What A Super Boy!

January 15, 2015: Bunker, Keith and Zee are out for a walk and meet up with Superboy

Lower East Side - New York City

Traditionally one of the poorer sections of Manhattan, Lower East Side has been a an immigrant neighborhood for a long time. Presently is largely composed of Dominican and Puerto Rican families, though the area has been undergoing gentrification and now parts of the area sport trendy upscale shops and restaurants.



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"You're making a mistake…"

"Oh we are, are we? You hear that? We're makin' a mistake, boys."

The punch followed immediately afterward, and Connor doubled up as it landed neatly in his gut. As expected, there was no pain, but he liked to put on a bit of a show. Cut down on rumors if the jackasses who were currently mugging him thought they just got particularly unlucky in their choice of mark. Slowly, with an inhale of unneeded air, Connor straightens again and looks the ringleader in the eye, ignoring the other four arrayed around them in the alley like a pack of jackals. Something about that look unsettles the six foot something punk, so Connor earns another unfelt punch to the jaw and a bark of harsh laughter. "Fuck off, you little dipshit. /You/ made the mistake walkin' past our alley without payin' the fee. So now we're goin' to beat you senseless and take everythin' you've got."

It was uncanny how often he managed to get himself into similar situations. Ever since leaving NOWHERE and making his way up the east coast, Connor managed to find trouble down nearly every street. It was like he was a magnet for it. Thus, it was hardly surprising that on the second day after he made it to New York, he was dragged into this dirty alley behind a deli in search of his valuables. At this point, it was almost getting routine.

"Alright," Connor snarls back, spitting off to the side and hoping none of the brain dead morons would notice it was curiously bloodless, "But don't say I didn't warn you."

Getting into trouble is a thing Vorpal knows quite well. Being that 'special' blend of mortal and Fae (an artificial blend, like Dunkin' Donuts coffee, except this blend was achieved through a magic mirror), chaos magic weaves, winds and crackles around the young man even when he isn't in feline form- like now.

Just your regular red-headed Irish-descent young man, which includes freckles and a skin so fair it probably comes with a 'flammable' warning tag somewhere. Gar hasn't found it yet.

"I'm pretty peckish right now," he is currently saying to his friends- Zatanna and Miguel, who are known in the hero biz as… well, Zatanna and Bunker. It always made it awkward when only one of you had an actual secret identity. "Why don't we go over to that deli? We could bring something back for-"

Hold the phone. It was only a fleeting thing, but- "… did that guy get yoinked into that alleyway?" he asks, brows knitting. "Of course he did. It's New York." He sighs. "I'll go down the alley, you guys zap around to the back and we'll sandwich them. Watch out for guns."

He takes the mirror out and looks at his reflection in the small portable surface.

"We're All Mad Here"

And just like that, Vorpal comes into play. He heads down the alleyway, but as he does so he casts an illusion over himself of… well, his regular human form, because nothing gives him more pleasure than to scare people who clearly deserve it. "Titans, Asse- no, that's taken, damnit, we really need to come up with a battlecry here…"

Bunker seems lost in thought as he walks along with his friends, but when Vorpal mentions someone being mugged.. he looks over and assesses the situation, gives a quick 'Right,', and rises up into the air on a platform of glowing psionic bricks - the offer is open to Zatanna if she wants to ride along or take her own unique form of transport to the other end of the alley. He arcs up and then down, swooping into the alley from the other end, bricks already ready to block any gunshots or fleeing gangsters.

Zee's not particular about a battle cry, she just wants to get stuff done… As Bunker makes his offer, she steps up beside him with a grin and speaks ~ gnikroW sehtolC ~ letting her street clothes morp to her performance outfit: Swallow Coat, Unitard, Fishnet Stockings, Thigh High Boots and Top Hat. "Let's do this Bunker"

At Connor's last warning, the ringleader's smug smirk drops into a sneer and he draws back his fist for another punch. The time for playing around was over. Without so much as a grunt of effort, Connor's hand snaps up to catch the oncoming fist, stopping it dead in its tracks. For a very brief moment, every one of their grins freezes in place before sliding off into oblivion, but the ringleader quickly recovers and affixes another smirk on his face. "Well what do you know. Turns out, he's got a little fight in him after all," he jokes to the others, drawing their own grins back into existance, "Don't matter, though. You can't wi-"

Connor doesn't even let him finish his sentence.

Without releasing his fist, he drives his heel into the man's ankle, holding back the vast majority of his strength, his TK field entirely inactive. Still, it's enough to crack bone, and as the punk starts to fall, his throat falls neatly into Connor's waiting hand. For a moment, he squeezes, contemplating just how easy it would be to finish to remove just one more piece of human trash from the streets for good. Then he'd just be playing into NOWHERE's hands, though. With an effortless toss, he sends the ringleader through the air to collapse in a heap at the base of a dumpster.

"Right," he says, turning to face the other four with a slightly amused grin, "Who's next?"

Of course, that's when they hear footsteps, and as one, five pairs of eyes turn to see Vorpal running towards them.

"Whoa, whoa there!" the redhead says, holding his hands up. "You boys are getting a little carried away now, aren'tcha?"

He takes the situation in… okay. So the guy who got yoinked could fight, that was good.

He was also, apparently, hella strong.

Still, there were four others. It was clear that the guy they had attacked turned out to be more than they could chew. So, perhaps a good way to get them to surrender would be to increase the size of the morsel? It was time to show off a little.

"You're nice guys, I'm sure, kind to your old mothers, pet puppies, whatever. So I'm gonna tell you what you're gonna do- you're gonna give up and give this guy no more trouble and we'll take you to a nice place. You wanna be stupid? Well…"

The young man reaches out and… takes his head off.

No, really, it comes off, even with a pop. There is no blood, gristle or bone, his neck ends in a perfectly flat stump with smooth skin. The head goes under the arm, which is so Sleepy Hollow. It grins at the men and speaks:

"We don't want to lose our heads, do we? People who lose their heads tend to lose everything else."

Keith was tempted to have Doug Henning appear, wave his hands in the air and say 'Maaaaaagic', but that would be pushing it. Instead, he hopes this is distraction enough for Zatanna and Bunker to do their thing quickly.

Bunker drops himself and Zatanna silently down into the alley, and glides along it's length, waiting for any runners. "Hey, he looks.. like he can take care of himself…" the masked boy says to his companion, watching Conner tos a guy around like a ragdoll. "Careful, dude," he says to Conner.

GAME: Vorpal has set the pose order to Conner/Keith/Bunker/Zatanna

Zee simply nods as she rolls her eyes at Keiths' antics. "Oh I'm sure, but let's give him an assist." The Mistress of Magic, removes her tophat and pulls out a length of rope. Putting the hat back on her head, she smiles brightly as she gestures and speaks

~ dniB mehT dnaH dnA tooF htiW epoR ~

The rope she's pulled from her hat will start to weave it's way towards the four men, slowly twining itself around them.

Connor's amused grin slowly drops into a set frown as Vorpal makes his appearance and promptly removes his own head. Magic, or at least what he assumes is magic. It always made him uncomfortable, much in the same way standing next to a live wire might make a normal human uncomfortable, and right now there's a chill moving straight up his spine. Even still, despite the unsettling show put on by Vorpal, Connor turns as his keen hearing picks up on the quiet conversation between Bunker and Zatanna behind him, just in time for Bunker's warning and Zatanna's spell. Now that… Was definitely magic, and it makes Connor frown even harder.

Meanwhile, the would-be muggers were handling the new arrivals with slightly less calm. Three immediately broke and ran in the opposite direction, while the fourth dunked behind the dumpster to vomit and hide. Of course, as the thee runners turn, they slam three-stooges style into Bunker's wall and bounce off it like pinballs. None get back up. They couldn't, really, even if they were in a state of mind to keep trying, seeing as Zatanna's ropes have them all bound before they even hit the ground. The fourth, seeing the results of running backwards, and slowly coming to the conclusion that hiding behind a dumpster was unlikely to save him, starts booking it towards Vorpal, a scavenged shard of glass in hand as he screams a war cry, his voice breaking in fear.

Connor pays him no attention what so ever. Five muggers were nothing. Three meta-humans, two of which were magic users was another story. For a moment, he stares down the alley towards Zatanna and Bunker, then he turns towards Vorpal and asks, "If you're here to take me back, they didn't send nearly enough of you."

The redheaded young man turns into… Hannibal Smith, from the A-Team. He chews on his cigar and grins. "Man, I love it when a plan comes together…" and then, the illusions vanish and Vorpal is displayed in his full oddness- an upright cheshire cat in spandex and an unruly mane of red hair.

"Take you back? To where?… dude, we came here to help-"

And then music plays. Specifically, "Call Me Maybe", blaring from somewhere around his chest. He grumbles and takes out his phone from the secret pocket and groans.

"Gotham," he says to the group. "Gotta go and deal with another emergency. Zee. Bunker, you've got this… call if there's a problem."

And then a Rabbit Hole opens and he steps through… and he's gone. Curioser and curioser.

Bunker gives a thumbs-up to Zee as the crooks bounce and get roped, then he gives Superboy a curious look. "Back to where? We were just going to round up these freaks. Not that apparently you needed the help. Why, who's after you?" he says, letting his bricks dissolve, except for the ones he and Zee are standing on. He holds up both gloved hands. "It's cool, dude, nobody is here to hurt you. Um, not that we could, I suspect," he says, looking at the boy.

Zee smiles brightly at Bunkers thumbs up and nods as Keith rabbit holes out of there before turning her attention to the young man. Using Bunkers arm as balance, the Mistress of Magic steps from her block and moves slowly towards Superboy with her hand out "I'm Zatanna Zatara, Zee to my friends and really" she lifts one shoulder in a shrug "we have no idea what you're talking about. We're part of the Titans and we fight crime."

Connor blinks as Vorpal changes into some sort of cat-person, then simply up and vanishes. Quickly, his attention returns to Zee and Bunker, his earlier suspicion fading. Typically, if someone sends assassins or kidnappers after you, it's rare that one third of the team up and vanishes to attend to some other business. There's also very little reason to play the lying game in their situation. In fact, on thinking back, it would have been smarter for them to attack him while he was busy dealing with the muggers.

Still, he doesn't quite lower his guard. Not yet. In fact, he quietly 'switches on' his TK field and keeps his hands well away from Zee's offered, magical hand. "I had it covered," he answers back, watching them both carefully, his mouth still set in a slight frown though he comes slowly, cautiously out of his fighting position.

Bunker looks to Zee, then back to the teenager in the alley. "Well, I can see that," the masked boy says, holding up his hands. "It just sounds like you have some other problems, if you're suspicious of us. Are other costumed metahumans looking for you for some reason?"

"Oh come on…." Zees smile doesn't waver and she keeps her hand out "I could just magic something at you if I wanted to… take my hand in greeting." Cocking her head to the side, she nods "Sure, you had it covered, but this way we get to meet someone like us… or sort of like us anyway."

For a moment, Connor toys with the idea of simply turning and walking out of the alley, however he quickly discards that plan. If they /are/ lying, it wouldn't be smart to expose his back, and if they aren't, they may just take it as proof they need to keep an eye on him. Still considering his next move, he reaches down to zip up the brown jacket that sits loosely on his shoulders, hoping to conceal the bright red crest of the house of El on his chest. Most people take it for a fan t-shirt. These two might do some piecing together.

Once it's fully zipped, he reaches out and takes Zee's offered hand to give it a quick shake before letting go. "Just some freaks I pissed off awhile back. Nothing I can't handle…" he eventually answers Bunker, looking first to him, then to Zee, "And I'm not like you. I just took a self-defence class a month back, that's all. So thanks, I guess. For the assist."

Bunker folds his arms and nods slowly. "Well, it's obvious you know how to handle yourself, at least. Be careful around alleys and things like that." He considers. "We're the Titans. We're in the phone book and we have a web site with ways to contact us. If you still have trouble with freaks. Those are kind of our specialty," he says.

Stepping back, Zee lets her hand fall and lets Bunker do the talking before adding "Like he said, if you want help, look us up." The young man gets a once over from the Mistress of Magic "You really must tell me which studio teaches Martial Arts so quickly." Zee gives the young a wink.

"Avoid alleys. Got it," Connor says, giving Bunker a mock, two-finger salute before dropping both hands into the pockets on his jacket. For some reason, he'd never considered the possibility of allies, but he'd have to do a /lot/ more research first before he decided anything. So, instead of mentioning anything about his thought process, Connor just bobs a slight nod while taking a few slow, backwards steps, heading back towards the entrance to the alley. "I'll be sure to give you a call if they come looking for me," he sort-of lies, pausing as he spots a beat up, old baseball cap discarded by one of the bound muggers. Stooping to recover it, he glances towards Zee and can't help but smirk at her implication. "It's nowhere, really," Connor replies, amusing himself as he dusts off the hat and places it firmly on his head, tugging the visor down to shield his eyes, "It was nothing, really. Just… forget you saw me."

Bunker gives a concerned hmmm, but returns the salute. "We'll see you around, then, I hope," the teen says, looking to Zee before lifting his platform back into the sky to drop them back on the sidewalk, to continue their walk.

Zee smiles at the young man and shrugs "If you say so… but don't be stranger…." As the Mistress of Magic steps back up onto Bunkers platform, she speaks ~ teertS sehtolC ~ and the Stage costume is replaced by leggings and a cute little sweater dress.

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