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January 10, 2015: A couple of Agents wanted to go somewhere warm for a change. They're about to get their wish.

The Triskelion, NYC

Hill's Office. Amazingly, no one's in trouble this time! Yet.



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As is so often the case, no warning is offered before the calls start going out like guided missiles of encrypted data to various individuals within the Triskelion network. A careful selection of some of the Division's finest (and some which just seemed like decent fits,) hand-picked by the acting Deputy Director. The message is kept simple and direct to start: Stop by my office.

Hill's got a pile of assignments in need of claiming. Fortunately, they don't have all that much of a choice.

There's also the matter of one non-Divisionite. It's because of Kate Bishop's connection to Hawkeye, and her seemingly innate ability to keep the guy in line, that she gets contacted through slightly more conventional means. With the option of not accepting. Being free of the network actually means having a bit more freedom, how's that for Division morale?


Hunter is not even the slightest bit hungover, which he should be, nor does he seem to have any ill-effects from his night on the town. Stop by Maria's office? Just the thing! He rocks up though, his hands in the pockets of his trousers, his grin in place. "Ma'am, you rang." If anyone can make it sound informal, it is Hunter, their own Independent Military Contractor.


Freedom is a glorious thing. It means Kate doesn't have to come when she's called. Ironically, it also means that because she doesn't have to come, she's actually in a good mood when she chooses to come. The perks of being contrary.

"I brought coffee," she announces cheerfully when she shows up in the office, lifting a portable carry case of gourmet stuff from one of those artisan coffee shops people her age are so fond of. "And donuts, too."


And then the she devil arrives. Bobbi Morse is wearing jeans and a star wars t-shirt, with a tablet in hand as she scans over this or that report. "Deputy Director, you wanted to see…me?" she asks, finally looking up. "And a lot of other people too it would seem." Her eyes skim over Kate, an unknown, and settle on her ex-husband. "Hunter."


Coffee -and- donuts? Hallelujah, Hill's got a high point in her day for a change! Though before she can rejoice there's the matter of Hunter arriving first, surprisingly punctual for not being an actual Agent. At least someone around the place seems to enjoy their work.

Today's Smartglass Wall behind her desk shows a very detailed mountain view of the Alps, complete with a layer of clouds which do, indeed, move if watched long enough. Though if anyone's watching the clouds long enough to notice then they obviously aren't paying attention to the much more important Hill.

With the first three to arrive she steps away from her desk, neatly tucking her hands behind herself. Having everyone all at once would have been helpful but, scheduling being as it is, she'll have to make do.

Before getting started she eyes Bobbi for a moment. "You'll be happy to know that your request has been given proper consideration."

Turning to tap the Smartglass table once, the Alps vanishes to a satellite view of the Hawaiian islands. The view then pans closer to Maui, highlighting a large section of the higher altitude region of the island.

"Strange and scattered reports have been coming through these last few days. Getting any concrete intel has been something of a problem due to being well removed from everyones' favorite tourist traps. What we have so far is evidence of some manner of illness or contamination which is spreading at an unacceptable rate."

Another tap and swipe on the desk shifts the view to a pair of mugshots of men in hospital beds, their skin tinged an unhealthy grey.

"Terrorist activity hasn't yet been ruled out. The locals are not prepared for handling this situation and, in a clear lack of better judgement, they're adverse to getting the CDC involved as it would negatively impact said tourism efforts. This means we need to keep a low profile on top of figuring out what the Hell is going on over there."

Alright, she's earned that darned coffee now.


Hunter finds himself a wall, settling to prop it up, giving Kate a smile almost perfectly designed to poke Bobbi. "Bobbi." The greeting is in reply to hers, and he adds, "Kate, how is the head?" The grin is warm, teasing, before he turns serious, business as usual, listening to Director Hill's information. "I always liked Hawaii… " The murmur is soft though, and he glances at Bobbi, and then away. "When do we leave, Ma'am?"


"I stuck to two beers," Kate replies to Hunter with an answering smirk, pulling herself a cup of coffee and hopping up onto the edge of the desk to get a better view of the screen. "My head's fine." She sips as she listens to Hill's explanation, looking over the screen carefully. "Don't you want someone like Mister Fantastic for this sort of thing?" she asks, looking between them. "Like…a doctor sort?" There's a flicker of a smile for Bobbi, though she doesn't interrupt for proper introductions.


Aw crap. Bobbi sees mountains on the smartglass and is already mentally making a packing list including a parka and thermal long johns. When the image is changed, she lets out a sigh of relief. Hooray for a warm locale. Then the relief fades. Boo for some sort of sickness that really makes one wonder if this request was a good idea. Her lips press together in a tight line. At least the packing list this time gets to include bikinis.

"Right, so putting Clint in a grass skirt and coconut bra is to be used only for emergency distractions. Got it," Bobbi quips with a faint smile. "What gear are we going to need for preventative measures? Without the CDC, we have no idea if this is airborne, ingested, or requires fluid-transfer?" Looks like her biochem doctorate might actually be handy here. The tall blonde plucks a donut up out of the box and takes a bite. It's one with sprinkles. Her eyes flit between Hunter and the brunette before tucking the tablet under her arm and extending a hand to Kate. "Agent Morse, I don't believe we've met?"


"In a few days," Hill answers Hunter first. "Between the location and the short notice we had been given we don't have all of our pieces in place across the board. As much as I'm a fan of instant coordination efforts some of our pieces are a bit more reluctant to move several hundred miles within a matter of hours. We'll be using the helicarrier Iliad as a skipping stone on this op, she'll be parking an hour or two south of the islands. If you feel a pressing need to beat the rush out there you're welcome to catch a ride with one of our Interceptors."

Kate's question is answered next, with a bit of a sigh. "-Unfortunately- this country's supply of super-scientists are often in high demand. While I won't deny someone like Richards could be a beneficial asset, we -do- have our own means available for these kinds of situations."

And if it turns out they don't, she'll start calling some people. It happens. She just has too much pride to jump to that option right from the start.

Bobbi's remark is automatically countered with a repeat of "-Without- disrupting local tourism efforts." She's about to explain matters further until Bobbi's attention turns to Kate, which..brings out the best from Hill.

"I'm sorry, am I going too quickly for anyone here? Maybe I should break out the nametags, we can all have a sitdown and share the center floor."

She'll wait, and perhaps it is her fault for diving straight into the mission with a group that isn't fully acclimated yet. When working directly beneath Fury on the chain of command, copious amounts of stress are just part of the job.

It adds to her charming personality. Really it does.


And that is hard to resist. Hunter tries, he does, but then the murmur escapes him, "Ohh nametags… " But that is it, the extent of his "humour", the man sobering as he listens to more details of the mission, considering them. "A few days? Great, I have a date with a little blonde I met tonight. Should give me time to wind that up." That provided with a grin, "Where do you want me, Ma'am? Do you need me to do anything before we leave?" That could be taken wrongly but surely he is asking professionally.


"Yeah, I know," Kate grins to Bobbi, taking the offered hand in a firm, friendly grip. One with likely familiar archer's calluses. "You're kind of one of my heroes. I'm Kate," she introduces herself in turn, unfazed by Hill's snark. "Suspiciously sick people in Hawaii, the bigwigs don't want word getting out and killing tourism, we're going with the pool of really good staff doctors over the local House," she summarizes for the deputy director as she looks back to the screen. Beam.


Bobbi turns her typical charming smile on Hill. "Sorry Director, I just wanted to know who I'd be working with, that's all." The name doesn't ring a bell so she makes a mental note to dig up a personnel file later. Hunter's date comment gets a snort. Either disbelief or anger, who can tell with the she devil? She closes her mouth after then, standing at parade rest to pay attention and not get into any more trouble. She doesn't want to be reassigned to Siberia.


"Make sure you're sober to start," Hill instructs Hunter.

Kate's next! Well..she just gets a nod, lest she get sidetracked herself with her former snarky remark falling on deaf ears where the archer is concerned. It seems that Barton had trained her well on that front. If Hill didn't think that Bishop could be useful for this operation…

Back to Bobbi with some of her ire now gone with the wind, she explains "There will be ample time for everyone to get on the same page. There's only so much room in a Quin and my back's already up against the wall with everyone wanting answers two days ago. Sometimes I can only get things moving so quickly."

So, yeah. She's a bit frazzled.

Back to Hunter and Kate, she explains "You two will be wildcards should we need them. Not being directly connected to SHIELD will give you both a little more room to operate in. Some undercover work will be in order."

Then to the three as a whole, she explains "I have a few more names to bring in. We'll be settling in under the radar, working recon, blending in. Part of this involves keeping close tabs of the area resorts to make sure nothing shady's going on and that no one -else- is getting sick, if this makes it off of the islands we're going to have a big damn crisis on our hands. It's a real mess, I know."

Finally backing up to Bobbi's earlier questions, she adds "Evidence currently suggests that whatever is causing the illness is both not highly concentrated and appears to be conveniently distanced -away- from populated locations."

"These two," she motions to the patients on the wall behind her then switches back to an island overview with two dots added, "spent the last few days in higher altitudes. This will be a focal point, though we'll be running a full scan spectrum at all times. We need to figure out what it is, where it might be originating from, and how we can shut it down. We only have the entire island of Maui to canvas. Somehow I think you'll all manage."


"A trip to Hawaii with me, Kate? Fancy it?" Hunter winks, giving Kate a broad grin, lazily flirting. "So we are undercover, unconnected with your crew?" The words are to the Director, thoughtfully presented, despite the tug at the corner of his lips.


Kate takes another sip of her coffee, holding a fist out toward Hunter for a bump. Wildcards, go! On the up side, she doesn't seem the least bit inclined to actually take part in the flirting, so there's that. Buddy-zoned. "So. It could be isolated contamination points," she muses. "Or they really screwed up an aerial dispersal? Or it's got something to do with oxygen levels, and when they reached elevation it was able to hit them. What're the symptoms?" she asks. "You know, just in case we start feeling…not great."


"Blending in. Of course." Bobbi pulls her tablet back out and begins tapping in something, scheduling an appointment with the SHIELD expert stylist to color her hair. Blonde in the Hawaiian Islands stands way out. Brunettes fit in a bit more. She'll need a base tan too. Pasty pale is not the norm on Maui. And a bikini to bring eyes off her face. Being unmemorable is good. Also a lab coat and some surgical masks for looking in on those currently infected. "And were the victims visitors to the same places prior? Is there any connection between them other than falling ill when reaching altitude?"


Hill crosses her arms together when she replies to Hunter, "For public appearances. We'll be setting up shop away from unwanted eyes so you two won't have an excuse to charge fancy hotel stays on the Division's budget." Then to Kate, "And I'm going to need -your- help in making sure Barton doesn't do anything particularly reckless. I'm not going to insist we have an established buddy system here, folks. You're all skilled and trained enough to merit choosing your own dance partners or to fly solo. You're also..lucky for you people..encouraged to spread out and get involved with the local scene. Eyes and ears everywhere. Consider this one a working vacation. You're all welcome."

Onto Kate's next questions, she runs through the symptoms off the top of her head. "Shortness of breath, discoloration of blood and skin, irritation of eyes and nose, headaches, dizziness. The first symptom appears to be a simple cough. If your throat tickles, get checked out by the medical team."

Bobbi's question comes next, "We were unable to establish a full count of their whereabouts over the last week. Confirmed so far is that they are both residents of the island and they both showed advanced symptoms within one day of each other, though it will be up to you all to determine if there are any connections between the two. Blood type, skin disorder, a latent X-Gene, an extra chromosome, whatever. Who the hell knows anymore."


Kate's fistbump is returned with a grin, the man not seeming to mind the friendzone. "Wildcards on it!" The grin widens at the words "working vacation" and he whistles, "Now this I could get used to. Buddying up?" A glance at Kate and then Bobbi, his grin fading slightly, "Alright, so it is… if Kate is needed to manage Barton, I suppose that leaves us, Bobbi. Just like old times." He makes a mental note of the symptoms, grimacing slightly.


"Uh, hi, don't need the division's budget to score a fancy hotel room," Kate points out with a crooked grin and a wiggle of her fingers. "But yeah, I can keep Clint more or less in line. Sort of. How much 'in line' are you going to need him?" Surely that's not doubt in her voice. "And if we're supposed to be not SHIELD sorts, how does us buddying up with SHIELD agents work out? Not that I'm complaining about going to Hawaii with Clint, just, you know. Cover stories."


Wait. Did Hill just appoint the unknown to babysit her ex-husband? Er ex-husband #2 That has a brow arching as Bobbi looks Kate over again with a slight twist to her lips. First the bracelet thing. Now a handler? Maria's answer to her question has her refocusing on the Director. "I can take some blood and tissue samples and run a chem panel on them, if I can get some medical credentials worked up by the home office." She levels her steely blue gaze on Hunter. "She said she doesn't insist on a buddy system, Lance," she retorts. Apparently payback for him out drinking with this young woman.


"Team up or split up however you want, I really don't care," Hill says in response to Hunter's next comment. "That's for all of you to figure out. I'm not here to hold anyone's hand."

Back to Kate, "We're all going to keep a low profile. It's you and Hunter which have the upper hand, you won't have to lie if anyone happens to ask. You won't even see me in uniform much on this operation, if people see SHIELD everywhere they turn they're going to get suspicious. Suspicious people lead to nervous people. Nervous people we do not want."

It's promptly followed by another drawn-out breath as she reaches up to pinch the bridge of her nose. Just how to quantify Barton's level of screw-uppage..? "Just..use your best judgement, Bishop. He at least -appears- to listen to you." She has to allocate her resources as best she can, here!

Looking up and back over to Bobbi, the Agent practically answers her own unspoken question. Hill points her way. "It's because you're so damn useful that I don't want to see you getting bogged down with extra baggage."

"I haven't overlooked the -glaringly- obvious details about how most everyone involved in this operation has some manner of personal history with one or two …or three… others. We're looking at a fairly low-key op, here. This serves double duty, as it allows -me- to see first-hand if you're all capable of working and playing nicely together. So no, I'm going to be stepping far back when it comes to assigning everyone. Your own decisions will tell me all I need to know."


Hunter's gaze is moving from Kate to Bobbi and back, his easy grin missing now, as he observed Bobbi's reaction. "Well, that seems all good. Is there anything else, Ma'am?" Clearly the man is planning on getting out of the way before the explosions hit, even going to the lengths of pushing up off the wall, to stand between the two women, a move that could be perceived as protective of Kate. "I'm sure Kate can handle him, and I'll do my best to behave…"


Kate, meanwhile, doesn't seem to recognize the danger. Or else she's completely ignoring it. "Right. So. Don't let Clint get drinks with the inevitably incredibly hot and incredibly evil scientist who must be running this operation," she replies to Hill, hiding a grin with another sip of coffee. "Will do." She leans over to look to Bobbi around Hunter, smile easy. "Tanning session?" she suggests.


Clint. Not Hawkeye or Agent Barton. This suggests a level of familiarity that is higher than contractors usually have with agents. And he listens to her? Bobbi's curiosity is definitely piqued now. She gives Maria a questioning look, and then another at Hunter that suggests they need to talk. TALK. Because he clearly knows something she doesn't, and if there's one thing Mockingbird hates, it's being kept out of the loop. "Director Hill, I'll see if I can get an identity set up for use as a teacher's assistant at the University of Hawai'I's Maui campus. They have nursing, medical assistant, and pharmacology programs, so that should give me access to their labs to run tests without raising any red flags."


Four's something of a crowd in Hill's office, though there's room to spare if anyone doesn't mind being too far in the back. Or the front. Closer to Hill. On the upside there's coffee and donuts aplenty, both stashes having already been dug into. The Deputy Director herself has a coffee very close at hand. The donut can wait, it's hard to give a proper mission briefing when getting powdered sugar all over her spotlessly clean desk.

The three already here are by invite, as it were. A simple message to come see her in her office, without any further explanation attached. Business as usual on that front.

"Other than 'have your shit together and be at the pad within the next forty-six hours,' only a suggestion to plan on spending a week or two in paradise," Hill tells Hunter with a thin smirk of her own. "We'll reconvene on the Iliad, round up the last of our team and supplies, then make our way to the LZ."

Kate's comment this time barely needs comment. "That. Right there." Pretty much sums it up!

Another swipe across the surface of her desk clears the mission briefing from the wall, replacing it once more with a very cold looking mountain landscape. No one will ever suspect a thing, nyeh nyeh.

She then nods once to Bobbi's suggestion, "With everyone trying to be low-key they probably won't do much to block access if your cover story's up to snuff. I want to know everything we can dig up on these two sooner rather than later."


Not technically late, really. R&D held him up, but Clint's listed as signed in with his data card on the upper floors! But, he probably could have done without the cup of coffee as he saunters into Maria's office, his expression shifting to one of theatric surprise. "Oh…" is pretty much all he manages to get out before he catches sight of the cold, forbidding Alpine-like landscape. He tries to school his expression, but for those who know him in that office, it does sink just a little. "Damn."


Yep, there it is, the look Hunter knew was coming and he avoids it, keeping his gaze on Director Hill, his hands into his pockets. "I'm set with an identity of a traveling IT guy, and can hook up a client there." The reply is quiet, giving him an excuse to sit in coffee places, and bars with a laptop working. The arrival of Clint gets a glance over the shoulder and a cheerful comment, "Well, look who it is!" And he retreats, standing at the back of the room, putting his back to the wall, arms folded across his chest, to watch the fireworks.


Huh. No tanning session, then. Kate hops off the edge of Hill's desk, going back toward the donuts, just as Clint steps in. "Heya, Clint," she calls over with a swift smile. Look! She's not scared! No reason to be scared, Clint! « Be cool, » she signs over to the other archer from behind the shelter of her body. "For the record," she adds to Hill, "I will totally spring for room upgrades."


"I'll get in touch with ops to establish my cover then," Bobbi notes to Maria. She taps a few things on her tablet, which may or may not be a surfboard requisition. When Hawkeye arrives, she turns to focus an intense stare on him. Uh oh. What has he done now? Her eyes go back to Hill. "I'll fly out tomorrow night. I need to set some things up before departure," she informs the boss lady. Her expression has gone blankly professional. Never run from a predator, Hunter, it attracts their attention. She's reserving judgment on Kate until she can corner her elusive first ex-husband privately for some information.


"Meanwhile, -Barton- will be handling surveillance from the summit of Monte Rosa," Hill announces without skipping a beat beyond ending in a frustrated sigh. "That's somewhere about..-there- for the uninitiated," she adds while turning back and pointing to the peak of a very tall, very -cold- looking block of ice masquerading as a mountain.

That out of her system she turns back to her desk, a meaningful motion of fingertips across the surface switching out the Smartscreen wall display once more, replacing the sunny but damn cold sight of the Alps with a topographic view of Maui. "Fashionably late to the party, though you know what? I'm going to cut you some slack this time," she says with a grin which easily falls within the 'wicked' description.

His life is going to be plenty interesting during this operation.

"Let me go over the Clintnotes for you." As opposed to Cliffnotes. She's so damn clever sometimes. "Unexplained illness already documented within two separate locations somewhere in the Maui highlands. Might be terrorist-related, might not be. We go in, we stay undercover, we blend in and keep eyes and ears on -everything.- Including tourism, yes. You'll get your damn pina coladas. Try to moderate their consumption. Every butt needs to be planted on an Interceptor within forty-six hours, we'll reconvene on the Iliad carrier."

Moving onto a point which she hasn't covered before, she says "In addition to the four of you, Agents Romanoff and Wolstenheim," Black Widow and Evelyn respectively, "will be joining us." Pause. "And Bishop is apparently offering to foot part of the bill." How the hell did she get that kind of money, anyway? Heck, Hill's not going to complain. Not if it benefits her!

Hunter and Bobbi are given a nod of confirmation, they seem to have themselves in order so no further instruction from Hill is forthcoming. "The rest of you already know what I have to say but you can stick around if you want a recap."


Hunter's gaze lifts at the name Romanoff, and his lips do not, positively do not, move to grin and then be repressed. "Right then, arrangements to be made…" Hunter is going to make a great escape, definitely making an effort to avoid the hunter, aka She-Devil. "Cheers for the upgrade, Kate. Make mine one with a jacuzzi…" A nod to Maria Hill, and he turns to leave, giving Kate a final Look, meaningful, serious.


Clint catches the flash of fingers and gives Kate a quick nod before his gaze goes back to the mountain splendor wrapped in sub-freezing temperatures. Particularly when Hill points to a spot that doesn't look too protected from the elements. He can't help a shudder, particularly with Kate's silent admonition of 'be cool'? Brat.

When the correction comes and the sunny beaches of Maui are shown, Clint just stares. And stares. "Okay… you mean to tell me, for what I think is the first time in my career with SHIELD, we're actually going somewhere nice?" At the thought, the archer's jaw shifts. "Okay, none of us here are dying and this is the final farewell before the big event, right?" Didn't he have a physical not too long ago?

So, it's… Bobbi. Kate. 'Tash. Ev—oh, crap. Clint clears his throat softly and speaks up now. "Um… right. Undercover. Given to us or do we have to make it up?"

It doesn't surprise Clint in the least that Kate's putting in for upgrades and he shakes his head at Hunter. "No taking advantage of Hawkeye. You get the kiddie pool as a jacuzzi and like it."


"Hunter, a word, please," Bobbi says, following the man out. Oh he's in for it now. Unless he gets to an elevator before she can catch up. Clint can count his lucky stars she's targeted #1 instead of him for the details.


Kates brows rise as Hill lists the rest of the party. This…is Clint's hell, apparently. Or else Hill is trying to get her killed. Probably not the latter. She did bring coffee and donuts. "Actually, I think Dad's got a deal with a boutique place through one of the vacation magazines," she clarifies regarding upgrades. "So yeah, we should be able to pull some cabanas or hot tubs or something. But if you do something weird in it, Hunter, you better tip the maids," she threatens.


"Identities can be assigned if you'd like to forgo the responsibility of dealing with it, though I can't guarantee that you'll like whatever we happen to come up with for you," Hill answers Clint in what -might- be her flavor of humor. "And yes, this is really real, and no, there is no final farewell. We have a rare opportunity here, people. Lots of freedom to make our own decisions, just don't lose focus of the mission."

With Hunter stepping out, and Bobbi stepping out to catch him, another thin smirk creeps across Hill's otherwise emotionless face. Man, how she'd like to be a fly on the wall for -that- conversation.

From her perspective everything seems to be coming together quite nicely. Not everyone else may agree, but that's tough cookies for them. Rank does have its privileges, such as making everyone -else- uncomfortable for her amusement. But, she did secure them a mission somewhere warm during the dead of winter!

With half of the initial crew stepping out she finally reaches over the desk for a donut. What the heck, misery loves calories.


"Me, weird?" Hunter gives Kate his best innocent look, and then a grin to Hawkeye, "You think I shouldn't take advantage of Kate?" The look is hidden from Bobbi, but he replies to her demand with a shake of his head, "Got a date, Clint and I are going for a drink. Afterwards… I'm all yours, Bobbi." Might be news to Clint, but he isn't shifting from that point. "Meet you in the bar, Clint." And the man frankly flees his ex-wife. Like the sensible creature he is.


"Yeah. She's nice, but she can kill with kindness and you'd never know it until you saw your entrails on the ground. Back in Iowa, we used to call them 'sweet bitches'."

With Hunter slipping out and Bobbi almost hot on his tail, Clint whistles softly and calls after, "Catch you at Plug." So glad he's not Hunter right about now! Glancing back at Kate, he watches as she slides from the desk, looking every inch the professional in a room full of, well, professional spies. Atta girl. "I think I'll be able to think of something. I'll talk to 'Tash and see what she can come up with." Or, well… Kate isn't bad at it either.

"Okay, Deputy Director. I'm thinking maybe there's a catch somewhere, but I'm willing to work with it." Yes! Hawaii in the winter!


"If I'm going to pull some strings for rooms, I'll stick with me," Kate says regarding identities, taking a bite of the donut. "Bobbi can pass for a college friend of Susan's. Easy enough to call Hunter in over a rich girl fit about the wifi being bad or something. You wanna be my surf instructor, Clint?" she grins at the other archer.


"It's like playing daycare to a bunch of damn kids," Hill mutters under her breath with the final exchanges around Hunter's departure. This should prove to be an interesting week or two, but even if things start to get out of hand it beats the hell out of lurking behind a desk when the highlight of the day is waiting to see if the outside temperature manages to edge into the positives.

"What, aside from having to isolate and contain a mysterious illness and knowing that every single member of this team has a notable quantity of personal baggage tagging along for the trip? Yeah, there's a catch. SHIELD isn't comping the sunscreen expenditures," she tells Clint before claiming a wad of donut.

"Everyone will get a virtual copy of our current intel shortly, it's not the most riveting of plots but it should burn some time on the flight out."


Does he want to be…? "Is that even a question?" Clint's build makes him almost ideal for the job, other than the fact that he's pretty pasty white, thanks to the City. And, oh the hardships? "I'll have to hit a tanning salon or something first." Find somewhere that sells shark-tooth necklaces- do they wear that stuff out there?

Clint drains his coffee mug before he reaches for a donut. A bite is taken deliberately, and of course, the crumbs start to find their way to the floor. "Ooopsh.." *chew*chew* "Gotcha.."

And now, Clint has a date with Hunter. His attention flickers towards Kate, "Hittin' the Plug. Gonna meet Hunter there."


"Good luck with that." Kate gives Clint a thumbs up. "I'm gonna go and, uh. See if I can talk to Bobbi. Before she decides I'm evil or something. Or trying to hide something from her. Maybe we can spar or something," she adds more cheerfully. Because 'sparring with Bobbi' is enough to outweigh the very real likelihood of 'getting her ass kicked by Bobbi.' "Thanks, Director Hill," she adds. "You want me to leave the leftovers?"


"Sure, maybe I can use them to appease the God of Fury," Hill tells Kate while clearing the image on her back wall one more time.

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