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January 12, 2015: It's round two in the Gotham Bowery, digging through the past in search of ..something. (Language)

Gotham Bowery

It's a big crack in the ground, really. Lots of history and stuff.



  • Curly the Bamf

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A few days have passed since the last crawl through the ravine. A few more days have passed than Domino would have liked but the job hasn't been forgotten. She's come better prepared for a trip back into the ravine to explore the cavern further down which had first caught her notice after an uncontrolled descent.

Back are the flashlights, better climbing gear, a stronger rappelling cable. Redundancies. Someone else in case things go sideways again. It's a trust-building exercise between her and the other white-skinned mutant femme, though it also benefits the metamorph which they're apparently both working for now. Win-win!


It's while rappelling back down into the ice-slicked chasm that the next wildcard gets turned over, carefully working her way through the decades of ruins, rocks, and building material when there's a poof of rank magenta smoke and a pair of solid yellow eyes. Staring -right at her.- From all of an inch away.




The smaller blue creature tilts his head at a comical angle, staring at her as if to ask 'where were you last night? We were supposed to go drinking!'

"What th..! Dammit, Furball! Look, I can't go drinking with you -every- night of the week, okay? My liver can't handle it!"


Kurt's been back to the ravine a couple of times, honestly. Anything his mother is interested in, coupled with Domino means that something at least needs to get looked at. Kurt is in that 'cave' that was found, courtesy of Curly, who simply vanished off his shoulder seconds ago to who knows where? There, mostly in the dark, the blue fuzzy elf makes leap to the ceiling of the 'cave' and hangs there, glowing yellow eyes staring at the entrance.


Lily doesn't know much about this job, but she owes the other mutant for pulling her drunk ass out of that bar the other night. She didn't come there with the intention of getting pass-out drunk, but it happened none-the-less. Fortunately, Lily already had some climbing gear and was able to put together a harness and some supplies with her to help search the ravine.

A zippered up leather jacket, some regular pants. She almost would look normal if not for the black eyes, pointed ears, and ghost like skin. Or the tattoos. Or the piercings. The belts and buckles jingle a bit as she hops down a little bit more, just past Domino. A pack is strapped to her leg, and a smaller duty backpack slung over her harness and back. Hers is filled with water, flares, and some survival gear.

Hauling of ass aside, it's nice not to work alone. She'll have the mutant's back this time.

Forever, until something better comes along.

Looking up to Domino, Lily sees the little *poof* just in time. It startles her into a slight gasp, and she laughs, "Holy shit. That thing is fucking adorable. What the hell is it?"


"It's a-"

"Bamf!" the tiny creature chirps, his impish voice echoing throughout the ravine.

"..Yeah," Domino mutters with a slight wince.

Curly pauses, suddenly sniffing something on the air. Crawling around on the wall on all fours he circles about before crawling right onto Dom's shoulders, sniffing around until he comes right up to her mouth. There's an immediate narrowing of golden eyes in suspicion, leaning back and accusing her with a "-Bamf!-"

"Hey, just a little hair of the wildcat, alright?" Dom counters while trying to push the critter further away from her face. "Never heard of hard coffee?"

Curly doesn't look convinced.

Dom's response is to simply release the friction lock and -zip- down the rest of her line, boots thudding on a crumbling outcropping which leads into a cavern. The same one which Nightcrawler is looking around. Probably unlike him, she comes in with numerous lights blazing. She disconnects herself from the line then shines some of the lights up for Lily.

"Yeah, this is it. C'mon down, watch your landing."

Curly doesn't feel like waiting, disappearing with another *bamf!* to land beside Dom's foot. Tugging at a strap of her boot. Pointing further inside.


Dom can only translate it in one way. "Company?" she quietly asks before automatically unholstering one of her pistols.

Curly's eyes narrow to slits once more, *bamf!*ing onto her forearm where he can wrap his tail around her readied pistol. "Baaaaamf…"


Curly must have wanted the ride down; as the pair rappel, his little spade-tipped tail flutters out behind him, his expression something of a 'whee' as yards are taken.

There, lights flare as they light up the darkness, the dark shadows still obscure most within. Including a dark indigo mutant. The *click* of a pistol is heard, and glowing yellow eyes narrow at the sound. A slightly louder *bamf*, complete with that flash of violet and stench of brimstone behind the pair, landing in a three point crouch. Rising to his full height, there stands a mostly shadowed, blue fuzzy 'elf', his tail lowered and wrapping lightly near his ankle. There's no hint of climbing gear, no lights, no specialty equipment on the man, and his tones sound guarded, but still good natured enough. "I knew you would come back, fraulein."


"You had hard coffee and you didn't even tell me? Douche-nozzle." Lily snidely remarks, lowering herself a little bit more. She's not brave enough to release the friction lock completely, but she jumps again a couple times, coming a little lower each time before releasing a little closer to the ground. Landing on the ground not far from Domino, she unlatches a couple clips, struggling with one in particularly before it finally snaps off.

"Piece of… There." She sighs, finally free from her tethers.

With the light from above, and Domino's lightshow, she just winces to try and get a better view into the darkness of the cavern. She's notable unarmed, except for a couple big knives strapped to her leg harness. Reaching into her side pouch, she pulls out a couple glowsticks. Snapping the first one, she tosses it into the cavern. A signal for the entrance. The second one she snaps and shakes to hold with her.

The words 'company' cause her to snap to attention and she looks around. The larger *bamf* causes her to stumble back, "Odin's tits!" Where the hell does she keep getting these words when she's surprised?

Honestly, Lily just looks confused. She looks between Domino and Kurt, not reaching for any weapons. In a deadpan voice she asks, "When did smurfs learn to teleport?"


"Can't catch a break from anyone today," Domino mutters with a rolling of eyes.

The next, notably bigger, teleport nearly causes her to fall flat on her ass. She's seen the teleporter up close a couple of times. Every time has been..something of an experience. Now, down here in the cold and dark, -completely- not expecting it, here he is again. Surprise!

"Tell me you didn't ..whaaa..?" she trails off while giving Lily a really strange look. ..Right. Back to Kurt, she continues "didn't wait down here hoping I'd come back," she 'asks.' Her tone is kept low but it doesn't agree with the surprise in her eyes.

Curly's still holding his ground, eyes narrowed in warning, all but growling at Dom.

"I'm not gonna shoot him, okay? Lay off unless you want your tail pinched in a holster."


"-Yes,- go back to harassing your big brother," she grumbles while dropping the sidearm back into its holster. Looking over to Lily, she explains "Smurf Prime here goes by 'Nightcrawler.'" Codenames, she's at least attempting to respect some amount of privacy! Or she just happened to pick that name for him first. "He ..knows someone that we know. And this dig site's already been claimed," she adds with a narrowing of her own eyes when looking back to Kurt. "So unless you lost your keys down here or managed to find the Zippo I dropped when I fell before…"


Kurt's rise from his landing crouch speaks of an ease at doing exactly what he did. He takes one step towards the pair of woman and pauses, his head canting as he looks to the bamf. Now that 'Curly' is back on his shoulder, and the tail drapes down his back, the little guy looks very, very much like the larger.

"I have been called much worse," Kurt admits, his shadowed expression still a touch wary. A sharp-toothed grin appears soon after, and he offers a half-shrug, the side without the bamf. "I have been called by better, too. Like," and he points to Domino after 'Smurf Prime'. "I like that less than 'Bamf Prime'"."


An exhale exits the larger of the pair in a sigh and shakes his head, "No, not now."

Chubby arms cross themselves in front of a little chest and it huffs, staring at Domino, then Lily, then back to Domino. At the question regarding the Zippo lighter, however, little sharpened fangs show themselves in a wide grins and in its hand?

A lighter. In the next second, the cherubic bamf lights it and holds it under his chin (far enough away not to get burnt) and the shadows flicker across its face. "Bamf!"

Kurt tries to ignore the Bamf for a moment before he looks to Lily, and in the introduction, bows slightly from the waist. "Fraulein. I am the Amazing Nightcrawler. Und you are?"


"Lily" Quips the elf-like mutant quickly. Her tone is flat, straight to business. It's not really all that polite in nature. The glowstick in Lily's hand glows a bright luminscent green. It's more than enough to shade the trio that same colour. She's really rather silent at first, which is impressive given usually her tact is to curse a lot or say really off-putting things.

A brief nod is given towards Domino in regards to 'friend' of a 'friend'. So.. Don't kill him. Yet. At least, that's how she perceives it.

Side stepping, Lily wanders a bit counterclockwise around Kurt, just enough to see the tail. She's not one to interrupt the conversation between Domino and Kurt, but when she gets the opportunity..

"Dude, you are /weird/ lookin'." Lily says curiously. Oh the irony.

She steps back to appraise Nightcrawler, "I like the smaller one better."


"You actually -found- it?" Domino asks, surprised. "Well aren't you a resourceful little bastard."

She doesn't reach out for the Zippo just yet. Instead she leans in nice and close and quickly puffs some air at the exposed flame, putting it out with a thin tendril of smoke. "Bamf," she says right back.

Gods help her if she just insulted his mother.

"You be careful with that."

When the obvious is stated, IE calling Nightcrawler weird, Dom chimes in with "It's the tail, right? Can't stop watching the damn thing, like it's flowing in a breeze we can't feel."

Something about the thought causes her to shiver once, nonchalantly stepping forward as if it's just another simple muscle twitch.

Stepping around the two she passes a pair of wrist-mounted flashlights around the cavern beyond. Natural rock and bits of crumbling red brick and rotting wood makes up the walls with the broken remains of what may have at one point been a fancy looking fountain or statue placed somewhere within the middle. Cracks in the base have long since let any fluid drain out, if not for a thin layer of frost it would be bone dry all around.

Dom narrows her eyes and brushes jet black fingertips across part of the material, causing some of it to crumble away and fall into dust.

"Lady and fuzzymen, we have evidence of civilization," she states while rolling the powdered grit around between her fingers.

Up ahead is another fissure within the wall, revealing more splinters of rotting wood around the sides.


"Wierd?" Kurt looks disappointed, but theatrically so. "I would say 'remarkable' or perhaps 'unique'. Und believe it or not, I have a face a mother could love." The tip of his spade-tipped tail rises to curl around his knees and the smile doesn't slip. "Fraulein Lily, a pleasure."

The bamf's lighter is still held in chubby fingers, and when Domino leans forward to snuff the flame, it almost looks as if he's ready to bite her on the nose. He doesn't, however, and when the flame is extinguished, the little guy shrugs and buries it into Kurt's jacket. Once done, he's hunkered over and turns glowing eyes towards Lily in the compliment. "Bamf."

Kurt looks pleased for a moment as if Domino actually complimented him, or rather, his tail, because it does sway regardless of what it is he's doing. The Fuzzy One catches where Domino is setting the lights, and he takes the steps towards the albino merc, "What is down here? I didn't find anything," And Mystique's plans are always her own. "It follows down, but then it collapses und one cannot squeeze through." Bamf through, maybe. But physically squeeze through?

Heh. He's not telling if Curly teleported through or not.


Lily's eyebrows perk, eyes temporarily following that tail, then up to Kurt's face. "Right. Well, I'll just pray it grows on me, then." She chuckles to herself. In regards to the pleasure meeting her, "No, no. It's all mine, Nightcrawler. Always nice to meet a .. something .. that looks weirder than I do. I feel downright normal in this group."

The little bamf with the lighter actually seems to amuse her briefly, and when she looks at it, she makes a face while sticking her tongue out at it. Buzz off.

With introductions complete, she continues her path counterclockwise around Nightcrawler and follows Domino. Not much use standing around, at the least. Towards the foundation, she skips up and hops over the side, jumping into the empty basin where water once was. She doesn't know much about any closed off passages, but she assumes Domino is the woman with the plan. It's nice not having to think about these things for once. Looking back towards Kurt, Lily comments, "What does fraulein mean?"


Dom's content to give the other white mutie a chance to bond with the two blue ones. She's got ideas of her own in mind here, and having a teleporter each sounds like a solution more than a problem to her. When Kurt calls out about the collapse she simply inclines her chin somewhat, gazing onward in the path of her light straight to the collapsed section. "'Remarkable,' indeed," she quietly seconds.

(This is really dangerous. That's what makes it so damn -fun.-)

She gets to the opening and crouches down, then rolls onto her side so she can try to get a better look into the darkness beyond. The arm-mounted lights are easy to move into position as she inches the path of the beams around.

"Are those marble pillars?"

She leans back and looks to the Two Blues, whistling once.


Curly's right back on the wall beside her, hanging upside down, tail flicking back and forth like an agitated cat. "Bamf?"

"I think this one likes me," she says in an almost teasing fashion.

She doesn't mention her evenings spent getting completely sloshed on whiskey to anyone else. Their little secret.

To Curly, she asks "How'd you like to earn your keep, Fuzznut?" before motioning with a twist of her head toward the tiny gap in the wall. Guess who wants to go where she shouldn't!

"If anyone wants to tag along I'd suggest that we stick close."


Kurt actually laughs at the intended insult and rocks his head forward slightly. "Mutant, fraulein. Much like you. Our remarkable attributes show more than others, und it is something that should be embraced." His pace is slow, casual, almost fluid in its grace when they get to the 'difficulty.' "It means 'Miss'."

As Kurt strolls, he's got no need for the light; if anything, it makes things just a little more difficult to see, though he's not telling. In the dark and the shadows, the outline of his form is actually difficult to discern. It's all in the coloring!

The shrill whistle brings the bamf's head around, and straightening like a birddog's nose, he's off Kurt's shoulder in a puff of brimstone.

"What are you doing, Fraulein?"


"Sounds german," Lily notes, hopping out of the fountain. Just an observation. Stepping forward, she meets the others towards the 'obstacle'. Curiously she looks between the pillars, the rubble, and small gap. Shrugging, she chucks her green little glowstick through the gap to send it skittering on the other side. She's got a lot of these little things in her pocketpouch. They're so tiny and bright. Not the most efficient way to light everything, but they don't really attract attention and they're compact.

It's a win-win kind of thing. Also she bought about a thousand a couple years ago and still hasn't quite made an impact on the stack, yet.

Turning, she stands next to Domino. "What? Can he really do that puffy poofy power of his and get us through the wall? Is that what we're doing?"


"Exploring," Domino simply replies to Kurt's inquiry. Glancing his way, she asks in turn "Did you think I came all the way back down here just to admire a lawn decoration?" She's referring to what's left of the fountain Lily had jumped into. All that's missing there is a pond.

(Mental note: Start referring to her apartment as the LilyPad.)

"So very German," she calls back before switching to speaking in German, herself, asking Kurt "Isn't that right?"

Lily leaving the fountain basin causes a larger chunk of it to break away and fall to the floor, kicking up a handful of dust as it goes.

"Careful, Whitey," Dom calls back. "We don't get airlift services down here."

With the glowstick tossed inside it bounces across the floor then starts sliding and rolling down a slight incline, revealing barcode-like lines of shadows which sweep around the room. There's several pillars in there, apparently. Most seemingly still intact.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," Domino tells Lily as she reaches out to Curly. "Whatcha say little guy, wanna do some subterranean urban exploring?"


"Ja, German," Kurt acknowledges, and he can't help but add with a reappearing grin, "The language of love."

Kurt peers through the hole, pulling his head back when Lily throws in a light source. Glowing, featureless yellow eyes blink as they acclimate to the change in lighting and looks in once more. "I don't see anything mov—" There's a moment when he completely stops, except for the sway of his tail, but he continues again soon after, "-ing."

Domino's query in German gains a grin, and as he straightens once more, answers in kind, "Du bist richtig." You are correct.

Curly's perched back on Domino's shoulder, and he's leeeeeeeaning to see what he can see in the dimly lit area beyond. In the next second, the smell of rotten eggs fills the immediate area as he teleports with a soft bamf! away from the rest. It's not a heartbeat, however, when he returns, landing once again upon his drinking partner's shoulder. Crouching there, he easily balances his cherubic self as he extends a hand, "Bamf." The single word is spoken as if he's certain Domino would understand him. Or it could be the 'meaningful' expression once he takes stock of both Domino AND Lily. "Bamfbamf."


"I call bullshit," Lily says flatly. She bends a little bit to see if she can see through the hole around Kurt's head, but there isn't really all that much to see. Reaching into her pouchpocket, she removes another glowstick and cracks it open. This one's red. She shakes it to get the full effect.

The german causes her ears to twitch, just slightly. First she looks at Domino, then Kurt, then the little bamf. Mercenaries know all kinds of languages, right? They have to. World travel, espionage, famous clients of all nationalities? Lily can surely speak german, right? Nope. She just looks unperturbed, or in the informal North American sense: nonplussed.

It's not hard to have an ounce of situational awareness, and Lily crinkles her nose a little bit at the smell. Cause and effect, it's probably the teleports. At least her power isn't so smelly.

"Bamf?" Lily echoes, looking at the little one. "I don't understand the little one. What does it want?"


"Isn't that French?" Domino asks Kurt with an arched brow. Eh, whatever. Doesn't matter.

With the Germanic 'you are correct' she gives him a single thumbs up, though her attention is definitely focused elsewhere now. Thar be adventure ahead!

To Lily, she answers "I really haven't the slightest damn clue. Just..think of it like talking to a dog, try to say it with a friendly pitch."

Curly scouts ahead and pops back before the first cloud of sulfur can dissipate. Dom's coughing once and fanning the air away from her face before she reaches out for the offered Bamf's hand. "Just take his hand, Lil." It's followed by a "Here we go!"

Not that excited sort of 'here we go,' either. More like the dreaded 'here we go' right before doing something unpleasant, such as vomiting.


The 'cavern' beyond is less rock and brick and more very, very rotten wood supported by marble and brick masonry. The entire hall is canted at an unhealthy angle, revealing waist-high banisters, benches, and a line of thick marble pillars running down the length of the spacious room. At the far back part of it had given in to stress, one pillar lying in pieces with a large chunk of the construction crushed into oblivion. It's down here where the first of the glowsticks has come to rest.

"Well, this is unexpected," Dom remarks in a low tone as her various lights cut through the darkness. A seemingly constant stream of dust particles gives the paths of the light beams an almost solid visage. "Watch your steps around here, I don't know how much more give and take this floor's got in it. Either of you good with identifying Colonial architecture?"


Kurt shrugs lightly at Lily's 'calling bullshit'. It's not that important. Though, when Domino asks about French, the pointy-toothed grin returns. "They like to think that, ja. But we know the truth."

Not something he needs to dwell upon, however. Instead, Kurt looks to offer translation services, and begins with a wince. "I am glad you don't understand him. But, essentially, he is adding to his list of demands for more than one passenger."

'Curly' looks at Domino warily, one eye narrowing more than the other before he exhales. "Bamf." Holding out a chubby, three-fingered hand to Lily, he works with Domino's countdown.

Kurt doesn't require such aid, and the moment they land, he's right behind, looking unfazed by it all. (Of course he's not!) Though, the location they teleported into? Kurt whistles softly and shakes his head; he's not having any problem seeing anything. "I don't know. Germany never had a 'colonial' period."


Lily sighs, "I don't own pets for a reason, Domino." Though she reaches up and takes the little bamfs hand, leaning forward again. She gets the tone of Domino's voice, but doesn't get the cause. That is, until they teleport.

Once on the other side, Lily just rolls right into the floor, shoulder first, with absolutely /zero/ grace. A plume of dust rises around her, kicked up by her meeting the ground. "Ffff..uuhh.." She coughs a couple times against the floor, which just raises more dust. You know how many people go in to here? None. People have not gone in here.

The little red glowstick that /was/ in her hand, scitters across the floor and under a chair, where it gets caught by dust bunnies and cobwebs. You know what she isn't going to retrieve? That.

Slowly she gets back on the floor, spitting and coughing a couple times as she pushes herself somewhat dizzily back to her feet. This is the first time she really gets to turn and look around at the room. It's bigger than what she thought it'd be like. Her hands and come up to brush off her clothing. She's not the clean type, but this just feels weird.

"That was great," Lily says completely flatly, "Let's do that again sometime. I had fun." She glances at Kurt, "Annnd.. I never took history."

To combat the sudden fatigue, Lily reaches into her backsack proper and pulls out a small waterbottle which she nurses. Plant. Water. Get it? A shiny bottle of something golden might also be poking out of her open backpack. Little bamf?


His list of demands, huh. This time around Dom's quick to dismiss it after they've teleported. She'll work it out with him later, such as reminding him that the one bottle for her initial rescue had already been -more- than paid for. She's spent a few nights drinking with the guy already, all on her bill. Speaking of calling bullshit, he can teleport them both and stuff his extra demands.

"Looks like you get to have a crash-course today," she asides to Kurt. "I'm guessing eighteenth century, maybe." Pause. "I'm also guessing we're about to have another riveting round of 'guess that lunch,'" she adds while loosely draping one arm around her stomach with a grimace. "It's fun, isn't it? We're have a good time here."


Then something unexpected happens. Lily's pack opens. Curly suddenly 'arrows' from his perch. "BAMF!"

The furry blue missile leaps away from the floor, leapfrogs off of Dom's shoulder, somersaults right past Lily's face and goes -straight- for the bottle of Scotch. He lands by gripping the top of the bottle with a triumphant "Bamf!" even as the bottle, and pack, start to flop over.

Then there's the Effect of Curly's Cause.

"What-!" Dom yelps as she's suddenly used as a springboard, pushed slightly off balance. Normally this wouldn't matter so much! Now, in a dark room with everything twisted several degrees and lingering post-bamf nausea?

Now she's stumbling backward and tripping over the conveniently placed Lily.

Curly -stares- at the mutant about to fall on top of him with a shrill "Eee!" before he scampers across the floor, the neck of the bottle snared within his tail.

When Dom lands she does so ass-first, snapping through the rotten floorboards and sinking in about another foot.

"What's that one's name..?" she wearily asks Kurt, a wince etched into her pale features. "'Cause I'm gonna twist it in a sarcastic and amusing way and curse him for the rest of the night." Beat. "-OW.-"


"Oh, I probably should have warned you about the after effects. But you did not give me enough time. It will only linger a few minutes, Fraulein. Promise." If Kurt didn't look so theatrically contrite maybe it'd almost be polite! Maybe.

Still, Kurt doesn't have too much problem focussing on the items in the room, even in the near pitch black. His voice is lower now, more talking to himself than either of the two, "Mother, what are you searching for here?" Even asking the question out loud does nothing to help answer it.

He Whips around when the bamf takes off, and the grab is made for the- "That isn't yours!"

It falls on deaf ears, and should anyone try to take it from him, it's a simply teleport out of the way, out of a grasp, even, and he'll have his booty. A hiss exits the little blue imp as he clutches the bottle tighter with his little spade-tipped tail. "Bamf!"

"They do not have names," Kurt begins a little ruefully. "I know who they are, und they do as well. TJ und I had taken to naming them after old actors, so that one was 'Curly'. She had 'Larry', und Illy has 'Moe'. There are more home, but you get the idea?"


Lily drunkenly swipes for little bamf that stole her bottle of scotch, "Hey! You little paint-huffing shitgoblin! Get back he-*doof*" With Dom tripping over her, she's practically bowled to the floor over her back with a yelp of surprise. More dust rises around the duo as they make a habit of breaking through the floors and disturbing just about everything in the room.

Now Lily's on her belly again, Domino's legs perpendicular to her body as she's practically used as a footrest. "This is so unpleasant. Thanks, Cindarella." The sarcastic and unamused tone in Holly's voice basically the punchline of that comment.

From the floor, the plant-meta looks over to Kurt, "Just.. Don't even." Don't even laugh. Suddenly she pushes herself up, likely rolling over Domino in the process. She's not really interested in dusting off her body again, so she just goes back over to her pack and lifts it up.


"So..they -do- have names," Domino counters when the 'not-named' Bamf is named 'Curly.' "Really, the Three Stooges?" Wait. "How many more are we talking, here..?" she asks with a clear note of caution.

"Oh fuck off," she grunts back at Lily while pushing at the other woman's side with a pair of tall combat boots. She's just helping Lily get back to her own feet, honest.

"Just let it go, Kurt," she grumbles in regards to Curly's ill-gotten prize, and the resulting hissing and threatening. "Some fights just aren't worth the trouble."

A mist of fine dust particles gradually falls down around the room like fresh snow as Dom pries herself out of the depression, grunting something about "Leftie found something pointy." Just in case there's any hint of doubt by what she means with that, she shamelessly rubs at her injured posterior while shining another wristlight down into the newly formed hole.

There's something metal down there. Badly rusted. With a right angled corner.

"How's that for luck," she mutters darkly while reaching for the container. It's kind of wedged in there at first, though the two having fallen through part of the floor has loosened up its surroundings enough.

In another moment she's got a very old looking lockbox out of its hidey hole, dropped onto a still 'solid' portion of the floor.

"Paydirt," she announces while flicking out a throwing knife, intending to snap the lock free.


Kurt tries, he really does, not to laugh. Not to snicker, even, but he can't help it. Last mutant standing, he is, and he knows he probably should offer a hand; it's only polite? But he's too busy trying not to laugh.

"I.. I am sorry.." *chuckle* "Really. But…"

"Bamf?" An inquisitive bamf peers over the top of an antique and very dusty table.

"Give that back," Kurt repeats, the smile dimming from his features. "Now."

The bamf, now identified as Curly, bears fangs but he begins to emerge from his spot. Slowly. Every bone in his body wants to defy the Bamf Prime but doesn't. Once he gets to Lily, his tail whips around and is ready to water the plant, as it were. If he can't have it, no one can!

Kurt nods at Domino's observation, "Though they don't really answer to them." The question as to 'how many' gains a light shrug from the fuzzy elf, "Four? Five? Ten?" He's not telling! It might get back to Mother!

Looking back at the bamf, golden featureless eyes widen. "Don't you—" Dare?

Some of Kurt's attention is pulled from the errant Bamf when Domino discovers her cache, and the tail begins to move a little more whiplike back and forth as he approaches Domino and the lockbox.


Lily shakes her head, shaking some of the dust off her hair, as she slings the backsack over her shoulder. Reaching into her pouchpocket, she starts snapping glowsticks, shaking them, and tossing them around the room. Yeah, why would she help Domino up? What are teammates for, after all? There are glowsticks of all colours, blue, green, red, another green one.

One of the green ones gets thrown at little bamf. Bitter? No. Of course not. Of course, like little bamfs are known to do, Curly teleports in and out in time to avoid the glowstick. The bottle doesn't teleport with the bamf this time, and it falls towards Lily. Squeaking in surprise, she reaches up to try and snatch it out of the air, only for it to bounce out of her grasp. As she fumbles quickly to try and catch it, it thoroughly splashes her shirt and part of her face.

Finally grasping it, there's only a little bit of the bottle left. Given that fine vintage label on the bottle? This was the /expensive/ stuff. "Fuuuuck!" She curses, stomping her foot once in frustration. She immediately /glares/ over towards Kurt who's been giggling. Just /say/ it.

Turning to look at Domino as she works her way out of the hole, Holly does seem momentarily distracted. "I've got lockpicks."


"Laugh it up, ya damn Hell-bent elf," Domino automatically calls back while bringing the matte black tip of her blade up under the light. (Looks like I can wedge it in there and use the top for leverage-)

"Hey..Hey hey-HEY! THAT! Is alcohol abuse!" she decrees while pointing right at Curly-nowait, right at Lily-wait-dammit! with the pointy end of her blade. This also causes a pair of high intensity LED flashlights to pass back and forth between Curly and Lily. A shake of her head follows, staring at the smallest creature of their little entourage. "-Not- cool, man! Respect the booze!"

A glance at the bottle almost has her groaning again. "Aw man, and that was the good shit…"

Then there's the offer of lockpicks, which..earns Lily something of a suspicious glance. She's really kind of stuck down here with another mercenary/killer and -two- teleporters, who are most certainly -not- stuck down here. Is this going to turn into a fight, whatever's inside of the box?

"You think you can crack it, go for it. Just remember, this one isn't ours."

In fact, this one belongs to Mystique.

Whatever the hell it is.


Kurt isn't going to fight the bamf's battles, he's not. Whatever happens, it's well deserved. Still, he can't help that final smirk as the alcohol abuse happens; he's not a scotch man. He likes a good and chewy stout. Something one can eat for breakfast. Coughing into a three-fingered hand seemingly politely, he simply shrugs at Lily.

"Isn't the rule to keep the good stuff home?"

Now, however, he looks to the box fully, his attention focussed. The bamf has relocated some of his dignity and teleports back to Kurt's shoulder, more hanging than actual sitting. Smaller yellow, glowing eyes peeeeeeer at the dusty treasure box, blinks, looks up to Kurt with a quizzical, "Bamf?" It's not long before his attention is back.


Lily just sighs with exhaustion. She's covered in booze and dust. "Why is it whenever I hang out with you, I want to take a shower afterwards?" Holly says pointedly at Domino. Skulking over, she trades the mostly empty bottle of scotch for the box. Go ahead and drink it. She's lost interest in celebration. To be fair, her interest is still as piqued as it could be for the contents of this box.

For Lily, that just means she isn't scowling.

Sitting down, she places the box on its back so the lock is facing up. Setting her bag beside of it, she pulls out a leather roll. Unrolling it reveals a wealth of solid black metal lockpicking tools. .. And also what looks to be an electric toothbrush with a pick instead of a brush installed. She takes that one.

Glancing at Domino, she shrugs. It's not like these locks were ever really made all that high quality. Also picking out a small bottle from the unrolled leather kit, she drops a couple droplets of oil in, sticks the toothbrush pick in, and presses the button. It vibrates wildly inside of the lock and she turns it while brushing inside and outside of the lock. Somehow it knocks all the pins in place and she's able to turn it with a 'click', the box opens slightly.

"You find the stupidest shit on the internet," she chuckles. Pulling the pick out, she sets it aside and lays the box on its proper bottom. Gently she opens it.

Inside the box is wonderfully preserved. Fresh cherrywood interior marked with plush red padding and dimples in the fabric. Stuck in the wooden holders are coins. Mint. 1795 dubloons, about eleven. Each one a ten or five dollar denomination.

Both of Lily's eyebrows raise, and she just stares at the box momentarily, then she rolls her eyes and rotates it to face Domino and Bamf Prime.


"You're one to talk," Domino counters Lily's next thought. But, she now has the rest of the scotch, and no, she's not giving it to the Bamf. All hers! It's there and gone in a moment, the empty bottle idly tossed back into one of the holes in the floor in proper Grave Robber fashion.

Let's face it, no one's ever going to come down here and turn this into an historic dig site to later open to the public. It's a rotting deathtrap waiting to happen.

Much to her surprise the tumblers still work, and Lily manages to pop the proverbial cork. "I'd say 'tell me about it' but I think I already know too much," she grunts.

In another moment she's got a set of lights shining down on some -very- reflective gold coins, all laid out in neat and tidy rows. All but hermetically sealed. The initial sight brings forth a low whistle of appreciation. "This should make Mystique's day."

She'll also insist on being the one to hang onto the case, thankyouverymuch.

"I don't know about you kids but I'm calling this a win, let's boogie before we get sick from ..mold..or something, I guess..? What the hell did they have before asbestos?" Being down here can't be so great for one's own health.


Kurt watches as the lockpicks come out, and as the tumblers cede to Lily's attentions, the bamf leans ever forward, trying to get a good, clear sight of the goings on. The moment that chest top is lifted, revealing so many shinies, the little bamf's eyes widen. "Baaaaaamf!" It's an appreciative sound, to say the least.

Kurt whistles softly, up until the mention of Mystique. His attention flies towards Domino; that's what Mother wanted? That.. could payroll a great deal. "Oh, Mother…" is whispered.

The bamf is less circumspect. Crawling slowly so as to be directly on top of Kurt's shoulder rather than behind it, a decision is made.


There is no way on this earth that it can be resisted. Curly teleports off of Kurt's shoulder to land on top of the chest, and in the next second, he and the chest (with the gold coins) are nowhere to be seen.

"Mein Gott!" Oh… this isn't good.

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