It's a Bird. It's a Plane. Oh Crap.

January 16 2015: A plane stuck in the sky occasions some heroics from some unlikely heroes.

Jericho's queens safehouse

Jericho's Safehouse in Queens is right in JFK's flight path.



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Look up in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. No really, it is a plane. JFK isn't that far from here. Jericho's safehouse in Queens is, like most of his safehouses, something he acquired furnished, keeps stocked but has never used. He gave this one to Lunair (which means burning it yes. He'll have to set another up at some point) since she's dodging snakes at the moment. That was last night. Today he's dropping in via methods that do not involve teleportaiton to say hello. And in so doing he's rather missed the news JFK has a little bit of a problem. One of the aircraft has had a crical malfunction of its control system and is circling the area, running out of fuel.

To be fair, Lunair is going to help pay for another one. The young mercenary turned not quite so mercenary *is* pretty well off between hush money, being pretty good at what she do (and it isn't pretty) and sensible investments. She works pretty hard. Fortunately, Lunair is keeping up with the news. And she also will cheerfully share what she has with Jericho, be it news or cash. And really, she's glad for the company. It's tough because she's aware her and her powers have an immense capacity for murder. It doesn't bother her much anymore to off someone. And on some level, she's aware that's bad. On another, she genuinely seems to like people. But causing a flamethrower if you sneeze too hard would be all sorts of bad.

So here she is in a nice safehouse, looking out.

Planes. Who needs 'em? Connor could certainly never understand the appeal of flying. What's so special about it anyway? And, despite what the mental professionals over at NOWHERE used to say, this was not him rejecting Superman because he was angry that he didn't quite measure up to the original Man of Steel. He just didn't get the big fuss over flying is all, okay?

That said, despite his disagreement with their chosen method of transportation, Connor was still furious with himself as he stood on the street, by some freak occurance, outside Jericho and Lunair's safehouse, staring up at the circling plane, powerless to do anything. With those kryptonian eyes of his, he could clearly see the problem. If he could only reach, he'd be able to help, but leaping that high up would take a /ton/ of effort, and it would still put him about fifty yards below the wings.

Jericho is just stepping out of his car when he sees both Connor standing roughly in the vecinity of the front yard, looking up at the plane that passes over again… and again.. and… wait that's not right. This is what he gets for streaming music on the drive over instead of obsessively checking the networks. The one time… "Hey… what's going on?"

To be fair, music is a nice change of pace from the usual speculation of what's been happening of late. And really, every super person has their own talents and abilities. Comparing people like that is really unfair. But a lot of life seems to be unfair. Lunair's pretty much born to be a hitman. And that's just that. She is pretty okay living without spandex, really. Something about needing bigger boobs because that is what you see on the news, gosh! - Someone's kind of impressionable. Nevertheless, she had been peeking out the window. Very carefully. She's been a little on edge of late. And then Jeri rolls up. she beams and heads outside.

"What's going on? The news is going nuts about a plane?" She tilts her head. She doesn't seem to know quite yet. "I was reading about rockets, then the news came on and um." Yup. She does research to improve her powers.

Connor glances over at the sound of an approaching car, but his attention returns to the plane soon enough. When Lunair arrives to answer Jericho's question, he elects to remain silent, still contemplating his next move — or if there are even any moves to make. "There's something wrong with the wings," he finally adds in an undertone, having finally decided to stay underneath and try to soften its landing when it finally runs out of fuel, "They're frozen."

Realising what he just said, his eyes screwed up in concentration as he stares at the plane, he clears his throat and turns his attention down to Jericho and Lunair, "At least, that's what they said on the news." It wasn't.

"Iced wings…" Jericho looks up. He's not a hero. He's an ex-soldier on the run, just trying to protect his friends. But… He's not heartless either. The plane's circling and the wings are iced. There aren't many options for that… but he might be able to think of one.

"Are you one of those people who likes to help?" He asks carefully. To Lunair he looks at her and says, very quietly 'can you do oxygen masks?'

Lunair is curious, peering at Connor in turn. There's something off about her. Emotion that might show in a gaze or a voice doesn't often reach her face. Odd. Nevertheless, she blinks. "Huh, guess the station I was watching was behind. That's unfortunate," She frowns. She looks to Jericho. Tilts her head. Well… In that soft, whispering tone, she offers, "Well, I guess if I can make them in my own armor, making just part of a helmet shouldn't be tough…" Just the face part right? She puts her chin in her hand, looking thoughtful. She might well be a born weapon, but really. She's not heartless. She conscientiously avoids shooting people in the groin. It totally counts.

Normally, on any other day, in any other situation, Jericho might have gotten a gruff denial and the sight of Connor's back in response, but today… With a plane full of people… Connor lets out a faint sigh, already assuming he's going to seriously regret it, he unzips the brown jacket covering the hidden 'house of El' t-shirt and pulls it off, discarding it by the side of the street along with his beaten-up baseball cap. "I am," he replies, glancing towards Lunair and Jericho, fully able to hear their whispered conversation. "I can't reach them though."

"Right…" Jericho hadn't been aware that there were Kyrptonians other than Superman. Maybe the guy can't fly. Maybe he's jsut a copycat. Either way… "Okay look. I can help. Armory too. But you can't tell folks we're here. She's hiding from some bad folks and I'm…" Wanted, depending on the day you check. Stupid Hydra Hackers. "Not someone who wants my presence generally known."

Jericho's switched to codenames, so something must be up. "Armory you'll need oxygen. And maybe a flamethrower." Slowly, Jericho begins to glow. More specifically circuit like traces on his skin, unseen under his shirt, light up with an amber light and moments later batlike amber wings sprout from his back. "I'll take you up there. You de ice the plane. Ready?"

Lunair doesn't know much about Kryptonians, either. She has helped Superman before (it involved beating up an 80s football guy and there was a watermelon cannon and - well, Lunair gets up to things). She nods at Jericho, "Okay! Let me know if you need anything else." She offers. She'll call up her armor, then. One that is sealed, and self contained. Also, oxygen. Important. But it's impressive that it looks sleek, high tech and ripped out of a video game. Light silver and blue highlights. She's not always black 90s armor, after all. She pauses. "I'll wait till we're up there to wield anything flammable." She nods. "And we understand. And also we're totally - sort of - what he said. We'll keep your secret," She promises.

But seriously. Still totally cool to meet a superperson. Really. Lunair is odd.

Well… This actually works in Connor's favor. "I won't say a word, if you don't mention me to anyone," he replies to Jericho, nodding once in Armory's direction once she agrees to keep his secret as well. With that out of the way, he grunts once in impatience and prepares himself to be carried. "If you can actually carry us both, I can get rid of the ice, no problem." Even though they (sort of) introduced themselves, he keeps silent. If it's a temporary partnership, and one none of them will ever even speak of to anyone, no need for names. It's going to be risky enough involving himself in something as high profile as this, but he simply can't ignore the danger, no matter how much he wants to.

It's a sentiment Jericho shares, if Connor only knew. He's got 99 problems and this plane ain't one. But he can't ignore it. He's not that much of a monster. (He is a bit of a monster though, just a touch). "Okay. Hang on you two… here we go!"
It's gripped by wherever offers the most support. Aspect isn't trying to dislocate their shoulders. The plane flies faster than he does but it's low enough that he can get up there and just wait for it to circle round again. Which he does, out of direct line of sight.

The actual approach is a bit tricky. The hacker drops off Connor first mostly beacause he's heavier, on the left wing. Which is iced, just as Connor said. Then Lunair winds up on the right and the glowy-winged man drops back, following in case anyone falls.

Lunair might well be a born weapon, but it's heartless to ignore the problem. She nods to Connor, seeming to trust Connor. Even if it's totally cool to meet another Kryptonian. But she'll accept being picked up. And hey, a small, hand held plasma torch or flame thrower should do it. It's not a weapons grade napalm flinger, but it's more of an industrial flame. She's smart enough to apply force and fire discerningly. She's going to have some sort of way to cling on, likely modified gloves. Melt, melt, thaw carefully. Some poor passenger is going to see her and think the gremlins thing from Twilight Zone is totally happening.

Connor tucks and rolls the second he hits the left wing, his TK field latching onto the wing and keeping him steady as he approaches the frozen sections. If only he had heat vision, it would be a much simpler job, but he doesn't have time to lament his situation. Crouching down, he braces his hands against the aileron and expands the field again, encompassing the entirety of the left wing. Carefully, so as not to damage any important gears or parts, he begins cracking the ice bit by bit, freeing up the wing and restoring it to functionality within a few moments. Finished, he stands and moves towards the edge of the wing, looking down towards the ground below and contemplating just how much it would hurt to fall from this height. Finally, deciding against ditching the other two, he waves over to Jericho to ask for a pickup.

Superboy says, ":sets a record for most mentions of 'wing' in a pose."

Jericho swings wide to cut the airplane off inside it's loop and picks up Connor. Now he has to get Lunair because when the other wings gets fuctional odds are it may, er, wobble a bit. He doesn't want the girl to fall. She's been through enough. "Gonna get a biit hot." He murmurs as the pass just above one of the engines.

She will wait till after Connor. And really, she may take a little longer, due to the nature of what she's using versus kool kryptonian powers(TM). Nevertheless, after a little bit, she manages to melt away enough ice to make some cracks and free up the wing. She might feel the wobble and have to pause, clinging for dear life and not to lose her totally flamey thing (that would be so, so bad). More ice cracks away, until it catches up to its more functional bretheren in being thawed a bit. Also, Lunair appreciates the kindness of Jericho not wanting her to fall. Because gravity is the LAW.

"I don't mind the heat," Connor responds, his kool kryptonian powers allowing him to tough it out without so much as a pang of discomfort. As they approach Lunair to pick her up, he gives her wing a once over with his x-ray vision, looking for any accidental damage or unmelted ice, but in the end his search comes up empty, thankfully, otherwise he might just have had to cling to the wing and hold it together as it descended, and being stuck to the plane itself when it comes home safe is probably a good a way to get NOWHERE sniffing all over his trail again.

Jericho's descent is less flying down and more very controlled falling. Still he does manage to put them back down on the street in one piece and the whole thing went quickly enough that there isn't any news media about. Thank goodness. That'd have been bad for, er, all of them it seems.

Hopefully no one was watching out the window with a phone, either. Lunair is unaware of x-ray visioning and all that jazz. But she is grateful, dismissing her armor before they land and all. Phew. "Well. That was - something," She murmurs. "I'm glad it worked out." Smile. "Thank you for your help, Mysterious S Guy." Yes. She just gave him a codename. Lunair is alarmingly quirky, as if the clock that tunes humanity's social consciousness found her and went SPOINK.

Mysterious S Guy. Might make a decent fallback codename if Superman finds out about Superboy and makes a fuss. "Thanks for getting me up there," Connor replies to both Lunair and Jericho treating his taxi service as a joint operation in favor of expediting the good-byes. The more time he has to distance himself from any potential witnesses, the better.

Bending down to pick up his discarded jacket, he tugs it and the cap that was rolled up in the sleeve back on before offering his hand to the two of them. "Under normal circumstances, I'd offer a way to contact me if you needed more help, but… well you understand."

"Mmmhmm. Don't worry. So far as I'm concenred that plane got down all by itself." Jericho's eyes gleam amusedly. Like, actually light up. He's serious about not taking though. He wouldn't.

Lunair nods at Connor. She doesn't seem ruffled by it. She really probably shouldn't be standing around outside, herself. Not with at least 2.5 million on her head. "I understand. That's a bit of a shame, but it is the same in turn. I do hope we meet again sometime. Hopefully under better circumstances. It was nice to meet you. Be well." And then she spots Jericho, half-grinning. Well, that makes it easier on her to pick up how he feels! She is also serious about not talking. What is man but a miserable pile of secrets? Well, she's not sure about the answer. Some weirdo burst through the window, went NOT ALL MEN, dropped a bunch of strawmen on them and so Lunair set them all on fire. They never really found out anyway. She waves to Connor and looks to Jeri. "Did you want leftovers or something else tonight? I'm not bad at cooking. I was learning Japanese-style before stuff went south. Either way…" They should go inside. Jericho probably values not having his car exploded.

Connor nods to the pair before turning and moving off down the street, the brim of his hat pulled low, his jacket zipped up.

Superboy returns to OOC Land.

"Well…" Jericho notes as Connor heads away, subtly so as not to draw attention. "That was a small adventure. You okay? I was just coming to check on you and make sure all the groceries were properly stocked. I don't keep non canned things in my safe houses for… obvious reasons."

"He seemed nice," Lunair considers. She looks to Jericho, tilting her head. "Yup. It was kind of neat. And I appreciate it. Things look alright so far. I understand. We'll pick out a cool new one next time. I'm okay for now. I have some leftovers and what's in there. It is good to see you. But I won't stay standing outside," She remarks and steps back, towards the house. She would feel awful if all his work was for naught.

Jericho turns to ascort Lunair back inside, smiling a little. "You know I never asked what you do. You actually have a enough socked away to help me pickout a new one? I appreciate it. You don't have to but I appreciate it."

Lunair smiles up to Jericho. It takes her some effort, but she tries. "I am partly a student, but I became a mercenary and kinda-sorta a hero. I only took contracts on well, serious bad guys. Disrupting human trafficking rings paid pretty well. Sometimes the Gotham stuff paid well. And totally!" She nods at home. "You're welcome. I appreciate getting to bum yours. And like I said, they pay you well…" She puts a finger to her lips. Hush money. Experimentation is cruel, but profitable in a way. "So, it might as well be used well. I also taught myself to work the stock market. It's not too hard. A lot of it is patience and luck," She shrugs. "So we'll pick you out a new one." Maybe a pretty nice one. She seems happy enough for the company. Either way, she'll be glad to be inside. It's an odd glimpse into a power she herself seems sort of unaware of. She's super intelligent. Her voice is soft, even inside.

Jericho. Blinks. The hacker is really fairly observant. Comes of his propensity to watch more than talk and the fact that he could have so completely underestimated Lunair kind of blindsides him. "You work the stock market?" And work as a mercenary. Fairly successfully it seems. "Geeze."

He scretches the back of his head as the opens the fridge to find some juice, orange juice, and pour himself a glass. "Why do you live as a student then?"

To be completely fair, Lunair is hardly the image of a super genius or alarmingly lethal mercenary. She's very understated and friendly, more like an incidentally combat ready puppy. She genuinely likes people, and experiencing things. That sort of youthful enthusiasm makes her seem younger and helpless. She also holds back a lot most of the time. Nevertheless, she nods. Smiles. "Yup. I could go buy us a new car if we need," She remarks. "It's kinda boring to be honest. I feel weird saying it but it feels weird not to be fighting." She furrows her brows.

Then he asks her and she sort of looks thoughtful. "I wanted to learn. There's botany, biology, and physics and … it is like my brain is a sponge but not. I like it. I can be around people without them freaking out, and I learn a lot." Nod. "That, and I have a lot of time to myself. I'm sort of bad at normal life." She goes quiet. "That's all."

"You seem to still be alive, feeding yourself and paying the bills." Jericho chuckles as he sits down on the couch with his drink. There's a flicker in the shadows as K'nert shows up, warily eying Lunair as he settles down near Jericho, keeping an eye on him. "Which is more than many can say really."

"So far so good," Lunair considers. She looks to K'nert, curiously in turn. "And true, but it'd be a lot tougher without the hush funds, I guess." She shrugs. "I'd be dead years ago anyway." She will get herself some soda, and find herself a seat. "Besides this mess, I hope things are okay?"

"Things are kind of always right on the edge of flying apart." Jericho says with a sigh. "Just how it's been the last couple of years." Lunair may or may not have heard his story but it's not a particularly happy one. Well some parts are. If you ignore the HYDRA drugging his adoprive sister. And the part where Illyana is the harbinger of the Elder gods and maybe slowly losing her humanity. Or not. She seemt to not be in a downward spiral after all, but Limbo can be a rather viscious taskmaster.

Lunair looks sympathetic. "I wish I could help more." She does seem to be pretty good at obliterating HYDRA when they don't go after her specifically. She might not have heard his story, but even so. If he tells her, she will be sympathetic. That does sound pretty rough all around. It's difficult in a way, for her to connect properly. There's an illness linked to it, but how much is this and how much is that? Nevertheless, she cares.

Jericho smiles a little. K'nert just lays his head down, watching through slitted eyes. "You do enough. You always were willing to help when I called and that was more than most." Really that list is pretty short. "Let's just concentrate on getting you right. Any luck contacting your old schoolmates so far? I'm curious to know if they're missing or hiding."

Lunair smiles back, though K'nert gets another curious look. "Well, still. I appreciate it. And true, this HYDRA business is bad for all business." Sigh. "Having to hide like this is a pain." Pause. "But you do know Lunair is not my birth name?" It gets weird. "I heard Suzie is still doing well. She runs a juice company in Gotham. Which makes sense. Being a CEO with area mind control… that's easy… And so the people who bother her become loyal, loving employees. It's so weird. I guess she's further down the list. She knows the guy who can shapeshift. I'm waiting to hear back." She considers. "Not many of us kept in touch, to be truthful. it was kind of painful."

Jericho does, indeed, know that her name was Muriel. It was in the files. But he figures she doesn't use it for a reason so hasn't bothered so use it. "I can understand that. Reminds you of a time you'd rather forget." She hasn't said what they did. A certain amount of callousness in inherant with that sort of thing. Cruelty? Perhaps not, but…

Probably some Resident Evil grade noise. She doesn't talk about it. "But also so we wouldn't get found as easily," Lunair recalls. "Suzie wasn't always Suzie. She used to be Mary." She takes a sip of her drink. "either way, I am lucky to have friends." Nod. "I try not to think about it. No one likes hearing the same painful refrains. So many people I know have hard lives and tragedies."

"Hard is a matter of perspective." Sure in the Outsiders or among Jericho's friends 'hard' often means this kind of thing but even then not always and most normal folk have no kind of clue what this entails. "Well if anyone's earned some help I think it's you. And I'm glad you were able to contact Suzie. Knowing how far along they are is imporant. Now we just have to figure out what and why."

"That's true," Lunair replies. "And yeah. I don't know. Maybe they decided to collect on their investment. Maybe we were useful after all. I don't think I want to be in HYDRA at all," That's putting it lightly. She shrugs. "Maybe they want the serum out of our blood they gave us. Even if we're not all useful… maybe they could pull the treatment back out. Couldn't tell you." She pauses. "Hey, do you play video games?" She doesn't seem happy dwelling on it.

"Not often." Odd turn of conversation but Jericho's willing to roll with it. The problem an be worked out later and clearly it makes Lunair a bit uncomfortable. Well, more than a bit. Whicch is understandable. He knows he doesn't like thinking of what HYDRA would do to he or his friends. "Do you?"

On the other hand, she can't really hide from it. But who wants to think about the fact they are ultimately kept alive to be a HYDRA weapon? That their life is ultimately incidental, a happy experimental success? It's odd enough Lunair is okay with killing as it is. "Sometimes. I tried a Dating Sim once. That was weird. I got a game over because everyone was upset my character killed off her rivals. Dating is hard." Oh, Luna. She shrugs. "We can talk about HYDRA stuff more but … to be honest, I was shocked they sent metahuman hunters after me at last."

"Yeah." Jericho chuckles. "Dating is hard." Says the guy who's soul is owned by a demon queen. Who is happy about it. "They want you alive. Which is… well it's bad, but at least we can be confident they won't be taking long range sniper shots at you." That's kind of hard to guard against.

A wry smile at that. Then a sad look. "Yeah… that's true," Lunair considers. "Oh well. We're okay here, even for a little while," She offers. "I'll enjoy that and deal with it." Sigh. They aren't going to stop Lunair, no siree. With that, she is going to quietly hang out with Jeri. yes indeedy.

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