to keep her shielded from her illegal activities. "How about this -" She states, "- You tell me what places you're going to hit and that way, if Ah don't hear anything from you in a few days, Ah know where to start looking?" And if Rogue has to start looking you bet there will be some walls being knocked down. "And Ah miss working with you too."

"Kurt? Ah haven't seen him since Ah've been back. Ah'll have to search him out to see what's going on with him." Rogue says, though she doesn't touch upon the subject of the Bamfs. They are very creepy.

When Mystique offers the present to her, Rogue will gingerly accept it. Carefully she'll unwrap the small package and when she sees the necklace inside, Rogue can't help but say very quietly, "Aw Mama. It's beautiful. Thank you." Looking back at her, Rogue adds, "If Ah had known we'd be running into each other today, Ah'd have brought yer gift tonight too."


The redhead nods "Perfect excuse to get dinner another night then." she grins "There is this new fusion restaurant.. it is southern comfort and carnival themed. We should try that." somehow despite being old as dirt she still likes having fun. Probably comes from never feeling anything but amazing. "Also that sounds like a good plan. Erik is trying to reverse engineer the collar and determine a way to block it's abilities. I gave him one of the prototypes." she eyes you "He may be a bit of an idiot these days, but he is still dreaming big. He is working on a plan for a mutant country, safe for all of us. … the Plan has flaws but I can't knock him trying to help our people I suppose."


The lid will be put back on the box and then the box slid into one of her jacket pockets for safe keeping. "Ha." She says with a grin, at the mention of the fusion restaurant, "Somehow Ah think that sounds perfect for us. Ah'm in. Name the date and place and Ah'll be there."

As to Magneto and his plans, the brown and white haired woman nods, "Yes, he told me what he was up to. Ah can't say Ah fault him for trying, but Ah'm worried a secret only stays a secret for so long. Especially when that secret - " Meaning the secret mutant nation, " - has to be told to others, so they know where and what to do." From her other pocket, she pulls out a small post-it note and pen. On it she'll write down the various numbers and e-mails she can be reached out. Many of them are burner emails and burner phone numbers, a trick she clearly learned from the other woman. "Here's my contact info. If worse comes to worse, you can always caontact me at the Mansion." Her mouth quirks upward into a lopsided grin, "And Ah dare you to tell them who you really are when calling for me."


Mystique takes all of the contacts and tucks them away and then hands you a card with some burners as well. "Sweetheart if I needed to contact you at the mansion I would just pretend to be one of them and stop by and see you, if it was that big of an emergency. My worry about Erik's plan is that it would gather so many of us in one spot as a target. His powers are amazingly potent but…" she sighs "Though it works for Latvaria… perhaps if the UN could be forced to recognize it.. we would be afforded a shot and embassies.. still.. we shouldn't be forced to give up our homes and move."


"Ah voiced some of the same concerns to him." Rogue says, at the mention of becoming one big bullseye of a target with Magneto's Mutant Nation. "And you know we would be seen as a threat. There's no way Ah can see that they wouldn't see us that way." The card that Mystique hands her is quickly glanced at, before tucked safely away into her pocket.

The mention of being recognized as a sovereign nation does give her pause, as she considers that. "Ah don't know." She says, "Ah think they'd rather nuke first and then ask us questions later. Ah just can't see that flying like it has for Latvaria." She shrugs, her expression slightly bitter, "There's too much mutant hate out there." She sighs apologetically, "Listen, Ah hate to run, but Ah actually have to head out. Do you need me to drop you off anywhere?"


Mystique shakes her head "I still have business in the city, I enjoyed this talk though." she smiles and pushes back leaving money on the table to cover it, and tip. "We will have to try that fusion place next time you are in town, so call me next time you come in." though she has a pretty idea when you will be in town based on those routines you are sticking to. "Be safe Anne-Marie."

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