Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down

<Januar 11, 2015>: In the aftermath of the attacks, the Titans have an injured member and two potential new ones.

Central Park/Hospital

It's burnt.



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The eve of destruction. Two thousand people dead at current toll- that's the news being fed into Vorpal's earpiece. The damage done to Central Park is staggering, although it would have been much, much worse had Vorpal not stolen massive amounts of water from the JKO Reservoir. The Kane bridge gone in Gotham, and Metropolis without primary power.

It was one of those days in which the best you could say to yourself was that you did your best…

That's what the cheshire cat tells himself as he stays on his knees a little bit past the shore of the reservoir, clearly too winded from having overreached with his powers to try to save the park. The fact that he had dumped his boyfriend in the lake… yeah, that was another thing. He's kneeling next to Gar, checking for bullet injuries or any other kind. He's put out a call for help to the other Titans, but he's not getting a response- the mayhem in Gotham and Metropolis has tied up a lot of communication resources, and calling the police would only put him on a waiting list of hundreds.

"Gar?" he says quietly, checking the green Titans' pulse via the carotid artery, "Please wake up… are you hurt?"

The Changeling isn't so much unconscious as semi-comatose. He has a pulse, though it's thready and there's blood when Vorpal tries to check it, because there's a hole in his left shoulder. And one in his abdomen, and another in his right forearm. They're not as torn up as they perhaps should be since he's shifted twice.

The trip from Kahndaq to New York didnt take very long…especially with the Herus Speed empowering Amon the whole entire way. Even so, New York was more than a couple miles away and Amon still didn't really know why he was here. But he has learned not to question Zehutis knowledge.

It usually starts with buzzing in the back of his head until he receives a message. These messages are usually vague like "Go here" or "Go there". In most cases, he just ends up ignoring them, but this one seemed more urgent. Besides, if he didn't he could find himself powerless the next day…the gods are mean like that.

So he only just recently came to the 'eve of destruction'. Wearing a black cloak with sleeves and his hood covering most of his face, Amon is hovering over the scene, an emotionless expression of his face. He starts lowering towards the Titans with his eyes still on the scene.

+MEET: Wally West has arrived via +meet.

"Oh god, no." Vorpal says under his breath, looking at the blood and the wounds, especially the one in Gar's abdomen- the fact that the green titan was comatose was not good. "Damnit Garfield… don't you dare die on me-" he needed to get Gar to the base infirmary, or last to Zatanna. But he had no way to get there. He was bone-dry from exhaustion.

He does not notice Amon yet, exhaustion and urgency giving him tunnel vision. Something had to be done, and it wasn't something he normally would attempt at this level of exhaustion. In fact, it could be something that could kill him if he pushed at this level.

The Castle was many miles away, far out of sight, beyond the scope of his Rabbit Hole, which worked by line of sight… and yet, at some moments, fluked had occurred in which he could open a Rabbit Hole to a place he couldn't see. It was rare, and usually happened when he was drunk or under great stress… but the kickback from it always drained him. Right now he was so drained he wasn't sure there was anything left to drain. But Gar's life was on the line.

The cheshire cat closes his eyes and tries to picture the castle. Chaos magic begins to crackle around him as he tries to bring himself up to the point where he can part reality like a veil. It wasn't happening… but he was trying, pouring more and more of his self into the spell…

Changeling moans as the chaos begins to hit him, but he does not wake. His body shifts, growing sudden scales like a Creature From Forty Fathoms but then it subsides again. He's not bleeding worse. The holes are a bit smaller. Maybe.

The crackling and sparks definitely catch Amon's attention. He's eyes drift between the Titans and the violent scene, and he sort of just winces at all the death and destruction that went on before he arrived. Once he has landed near Vorpal, he starts to lower his hood.

"He's dying…We need to get him to a hospital…or somewhere quickly. Unless whatever you're doing starts working fast." He almost sheepishly rubs the back of his head. "I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful than that. I don't have any healing powers."

There's the sound of a sonic boom off in the distance and suddenly the appearance of a black and silver, with splashes of red, suited superhero of the 'Flash' design seems to be right here. He wasn't there a half-second ago. But he's here now. Which is interesting because he doesn't really have a reason to be here except that maybe he was passing by or that he was rushing over to see what could be done. There's some serious aftermath going on and heroes should be there for that as well as the heroics.

"Quickly, huh? I can do quickly in my sleep. One" And he's gone. Wait, no he's not. He's back? " sec." Kid Flash is over by Changeling now. Damn, he's fast. "Had to find the nearest hospital. I got this." Kid Flash looks to the other two that are lingering around for permission. "Want me to got this?" Impatience is all up in his tone. ALL up in it.

Hospital. That would be a wonderful idea. Conveniently, the nearest hospital also serves ESU, which means that Gar has been there before and if they're lucky, and it's not too busy with all the other wounded, they might be able to keep him alive. Of course, they can do that just by giving him blood and saline, and possibly keeping him from bleeding out.

And if that happens, then in about a half hour he'll be stable enough to wake up, and in an hour they'll want to get him out because he's trying to sing and demanding food.

His doctor (yes, he has one) will then say "Send him home, he'll recover." She's known him for a while, so she's used to it.

The voice disrupts Vorpal's casting- which is a good thing. As it is, the concentration of chaos causes small ripples in reality. Some things change- very minor things- in the surrounding area. Nothing of importance, except that Vorpal's hair now has a green streak running through it.

He opens his eyes to find not one, but two individuals. "Who the hell are you people?" he asks, groggily from the exertion. It was a Good Thing (as Martha Stewart would say) that Amon and Kid Flash interrupted Vorpal. This drained and weak, summoning a Rabbit Hole at such a distance might have actually caused his soul to unravel.

The Fae are not creatures of flesh as we understand them. Most of them are personifications of ideas or concepts, not messy creatures of blood and bone. Drawing upon chaos magic is natural and very cost-effective for them. But the Cait Sidhe was bound to a mortal soul, and with a mortal soul came a mortal body- a body ill-equipped to channel the powers of chaos. Even the greatest of human sorcerers had to overcome the boundaries of flesh that muddled such channeling, a process that took years of learning. And Vorpal's body, by all accounts, was barely six months old. It was not that his sould could not access the chaos- it was that his body would simply not have been able to withstand more strain. It's simply not trained up to that level yet.

His tired brain does process the two figures and he tries to stand up, stumbling as he does so. "Got… Flash?" he blinks. No, this wasn't flash. This wasn't either of the Flashes he knew… the first Flash nor the Kid Flash-cum-Flash. "Another speedster…" he comments, obviously somewhat out of it. But the urgency of the situation dawns on him. "Take… Gar. You've got to take Gar… to the hospital. Hurry, he's not going to make it-"

And he stumbles against Amon, not being able to remain on his own two feet at the moment. Vorpal and Gar might be familiar to the part of Wally that retains the memories of the other Wally- Keith O'Neil, a relatively new hero that goes under the name of Vorpal when he's a feline. And Garfield Logan, Changeling, one of the members of the previous group and friend of the other Wally West.

"Take me there too, please…" he says to Amon, clearly indicating that the fastest man alive (or one of them?) should take the injured Changeling. Vorpal himself wasn't injured, only weak. His life wasn't in danger.

Osiris is blinking when he sees the blur…and then it's gone…and then it's back again. Wow, that speedster is fast. All of them are, really. And Amon hasn't met a whole lot of people who are faster than himself. He really needs to get out more. "That would be appreciated, yes."

Amon rushes to catch the stumbling Vorpal and offers him a sympathetic smile. "I am called Osiris." There's a small pause as he realizes how heartless it is to refer to himself as the God Of Death when Changeling is in such a dire state. "I hope you're ready to for a flight."


The New York sky is still heavy with the smell of smoke. The hospitals also have been completely crowded with the influx of injured from the attack- it was by sheer fortune that the speedster's intervention made sure that there was a spot for Gar to be treated at a hospital that had dealt with him before.

Because of Gar's recuperative powers, it also meant that he wouldn't be there for too long- just long enough to stabilize and then release back into the wild care of his boyfriend for a full recovery afterwards.

Still. Vorpal paces across the rooftop of the hospital. Normally it is off-limits to everyone but staff… but he's a cat. He can get wherever he wants to by hook or crook- or Rabbit Hole. The stress of what happened, the weight of nearly having lost Gar and the frightening aspect that the berserker rage took on the shapeshifter… they were a lot to deal with, without even touching upon the appearance of the other two super-powered individuals.

He was grateful for them, of course, but he still didn't know what to make of them. He had left them below, saying he would be back after he took some air in. That's what he's trying to do now… except it all smells faintly of smoke.

"Second hand smoke kills, man. I'm just sayin'."

When the hell did the Kid Flash get up here? And how? Did he run? Probably. But he looks like he's been here for quite sometime. He's even taken to leaning back against whatever is up here that's stable enough to lean back against.

Around his feet? A few empty containers of chinese food. And in his hands? A fresh one. Oh and a pair of chopsticks. It looks like Kid Flash had time, y'know after saving Gar, to run out for a bite to eat.

"Sooooo. This is gonna' sound half-past-cray but you look mad familiar. What's up with that?" Sluuurrrrp. Lo mein.

The cheshire cat jumps at the voice- and turns around to come face to face with the speedster. "… okay… first things first… who are you? I mean, thank you for saving the love of my life and all that, but I've met Flash, and I've met… the other Flash, y'know, the one who went by Kid Flash, was a member of the old team with Gar and Arsenal- well, he went by 'Speedy' back then, but I guess he probably changed it 'cause it was too close to 'Speedo'… but what I mean is that you aren't either of them, so you're a new one. What do you go by?"

Kid Flash ain't even where he was a moment ago. He's all done with the chinese and he's sitting on the edge of the rooftop, eating a double triple bacon cheeseburger. "Kid Flash." That's his response and after some more chewing he finally realizes what was said. "Hol' up. Rewind. There's another Kid Flash?" KF rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "I seriously gotta' look into gettin' a lawyer. I gotta' protect my brand." And he's back to munching down on the cheseburg— wait, where the hell did he get fries from?

Vorpal, having met the other Wally, is all too familiar with the speeding around and the fast food. "Um… he's the Kid Flash, he was around before you. I mean… hold up for one second…"

The cheshire cat digs into his form-fitting uniform, taking out a cell phone from a hidden compartment- because pockets are something you should ALWAYS talk to your tailor about. Hidden pockets? Moreso. He surfs a little, and then comes up with one of the publicity pictures of the previous team. There's Starfire, looking golden and beautiful as ever, Changeling (or Beast Boy back then) in his red-and-white uniform, there's even a Robin (now Nightwing) and of course, Speedy, looking like a dork. Kid flash is standing right in the middle of the group, decidedly ginger in the yellow-and-red uniform. "Take a look for yourself." The article was published around six or seven years ago, when they were all teenagers.

"Surely you must remember th- wait, how old are you?" he says, looking at the speedster.

"19." Kid Flash snatches up the phone and is staring at the picture for a long while. "Oh shit. I've seen— I've seen all of these people." For the first time in a long time it looks like Kid Flash is slowing down. He's staring at the picture and then gives a bit of a shake of his head. "This is cray. I have dreams about these people. Especially, this dude." Handing the phone back he's pointing in the direction of the original Kid Flash. "This dude. From the future, yeah?" Seems like this Kid Flash isn't ready to believe he's not the only Kid Flash.

"No… I don't know anyone from the future. You mean Booster Gold? He's from the future…" the cheshire pauses. "I am not entirely sure what to tell you. I mean… Gar knows Kid Flash… well, the Ex-Kid Flash's secret identity. He knows his name…" he holds his hand up "And no, I don't know it. But if you claim to be the Kid Flash… then that means he'd know you by sight. Trouble is, of course, that he's still not regained consciousness so he can't verify that. But…"

He gives Wally a look, "I don't mean this in any bad way, but the Kid Flash/Flash I know and have known about for years is as ginger as me…"

He pauses and looks down at his purple fur. "Okay, when I am not in this shape, I'm a pasty white Irish kid with red hair. So's the Kid Flash I know," he holds the phone up.

His eyes go wide at a thought. "Holy… wait a minute. What if you are the Kid Flash from, say, a parallel universe? Or an alternate timeline? Maybe you're the Kid Flash where you come from, but somehow the timelines collided like Booster told me about the other day and…"

The cat gives the young man a questioning look, "You haven't felt even slightly dimensionally-displaced as of late? The world is exactly as you remember it? Same history and everything? Same neighborhood? Your family?"

He was going to ask about those dreams soon… but this puzzle was just too fascinating for him. He knows who the original Kid Flash is. But he has experienced enough weird shit, he can definitely believe that this could also be the Kid Flash as well. Because the universe was a strange and bizarre thing.

Wasn't he a proof of it?

Somewhere in the middle of all that, Kid Flash has managed to get snag a pizza. There's a couple more boxes of piping hot pizza just lingering on the rooftop next to him and he's finishing off the final slice of the first box when he decides it is time to actually respond to the cat's words.

"Paralle— what? Come on, man. This is real life. Ain't no such thing as parallel universes." Kid Flash kicks over a box of pizza, making sure it slides across the roof towards where Vorpal is. He's not as selfish as he may seem. He just needs to refuel. Kind of. "Look. Here's what I know. The Flash is my idol. So when I got powers just like him? Hell yeah, I'm namin' myself Kid Flash." He sounds so proud of it. "I dunno nothin' 'bout no ginger hair. Unless you talkin' 'bout my man, Ed Sheeran. That mofo can sing. Or Ron Weasley. He's pretty cool too." Kid Flash has to stop himself from going off on a distracted tangent. "But if you're sayin' there was a Kid Flash before me, that's f'd up. I'mma' have to talk to Flash 'bout that. See what he knows."

"By the way…" KF is over next to Vorpal now, with another slice of pizza. "How's your boyfriend? Is he gonna' make it? I jogged as fast as I could. I woulda' overshot if I ran full out."

Vorpal accepts the pizza with a grateful nod, but he says, "They're real, according to Booster. And I've seen enough things to-" a pause. "Dude. You're talking to a purple cheshire cat in spandex who creates stuff out of mid-air. I'd say real life is far stranger than you give it credit for. But focus, man… if you ask around, I'm sure everybody can tell you you're not the first Kid flash. Heck, Wiki it up…"

The cheshire sighs, "I don't know how he's doing. They'd say they'd call me." he points to his phone. His voice is strained when he returns to the subject, almost breaking at points. "I can't stand this wait… goddamnit. Can't even get a hold of Rain or Zatanna to heal him…"

"Man, I'm sorry. I'm the fastest kid alive and I wasn't even fast enough to get here before this happened. If I could like run through time, I'd hook you up. I swear I would. But I haven't figured out how to do that yet." Kid Flash reaches out to put a hand on Vorpal's shoulder. "I ain't got nobody like that but I kinda' know what you're goin' through. Just hang in there, man. I'm sure everything'll be alright." Kid Flash perks up just a little bit. "Unless you want me to run through the city and find this Rain or Zatanna for you?"

Kid Flash steps away to prepare to get some room to run. "Question, first, though. How hot are they?"

Vorpal gives Wally a look. "… Zatanna Zatara, Mistress of Magic? She does the magic show with her father? Goes on tour?" He snaps his fingers, an illusory image of Zatanna appears- top hat and fishnets and wand included. "You're telling me you remember Starfire and Arsenal but you haven't heard of Zee?"

Alternate universe. It had to be!

"… Whoa."

Kid Flash grabs the rest of the pizza and piles it up at Vorpal's feet. Because he's not going to be needing it. "I wish I did because DAYUM!" Kid Flash gives a small salute. "I'll find her for you. Go sit with ya' man. I'll be back with Fishnets McSoFine faster than you can say… avada kedavra." And normally Kid Flash would be gone by now but he's taking the time to make sure his costume and mask are fitting him in all the right places and in the right way. Ahem.

"… please don't " he says, about to warn Wally not to flirt with Zatanna.

But then he decides to let him find out the hard way. Instead, he says: "If I were you, I'd check Gotham."

There was something terribly, horribly familiar about this Kid Flash. The other Kid Flash was an inveterate horn dog too. The personalities were… close. Or maybe it was a Speedster thing.

But the older Flash didn't act like this. Maybe his metabolysm slowed down a little?

Zatanna Zatarra has teleported herself to the Robert H. Kane bridge in Gotham and is currently help remove rubble, by way of her magic. The raven haired magician is dressed in her stage costume, Swallow Coat, Unitard, Fishnet Stockings, Thigh High boots and Top Hat. With each gesture of her hand, another lump of concrete levitates in the air and floats to the back of one of the dump trucks. She's focussing on the task at hand and not noticing those that stop to watch her work.

Suddenly? Kid Flash.

"Yo, Zee!" Kid Flash is standing on the bridge, leaning against a pile of rubble and looking as though he hadn't just shown up out of nowhere. There might've been a breeze that came by less than a moment ago for those that pay attention to that type of thing, but it doesn't look like Kid Flash is out of breath or anything. In fact, he's already looking as bored as bored can be. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he's no longer moving at incredible speeds. So he moves at the same incredible speed again, practically appearing in front of Zatanna and reaching out a hand for her arm. "You gotta' come back with me!" Oh no. Is he Doc Browning, right now? He's Doc Browning.

Zee pulls her arm back as this strange young man goes to touch her "Don't touch me, I'm working" she snarls as a piece of rubble falls to the ground "You idiot… that could have hurt someone." This isn't a side that's seen often. Taking a few seconds to regain her composure the Mistress of Magic turns a look on the boy "Where do I have to go and Why?"

"Well, I was gonna' say Back To The Future, but you ruined it. Lame."

Kid Flash zips around to scoop up various pieces of rubble and before this sentence is finished being read, one of the dump trucks is filled with some of the more easy to move rubble. And then he's back in front of Zatanna. "Some purple cat dude needs your help. His boyfriend is dyin'. You gotta' come heal him." Kid Flash keeps it as real as possible. No mincing words when a potential friend's life is on the line. "Think you can handle that, Hermione? Or you gonna' keep givin' me the cold shoulder?" Kid Flash does not like being called an idiot!

Zees eyes harden at the brash young man. "My name… is Zatanna. Do you have that?" At the mention of Vorpal, she's already striding away to a clear spot. "Where are they? At the base or somewhere else?" she's not wasting time, time… is of the essence.

"St. Elsewhere." Kid Flash takes a couple of quick steps to get himself in a position to be ready for some super speed action. He crouches down into a runner's stance and looks up and straight ahead. "Grab on, Pretty Lady." Kid Flash cannot stop himself from getting that flirtatiousness on. All in preparation of getting ready to run back to New York City.

Zee raises an eyebrow at Kid Flash "You do know I can teleport us there…" she sighs "This is wasting time" and places hand on the young mans shoulder, gripping tight. "Go." The young woman looks less than impressed but is not going to argue about transportation methods…. yet.

Welcome to New York. That was fast.

There's only a moment before Kid Flash and Zatanna Zatara are back at the hospital. "Inside. You should probably hurry. The Purple Meow is worried." Kid Flash doesn't really seem to be too ready to go all up inside the hospital because he's not exactly down with these people just yet. He's sort of on the fringe benefits side. "By the way, teleporting? Psh. Nobody likes a showoff, /Zatanna/." See? He paid attention to her name!

At the waiting room, Vorpal is sitting in one of the chairs, looking far less stressed out. His eyes are closed and he's stretched out, reting a little. He's so absorbed in what he's thinking that he doesn't notice the approach of Zatanna or Wally…

"No. Nobody does like a show off." Zee is already hurrying inside the hospital, seeing Keith in the waiting room. "Keith…" she says quietly as she approaches "What's happened and where's Gar?"

"Haha. She wants me." Kid Flash turns to whomever is standing nearby. Probably hospital security. "Carry on, citizen! Kid Flash! AWAY!" And just like that, there's another burst of blurring speed and the fastest kid alive is gone! Off to find a random Asian journalism hottie to save!

Emerald eyes snap open and Vorpal sits up, hearing Zatanna's name. "Zee- I got word while you were away… he's awake now, stable condition." He stands up to greet Zatanna, yawning a little from all of the exhaustion of the day. "-took three bullets during the attack. One to the abdomen. But the doctor here has treated him before… he says Gar should be able to heal himself from the damage when he's strong enough to shift. Might take a week or more until he's strong enough to do so, but… you know how he is. He says he doesn't want magic healing right now. Afraid it might do something to his cell structure."

He shakes his head, frustrated, "He's only been awake for minutes and he's already stubborn… thank you for coming, though" he says softly, and then looks around, frowning.

"The kid didn't come in with you?"

Zee gives Keith a hug once he's finished yawning and looks relieved "Well, that's something at least. I might have some herbal remedies in my journals that he use to aid the healing." She smiles gently "Of course I would come… you know that. You guys are my family." At the question, Zee looks behind her and sighs. Turning her gaze back to Keith she looks grim "That boy… I guess he didn't. Who was he Keith?" she looks far from impressed.

"That's the weird thing, Zee. Did you get… any strange vibes from him? Like magic? Or… I don't know, dimensional… um… wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff?" the cheshire cat looks from left to right, and then stares at Zatanna to see if she got anything strange from Kid Flash.

Taking a few minutes, Zee thinks back on her interaction with the boy before slowly shaking her head. "Nope, nothing magical… unless you class his ability to annoy me. That might be magical, but not my type of magic."

"Well, Zee… he's Kid Flash. I mean, you remember Kid FLash, right? Redhead, was just about as much of a horn dog as this one? Well, this kid swears he remembers some of the old team from before the Titans. But he's never heard of our Kid Flash. Thing is…" the Cheshire looks at his phone. The name 'Flash (2)' is highlighted. It's clear he has been trying to call ever since Wally left to get Zatanna- "His phone won't answer. Heck, it doesn't even go to a voice mail, it's outright disconnected."

"I don't know his real name. Gar does, though…" he looks towards the doors to the room where Gar is currently getting settled by the nurses. "I don't want to put any stress on him until he's better… so until then, let's keep this between us. But when he's back to his old self, I'm going to have him try to contact Kid Flash. Gar knows where he lives and his civilian identity. Maybe if we can find him, he can explain what's going on."

And a thought strikes him. "And if we can't find him… then that means something very strange is going on here. Maybe a fractured timeline. We'll have to let Booster know about that."

"Well I didn't recognise him and I didn't like him." Zee crosses her arms as Keith explains, nodding slowly. "Alright then… I won't say a word to Gar until you say so." Zee wants Gar to get better quickly too. "Fractured timeline might seem like the best explanation… " The young magician looks serious, no traces of that bright sunny smile of hers evident.

"Just in case Booster asks… I didn't do it." Vorpal puts up his usual disclaimer. "I might have to look up Nightwi-" pause. "No, not Nightwing. Not since that fight he and Gar had during the Ghoul thing. I'll tap Arsenal and see if he can get in touch with the other Kid Flash. Might be more expedient that way than waiting for Gar to get better. It's a good thing to look into, just in case we have a… whatever it is doodling with the timelines cause. I know it's not like Back to the Future where you have pictures with people who start fading…"

Just in case, he pulls up the team picture they took when the Tower first opened. Nope. Kid Flash was still there.

"Just had to check. You know. For safety."

"OK, if Booster asks, you didn't do it." Zee looks blankly when Keith discusses the fight and smirks a little when he checks the photo. "That's the second Back To The Future reference today… I'm buying you guys new movies…."

"That predictable, am I? Well, how about the time we watched The Notebook with Raven?" Keith smirks. Then he remembers something.

"Actually… I wanted to ask you for a favor. Could you stay here for a bit until they're ready to release him? The doctor said that after they give him saline he'll be stable enough to get back home. But I don't want to carry him off using the Rabbit Hole. It's too… violent of a transportation method and he wouldn't fare well with it. A teleport from you would do just the trick to get him home without much shaking around. If you could even land him on our bed, it'd be even more awesome…" the cheshire smiles at Zee. "I'll make you breakfast. And bring it to your bed."

"Not you exactly… " Zee grins at Keith and nods at his question "Sure, I'll do that…. of course. And you don't need to bring me breakfast in bed… I've had enough men in my room this week."

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