Dangerous Compliments

January 13 2015: After finding a cache of disturbing evidence, Jericho meets with May, Storm and Kate

Java Joe's

A quiet New York Coffehouse. Perfect for meetings of the discussive kind.



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It's been a couple of days since Jericho, May, Kate and Lunair encountered 'Demonsy McStanapants' (don't ask) underground outside New York and recovered a cache of rather disturbing files. Since then, the Hacker's been busier than usual doing follow up on that and keeping an eye on Black Valley in Russia. His 'follow up' is what brings him back today as close to the Tri as he's willing to get (a cafe a few blocks away) to meet with Melinda May for some… more disturbing news.

Because Lunair is involved with a certain group of secretive mutants who shall not be named, and because he's already involved Illyana (who is also connected with them, albeit less secretly) Jericho put out some polite feelers to see if someone on that end felt like coming out to meet SHIELD and hear about what's going on and why it's Very Bad News. The conversations in the last couple of days about the implications of all this haven't been encouraging, after all.

Melinda May is already at the aforementioned coffee shop, ceramic mug of toasted rice tea in her hands and the 'usual' table claimed. To the casual passerby, she probably looks like she's just waiting to meet up with a friend. Which, technically, she is. But semantics.

Ororo Munroe arrives at the cafe at the time she was told to be here. She looks about, calm but curious. If Trent is here, he's here. If he is not, she will wait. She gets in line to order a cup of coffee, preferring a Kenyan blend.

Trent arrives slightly after the two women, looking… well having his usual casual clothes on. Jeans, boots, long sleeved shirt, baseball cap. He looks like more or less anyone off the street which is rather the point, but catches Ororo's eye as he heads toward the table May's at and slides into a seat.

"Hey May…" He says quietly. "Invited one other. We'll wait till she comes on over. Have you culled the status reports from SHIELD today? HYDRA chatter said that they'd targetted a station in Italy." He hasn't been able to follow up on whether it worked or how bad it was.

Melinda May looks at Trent as he settles into the seat and shakes her head no, then pulls a phone from her pocket. It's not the one she usually uses around Jericho, but the official SHIELD one. She taps at the screen for a moment, clearly entering an access code of some sort, then her eyes quickly tracking something on the small screen. "There was activity." Her eyes focus on the hacker again. "You know about this and didn't offer any warning?" Okay, by the way she seems just the tiniest bit angry at Trent, it must have been bad.

Upon receiving her coffee, Ororo turns to follow Trent. She slips into the last chair at the table, nodding her head politely to Jericho and the unknown woman from SHIELD as she joins them. She doesn't interupt, seeing as how the SHIELD woman is giving Trent a look that says she'd like to hurt him. Let the pair of them deal with this and then they can get to the business at hand.

Jericho shakes his head. "I just heard about it this morning." He murmurs quietly. "Cell in Naples started lighting up the networks. By the time I'd put it together it was already done." He doesn't always get the information he needs in time to make use of it. And despite getting around the world very easily, he doesn't always arrive in time. Syria proved that quite well.

"I followed the attack up though, traced the network node back to an IP Address with a corresponding real world one and went to ask some pointed quiestions." The point, probably, being the sword he always has now.

"I got some more files out of them. And hello Storm. Have a seat, this'll get a little heavy."

Reaching into the pack he has with him Jericho produces a couple more files. Like the ones he showed May earlier, they're targetting files: One for Darcy Lewis and one for a woman Jericho knows as Diana Prince and much of the rest of the world knows as Wonder Woman.

Melinda May nods, clearly accepting that Trent couldn't have prevented the attack so instead did what he could to collect intel from it. She recognizes the format of the files, but when she sees that one is Lewis and the other a woman that she feels she should recognize but can't place right this moment… "How are they getting this intel?" That probably is truly the question of the hour.

Storm doesn't bat an eye when Trent uses her codename. With her rather distinctive appearance, it's fairly easy to put two and two together and figure out that she is the weather witch, especially considering SHIELD likely has files on just about everyone whether they are super or normal. She looks to the files as they are brought out, not recognizing either of the women. The format of the files, however, yes standard dossiers giving every little detail of a person's life. Picking them apart and compartmentalizing every little thing that makes them them, as if documenting a person, a complex individual with hopes and dreams, fears and aspirations, could be as simple as just words on paper.

"I don't know…" Jericho says quietly. "I know that there was an intel leak in SHIELD a year or so ago, but I don't know if you guys ever plugged it." Or if it was the only one. "But, given HYDRA's new fascination with scrying people it's possible that they're gathering intel… paranormally."

He shakes his head and sighs. "Storm, the reason I asked you over is because when I recovered the first set of these files there was one concerning one of your students. Lunair. And if you'll look in the back of the jacket you've got, you'll note a page that talks about that particular project in relation to their 'efforts to neutralize and subvert the opposition.' I don't know if they have ways of getting information on other people at your… place. Lunair has background outside there, but it's a risk…"

Jericho, May and Ororo Munroe are all meeting in a cafe near the Triskelion at lunch time. Just three people, having lunch, discussing Dossiers.

"Oh… and I found this too…" He produces another file. It's one on Kate Bishop. "That's the second one i've recovered on her. I suspect there might be multiple copoes of most of these out there."

When told that HYDRA has a dossier on one of her students, Storm's countenance grows stern. It's not so much a frown as the neutral look on her face seems to grow harder, as if keeping that neutral look right where it is. "It would seem that HYDRA has become rather interested in our students. That's the second one this year. I'll have the security at the school look into the matter." No one threatens her students. No one. At least not if they have plans for a future that involves being physically capable.

Multiple copies. Great. Just great. And probably every copy of May's includes that drawing of her dead in the middle of a demon summoning circle. These Hydra jerks are REALLY starting to get on her last nerve. May looks at the third file that Trent adds to the two already on the table. Then something occurs to her and she opens Bishop's file to check something. A tidbit of information that would not show up on SHIELD's radar, and may help them determine if Hydra's using scrying to track all of them.

She noticed yellow dog hair on Kate's clothing the other evening.

Speaking of yellow dog hair, Kate's walking said yellow puppy on the way from the Triskelion. Clint has more paperwork, Kate's done training, and the puppy needs to get out. As she walks by the cafe, she catches sight of a couple of familiar faces, arching a brow curiously and slowing down. After a moment, she steps inside, heading toward the table as one yellow lab puppy trots cheerfully at her heel.

There, indeed, in the appendix (appendix B, paragraph 2) a note that surveilance is best served with lab hair, along with another scribbled note that if they could get the right puppy this'd be a hell of a lot easier since half the attempts result in remote viewing of the wrong target. Seems like they are, at least sometimes, using paranormal methods to gather information on their targets. Incidentally the notes on Kate can't seem to decide if she's a target for recruitment or elimination… though there seems to be a slight bias in favor of just getting rid of the young archer.

"Speak of the Archer." Jericho nods in Kate's direction. "And yes. Lunair, or Armory. Also possibly a number of her prior associates. I've got people trying to track them down now." One of them is Lunair herself. "Right now I've got two separate people being targeted for separate reasons by the same group of Magi. Which makes me suspect that it's all connected… somehow. I just can't figure out how. Mean time I figured it was best that you two knew that the others were involved."

Flipping through the files, Storm simply shakes her head. So much detail, but do they really give you an idea of what these women are like? She looks up when Jericho mentions the archer. She nods her head politely and sips at her coffee, moving her chair over to make room for the fourth to their party. "I could ask Hank, but he's busy on a project right now. He gets very focussed, so interupting him won't be helpful. However, we have other members that are equally skilled with computers and security."

"Hey," Kate smiles crookedly to the group, though she pauses when she sees a file with her name and pictures on it. "Aww, c'mon, really? Is this some league of assassins thing? Because I got the message when the dude showed up in my living room." Kate, it seems, has some security issues.

She shifts the leash to one hand, offering the other to Storm. "Hi, I'm Kate," she introduces herself. "This is Hawkdog," she adds when the puppy starts sniffing under the table for forgotten snacks.

Jericho chuckles and slips Hawkdog a bit of bacon. "No. Remember that den we raided? Found files in it among other things. One of them was on you. I kicked over another Snake hole in Italy and found a copy." He waves a page of the file in question. "The worrying part, May, Storm, is the fact that I can't be sure I've got the entire target list. Nor can I be sure how ready they are to act on their target list. I'm working on that part though. Illyana's helping me. Oh! Storm, this is Kate Bishop. She's very good people."

Melinda May taps at the little note in Kate's file, proving that they are using scrying at least part of the time. That's … really disturbing. She considers asking Fenris what he knows about scrying and how to block it. Then Kate shows up WITH the dog and she nods to the young archer. The puppy snuffling about gets a briefly raised eyebrow. "We need to find a way to either block what they're doing, or turn it back on them. Use their scrying to scry back."

God. She can't believe she just said that.

Offering her hand to Kate, she nods with just the hint of a smile, just enough to be polite. Her sense of detatchment gives her a regal air, even here in a small coffee shop in New York. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Bishop. Please, call me Miss Munroe, or Ororo. I only use Storm when I am working." She takes a long slow sip at her coffee. "It would seem, Mr. Trent, that you already have the one person I would recommend to you on the matter. My knowledge of magick is tribal. This seems more arcane and therefore out of anything I could help with."

Kate's brows rise when she gets a look at the file. "That's…charmingly creepy. And, as a side note?" She lifts a chain at her neck, dangling a pendant that looks like a tightly wadded piece of steel wool wrapped in copper wire. "Constantine made me this. It's meant to keep the mirror woman from showing up around me, but supposedly it should have made scrying more…difficult and potentially uncomfortable. I haven't really tested the theory, though. Not something I want to try on my friends."

She flips through the file, skimming the words. "Also, I'm guessing the league of assassins has a similar one, since Ra's al Ghul showed up at my apartment to warn me off Damian," she adds with a grimace. "That whole space station thing is looking better by the minute. Nice to meet you, Miss Munroe," she adds with a polite nod to Storm. Hawkdog, meanwhile, has decided he likes this Trent guy. He has bacon.

That gets a sharp look from Jericho, more that assassins would visit Kate than anything else. While the two don't work together often Jericho likes Kate well enough. "Any trouble you need help with?"

"I'm a bit less concerned about magical expertise, Ororo, than I am about security at your facility. Most places I know of aren't secured against magical intrusion and if they come with any firepower well…" He shakes his head. "They've already found you once." He was there for that part. It was ugly.

"Not saying they'll strike directly again but I figured if anyone could take precautions to keep the students safe it'd be a teacher."

Kate's charm and May's comment get a nod and an interested look. "Might be way the file says they're having trouble tracking you. Unfortunately you're alraedy on the Radar so they'll be looking for you. And May. And they already struck an annex in Italy today. I'm guessing." Since May didn't give him details. Jericho picks up Hawkdog and starts to pet him behind the ears. "Been doing anything that fascist conspiricies would disapprove of lately?" That's sort fo a general question.

Constantine. May mentally files away that name after Kate mentions it, as another potential resource to fight back against Hydra's delving into the arcane. She looks at Ororo again and mentally resolves to talk with Fenris. Students at a school will NOT be put at risk if she has any say in the matter. "Not that I'm aware of," she replies to Trent's question, and honestly it rankles a little that she doesn't know. Possibly the first time ever that SHIELD's 'need to know' way of doing things is grating on her.

"If Fenris is as adept at this as you claim, I will talk to the Professor about letting him into the school to raise our defenses against magic. Frankly, if an Asgardian wanted to harm the students, we'd have more to worry about then HYDRA," says Storm. She then smiles softly down into her mug. "Besides, he doesn't seem the sort to be into the reckless endangerment of children, in spite of his fearsome reputation."

"It's kind of my thing," Kate answers Trent's question of fascist conspiracies, smile crooked. "I'm okay, though. I think. Mostly. I talked to Stark about some security systems, so I'll probably be working on that." Hawkdog's tail wags swiftly, and he does his best to get a finger to gnaw on. They still taste like bacon!

"I know of someone. If he is as adept at magick as he claims, I will talk to the Professor about letting him into the school to raise our defenses against magic. Frankly, if an Asgardian wanted to harm the students, we'd have more to worry about then HYDRA," says Storm. She then smiles softly down into her mug. "Besides, he doesn't seem the sort to be into the reckless endangerment of children, in spite of his fearsome reputation."

Jericho chuckles and pulls his fingers away from the puppy. None of that now. More bacon can be a thing though. And very shortly is. "Security from Stark is good. That over at the Sheler you mean or wherever you live? Both are probably a good idea and… honestly considering whose involved don't discount the possibility of civilians being used as leverage or collateral damage."

"May… I'd like to talk to you maybe about a way of linking my infiltration of HYDRA's network to your systems without compromising me. Even if it's just setting up something to text your personal phone when I get an alert of a problem. And that sounds like a good idea Storm… I wish I had something more solid for you right now than 'be careful, they're after you' but hopefully I'll have something to work with soon. I'm headed down to Central America soon to investigate with Illyana… you've not met her I don't think Kate. And now that I think about it if any of you end up being free when that happens…"

Maria Hill comes into East Side from Midtown Manhattan.

Maria Hill heads out to The Triskelion.

Melinda May nods to Jericho and without hesitation pulls her personal phone to hand to the hacker. Ororo's comment about an Asgardian with a fearsome reputation actually has her nod. "I think I know who you refer to. Do ask. And if nothing else, he can likely ward around the perimeter of your school grounds." She seems to have no comment for Kate's problems, but she's taking mental notes, possibly planning to drop in on that shelter and check the physical security there herself. And Trent probably takes it for a given that she'll be ready to help him as she can, even with quick jaunts to other continents.

FInishing her coffee, Ororo puts her mug down. "Well, if you have no further need of me, I must get this information to the Professor as soon as possible and see what we can do to protect the school and the students. If HYDRA is now using magick to spy on people, I do not wish them to get anything on the children that have been given into our care." She stands up, tall and regal, her head held high in a way that hints that she is looking down at you. Mind you, considering her height and love of high heels, she tends to look down at most people anyway. "It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss May, Miss Bishop. Should you ever have need of us, X-Men Red can get word to me."

"Stark's people took care of the shelter," Kate nods to Trent. Of course they did. Kate's a world-class archer, martial artist, and boxer. Kate can take care of herself. Most of the time. "It's been good so far. That's why I'm thinking of setting something similar up at the apartment." As Ororo stands, she nods, smile polite. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Munroe."

More bacon? Hawkdog is in heaven. Taking a bigger piece, he lies down in Trent's lap to get a better grip for gnawing on it.

"Glad to hear it." Stark seems to have good people in it. Probably because Tony Stark has a conscious and a Pepper Potts. "I'll follow up with you when it's safe. I don't want to bring the things that usually follow me around with me, but you can get ahold of me any time if you need a hand with something." The young Archer has proven able to get ahold of him before.

"See you later Ororo." Much later, probably. "And May I'll be in touch." He does feel bad about not being able to warn about the attack on that annex. Even getting intel out of the incident doesn't quite make up for it.

"Anything for me before I head out?"

Melinda May nods politely to Ororo as she takes her leave, then shakes her head no to Trent, finishing up her own tea. "Just keep me in the loop." She takes up her phone and sends a message to Lewis, telling her officially that any excursions off of SHIELD grounds require an escort until further notice.

"I'll keep in touch," Kate promises, shaking her head at the dog with a smirk as she reaches out to coax him off Trent's lap. "Good to see you again, Trent. And thanks for the heads up," she adds with a bemused look at the file. "Nice to know I'm…sort of doing something right. Or something."


"You are. It's a bit of a compliment. A dangerous one, but if they're looking at getting rid of you or subverting you it means that you're both good and in the way." Jericho stands himself. "Contact you both soon. Stay safe in the mean time." With a nod and a last drink of coffee he makes sure Kate has Hawkpup in hand and heads on out.

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