A Reunion of Sorts

January 14, 2015: Dick Grayson and Starfire have a reunion six years in the making.

Queensland Park, Metropolis



Mood Music: It is lights out across Metropolis, and despite the power loss people here seem to be uplifted. Starfire has gone from one neighborhood to the next assuring the people are fine, and it seems the same story all across Metropolis. Starfire is where she is always mainly found. Queensland Park.


Many cultures are pressed to the olde cobbled streets, instead of wasting the meats and produce to downed power and a lack of refrigeration or ample heat they do it the older ways as well. Vendors are lined up, making the meats into smoked, preserved and jerked, the produce also grilled and steamed over open pits of flame and makeshift smokers, friers, or their own personal grills. Songs of their countries play and are sung while children play in the snow drifts that have been made to clear paths.

Here there are no double takes at Starfire or her crew that are scattered amongst the vendors. Orn, the large alien yeti look alike is gathering raw vegetables and smoked meats, K'tten already having come and gone in her anti-social technical basement (starship) dwelling ways, DePaulo never leaving the ship unless it is absolutely necessary, but keeping readouts from above to ensure what has passed is truly done.

Starfire sits beside a vendor, a pack of children around her, it taking three to gather up that length of flame huen hair and twist it into a solid braid, almost like a scene from Rapunzel, but the tawny skinned alien does not completely fit the bill, not in that armor, nor with pupilless jade eyes that narrow in shared laughter with one of the vendors as they exchange words in his native tongue.

As far as they know she is simply a travelled meta - safety and comfort.

Dick Grayson really should be in Gotham. He really should be there to make sure that certain parasitic fiends who live under the rocks in that city don't take the attacks to be their gains. However, he's not the only one in town to help out — their 'ranks' of good guys, so to speak, has grown in the last few months.

Perhaps that's why he took his cycle and went down to Metropolis.

Frankly, they got it worse.

He's actually turned the infrared vision on in his helmet as he got closer to the city since it's so dark without the streetlights on the highways or the thoroughfares. But he's not headed towards the Power Plant. There wouldn't be anything he could do there. No, he's headed towards Queensland Park.

A little birdie told him that he might find an old friend there and these days, it would be nice to have more friends.

Pulling up to one end of the street, he parks the motorcycle, locks up the helmet, and begins to make his way through the vendors, blue eyes darting about for a familiar face. It doesn't take him too long to find her, especially in the darker, grayer landscape of a city during the Winter. He moves over to the vendor she's speaking with, glances over the wares, and then purchases something to eat. The least he can do right now is help keep commerce going. He may be buying something from every vendor on this street before the day is out.

There's sometimes this feeling, that /sensation/, that you should look up, or walk away and not look at all - don't look back. Starfire is not good at the latter. She likes to pretend she is, who doesn't? It's a weakness. But here, this place, these people. They are /hers/, they sit right below the dead lazed hover of her ship, an unseen looming shadow of protection they don't even know exists. Not yet.

So what does Starfire do, slowly her eyes shift from the children and the vendor towards that incessant feeling of /don't/, and /does/. With eyes like hers it is hard to tell where directly she is looking, but the reflection tells all, the mirrored image of the dark haired young man with cool eyes.

"Gomen ne." She says in Japanese to the older gentlemen, her head bowing lightly as his does in return, the children releasing her with ease, that braid not yet done and falling loose down her back nearly to the ground as she rises.

The more she looks, the more she remembers, whether she wants to or not. Plucking up a starfruit she spins it between fingers like a fine gem, leaning a hip upon the arrayed table of wares beside him. "Not a face I have seen here before…" Take it how you wish, she left those words lingering towards Dick, while she focused moreso on the fruit.

Yet Dick knew just where to go. Little Birds know a lot sometimes. The vendor is paid and he turns towards the voice, offering a grin, "I'm not usually down here…and I wasn't expecting to see you, either!" Maybe not ever again, it's been so long. He steps a little closer so that they can better have a conversation without shouting across the vendor's grill, "When I heard that you were here, I wanted to come say 'Hi'. Bad timing, I know," he looks around at the darkened city.

"But I'm glad they have you here." Blue eyes look up at the ship, "You…and a crew?" Apparently Little Birds don't talk -too- much about details.

The ship is typically a thing unseen, but tonight is clear save the occasional looming pass of clouds, and it is not hard to miss when the clouds clear a path and the stars seem to take on a totally different pattern of light. Not to the trained eye. The denizens overlook it, it appeared almost a year ago subtly and it is their stars, it blends enough to not draw question - especially to those who do not 'believe'.

Dick knows better.

Starfire is not looking at him yet, not even as he speaks and moves closer, the studious turn of the fruit in her fingers ceases though to a simple light hold, steadied. No, there are some faces one never thinks they would see again, and circumstance holds it there, and when it happens…

Now that emerald refraction looks up and the smile is there, playing upon the corners of her deep purple lips. "Hello, Dick." Yes she remembers, the more he talks, and the more she decides to let go of her desires to /forget/ it floods back with the unveiling of a simple blink it seems.

"Yeah.. They're what's left and this is home now." Pausing she tilts her head slightly. "There could be worse timing, no better then now!" She says with a gesture to the faces that show happiness despite it all. "How.." Her brow furrows in a moment of thought. ".. How have you been?"

"Kori," is the returned greeting, still with a smile. "I've been all right, thanks. And you…" she says so much when she mentions that the crew is 'what's left' and that timings could be worse. Dick glances around at the others, making the most of a difficult situation — so different than Gotham. If this were to happen there…he even shudders, not wanting to think about it.

"Wow…I mean, when I heard that you were here, I wasn't sure if I should even believe it. I…How are -you-?" He then remembers that he has a plate of food in his hand, "Oh…are you hungry?" It's sort of an in-between thought as he goes back to, "What have you been doing these six years? Has it been six years?" It sounds so short but seems so long.

Starfire is smiling at Dick, though she is watching /him/ moreso then hearing his words, his reactions, his body language tells all. "It is worse elsewhere?" A misread, but perhaps not so much. She is setting the starfruit down now, slowly but neatly where it was taken from exactly.

His offer shows her flick of gaze from the plate to him and then back, reaching for his plate and plucking a piece up to pop it past her lips and chew. It gave her the time she needed to think over the answer to the question she did not want to talk about. The reason she chose to forget. Several of them, even him.

Should have walked away..

"Something like that." Kori responds when she is done mulling over things, still trying to keep others out, a hand rising to push that red hair from her face and tuck it behind her ear to join the falling braid. "Learning a lot."

Kori is having a hard time trying to block things out, she did not want to block him out, a friend, someone who knew her before… But with that comes everything else and she had to shift her mood, even the vendor was looking curiously over to them, to which she reclaimed a cheshire smile, bowed to him and turned.

"Let's walk! You should see it all, these people are amazing, their food is delicious and Orn has been trying to learn…" Looking back over the slope of purple armored shoulder she stops and studies Dick a moment. "What have you been doing? You look well."

The offer of the food isn't made lightly and there's a chuckle as his invitation to share in the food is accepted. The smile fades a little as she asks about other places, "Not every place is like Metropolis. But I think that damage in the other places isn't quite as far-reaching." It's just so dark! It's…interesting. It also means that one can look up and really see the stars here — something most city-dwellers don't really get to see.

Maybe that's how Dick figured out the starship.

"Learning is good…" he begins, but gives a nod as she offers to take a walk. Keeping pace with her, he also nibbles some at the food before she stops and asks him, "Thank you…I…well…" he looks about, "I'm sort of back in the 'family business," if she remembers what that is. "But I'm also training to be a Police Officer. It was the best way for me to help Gotham even more since I didn't want to work in an office."

His smirk is turned back on her and it's a little wry, "You're being evasive, you know." But he knows better than to press her. "Do you mind being here? Do you need anything?"

"Is my help required?" Starfire asks in regards to the other places. Returning she sought to keep low key, but the affirmation of this being her one and only home is making it hard. Earth -is- her home, these people are her people, and she won't let it happen again… Low key is going out the window bit by bit when a warrior's stance is backed with heart, a different heart then what Dick saw years ago. The childlike awe and wonder is still there but trained, careful.

Listening to Dick she smiles lightly, her head tilting with it in a near endearing show of gesture. "Once a hero.." She nods and walks along side him, her height tipping just above his, and using the difference to her advantage she reaches in and steals another bit of his food, a rapid motion followed by her looking off like an 'innocent'.

"Evasive? No. I would rather enjoy this moment right now is all." A sidelong glance to him has that smile trying to resurface. "I love it here, but here isn't just this place and if I want a change in sight it is not hard for me to simply…Go." His inquiry on her needing anything has her throughtful again, her head slowly shaking.

"Everything I need now or will need seems to be coming when it is ready." Now the smile is back, wistful as she looks around and then at him. "Now I see why you were the way you were, and why you do what you do." Perhaps not oin the same light, but… Different eyes.

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