Dinner Date with an accused Murderer

January 15, 2015: Ronnie and Barry discuss how things are going. All things considered.


It's Chinatown…



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Chinatown: home of broken dreams. Also, some pretty excellent restaurants! That's why Ronnie Hautzig texted Barry Allen to come and meet her for dinner at one of them. She's hesitant to call it a date, really, because it's awkward to say 'hey want to go on date night' when your boyfriend is being investigated for unseemly crimes.

Not that Ronnie believes that Barry did any of it — she's just been trying to be a good friend in addition to a good girlfriend, and give him whatever space he needs. She's been taking out her frustrations by stepping up her activities as Eventide. The Central Park thing got her in the news, so now people are afraid of her. She likes that. It's fun.

But no one's afraid of the frazzled hippie grad student sitting in Jade Empress, which she picked because it also has self-serve frogurt in case Barry would rather skip right to dessert in the most literal possible sense. She's keeping her options open, as she sits at the table and fiddles with her phone, crushing candies.

"Hey," Barry says as he slides into the seat with a smile. As bad as he might look, he's clean shaven. A deal is a deal. And despite everything he's going through, he gives her a million watt smile, clearly happy to see her. "Ronnie," he says, having not seen her in a couple days and looking on her with renewed eyes puts a little pep in his step, so to speak. He almost doesn't remember he has important things to ask her, so just starts up with the softball statements and questions. "So, I didn't do it."

"Well… duh," is Ronnie's response, as she quits her little game without saving and puts her phone in her bag. She brings her brown eyes to meet Barry's, and then can't help but form a mischievous little smile, biting back a laugh. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't — it's not funny, it's really not. But… you, a" She drops her voice to a near-whisper for a couple syllables, "a killer, it's like… yeah, no. Dream on." Her smile fades into a more pleasant expression of just being happy to be at the table she's at. "I believe you, Barry. I really do."

"Well, good," Barry responds with a bit of a laugh. "Because what I'm going to say next is probably not going to be very welcomed. But I'm really bad at keeping things from people. I mean, I'm a terrible liar, and I really don't feel comfortable lying to you or holding things back from you, so I'm just going to say it: I think you were one of those heroes that helped at Central Park the other day. Costume…whole bit."

Ronnie makes this weird face like she wants to laugh but maybe not laugh because it's funny and she bites her bottom lip and for some reason shows way too much teeth in doing so and it's just awkward and really silly looking. She's about to say another word when a waiter pops up.

"We're, um, uh, we need a second still," Ronnie blurts, and waits for them to leave, staring a hole in the back of the waiter's head. Her brown eyes turn to Barry: "I was gonna tell you, you know. I mean, I really was, um. But. I don't know. It's like, when's a good time to… I kinda figured you had enough on your plate right now."

Barry chuckles, "Well, whether or not you told me really isn't any of my business. I mean, your life is your own and I'm only really a little piece of that. A little piece that seems like I'm getting the whole piece of you in trouble every time I see you." He sighs, almost sadly. "I think it was pretty great what you guys did on Sunday." He has an ankle bracelet. If he'd had tried to be there, well. You know.
Ronnie reacts like a cool breeze just hit her unexpectedly. She pushes her dye-fried hair out of her eyes and says, in a sort of quiet voice, "You feel bigger than just a little piece." She breathes out and says, "I mean, it might be, you know, um, but whatever, I'm not taking it back, if you were a little piece I wouldn't… ugh, you know. I mean. You know what I mean." Ronnie totally fails to articulate herself. "But… yeah. I mean… it's probably the same for you? You can do things other people can't, so you need to do what's right with them."

Barry's eyebrows go wide in surprise at her comments, then come together in thought, then release in confusion. "Actually, I have no idea what you mean." He can't help but chuckle, but eventually he nods. "You're right. I mean, we're kind of the only thing out there that can handle much of what's out there these days."

Ronnie twirls a blonde curl of hair around one finger as Barry admits to having no clue what she means. "I don't either," she says quietly. The other part of what Barry says brings her back around from this moment of embarassment or whatever. "Yeah. I mean… we do it in two kinda different ways, but… you know, every angle should be covered, you know…?"

Barry nods, "I agree. And listen, I don't know what kind of rules you've created for yourself, but if you ever want to come with me down to STAR Labs and meet the gang, I mean, you'd be welcome. I have a friend who would love to take a look at what kind of tech you're using." Pause. "He likes the toys."

"I bought schematics for a grapple thingy off of, like, an online Bitcoin type forum," Ronnie admits. "And then I found another guy on it who built them for me." She did do these things. But both of the people she dealt with were SHIELD agents. It was just about looking official. "I mean… I don't know if you've seen the kind of press I usually get, so I don't usually get, um, invitations to hang out." She puts her face in her hands for a moment, like she's trying not to laugh. "How did you… know it was me?"

"What do you mean by the press you get? What kind of press do you get?" Barry asks honestly. For whatever reason he didn't even check into more about her. Perhaps he felt he was invading her privacy enough already. "It was your hair. Dark roots," Barry says with a grin. "Don't take it personally, I mean, I work with detectives."

Ronnie looks up, up, up, as if trying to examine her own forehead. "Oh," she says, a bit defeated. Then she seems to deflate further as she tries to figure out how to explain her news coverage. "I clean up on… you know, scumbags. Not crazy costumed types. Drug dealers. Human traffickers. Predators gunning for sex workers. The real kinda… back-alley stuff. And you know, you beat them up and some of them get mouthy to a reporter and, well…" Ronnie sounds like the whole thing is irritating to her, like she's mad at reporters. "I mean… I get the same kinda press Spider-Man does. The Daily Bugle loves to hate me."

Barry ohs, a bit. He's not read the news in he doesn't know how long, and most of his information has come through Caitlin in spurts between missions and all of it has to do specifically with what he needs to know. "I've always lucked out with the press." Talk about two ends of the spectrum.

Ronnie shrugs a bit helplessly. "Well, I don't do it to get good press. But… y'know, I'm not surprised you get a good deal from them. You're… you." She gestures vaguely. "You just have that sense about you. Like you're a decent guy. Like, I don't know, Captain America or something."

"I could never be Captain America," Barry says as he shakes his head, clearly not believing her. "I wouldn't know how to act. I can't even fathom it." Nevertheless, he takes the comment as a big compliment, of course. "A decent guy on trial for murder, right?"

"Well, just be you and I'm happy," Ronnie says. "That's all I'd ever ask of you." She runs a hand through her hair, as if suddenly self-conscious of it, occasionally glancing around like she's looking to see if anyone's looking at it. "And you'll beat that. C'mon. It's gotta be some… bad guy, or something."

"I'm sure it is," Barry says with a smile. "But finding him is the trick. That's what I've been working on the last week. That cop that busted me? Hammerman? Turns out he had a storage unit full of evidence about the case. I've been holed up in there. You should come take a look sometime if you're free. Maybe after dinner if you don't have plans."
"Sure," Ronnie says, exuberantly — almost like the date really begins when it turns into a superhero investigation. Because it's true.

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