The Light in the Dark

January 12, 2015: Metropolis is dark, but there is still happiness never ending there..

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Metropolis. New York. Metropolis again. Reese had absolutely no clue where she was going. And it's been /days/ since she's seen or heard from the Green Lantern. And he was supposed to be her visual escort, hmph! When looking for Kida, she always thought it best to start at the beginning, on her own, it will take time, but at least every track and ground and trace would be covered better than it would be by car. Foot steps memorized, people avoided, even though it's dark now and power is borrowed..

Reese gets along good.

Sirens are heard all around, a few people speaking and crying, some wondering just what's going on while others celebrate the darkness by using sparklers they've found in their basements to light the night on a dark and cold day. In Metropolis, people found a way to be happy and it costed them almost nothing. Not even a finger.

A little boy knocks into Reese, plowing her down onto the ground attempting to catch a football thrown his way, and as she hisses loudly from the scrape of her elbow, the boy immediately screams, "SORRY MA'AM!" And goes right back to playing.

While she loves them, children are bleeping idiots. It's just a test of parenting on if they'll grow into big idiots or polite ones.

This is why Starfire loved Metropolis. They could find joy out of the darkness. The running and playing children in the small plots of housing outside of the Big Apricots pit/heart with sparklers as their light are easily accompanied.

It started as a sound, little ones cheering to adults either gasping or those that knew and have seen the metahuman around murmured, but it all came with a show, that despite the happenings and the losses people need to see that bright side, and Starfire was there at least to help restore that in Metropolis.

The cold night is sliced through with a comets trail, flame across the sky that ends in a low sweep and the street lined in foreworks.

Small time, nothing to cause an accidental travesty.

Another sweep past and that eminating heat that radiates from the tail end of her flight path ignites the wicks and sets the rockets to the sky, lighting it in colorful showers and reflecting the rainbow of light of happy faces.

Starfire has come to a stop right in Reese's path, pupilless emerald gaze watching along the lines of people and then up towards the lights with the play of a smile present on deep plum lips.

With her being upon the ground, a person couldn't help but wonder back of a time when.. a certain movie was on the big screen and the sound of children were heard laughing. The man, a hero in a dark time, leaned against the gratings, tired and weary from the days that marked the tragedy of his mission. As his head pressed against the leathers of the borrowed jacket, he heard them. The laughter. Musical, whimsical. When all was dark, he honed in on that laughter and it brought a smile to pale face and dark lips.

Even in the rain, the children laughed, splashed water, shone their lights in his face, and soon after? He laughed too. He couldn't help it. A being filled with so much sorrow, surrounded by so many trails, trepidations, and darkness.. laughed.

And that's what Reese did. She laughed, laid out upon the ground and soon sitting upright, listening to the fireworks that were too close to home, and feeling someone there right beside her. She saw no color, only heard, and as people gasped, oo'd and awe'd, Reese saw fit to add her own magics into the mix. She couldn't see, but she knew that her powers only healed and not hurt, it didn't bring in the heat that she inched herself close to (Starfire's leg), only.. she raises her arms high into the sky, imagined a dragon (get it!), and the blue healing light burst from her fingers and the blue dragon began to /fly/.

Exhaustion. It's an unusual experience for Cameron since she's started the heroing thing. Between the events of yesterday and today, she is… wiped out. To help conserve energy a little bit as she looks for some place that is open to grab a bite to eat. Being of solid muscle requires a daily sacrifice in the form of caloric intake, and even with the lights out in Metropolis that constant does not change.

Oh. Hey… Fireworks. Huh. Maybe someone's in trouble over that way?

With a bit of a shuffle and a drag she forces herself to walk a bit more briskly towards Reese and the unknown and the display…

The show makes everything ground level go from dark to light in such a rapid succession it almost seems like slow motion as the kids run and the parents stand there watching in their bundled attire, hands thrust into pockets or kept warm in embrace. It's the little things…

Starfire is approached by a few kids, their unlit sparklers held in hands as the others burn out, a single digit touching the tip of the ones not yet ignited, sparking them to life with a flare of that light, one that simply mimics the trail of energy from the ends of that mane of fire. One little girl even running off with her sparkler held behind her. *FWOOSH!* she makes the noise as she 'soars' around the street. Though watching her is momentary, Reese's light show makes others halt as well as that blue dragon dances upward from her fingertips in a reminisce and reminder of where such things even originated. That 'feel good' an emination not only of light but of the feel it exhudes. More sounds of awe rippling and the mixed hue of blue danging in green depths of eyes.

No move to separate herself from reese, the tawny skinned alien remains, curious like the felinistic creature she is, but asking nothing just watching and adding her own flare to dance with the blue dragon, perse Starbolts coming to glow upon fingertips…

Speaking and being are two different things. Certain friendships can survive on thought and action alone while others thrive on words. If Reese could call the woman a friend who's leg she rested against, then she'd do so silently by the display of life upon her fingertips.

The dragon danced in a way as it would a parade in Japan; a custom that she long forgotten and missed, and feeling the way it moves, imagining it, and pouring love into it brought it to live as well as a song that spilled from her lips. Whilst her voice wasn't old as the original singers, she still tried her best, the tempo slow and sad, yet the lyrics meaningful, meant to give hope.

And the dragon moved with it, slow swoops through the blasts of light that Starfire created, creating a sparkled trail from the tips of it's tail where the fire would be, roaring blue glitter that touches the heads and hands of everyone present.. which obviously cures small colds and coughs due to the weather.

They were a movement of joy admist the sorrow. The light in the dark of Metropolis. And it was damn cool.

"Well, damn."

The profanity sort of hangs in the air for a few moments, and a few people turn their heads and glance to the orange-haired woman, who isn't known for public displays of vulgarity or for looking nearly that exhausted. A few appreciative murmurs go through the crowd as the attention turns back to the light show, including Cameron, who has stopped her quest for sustenance long enough to enjoy the show. It's definitely the sort of thing her mind needs to take her thoughts off all the garbage going on the past forty-eight.

The contact from reese, the press of a cold figure upon her (un)naturally warm flesh has one ember huen brow rising, even with the show of lights they are both presenting to the few gathered, and now growing. Noise on top of the timed celebration brings out concern and then ease.

The contact from Reese while she sings though has Starfire's knowledge expanding, translating, and responding in kind to the song. Sometimes the most horrid of circumstances can bring out the best of relations, Cameron's presence noted as well with the reflection upon green gaze, one hand shifting to offer the other heroine a finger wiggling wave, the perse sparks coming forth again and then dancing upward, the fireworks Starfire had brought may have ceased but she is her own..

Temparature rises along the flesh Reese leans upon, unaffected by the chill and only radiating out into it with that heat as she sings in the same language as Reese now, a different song, but one that can match it in opposing harmony.

A little tip-tap's her shoulder mid-song, a little girl with bright eyes leans in to whisper into Reese's ear. A request. A request for imagination to grow so big that Reese can't help but comply. But there was danger in this request, the more that she expels the longer she will sleep, and the longer she sleeps will be time spent away from not finding Kida. But, magic was in the air, and to hear the joy and laughter of the little girl with the request was something that she could not ignore.

Above? A song that meshes and matches with hers in her own language draws a smile, the sad song uplifted even more by the sound of Starfire's voice, fueling the need to fill the request as such, vigor in her fingers as she works the blue magic into a scene of her own interpretations.

Fairies. That's right. As if nothing could make this scene any worse, there had to be fairies thrown into the mix. They were small, filling the sky fifty at a time, all dancing, flying with their insect wings, giving kisses to all the babes, women, children and men, but with an added touch of Reese to give energy where tired. She knows, deep down it was going to be a long, first night while the power is being routed, so they could use everything that Reese has, and retains.

This is Metropolis. Cameron's used to weird, both from being a paramedic and from being a heroine. So when Starfire waves to her she does the polite thing and waves back with a half - wave. Not the dismissive sort, but the 'Don't want to distract you when you're doing something AWESOME' sort.

Cameron looks for a wall to lean against and close her eyes to just listen to the singing. It's been so long since she's been able to just… do that.

And instead of a thousand phones coming out to take pictures of her, a few others in the crowd do like she does, appreciating the harmonies — well, at least until her stomach rumbles omninously. And a couple of the 'faeries' land on her, sort of jump - starting her a bit. Emerald eyes snap open as she shifts her stance to upright once more, and glancing around for a nearby food stand, something… anything.

She tries to kind of curl into herself a bit, pulling her hood up and slouching her shoulders — Mom would NOT approve! — and trying to not disrupt the performance, for lack of a better term.

This is a block party of sorts, so nearby some of the families salvaging their food from their fridges due to the blackout are grilling. Yes, in the winter, but better to cook and share then waste, so Cameron can easily help herself to the neighborhood line up, especially considering who she is it is more then welcome if she sought the cooking food out.

When one of those faeries lands on Starfire she does not pause in her song with Reese, nor the intermitten pule of light from her fingertips but her nose wrinkles as it lands upon it, her eyes go crossed to stare at it, resisting the urge to blast it off her own face. The feeling though that comes from it has Starfire coming to a realization… That and the hair she had cut off in the Davage Land to start a fire and lead to her escape… The length returns as does the 'wick' of flame extension that comes from her hair and makes for the comets tail trailing behind her flying form. Though right now she is standing still and beside Reese the glow begins to eminate as well, a pulse of a lingering flame not yet snuffed post-flight.

If the needed relief, break and joy was not enough the healing was the cherry on top. "So /that/ is what you do…" Starfire says, looking out along the street, not at Reese, while she speaks to her.

The song itself drives to a natural end, Reese's soft soprano melding into the sound of laughter and chants. Some children are playing duck duck goose, while the adults laugh by the grill and talk about the latest win through Metropolis Vs. Gotham, who's team was the better and which player sees themselves heading for the long list of MPV's well deserved.

Football. Who understands that crap anyways?

Reese didn't, and what sports she couldn't see, didn't matter. Unless it was ping pong, that was something Reese could support and get behind. The faeries have done their fill and linger along to play with the children, the ones dancing around the adults cease to exist to return their life's energy long enough to keep Reese lucid to find a place to sleep. With knees drawn up now, a shoulder pressed to the woman who now burns hot, there was comfort there. A natural relaxation she couldn't find without getting tense, bitchy, and grown against.

Her words though, causes her to look up with eyes that do not see, missing the mark with her gaze and a slight, half-nod. A nod that probably went missing due to the fact that Starfire wasn't looking at her. "It comes in handy in times like these."

The two performers look like they are having a private moment. Cameron can respect and understand that, and also doesn't want to cause any problems for the two. She makes her way to someone who has set up a small 'tail - gate party' thing and… humbly asks for a burger. The guy doing the grilling gives a huge smile and tosses two burgers on the grill for the giant woman — no charge, even. Least he can do for one 'of the good ones' whatever that means.

With food getting ready and prospects brightening, the orange-haired woman will stride over towards Starfire and Reese when the attention has shifted from them some.

"Thank you both. That was awesome."

Jericho hears the voice. Familiar voice… ah yes. She punched America once. He remembers her. Slowly the hacker makes his way over to where he sees Cameron… and then Starfire and a woman he doesn't know. "Hey…" He says quietly, touching his cap. "Everything okay here?"

Starfire can feel that weight shifting as Reese leans more into her and that eminating warmth. It is like leaning against a pillar, the Tamaranean is unmoving unless she wants to be, and right now… There's home here.

Arms fold over her chest, purple straps the only thing entwining appendages and sweeping up in crescents from her back to covet. Sentinel she remains even if the nod was missed she felt the movement from the new friend that draws heat from her as she pushes her own essence out to distribute amongst the masses, lifting their spirits so to speak.

When Cameron approaches Starfire offers the woman a small smile, tilting her head in a nod of greeting before she speaks. "It is the least that can be done right now, but sometimes…" A small gesture of a hand to the streets and the happiness. "It's worth it."

Jericho coming up also gets Starfire's attention, apparently known with the broader smile he gets. "Just a block party," A glance to Cameron. "And good food." Smirk.

Cameron was being followed. Two little girls, typical pig tailed little monsters, little fairies upon their shoulders and giggling. They've seen Cameron on television, and.. the little redhaired twins wanted to be /just/ like her. She saves lives, she's a super hero, she's famous! And probably rich!

"One day," Little Jamie said. "I'm going to grow up big and strong like her. And have soo many husbands!"

"You can't have a lot of husbands. Thameron doesn't have a lot of husbands. She don't gots no man! I'm gonna be like her when I grow up! Strong and don't need no man!"

"Silly!" Jamie barks out, "How you gonna have babies if you ain't got no man!"

And once she stops at Reese and Starfire to issue her thanks? She was mauled from behind with hugs and squeals because they actually touched their hero! And they promptly ran because they were freaking out about touching their hero, leaving their fairies in the dust.

Those fairies? They begin to fan themselves. Not only was there a man, who seemed alone present? But Jericho was as fine as aged wine, so when they float towards him, they smatter and pelt his cheeks with energy filled kisses, so much that he may or may not feel like he's drank at least fifty red bulls. And those fairies? They squeal and run away just as those little girls did. Just because they kissed him! AIEEEEEE! <3

"You're welcome." Reese finally says to Cameron, glancing up in her direction, a hint of recognition there by voice alone. She's always wanted to talk to her, but now.. it was a celebration of the dark. Jericho's approach had her falling silent. She really didn't know the man, and even though her fairies forcibly kissed and molested him with a spark of her own life force, she remained.

"Yeah. We're good."

Why waste words on a thing when the simple phrases will be more than ample for what needs to be communicated? No, Cameron isn't one of those 'zen' types, she's just not big on the social scene and getting more food piled on her from other cooks is leaving her a bit flustered. Her current 'larder' includes two 'angus' burgers, a strip steak, three baked potatoes, a large tub of potato salad — who makes that in the winter?? — as well as a large plate of desserts. She sort of flails helplessly at the attention, but the folks are insistent and she doesn't want to let them down.

As she inhales some of it, she gets a bit more color back and sits up a bit straighter. Yeah… that wasn't pleasant at all.


Cameron blinks at the two kids thoughtfully as she gets 'assaulted' then they take off. Being a responsible adult — if not a parent — she tries to see if they make it to a mother or father before turning her attention back to Reese and Starfire.

"This is what it is all about, really."

Jericho blinks and his traces, which absorb magic, light up green for a few moments before the fairies fly off. He stumbles back, eyes wide like he just mainlined a gallon of coffee. "That… wow… that wasn't just a block party. Okay… right. Er…" He shakes his head and looks at Reese. "New Friend?"

Starfire nods slowly to Cameron and Jericho, her ship just above but she is not quite willing to leave, just in case things were not 'over'. Some do not know when to quit, and anything that falls under a 'this is mine' radius of her ship (radius actually unknown), is under her designated protection. (May as well just make it all of Earth anymore)

"Minus some of the creepiness." A sage nod is offered at that finality and jericho's reaction garners a beaming toothy cheshire grin from Starfire.

"Welcome to the party, Jericho. I don't know her name yet, but I would say yes…" For whatever odd reason, Starfire just adopted another 'Silkie'.

The kids make it to their parents fine, and gush about how they actually hugged Cameron. Soon, they're going to tell all the kids at school about it and they're going to be jealous. Wasn't there a small childrens book about Cameron Tenoaks? There will be now, cause the twins are going to publish it.

"They're so happy.." Reese says to Cameron wistfully, fully leaning on Starfire's leg now. She could barely keep herself upright, expending energy for the sake of the children, the smiles, the laughter. In the end? Her days sleep would be worth it. Maybe two days, and a barrell of food.

She glances in Jericho's direction, and offers up a little bit of a smile. "I'm Reese.." She introduced herself and.. she just couldn't take it.

That leg was wrapped with an arm around a calf and.. she was promptly out. This is what she gets for not conserving energy. At least the alien lady who is now her friend, keeps her warm.

Yeah… there's going to be a whole new push for a 'Columbia Fan Club'. Cameron had been fighting that one tooth and nail… she's not big on that whole idea of 'cult of personality' and having a bunch of kids gushing about her frankly unnerves her.

"It's good that they're responding so well to the power being out. Wish the adults handled it that well."

She tries to deflect the topic but does so poorly as the person she's talking to promptly passes out.

She does make sure that Reese doesn't fall or clock her head, and if she does get injured she's got enough juice to heal any injuries…

After that, though, back to becoming the voracious maw that consumes all food placed before her… even the truly ATOMIC HOT wings.

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