Ice cream and Castles

<January 14, 2015>: Booster comes to visit the Titans upon hearing that one of them was wounded at the attack.

The Titans' Castle




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Evening in the castle. It's been a slow couple of days for Vorpal, he's been mostly staying in the castle to tend to Gar's recovery. At some point Vorpal had the idea to find a way to get Gar a change of scene without braining himself by keeping illusions running for eight hours straight (yesterday was a very interesting day)- through careful application of the rabbit hole and a construct stretcher for mobility, Vorpal was able to move Gar into the living room sofa so he could have a good view of the garden and use of the wide-screen television.

Afterwards, he switched over to his human form to rest a bit and sits on the floor next to the couch, watching TV.

"Is the couch comfortable over there, Broccoli?" Keith asks, yawning a little. He was still a little brain-fried, but the coffee that he was cradling in his hands was helping little by little.

One Garfield Logan, Esq., the guy who takes care of everything, is injured. He hates being injured. He used to hide in his cave ROOM when this happened, but he's been solicitously cared for whether he likes it or not. He does, but he'll never tell anyone that.

"It's the guest couch, it's only comfortable for an hour and a half. But I've only been in it an hour," Gar says. The holes in his arm, shoulder, and gut have stopped bleeding and leaking entirely. This is a good sign.

For once Zee is at the Castle and not gallivanting, or teleporting, all over the tri cities. Wandering into the living room, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, just in time to hear Gars response to Keith. "Well that answers the question I was about to ask" she smiles brightly at Gar as she walks over to give him a gentle hug. "Hey Keith… big day for you by the looks of it." the young magician tilts her head in assessment. "I was going to get some Icecream, you guys want some?" she asks as she makes her way towards Keith to give him a hug too.

When Booster Gold flies in, he lands at the front entry to the castle and is perhaps a little surprised that he gets buzzed in. "Hi," he calls out, hands cupped to either side of his mouth, because it always feels awkward to just walk into someone else's home when you feel insufficiently announced. He sticks with walking, then, finding his way to the living room. "Dudes. I hope I'm not interrupting team business."

Miguel walks in holding the remains of a vente mocha caramel latte, which he drains and tosses into the nearest garbage can. He's smiling, almost beaming, and he walks over to Gar's bed to check on him. "How's things?" he says, giving the green youth a quick look-see. Then there is mention of ice cream. "I will totally kill for ice cream, yes!" He doesn't seem particularly preturbed about Booster seeing his real face, since heck he doesn't know him from Adam's housecat.

GAME: Vorpal has set the pose order to Keef/Garf/Zeef/Boof/Miguef

"Heh, don't complain, I'll make you some construct pillows if you get uncomfortable." Keith smirks. This isn't the first time he's had to care for someone- although the care he gave his mother is distinctly different from the care Gar needs, but the basics are the same. Gar kept him safe and alive when the Druids tried to kill him, now he was returning the favor by being the best nurse he could be.

"Hey Zee!" he says, hugging his friend back and getting to his feet as she comes to him. "I think ice cream sounds delicious… " he looks at Booster coming through the door as he looks over Zee's shoulder, and then a wild Miguel appears. "Looks like a busy day, C'min, Booster…" he also gestures to Miguel, to let him introduce himself to Booster however he wants to in order to establish his secret identity. "No team business going on. We've got a meeting on Saturday… for the time being we're just doing the volunteer work to help with the cities. Well, most of us."

"You scheduled this, didn't you?" Gar says to Keith, accusingly, even though he knows better. "The cheerful visiting friends brigade. Hello, Brigade. I am feeling better but not yet enough better to do any shifting. I would love a small bowl of mint chocolate chip, or chocolate mint chip, either kind, Zee. Booster, you are interrupting the ice cream social, but since it's social, you get to be here anyway."

He winks at Miguel, and possibly Keef if he's in the same direction.

Zee is hugged by Keith and turns as he speaks to Booster. "Booster." the young magician smirks just a little "Is the greeting 'dudes' unisex in your time?" she's trolling slightly. Continuing through to the kitchen "Yell out what you want… I've got Gars order… and I'm having chocolate." If they don't have it in the freezer, she'll just conjure it.

Miguel waves to Booster as the man slies in. "Boo," he says in acknowledgment, dark eyes twinkling as he leaves it to the other hero to figure out who he is, if he cares to. He ruffles Gar's hair. "Brigade it is!" he says, and then: "Man! I have to work Saturday!" he says, throwing up his hands in a grand gesture of pain. "Madre di Dios, every meeting I miss!" He sighs and looks after Zee. "Chocolate! It is the only way to drown my sorrows!"

"Hey, Zee. I thought it was unisex in this time?" Booster replies to Zatanna, and he actually looks faintly perplexed. "I mean, that was the impression I'd gotten. I had to teach myself TwenCen English." He speaks as he approaches Gar's bedside, and once there he says to him, "Hey, bro, I heard you got clobbered. I was worried, it's a relief to see you're awake and looking okay." Nodding to Miguel in a personable way, he says, "Nice to see you, dude." It's unclear if he recognizes Miguel in this guise, however; Booster tends to be fairly friendly to everyone.

"I know, but don't worry, we'll take minutes of the meeting as usual, and any voting that needs to be addressed for whatever reason will take place over the week. I've set us up with a little ballot system at the mainfraime." Because Keith may not be a technomage, but at least he knows how to do some things.

"What am I, chopped liver?" Keith smirks and sits on the arm of the couch, sipping his coffee. "I like my ice cream like I like my man- green. Get me some of the pistacchio." Keith looks up at Booster, "You're not the only glad one. If something had happened to Gar…" Keith trails off, putting a hand on Gar's knee.

"… oh, yeah, Booster- do you usually sense when there's… you know, something like fractured timeline or a change in things?"

"Not clobbered. Shot by cowardly snipers. While I was on fire. I hate to admit they caught me completely flat-footed." Gar blushes a slightly brighter green.

"Could I get a foam pillow, Keef? Wedge shape, about twice the size of a king size bed pillow?"

Because it's terribly useful having a boyfriend who can imagine furnishings.

Zee tosses a grin over her shoulder at Booster "It might be… or not… Did you want icecream?" and disappears as she busies herself serving icecream. "Chocolate for Mikey and me, Pistaccio for Keith, Chocolate and mint or something for Gar." Hearing Keiths question, she goes quiet and listens to hear what Booster has to say.

"Gosh, sorry, Vorpal. I just wanted to make sure Gar was fine." Booster looks faintly puzzled again, once more over something Zatanna asks him. "I actually don't know a whole lot about ice cream so I'm honestly not sure how to answer that question." Ice cream is difficult. Time stuff, though, is another story. He says to Keith, "I can sense that, yes. It depends, though. If I'm far from the event it's tough to sense it… unless it's really significant."

Miguel hops up to sit on the back of the couch. "Why?" he asks Vorpal. "Were we all like super-wombats or something while I was asleep? Because that's going to happen, at some point, I'm convinced of it."

He glances over Gar's way and forms up a firm but yielding wedge of squishy-tpe glowing purple bricks underneath his torso, gently raising him up as he builds the construct. "Say when," he says.

Keith was about to dig up his mirror in order to transform when Bunker beats him to the punch. "Thanks, Bunks," Keith says with a grin. "Looks like if I ever get swallowed up by reality, you can always go for Bunker, he can make furniture too!" he gives Gar a wink, and returns his attention to Booster.

"Well.. there's something anomalous going on. Zee saw it. There's a new Kid Flesh in town. He's the one who brought Gar to the hospital, but thing is- he claims he is the only one. He's nineteen, african american, and his uniform is silver with black and red… but he's never heard of our Kid Flash. You know, the guy who was with Raven, Gar and Speedy … now Arsenal… Starfire, Robin… now Nighting? And he also founded the Titans with us after he graduated to Flash? This new kid has never heard of the ginger, but he remembers Gar and Starfire and … yeah. So after he's gone, I try to call our Flash to the number he left us… and his phone is disconnected."

He does the Raised Eyebrow With A Significant Gesture sort of thing and lets this sink in.

Zee pulls out five bowls and checks the freezer. "Oh good, everythings here" she murmurs to herself and dishes up three bowls of chocolate, one pistacchio and one mint chocolate chip. Balancing them expertly, or perhaps she has help, Zee walks back to the living room and hands them out. Booster gets his last "Well, if you don't know, you get chocolate. It's my favourite." Nodding at Keith, Zee adds her support "I did… and I'm not sure I liked him all that much."

"Awesome," Gar says. Hey, BunkerBrick construction is like Legos, and they're awesome so… WAIT. Not even mint chocolate ship ice cream can distract him.

"You said that Kid Flash was black, with a silver and black and red costume. That's … not really this universe. I remember it, but it was another Tower Gar. You know I was sleeping in the trees inside the change-zone, right? So I could dream without the full chaos thing?"

Booster looks thoughtful. "If you're all aware of it, it's not a timeline fracture or change in the usual sense. If it were, your memories would have adjusted because it would have always been the way it is. Unless you were all in a shielded area when it happened." He accepts the bowl with a thanks to Zee, and looks at the contents, prodding it with a spoon as if it were strange matter. "Sounds like a hypertime incursion. That's not a huge surprise, this timeline has some weird instabilities going on." It occurs to him that the news he is delivering is probably unwelcome, and he stops poking at the ice cream, his expression faintly sheepish. "I mean, if it helps, your friend isn't erased or anything, he's most likely in a parallel timeline that isn't currently touching this one."

Miguel takes up his bowl and plops on the couch to eat ice cream. "Huh, no, never heard of him. So you think he's, like, some reflection from another reality or what?"

"This is… bizarre. I would look into things further, but I never knew his secret identity." Keith looks at Gar. "You do, though. When you get better, you can drop in on his family in Keystone City… I can go with you, but of course I'll have to wait at the hotel because secret identity and all. We can get to the bottom of this…"

Keith hmms and looks from Zee to Booster to Miguel to Gar.

"If this is some sort of anomaly, what do you say we offer him provsional membership to the Titans, that way we can keep him close in case we need to… you know, rectify."

"Uhm. He isn't technically a member of THIS group of Titans, but we should definitely offer him a courtesy membership. I mean, with the three month thing in case he turns out to have an invisible evil beard." Gar takes a bite of ice-cream, MMMM, green ice cream with brown bits!

"He didn't have a beard, did he? I'm still a bit hesitant because, you know, Flash promulgation, I think I remember there being like twenty of them, sometimes evil."

That would be the downside of trying to remember the alter-Gars.

"Booster, you're supposed to eat the ice cream not play with it." Zee can't help teasing him slightly "I'm sure you'll like it." Leaning against a wall she listens to the others talk as she eats her own ice cream. Keiths recommendation gets a slight snort "I'm not so sure he's a team player, but 3 months can't hurt." she shrugs slightly "At least he might learn some manners in that time."

Booster lifts his spoon as he says, "This is interesting, actually. You might find that for most people, this is the way it's always been." If Booster were capable of feeling embarassed, he would blush at Zatanna's teasing. Since he is not, he just grins at her and explains, "The variety of food in this era is intimidating sometimes." Booster finally tries a spoonful, and after a contemplative moment he says, "It's weird. But in a good way." He tries another bite before realizing he left his discussion point hanging. "I'm wondering if you guys are noticing the change due to some of the energies you deal with. I had kind of a… strange temporal incident when the Joker nailed me with that Vorpal energy."

Keith blinks. "Strange? In what way? I don't remember seeing you…" he pauses. He wouldn't have remembered, he was being chased by Joker's goons. "What happened?"

Gar says, "Yeah, what he said. What kind of incident?" Gar asks. He gives Zee a big smile for the ice cream, and offers a taste of his to Booster.

Zee tilts her head and smiles brightly at Booster "Icecream makes everything better…" she nods at Gar "Try his… that might be my second favourite." Boosters question has her tilting her head and frowning "When, What, Where…. like they said?"

Booster tries a spoonful of Gar's mint chocolate chip ice cream. He frowns a bit, although it does not seem to be in displeasure; it is more of a confused and thoughtful expression. He looks upwards as his frown vanishes and comments, "Flavors are really intense in this era, kind of complicated. Even after being here for months, I'm still getting used to it." He does give the impression that food might be the more interesting subject to him, but he is not going to leave the others hanging.

"Well… honestly, normally I don't discuss temporal matters with anyone. I know a lot more about it than I let on, just for safety reasons. I kind of…" Booster gestures vaguely with his spoon-holding hand. "I kind of have the ability to jump into the time-stream at will. When the Joker hit me with that energy it caused me to briefly become a temporal nexus, not enough to breach anything, but I ended up looking into hundreds of timelines in the space of a few seconds."

"So, you got to be an oracle. That'll mess up your day real good," Gar says. "No wonder they all speak in riddles."

"Oh, interesting. Any one of those with me in them?" he asks good-humoredly, not intending for Booster to actually answer, "Those must be the best timelines, wouldn't you say, Gar?" he noms on his pistaccio.

"Except those timelines where I'm a criminal. I still want to kick my ass. Their asses. Our asses."


Casting Keith an amused glance, Zee blinks at Boosters answer "The time stream jumping sounds kind of cool but more importantly, did you take any harm from looking at that much at once?" The young magician looks a little concerned "That sort of thing could have a lasting effect."

"I may have seen you once or twice, Keith. It was a lot all at once and my attention was kind of, you know, kind of occupied at the time," Booster reminds Keith, with a grin. He then assures Zatanna, "Nah, just gave me a big headache. This is kind of what I do." Even if Booster seems incapable of being embarassed, he does sometimes feel awkward. This is one of those moments as he admits, "I'm actually a Time Master."

"What's a Time Master? Is that like a cross between the Doctor and his main foe?" Gar presents nerd credentials.

Mint ice cream with chocolate bits. Wonderful.

"So does that mean Skeets is your K-9?"

"A Time Master? I thought you were just a Time Traveler…" the redhead cocks an eyebrow. "What does a Time Master do? I thought a Time Master were those little mechanical chickens you buy at grocery stores and tell you when your egg is ready…"

Having finished his bowl, he sets it down on the coffee table and slides down to the floor again, reaching out to stroke Gar's hair. Because he's completely shameless.

"Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff is enough to give anyone a headache" Zee grins at Gars question. She's still eating her icecream. Boosters discomfit gets a small frown, so the young woman settles more comfortable against her piece of wall and waits quietly.

"Uh, kind of," Booster agrees, with Gar. Even if he is not someone who watches that particular program, after his first question of 'who?' he at least learned what it pertained to. "I -am- a Time Traveler, Keith. I'm also responsible for keeping an eye on the time stream and maintaining the health and continuity of timelines. And before you ask, Gar, I don't regenerate, I'm just a run of the mill Terran." Catching Zatanna's expression, he grins at her and explains, "I'm not supposed to discuss this stuff, really. But I figure it's not going to be an issue, talking to you guys."

"Oh yeah? You never know. I could be a completely and utterly devious mastermind just waiting for you to reveal your secrets to me, Booster," Keith says from his position stroking Gar's hair. He tries to look fierce.

He fails miserably.

"Regeneration. That's really useful stuff. I wish I had it," Gar says, "only, not the kind that turns you into a different weirdly dressed man with wild personality changes."

He rubs his head against the stroking fingers, and says, "That reminds me, you need to read me the Overlord's List tonight."

"And if you were, Keith, it would be that timelines problem to deal with" Zee's all for keeping multiple timeline stuff simple "And maybe Boosters…" she frowns at him "You wouldn't actually mess with the timeline though, right?" Nodding slowly Zee grins back "Well, you're safe discussing it with me. Keith here does wield Chaos Magic… who knows what can happen." Keith gets a grin and a wink "Just kidding, Keith."

Booster seems to be warming up, as it were, to his ice cream. Now that he is used to the taste and texture, he seems to be enjoying it as he eats it. "I know you are not a villain, Keith. I'm just supposed to be careful about this kind of information, needless to say it's never on my press releases." Glancing to Zatanna he grins and says, "No, it's my job to stop people from messing with the timeline. If they meddle with it, I fix it. We wouldn't want a timeline to get unstable, unravel, and stop existing."

"I do need to talk to you about press releases. I think that I'm not going to be able to get a stable job with what I do… but I don't know a lot about marketing and all the stuff you do," he says to Booster. To Zatanna, he gives a slight smirk, "First rule of chaos magic is we don't talk about chaos magic," he jokes.

^ Keith again.

"Honestly, how DO you make a timeline unstable? I'm not really a temporal engineer or anything, more like a biologist with an unfair advantage. But I do listen to a few physics people … it doesn't seem like you could do that kind of thing very easily." Of course, Gar's not familiar with the existence of silly things like the Nexus or the Rock of Eternity or the Crystal Palace, the reality sorting engines that enforce an artificial anthropomorphic structure on what would otherwise just be a mass of noise caused by subatomic deviations. Which is what the physicists mean when THEY say 'alternate universes'."

Noticing Boosters enjoying the icecream, Zee smiles a little "Getting a taste for the icecream now? I told you it will solve all problems." Keith gets a small grin "Sure… I won't mention it again… Chaos magic that is" Finishing her icecream, she places her bowl with Keiths before leaning agains the wall again. Gars question gets a nod "That's a good question. It's not like most people have a DeLorean to do stuff with… or do they in other timelines?"

"Sure, Keith. Some of that is taken care of by my agent and by Skeets, but I still oversee it. You don't want someone just doing your PR for you, without your input," Booster explains to Keith, stirring his ice cream a little as it melts, because somehow this change in texture makes it even tastier. "Anyway, a timeline can get unstable if someone is making a lot of changes to it, especially big ones. But there are beings who can kill timelines, too… or devour them. Or make them un-exist. Needless to say these are beings with a lot of power." He gestures towards Zatanna with his spoon. "Time machines exist, but they're not that common. I eventually dismantled mine, they're… too easy to steal." Booster doesn't comment further on that, he just works on eating the rest of his ice cream.

Between Booster and Zatanna, Keith has about a zillion unasked questions he's burning to ask. Sometime. "Well, the Flash/Kid Flash change seems to be one such alteration of the timeline. I guess that one way to find out if it is is for Gar…" Keith looks at Gar, and hmms. "Okay, maybe I should ask Roy to do the research, you're not leaving this Castle until you're well. But if Roy doesn't remember Flash… or if he goes to see his family and his family doesn't remember having a son named…"


"Whatever he was named, then we've got a problem. Now… if everybody does remember him but nobody knows where he is? We've got a whole different problem."

"OK, so, changing timelines, however you do it, is bad," Gar says. "Because they can cause the Big Balloon Pbbhbhbhbbbt! to happen."

He grins at Keith's plan. "I'm going to have to meet him anyway. I have to say thanks for his help."

Zee nods at Boosters explanation… "Eating timelines and un-existing them sounds kinda cool" it's probably in her nature to be fascinated by these things. She snorts a little "So just like the DeLorean, your time machine gets stolen and bam… different version of your timeline." Keiths plan gets a nod and the young woman shrugs "Let me know if you want a hand with any of that. I might like meeting that Flash Kid again…" she smirks at the last bit.

"Yeah, that's exactly the reason why I stopped using it," Booster nods, to Zatanna. He licks his spoon, having finally finished his ice cream. "Of course, if I really needed it, I could go to when it still existed and borrow it. Well…" He shrugs a little. "I've actually done that." He waves his hand as if to dismiss this factoid. "It's cool if you guys are going to invesgitage this Kid Flash thing. But the dude may actually belong here. Just as the guy you knew belonged here, before that. Until he didn't belong anymore. Let me know what you find out, though. If there really is an anomoly going on I need to give it a closer look."

"Wait a minute. Are you telling me that any minute, any one of us could go the way Kid Flash and it'd just be… you know, 'oh, it's the way it is' and no big ado?" the redhead looks positively unsettled. "I don't think I like that idea. I don't think I like that idea at all."

He finishes his ice cream and looks rather dour, "I don't like the idea of someone potentially justt vanishing like that."

"Will you be able to tell if it's just something like a cross-timeline exchange student program? I mean, if it's something shared, like the Red or the Green, wait, do you know about those? I might be giving away secrets you're not supposed to know, right?" Gar says with a trademarked wicked grin.

"Seriously," last spoon of slightly melty ice cream, "There's some forces in common, because when we had the mash-up replacement tower, I was finding my alternate selves in the Red and it was the same Red. So maybe he's got some kind of similar thing. What is it Flashes use, the Zoom?"

"Hm, not familiar, at least not with those names," Booster admits, to Gar. "Although it sounds like you had sort of a multi-dimensional nexus going on? That's kind of related. Eh…" He rubs his chin, and looks sidelong to Keith as if he were debating whether to share some bad news. "It is possible for someone to get edited right out of a timeline. How much impact that has depends on the person. Normally, most people would never know any different. That altered reality becomes the only reality. If you're worried that this is common, it's not. It's pretty rare."

Keith grows silent for a few seconds, and then looks at Gar.

"If I ever get edited out of the timeline… you had better come get me, do you hear?"

Oh no, he didn't need to sleep at night, oh no. He'd already lost two weeks with Fenris' revelation of how often Earth came to being snuffed out by gods. Now, on top of it all, you couldn't trust time not to Emily Bronte the hell out of you?

"You are NOT going to be edited out of the timeline," Gar says, "unless you deliberately do it yourself. But if it happens, I'll definitely make every effort to de-retcon you."

Doesn't confidence sound good. Gar has no special reason to think this is true, but he's still sure of it. Because he's green. That should be reason enough.

Zees been listening quietly to the conversation from her spot on the wall and she starts laughing. "Really Keith, I think we've bigger and more real things to fret over than a something out of a Sci Fi story." She shrugs apologetically to Booster "I know it /can/ happen, but with the chances so low… I think we are better putting our energy to better use."

Booster opens his mouth, ready to explain to Keith that if such a thing happened, very few people would be able to remember he existed which would make it very difficult to undo such a thing. However, he has probably (inadvertantly) inflicted enough trauma on Keith for now. Instead, he looks to Zatanna and says, "I agree. There are a lot of things going on here and now that need our energy and attention."

Keith is about to ask something else when Zatanna's admonition cuts him off. It's better this way, really, because otherwise there is the very strong possibility Keith O'Neil may never sleep again. He seems to draw some comfort from Gar's reassurance. "Right. Well, we'll be dealing with the Kid Flash and we'll let you know what we find out…"

"Just practice your zen breathing, Keef," Gar suggests. "Meanwhile, I'm going to hobble to the bathroom. ALONE. Because I'm an invalid but I'm not a quadroplegic."

He manages to get up with a minor hiss, and then uses a walker (painted chrome green) to make his way towards the bathroom. Fortunately the Castle has a small bathroom off each of the three big rooms. So it's not a long trip.

Zees eyes dance brightly as Keith settles down and she gives a small wink to Booster "Let him go on and he'll probably not sleep for a week or longer." Wincing slightly as Gar gets up the young magician turns her attention to Booster "So icecream… was it good or was it good?"

Booster really does seem to feel bad for giving Keith another existential crisis, but he grins a little now. He says to Zatanna, "It's good. Weird at first, but it got better as I got used to it. I liked it a lot by the time I was done. Now I have something new to enjoy on treat days. Thank you." Watching Gar make his pained trek seems to nudge his memory. "Gosh, I should get going. I volunteered to help with clean-up in Metropolis. Heavy lifting, one of my specialties."

Keith smirks, watching Gar head over. Once he's gone, Keith says -"He can be stubborn as a mule. But I love him for it," he grins, and stands up. "Right… I really should be there giving a hand but…" he glances in the direction of the bathroom. "Gar needs me here. He took such good care of me when I was dying… I want to do this."

He looks at Zatanna and Booster. Lightbulb. "Hey, Booster, after you're done helping with the rubble and all, Zee can show you to this little specialty ice cream boutique we went to when we went Christmas shopping… it has some of the most delicious ice cream ever. What do you say, Zee?"

(Noises off. Water running, flushing.)

The green wonder returns athwart his mighty steed, Greeny the Walker, and lets himself down carefully onto the purple brick pillow.

"Did I hear someone talking about other ice cream when we still have some here?"

"Sure, that'd be interesting," Booster replies, as gamely and easygoing as usual. "I mean, as long as you have the time, Zee. I know you're busy." He turns, walking backwards a few steps as he starts his exit. "I think it's some kind of special ice cream," he explains to Gar. "Could be wasted on me, though, since I'll only have one sample to compare it against, but I'm always up for trying new stuff."

Zee rolls her eyes at Keith and shakes her head, her blue eyes dancing with mirth. "I'd be happy to show you Booster, if you'd like the company" Gar gets a wry look "Keith suggested that I take Booster to a boutique icecream shop…" The young magician can't seem to help laughing. "Let me know when you'd like to go, Booster… I'll make time."

"Since, you know, Booster hasn't had a lot of ice cream, ever, I thought maybe Zee would enjoy showing him what he's been missing," Keith explains to Gar with the most innocent look on earth. There may be a lecture in store for him from Gar about playing matchmaker.

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