Bad Company

January 16, 2015: Kate and Hunter are bad influences on each other with the commiserating and the plotting.


A cafe, with sun, and sand, and delicious local food.



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Hawaii. Beautiful. Sunny. Hunter is enjoying this assignment, sitting in cafes with a laptop and sunglasses. And a beer, of course. Right now, he is at the currently favourite beach front cafe, his laptop on the table, a beer in his hand, his sunglasses on. The very picture of relaxed businessman on a trip, down to dreadful shirt. He has made a number of local "friends" and one of them is just leaving his table now, a grin and a slap of their hands exchanged before Hunter tilts the chair back, glancing out over the sea, considering the view.

Which is Kate's cue to drop down into the now-available chair, elbows on the table and chin in her hands. "Okay, I take it back," she says without preamble. "Definitely bang the hula girl. Like a drum. All night long. I'm regretting the cabanas, because it means no one is sharing a wall for some really good headboard banging action." Three guesses what's brought this on.

That earns her a glance, her outburst amusing him, a grin curving his lips. "You talked to Bobbi, huh?" The assumption is wry, and he leans forward, lowering his voice. "Want to hear something interesting?" He lifts his eyebrows at her, teasing her lightly, "And not about the hula girl who was, by the way, fun." A wink, and he signals for a beer for her.

Kate wrinkles her nose at Hunter. "I tried to be upfront with her. Which I guess wasn't the thing to do or something. I dunno. I mean, where does she get off being pissy about it anyhow?" she grumbles. "She's the one who dumped him." At the question, she lets out a breath, settling in a bit. "I want to hear something interesting if it's not going to result in being grossed out," she answers, a faint smirk tugging at one corner of her lips.

The beer arrives and he grins at her, shaking his head, "I'm sorry, you expected Bobbi to have reasons to be pissy?" He takes a swig of his beer, adding softly, "The hot tub… Anyway. Did you know, there has been a boom in the export of their Koa lumber?" He comments softly, keeping it between them, adding more, "And there are a ton of dead plants and trees, near the volcanos… around 1800 feet up." He slides his sunglasses down his nose, peering at her over them.

"Bits and pieces," Kate muses, taking her beer from the waitress and taking a sip of her own. "Bobbi said the victims were suffering from nitrogen poisoning. Like ammonia. They were, in fact, working with lumber. And from what I heard, there's a lot of superstitious talk about angry volcano spirits. And a local florist told me there've been a lot of plants in the jungle dying."

He is listening, his ex-wife issues put to the side for the moment. "And wildlife too maybe." He is looking thoughtful, his eyes narrowing as she talks. "You know, I have this growing urge to see the volcanos. Tourist and all that… Fancy a hike?" His tone makes it sound so much less… wholesome though. "Nitrogen. We need to let the boss woman know."

"I would, but she got called back to New York," Kate grimaces. "Something to do with the attacks, I think." She takes another sip of her beer, considering the idea of volcano tourism. "Could be a neat thing to check out. You know. As long as we're all properly protected and whatnot."

"A message perhaps." He tilts the chair further back, putting his feet up on the table. "Want something to eat, honey?" A question slightly lower, a cover question, "Protection. So very important…" He grins then, the mischief rising in his eyes. "So what did she have to say for herself?"

"Ass," Kate snorts through a laugh, flipping her bottle cap at his nose. "She said she loved Clint and she'd kill me if I hurt him. I told her there was going to be a line, but she should make sure she was in the right one, since there'd be one for me and one for him. I don't think she thought it was funny, though."

"Me? Darling, I'm hurt…" Not at all and he laughs, "Well, nice to know she cares for one of her ex-husbands." A dry tone is there and he turns his head, considering the view again before he lets his chair drop to the floor, reaching for the menu. "What to eat….what to eat…" A topic change. Subtle.

"Hey, you asked. I didn't say you'd like the answer." Kate reaches for a menu herself, looking over the local offerings. "To be fair, given how much she doesn't particularly seem to like me at the moment, she might've just said it to try to throw me off. Or see if I was willing to fight for him, or…I dunno." She wrinkles her nose, taking another sip of beer. "I don't do the spy thing, hell if I know what's spies being people and what's people being spies."

"See. Right there is why I can't trust her." He points at her, using the menu, "How can you trust someone who lies and manipulates for a living?" He shrugs, glancing down at the menu, "Breakfast for me. What do you want?" The glance at her is brief and he adds softly, "Don't let her upset you, kiddo. If you aren't going to hurt him, she won't be a bother, and if you do.. .well she got there first."

"It's not that," Kate shrugs, still looking through the menu. "I mean, whatever, on the Clint front. I told her it's not her business or anyone else's what goes on between the two of us. I just…" She purses her lips, closing the menu and tossing it back onto the table. "I really wanted her to like me, you know? She Mockingbird. She's…incredible. I wanted to be like her just as much as I ever wanted to be like Clint. And now I finally get a chance to work with her, and she's writing me off. Which would sting enough if it was just because I'm not an agent, sure. But for it to be because I'm dating someone? That's what sucks. It doesn't matter who I am or what I can do. To her, I'm just…his midlife crisis."

Lance gives her a serious look, a rare moment as he listens, and for once replies without a joke. "She is incredible. So are you, Kate. She'll be pissed for a while, then she'll see past her hurt and be fair. Bobbi does that. When she and I fight, it is a huge fight, and then boom, it is all over. One way or another." He glances away, a faint smile on his lips, clearly remembering the nicer endings. "Just be you. Do your job. She'll see it eventually. Besides, I intend to tell him if he hurts you, I'll kill him so that probably makes us even, right?"

"Oh my god," Kate rolls her eyes. Which is not helping the 'I'm not a teenager' protest at all. "Please don't. I'm sure we've both heard it from anyone, but I meant what I told Bobbi. We're both adults. We're both capable of being in a relationship all by ourselves. If it goes bad? That's on us. If it goes awesome? Also on us. "

Lance laughs at her, his eyes laughing, "You are… totally like… six." He gives a terrible mimic of a teenager, mocking her, before he signals a waitress. "Two breakfasts please." Perhaps for her, perhaps not. "Do I look like a big brother? I'll stick with flirting with you then." He leans back in the chair, considering the view for a moment before he glances at her.

Kate makes a face at Hunter (also not helping) before leaning back to add: "And the fruit bowl, please," to the waitress. "I never had a brother," she says as she turns back. "Just a big sister. Susan. She's married now, has a pack of kids. Very…I dunno. Society-like. Way too boring for me. A brother, though, that'd be cool."

Hunter's grin widens at the face and he listens to her, his face thoughtful. He doesn't reply with personal information about his own, "Are you close at all with her?" A quiet question, with a smile, and he settles his feet on the table, leaning back in his chair, listening to her.

"We have drinks about once a month," Kate answers with a shrug. "I mean. We check in with each other. I love her, of course. She's my sister. But we're not the same sort of person," she says with a rueful smile. "I can't talk to her about how I'm worried about other kids who are like I was, with these psychos going around killing people. Which is kind of a huge part of my life at this point, you know? And I don't have a lot to say about teething, or potty training. So there's not a lot for us to talk about these days."

Lance can listens, the focus on her and his concentration almost designed to get people to talk. "Yeah, it is hard to say to someone… look I can't come to the pub, there is this supervillain I have to go and fight…" The tone is light but his eyes are understanding, his expression thoughtful. "I never got the desire to have kids, you know. I mean, look at the world. Why would you even do that to someone?" His breakfasts arrive and he pushes one over to her, beginning to eat.

"Someone has to have kids," Kate points out. "Otherwise, what's the point of what we're doing, right?" She goes directly for the bacon, chomping into a piece. "I mean. I can't see having kids and doing what we do. That'd be hard. Though Harper seems to manage okay. I guess maybe his people have some really good childcare facilities or something. At least I hope they do."

"Why?" The question is light and he shoots her a grin, "The world is over populated as it is. Maybe a few years…" He shrugs, glancing at her, "Because we make it better right now. For that person we save, we make it better." He shakes his head, adding lightly, "And I get paid. That bit is important. The pay is important." Cynical. "No kids."

"I'm not making decisions about kids," Kate shrugs one shoulder, picking up a fork to start properly digging into the breakfast. "Too many things change too fast." She looks back up at him, smile quirking briefly. "Besides, I'm, like, six. Everyone knows six year olds don't have kids."

Hunter is putting the breakfast away with evident pleasure, pointing at her with his fork as an emphasis. "They can get grounded too, just remember that." He is teasing now, his eyes twinkling, the serious conversation left behind him. "So, hike, yes?"

"Pretty sure that's a constant threat," Kate says ruefully, taking another bite. "Don't mess it up, or SHIELD won't let you play with the cool toys anymore." She reaches for the beer, taking another long drink as she nods. "Yeah, hike. We can see what we can see. Try not to die a horrible death. Swing by the hotel so I can pick up some gear."

"Precisely. But HYDRA have cool toys too, just remember that. They gotta keep the pay going." He finishes the breakfast, pushing the plate away, glancing up at her. "I suggest we plan it, go tomorrow early. I'll get a car, make it obvious we're touristing for the day…" He shuts the laptop lid, adding lightly, "Besides the Hula dancer wants to have dinner."

Kate pauses, quirking a brow. "Did you just suggest that I should join HYDRA if I want more cool toys?" she asks, holding back a smirk. "Wow. How did she ever let you go?" The hula dancer talk gets a shake of her head, amused. "Careful, she might start to think you're entering into something resembling a relationship. And then where will you be?"

"Nope, I suggested I could." His grin is wider and he tucks the laptop in a bag, shooting her a grin. "Different one. A blonde." A wink and he rises from the chair, stepping to drop a kiss on her head, "See you later, kiddo." Cover affection, definitely.

"Oh, well, in that case, best of luck," Kate laughs, reaching up to shove at his head. "There's a really nice palm tree near Bobbi's window."

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