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January 13, 2015: Zatanna performs at a fundraiser Nate and Rose are present at. They mingle!

The Bronx

Rented locale for a Children's Fundraiser.



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Zatanna Zatara is a relatively well know Stage Magician. Not quite as well known as her father, but well known none the less. Which is pretty remarkable when you consider she's 19 years old but that's what happens when your father takes you on tour with him and shows the ropes. Having recently returned from a tour of Canada with her cousin, Zachary, Zee has been negotiating to setup a show of her own in the tri-cities. Word has spread and she's now being asked to attend and perform at Corporate functions, charity dos and the like.

Today, she's been asked to perform for a childrens charity and is just finishing up her act. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope I've managed to entertain and mesmerize you today. Please, dig deep and give to the wonderful cause we're here to support today…" Bowing, the raven-haired woman steps from the ''stage'' and into the small crowd of people waiting to talk to her, a radiant smile on her face. Snagging a glass of sparkingly white wine from a passing waiter, Zee sips the wine as she signs autographs and speaks to those gathered around her.


Once again, Nate managed to drag Rose out and they ended up at a fund raising event. He wanted to see magicians. He had no idea Zatanna would be the main one. She was great, but also showed Nate he still has much to learn. But he uses his powers to supply lack of technique.

"I am quite sure she didn't use any real magic," he comments to Rose, looking somewhat gloomy. Not that he wanted to see real magic (wait, maybe he did!) but mostly because he is feeling amateurish. Which he is. What he has learned about stage magic he did in his spare time while traveling or talking to magicians in theaters.


Nate and his love of magic leave Rose sanding there and watching the performance, but the look on her face is one of repugnance. If not for the fact of the 'stuffy' atmosphere… Its for what she is 'stuffed' in. After about an hour the glamour of a nice dress starts sinking into discomfort, itchiness and the desire to rip free of it. Clothestrophobia perhaps? Either way a dress up session back where they were from ended badly and she remembered that dress, the mansion, and how she shredded that bastard with glee while locked in the eerie building of Nate's friends.

Needless to say that single blue occular is shifting over the faces with disdain and assessment akin to her alike. White hair is partially held up in a bun, many falling braids giving it a near viking style all the while the front part sweeps down and covers the patched over eye.

One hand rises up and /scraaatttccchheess/ nails slowly dragging up ad down along her outer thigh to her hip where the dress gaped open. Fashionable. Versace in a sheer drop of a gown, held in place by straps while it almost appears to darken only where it 'counts' with beaded and finely embroidered black roses.

"Umm, what you just said is rather ironic…" Her words trail as she now itches at the lining that arches an opening at her side where ribcage is left bare. "Like this dress."


The crowd around Zee is thinning, though it never fully disappears, as she sips her wine and offers smiles and words of encouragement to those around her. A gentleman in his mid 30's, steps forward to shake her hand and then steps in beside her, snaking an arm around her shoulders for a photo opportunity and doesn't release her when the photo is done. The young woman steps to side disengaging his arm and smiling politely, but with a touch of chill in her look.

It's then she sees the gloomy, rather tall, young man and the striking blonde who looks so uncomfortable. A warm smile touches her eyes as she looks at them, inviting them to join her even though she is still signing autographs and speaking with those closest to her.

One woman with a cute little girl, about seven years old, holding her hand approaches Zee. The young magician crouches down to speak to the moppet, smiling as she reaches forward to pull a card from behind the girls ear. The little girl laughs delightedly and Zee then pulls a small toy from out of thin air and presents it to the girl (anyone with the ability to sense 'real' magic will get a ping on their senses for that one).


Nate gives Rose a guarded smirk. "I do like your 'ironic dress', Rosie. But you are obviously uncomfortable, so I think you are doing something wrong." But for him it is always easier, he just rearranged telekinetically his clothes to suit the situation.

Speaking of uncomfortable, oddly enough Zatanna also seems to go through some discomfort. Creepy old men and all. Nate reaches psionically to touch lightly the minds of the annoying fans and 'pushes' them to leave her alone. He has no way to sense 'real' magic, but pulling a toy out of nothing out of the stage certainly makes him suspect she just did it. "Hey, lets talk with her," he suggests to Rose, "she is a meta, y'know? I think the news said she was with the Titans group the other day."


"When am I not?" Rose remarks, done digging a finger in between the rubber stripped edge to stop the seam from making her skin itch. "Forgive me for not being able to 'manipulate' my way in and out of some things." Nate's smirk is returned, but the smirk fades slightly with Zatanna's gesture and Nate's small press to make them go nearer to the magically attuned celebrity.

In that pensive approach Rose is waiting for something to go horribly wrong, and to make that go away she snares two glasses of that 'bubbly' off a tray, her other hand taking one for Nate and holding it to him. "I like my secrets." Rose murmurs just before they are beside Zatanna and Rose is nodding to her in greeting just before she looks off along the faces of the crowd.
Nate Grey pages: does she mean she doesn't want talk about powers?


Some of the fans do step back a little. The mid 30's guy certainly took the hint, whether that was from her chilly smile or the psionic push, who can tell. But there are still those who aren't annoying and Zee gives them her attention. Amazingly, her glass of wine is only barely touched and anyone observant enough may suspect it's as much a prop as anything else.

After signing an autograph and shaking hands with another older gentleman, Zee glances up again just as the couple come near. Smiling the raven-haired woman holds out her hand "Hello, I'm Zee. What has you looking so gloomy?"


Nate grins at the sorceress, "who is gloomy? Me?" The young man shrugs, "maybe somewhat envious, but not gloomy. I am Nate, this is Rose," he adds, making quick introductions. "I am professionally interested in stage magic, so when I see I still have much to learn, I may get… hmm?" He glances to Rose. "I wasn't gloomy, was I?"


"You sort of looked like someone kicked your puppy. Just a little." In emphasis to what she said, Rose raises a hand and leaves a small gap between thumb and index finger of the hand relieved of the drink she offered Nate.

Now she downs one of the two glasses in a solid knock back and uses a single finger to dab off any excess upon lips, trying hard to retain 'lady like'. "Rose." She backs his introduction and then looks between Nate and Zee, a brow arching with a small smile surfacing, stepping to the side and shifting her stance, a thrust of hip to the side. "He was wondering how /real/ your magic is." Though the level of Nate's desire to learn is now fully revealed. Blink.


Zee grins back "Pleased to meet you Nate and Rose" and nods to Rose "Just a tad gloomy looking but not much." Cocking her head, Zee looks up at the young man "A professional interest in Stage Magic. Does that mean you want to be a magician, or do you just wish to learn all our secrets?" Zee teases lightly, a warm smile on her lips. Shrugging slightly she adds "I still feel I have much to learn when I watch my Dad perform too." Seeing Rose down the bubbly, her eyes crinkle slightly in amusement "Would you like another?" and signals for a drinks waiter.

As they're talking, fans still filter past the trio and Zee gives smiles and nods to them all. Those that stop and ask for autographs are obliged, but the young magician keeps the majority of her attention on the couple in front of her.

Roses question about how /real/ her magic is gets another smile and a small shrug "What you saw today is illusion, sleight of hand. Pure magicians tricks." With a flourish, Zee takes a card from behind Roses ear "Nothing special really, just lots of practice required once the trick is known." Zee chuckles "As much misdirection and anything else as well. You know 'hey look over there, whilst I do something here.'"


Nate mock-glares Rose, "I wasn't… I mean, I think everything on the stage was, er… real stage magic, not sorcery," oh look, he has a drink in his hand. Gloomy, uh? He sips from the drink. "I am a magician, 'Nate the Great', just never bothered to take it seriously before. And I probably won't have time to do it really… professionally, I guess. But I love it. I just have to cheat for the most difficult tricks." He lifts the glass, hides it with a hand for two seconds. When he moves the hand down the glass has changed shape and color. Now it is green glass. "Not sorcery, but psionics can take you quite far, y'know? And it is still amusing."


"Ohh, red.." Rose remarks on the wine as the waiter Zee hailed comes over bearing a tray of red and whites. Don't mind if she does! She downs the other white she had snared earlier and places both empty glasses on the tray in exchange for another two. Keeping her hands full keeps her from scratching at the sticky contours of her dress.

Nodding a thank you to Zee she defers to listening to the exchange between them, now knowing asto why Nate wished to come, watching his display.

"If there has been anything you should take from me Nate, is to find the time to do the things you truly desire to." Pause as she looks from Nate to Zee. "All work and no play. Hmm?" A small lift of one of the glass and the red is drained. There's the extent of her magic. Making the liquor disappear.


"Nate The Great" Zee's smile gets bigger "Always a pleasure to meet a fellow magician, even if he thinks he cheats…" She's teasing still, in a friendly way of course "Why wouldn't you have time to do it professionally now?" That has Zee's interest and the glass colour gets an impressed look. "That… is a neat trick. Psionics … huh, so does that mean you you've tricked my brain into seeing that's green or have you manipulated the matter itself?" Fascinated Zee is fascinated.

Rose gets a small tilt of Zees head and she nods slowly "Balance in all things… work and pleasure. It's one of the things that I'm still learning." The speed at which the wine disappears this time has Zee blinking slightly and she takes another small sip of her wine.


"Because there are more important things," explains Nate, "you should know, you are with the Titans, right? Well, for mutants it about twice the work. If it is not someone gunning for everyone, equalitarian in the murder, then it is gonna be someone gunning just for us, muties. I swear we get twice the psychos."

He shakes the glass, grinning again. "But this was physical. Getting into people's head without warning is a good way to piss them off. Also, sometimes one or two folks in the public that happen to be resistant. On the other hand on stage is one of the few times people love to hear someone knows what they are thinking. And the balance… hah, if only I could choose. I am more a seize-the-chances-I-see kinda guy. I find this kind of living has too many lows and not enough highs."


"Here is your chance, Nate. Seize it." Rose says with a tilt of her one remaining glass towards Zee and a small smile to the woman. Rose is finally letting that tense guard down 3 glasses in, no longer avidly hunting for the end to this fine gathering, and she is completely ignoring the itchy feel of her dress.

"Nothing is more important then the /thrills/." Winking to them both she downs that final glass and as someone passes she snares the small event flir from their back pocket, one side reading about this fundraiser and another flier stuck to it reading about a bar crawl just down the strip. This only noted as she fans herself with the pilfered ad… Making her pause.

"Speaking of. Zee. Post being a pillar of fame and fortune I do not suppose you seek to seize a night? It's a little /stuffy/ in here." And with that she hands Nate the flyer and sets the fourth empty glass aside, heading into the crowd. "If so you both know where to find me."

Though just before she disappears in a swirl of bodies she slides fingers into the garter upon thigh, accessed through the split in her dress' skirt, tossing a small folded and clipped mix of billsto Zee.

"For the cause." Deuces!


"Yes, I'm with the Titan, but I still have my show. Have to pay the bills somehow, right?" Crime fighting doesn't pay bills, sometimes it just adds to them. She shrugs "I know it's hard for the mutants, but the XMen Red team do a good job of managing that." The explanation about the glass gets a raised eyebrow "That's a neat little trick and yeah, mind magic… dangerous stuff." Roses relaxing has the young magician blinking. Catching the bundle of bills as they're tossed to her, Zee calls "Cheers, and thank you Rose… nice meeting you…" to the womans departing back before turning a bemused look to Nate. "I ahhh have to finish up here… according to my manager, the event is due to finish in about an hour."

"I'd say just… go with the flow, and flee," states Nate. "But if you really seek balance, maybe no," he turns to go, but then he adds. "It was great to meet you, Zatanna. I'll try to get tickets for your show next week. Take care."

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