Wardrobe Malfunction!

January 14, 2015: Rowan gets jumped by a mechanical army. Wasp, Lunair, and Scarlet pitch in Cameron's clothes don't fare so well.

Queensland Park, Metropolis

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his consort Queen
Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to live like 'Kings'
quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome to newcomers to

This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while in other
areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these diverse
ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of Queensland
Park prove it untrue.

Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.


Unknown mechanical forces

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((Editor Note: This situation occurs BEFORE the Last Days of Wonder storyline impact Metropolis.))

This is… not good. There's a fight in progress in Queensland Park. It's positively ruining the greenery not that the Blue cares at the moment. He's too busy trying to stay alive. Right now it's a game of omnibow versus energy rifle. It'd be a lot easier if there wasn't so many of those energy rifles in play. Ten, twelve… and that's not counting the giant stompy robot. He lost that thing though, right? He thinks he lost that thing, anyway.


All available Metropolis Fire and Rescue units, we have reports of an on-going power-brawl in Queensland Park. Units 37, 40, 43 respond to Staging Ground Bravo and await further instructions. Columbia, you are released from duty, good hunting and nail a couple of those bastards for us.

It's not very often that Cameron gets a personal call-out from Dispatch. This prompts her to give a glance over to her partner, Eric Johnson, who is already navigating various city streets and alleys at speeds that would make an experienced cab-driver in any major city wince. He glances over.

"Next block we'll open up a bit, you can get out there. And… try to save the jumpsuit this time, I had to really go through some hoops with Supply at the rate you're going through them. You should just…. never mind… your stop is… get ready for it.."

The paramedic unit whips onto a major street, most of the traffic stilled by automatic repeaters noting the location of the unit. The passenger door whips open on the start of the turn, and the orange-haired paramedic slash heroine rolls out and launches herself skywards to seek out the offending parties, looking for weapons - fire and the like.

Columbia, detached, toss word if you spot 'em.

It'll be difficult for her to respond at this point, but getting status updates won't hurt.


Janet van Dyne is in Metropolis on business, she is on the board of a local company, well several, and this particular one has a board meeting on Monday. She flew Saturday to do some shopping and to have dinner with a local boutique owner. In the middle of all this though her phone chirps and she looks down to it. The application designed to scan for emergencies and give her alerts is lighting up. "I will need to tell Hank this works well." she mutters then gives polite excuses and heads up to her room.
From the Balcony of the Penthouse of that very nice hotel a 1/2 inch tall super-heroine soars out over the city heading towards Queensland Park fast as fast can be, or at least a good 40mph despite her size and tiny wings, impressive.


Lunair is in hiding these days, but she seems to refuses to completely stay in captivity. That, too, is dangerous. For some reason, she is fated or pulled towards combat. Is it her nature? Fate? CONVENIENT PLOT PUSHING!? Nevertheless, shopping bags in hand and - holy canoodles. The worst part is, authorities are already likely on scene or closing in, from the looks and sounds of it all. Lunair grumps, coming into visual range of the fight. There's a gentleman with an omnibow, and she decides,

"Hey! Want some armor or a portal gun?" She's going to find herself some nice cover or something, too. She doesn't really want to be scene.


There is plenty of weapons fire to go around and it is currently headed toward… Lunair. And being drawn by a red scaled lizard man who is hopping over hedges and bushes and such as it trails behind him. He, unfortunately, doesn't see Armory. At least not until he smacks right into her at a full run and ends up on his back. "Er. Oh! Hi! I remember you. Nice to see you." Beat. "Duck!"


Wanda probably shouldn't even be here. The neighborhood seems too nice for a homeless woman to be roaming the streets…so she sticks to the alleys and the shadows. Her eyes down, avoiding eye contact, yet she has still managed to have fifty bucks thrust into her pockets by concerned citizens. And now her luck has drawn her to Queensland Park…they have queens here? She sticks to the shadows, head tilted slightly as she watches all the pretty colors and prettier chaos.


Stray weapons fire is far too loose and disparate to simply 'lock in' on. But when it starts becoming less 'stray fire' and more 'focused column of various deathiness' that does catch the statuesque woman's eye, and then the scaly fellow — who, if you believed the tabloids, was her boyfriend — and… that other woman looked familiar… the… riots… yeah. The Mtown riots with the canisters and the HYDRA, and all of that.

Well, there's only one thing an up - and - coming heroine can do in a situation like that.. and that's basically 'eat' the enemy fire. Not literally, mind, her guts aren't quite that strong, but… her skin is, and she's plenty tough. She turns her back to the incoming shots and tries to move into the 'brunt' of the incoming, to act as a meat-shield so others can get clear.

Of course… this also means the jumpsuit and her winter jacket are… not in very good shape. Still, beats dead other people, right?



Wasp soars along and comes in high and hot over and behind these armored jerks. She approaches one of the guys in the back of the conflict and eyes him then aims right for a joint in the armor and lets a really strong Wasp Sting loose right in the side of his jaw. Testing how bad this is going to be. Also, who expects a wasp sized superhero to zot the holy snot out of you really, or knows where to even look.


Lunair was offering him the gun or armor. Portal guns are technically non-lethal till you defenestrate them, anyway. Lunair grunts, wobbles and staggers back. She sadly, ends up sitting on her backside. Which is probably better than sitting on her face. Once, a nice six-armed woman said Lunair was touched by the Wildways. That probably was positive, right? Right. She lowers her head as instructed. "Hi! I remember you too. I'm glad to see y— ohmygodshegotshot," Lunair is going to scramble out of the way, looking like a cat with balloons tied to her as she skitters into cover with her goods. "Ma'am," Oh snap. Well then. That's not good. "I guess I should help with the lasering, or something." Ponder. What would work. Well, a rail gun or .50 calibre would probably work. But it would definitely offend a lot of peoples. So she needs to think. And so she opts for a magnet/gravity gun. It's time for JUGGLING!

And weirdly, Wanda isn't unnoticed by Lunair. There's a look of concern as she pops out from behind a conveniently placed tree like an angry weasel. "Oh geez."


Cameron has, briefly, distracted from well, everyone. Suddenly there's a great deal of energy fire coming in on Columbia and while most of it probably won't do more than sting… there is the classic problem of her clothes being less durable than she is. This problem is compounded when the big stompy robot steps up and begins chucking flechette grenades in her direction.

Rowan's eyes widen and he summons an energy shield where his bow was, pushing Lunair behind him. He can't do anything for Scarlet. He'll just have to hope she can take care of herself.

"Hello Columbia… er… please tell me your mother isn't coming."


Wanda isn't taking cover…no one usually notices her anyway. But she is in the shadows, singing softly to herself, her fingers twitching and spasming as they draw shapes in the air. Energy builds around Wanda that she isn't even aware of. "They are not very nice" she whispers to someone standing next to her…except that no one is there. But there is a semi-naked woman in the sky…and Wanda knows her! She waves up at Cameron before training her gaze on the nasty robot. "Stop it" she whispers coldly and deep in that killer machine, gears begin to get thrown, springs start to pop loose and grenade ejectors lose their guidance commands.


The orange-haired woman doesn't wince at the stinging, there'd be the devil to pay if she was caught on some recording or another showing any sort of reaction to this level of damage. Mom would probably have a literal cow. She straightens up a bit as Rowan forms up the shield, then turns around, indeed showing huge gaping holes where the fabric has given up the ghost… or has burnt away… etc.

Wanda gets a wave because… well, that's what you do when someone waves to you politely, right?

Rowans question has her blink for a second.

"No. Gods no."

"Columbia, MetFireResc. Stop shooting. Only warning."

She takes a step forwards, snarling a bit as she clenches her fists, then gets hit with the grenades that did manage to launch.

That gets a flinch, because it would take a master to not flinch from explosives in the face, or… more clothing shredding.

Another step forwards, and the jacket sort of slides off her arms, revealing the sleeves of the jumpsuit somewhat tattered but the skin underneath still largely pristine.


Wasp looks quite satisfied when the guy goes down with a thud at the Wasp Sting to the neck there. "Right then" she says mostly to herself, also he doesn't seem dead either so that strength should work. She zips along quietly zapping Nameless Troops on the back of the encounter now. Thinning the herd. Which is likely to get noticed as their companions just start getting blasted with bio-electricity and go into shuddering heaps from…. something!


Wait, who's Columbia's mom? Lunair blinks as Rowan's eyes widen. She was about to take advantage of the whole magnetic thing. She eeps as she's pushed behind Rowan. "Thank you again. I owe you big time." Does he want food? Hugs? Video games? Lunair's not sure, but she is grateful. Any robot that gets TOO close is going to find itself pulled and shaken like a dog with a bone if they don't surrender. Lunair knows how magnets work, no weird clowns required. She does look worried. "Are - uhm, you can have my jacket later, ma'am!" She calls to Columbia. Nevertheless, if she has a target, she will keep them away. By smacking it into another one. It's like pong in RL~!


Rowan stands up, grinning as Lunair, Columbia and… er… someone deal with most of the soldiers. Now that just leaves the big stompy robot which… still doesn't like Columbia. Especially not after she's still standing. So it takes a few steps forward and aims a 'stomp' at her like a man trying to crush a roach. A roach that comes up to his shin. Proportions are off here.

Rowan himself is getting a bit disproportionate, after stepping away from Lunair he begins to stretch and elongate, his humanoid features fading as he becomes… a dragon.


Wanda concentrates on the giant robot. Her eyes boring into its metal skin as strange words in a stranger language spill softly from her mouth. Her fingers working overtime as the she bends fate to her will…even if she isn't completely aware she is doing it. Her skin reddens from the effort. There is nothing else in the world but that robot and all the things that could go wrong - mechanical, computerized, even the ground beneath its feet. Wanda is opening up a universe of chaos on the evil machine.


Of course, the biggest thing that could go wrong with such a big ungainly construct would be it losing its footing and not being able to get back up. Which Cameron rather quickly and brutally does make happen. When that one foot goes up to stomp down on her, all of its weight is back on the other leg by very nature of physics and momentum. Instead of stopping the leg descending towards her to attempt to splatter her, she instead grabs the 'post' leg and gives it a nice solid 50-ton-ish YANK towards her.

Let's see how it manages without any footing!


Lunair smiles at Rowan's grin. But its reaction to Columbia is worrying. And Rowan is going all dragon. Her eyes widen. She's looking a bit confused by it all. Nevertheless, she is going to try to keep some of the smaller ones busy or flinging them about. She's trying to stay behind the tree, though. She seems less than eager to be noticed by those not actually robots or familiar to her. She should stock up on some of those censor bars, really.

"Wow. Who is exploding those…?" Is it - the lady who waved? Neat! Still, she's going to get out of the way. Or stay behind the tree, at least.


Wasp chooses to punch one of the last soldiers right in the temple after unhooking it's helmet and then flits up and spirals away trying to get a lay of the land on what is up with the giant robot or mecha or whatever it is now. The really strong lady seems to be flipping it's foot and… things seem to be going very wrong for it. She flies up above it now and peppers it with several Wasp Stings.


It doesn't work well at all as it turns out. The giant stompy robot pitches over and begins to sizzle and crackle as Wasp hoses it down with bio-electric energy… and then a dragon jumps atop it. There's about thirty seconds of metal rending and then there's a scream and a crunch and then… silence.

Rowan peers over his shoulder. "So, er, thanks… er… Columbia… your clothes…"

The pale slowly returns to Wanda's cheeks as the robot keels over. She looks around at the destruction and…is that a dragon? And it's talking to the near naked lady. And why not? The witch rummages around in the alley dumpster and drags out some discarded and heavily stained remnants of pants, shirts and something that seems have tree leg holes and is made of rubber. Armed with her generosity she makes her way over to Columbia to offer her some clothing. "Hello. We met you at Christmas" she explains as she offers some pants abuzz with disturbed flies. "I brought you this."


Being a paramedic (even with clothing that edges on the boundaries of indecency at the moment) Cameron's first attention is to the downed opponents, barely even recognizing that Rowan is talking to her at first, as she looks for any living that need to be stabilized and/or healed. So after a few moments of that she blinks, gulps, and her face pinkens a bit as she almost blue-screens. For a brief respite she jumps behind a dumpster, but that's not going to help her get out of here.

"Gahhhhh. Not again!"

The generous person gets a brief stare. "Thanks?"

She shakes her head as she looks at the 'outfit' being offered. "It's very kind of you, but that definitely looks like blood there?"

Not that it'd really do much to her, but her training tends to leave her cautious…


Wasp flies over to the others now and grows to human sized. One moment there is a tiny tiny wasp sized woman with wings, then it rapidly grows and loses the wings somewhere around 4ft tall and bam! Human woman in a snazzy outfit, definitely a superhero outfit and then some. Also she looks familiar to those who watch the corporate media, fashion, or charity sort of news.
Janet eyes Columbia and her antics "You really need something made to survive the things you throw yourself into." she squints "Perhaps an unstable molecular armor weave fabric…" She's theorizing.


Lunair watches in awe as the thing gets owned thoroughly. "Uhm. You can take my jacket, too," Lunair remarks to Columbia. It was lost earlier, alas. "Are you okay?" She asks. And then suddenly, WASP! Lunair jerks, startled. Her eyes widen. Lunair probably wears a slightly odd military gothic lolita style long coat, but it is quite nice and clean. She slips it off, though. She notices the condition of the clothing Scarlet offers to Cameron.

Lunair has a problem showing emotion properly. Her expression is blank for a moment, staring evenly. "Are you okay? Would you want to go shopping?" Her social deficit becomes apparent. She wants to help but she has no clue how to. She really doesn't. And then she remembers Rowan, looking over after the dragon. "And wait, aren't you the news lady?" Boggling at Wasp. Lunair Social.exe has now crashed.


Rowan turns around and stalks back over Lunair-ward. He doesn't bother to shrink back down which makes the size difference between he and Wasp amusing before Janet normalizes everything. "I'd offer to find you something Atlantean but… er… I think surfacers might be scandalized."


Wanda looks at the clothes in her hand after Cameron rejects them. "But it's not your blood" she offers, as if that is a good thing. But then she shrugs before stashing them into a garbage bag. She'll have a better look at them later and will find some use for them. As Janet appears Wanda offers her a smile and a pointed finger. "We know you. You came to play with the wolves in the snow." Her eyes narrow. "Are the people with cameras coming?" she asks no one in particular before taking a couple of steps back. "We need to go."


The statuesque woman tries to avoid those three fields in particular, because every fashion house on the North American continent has been hounding her to adopt 'their' line. There was even rumors months ago surfacing after very particular technical specifications were leaked to the Internet regarding what 'Columbia' wanted in her 'hero outfit'. Very little has been heard on that front, though it could be that the bigger houses are trying to make the outfit… work.

However, Cameron's mom, Maria Tenoaks, has constantly harped at her daughter about strong and powerful women in today's society, and how she should take after their example. And one of the folks on that list of note - worthies is Janet Van Dyne.

Cue the mortified embarrassment a bit further. Cue the looking for escape routes.

Lunair's jacket is accepted absently, though it doesn't look like it would fit without tearing.

"Shopping requires money."

Ah, the legendary terseness of Cameron Tenoaks.

Oh, wait, Janet's talking to HER.

"I… was thinking a multilayer Nomex weave with unstable molecules interwoven into every other layer, with an inner shell designed to breathe and an outer shell with something on the order of spider - silk or the like, capable of withstanding up to 10 tons burst strength, armored knees, armored shoul—"

She cuts off when she realizes that she's the focus of attention and kind of pulls up a bit more behind the dumpster.


Janet looks around quietly "Well I imagine the police or media will be here when they realize there is no more shooting." thoughtful and a nod to Wanda "Good to see you helping people." then she focuses on Cameron "Perhaps. I suppose it depends on how durable it needs to be." she indicates her own outfit "I made this to be very bulletproof, but it partially shunts into otherspace when I wear clothes over it, which isn't my design though I do hold the patents on it. It's an unstable molecular fabric with armor alloys woven into it at a molecular level, I have a fabricator for it at this point.. can just load in designs and print out the materials… they tend to be stronger than what you are describing due to the nature of the manufacturing." she does smile though.
What, the known Fashion Designing Heiress and Board member for van Dyne industries is also evidently a superhero? Move along.


Well, Lunair is working on her communication skills. She looks baffled as Cameron replies "Uhm. Well. I meant you and miss-" A look to Scarlet. Boggle. "Er, the royal we miss-?" She's accepting of her pronoun usage because it's polite. And she assumes that is just what she preferred. "I don't think we've met? And I was going to help since uh, you caught the bullets for us…" Lunair explains. It's a polite way to avoid mentioning that she saw those fly covered clothes, too. Dodge like a conversational ninjas!

Nevertheless, Lunair is amazed to totally be meeting a news lady and a dragon guy (again) and Cameron. She has no clue who Scarlet is, but that is what introductions are for (provided you're not all telepathic). For her part, she settles quiet after, dismissing the magnetic gun. "Anyway, I'll leave you a number if you wanna go. I have to go. I can't stay too long in one spot." And she will give them each a sticky note. Then smile at Rowan. "Bye!"

The news that the Media is on it's way gets a grin. "Well, er, you should probably all go-" Ah, well the previously tiny lady doesn't seem to want to go. That's fine. Rowan lifts off into a hover (count them, six wings) and turns to head out "Let me give you a ride Lunair… er, Red Lady, do you want one too?" Either way, with or without passengers, he's off in a few minutes.


Flying by Air Dragon? Where do dragons land? Do they have dragonports? Do they have nests where they devour their passengers. She's heard people talking about 'riding the dragon'…is this what they meant? He seems sympathetic at least…and so does Lunair. But it also means that she will most likely be seen and that is dangerous. A shake of Wanda's head to Rowan. "No…thank you." The post it note is looked at before she nods to Lunair. "I do not have the phone but I will find you." Her voice has a heavy Eastern European accent - hopefully like her brothers'. "I try to do good" she smiles to Janet though talk of advanced fabrics is well beyond her. "Goodbye" she tells the group before taking her garbage bag of clothes and disappearing into the darkness of the alley.


"Yeah. Need to be gone by then."

Wait, what? One of the media darlings of Metropolis, the heroine who is down - to - earth doesn't want to… oh, right, that's WHY she's such a coveted commodity, because she DOESN'T do interviews or press conferences or the sort unless forced into it.

"If you could fool clothes into thinking they're not there when they are, so they don't get damaged… that would work too?" She has done some thinking and research on it… and that's part of what the unstable molecule thing is about… She doesn't need strength so much as 'it stays together'.

She accepts Lunair's sticky-note with a brief nod, then watches Wanda head on off, giving the Gypsy woman a 'thumb's up'. Cameron's familiar with the type and isn't going to push that matter. Lunair's jacket is pulled slightly over her shoulders to minimize her indecency, but there's no way on this planet she could ever hope to close it completely.

"You handle the media, we talk later?"

Rowan will get a wave as he prepares to depart.


Janet "Well no.. I'll answer the police's questions and give them a run down but I don't do reporters yet." which, well… there isn't this big outcry about the heiress being a superhero oddly enough. No good photos or video uploads thanks to Hank's meddling. "I'll reach out to you and see what we can do." to Cameron. "I like a challenge."


Huh. Pause. "How odd, her accent reminds me kind of Quicksilver's, sorta. Maybe. I can't tell," Lunair looks pained. Mike was right. She does have a problem. But nevertheless, she is in fact, sympathetic. Oh well. "Wait, no. He -" Think. "I'm hearing things," She taps the side of her head, uncertainly. "Maybe I shouldn't have my headphones on so much." The jacket is seen as a necessary sacrifice. "Bye!" She waves to Wanda. She doesn't think it odd. "Sounds like a plan." And at the offer for a ride, Lunair's eyes go wide.

When not being all murdery or confused, she seems kind of youthful and wide-eyed, eager to sample every-thing-and-moment life has to offer. "… really? That's not rude to accept?" Oh man. "That would be awesome!" She moves over, carefully. She's never gotten to and Rowan seems like such a nice guy and- mercifully, she's not a pinata or several children would have already beaten her with sticks for candy. She'll wave and go off with Rowan.


"Through the Department prob'ly best way to reach me, I screen my mail and calls outside of work. And… I don't have much to offer and I don't do endorsements. Job is to save lives, not get all famous and forget about that."

That isn't a dig on the socialite, if anything, the tone is so flat it's almost a self-affirmation.

"Thank you for helping. Would have been hard by myself." The orange-haired woman ties the sleeves around her neck and looks about.

"Alright, I'm out."


Janet nods "I said I like challenges, not like I need anymore money. I'm also not looking to force heroes to wear my stuff and endorse my mundane fashion lines either. I like making costumes." she looks over and then waves to everyone before hiking to file the police reports.

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