Big Green Mess

January 17 2015: Jericho notes that things are a tad messy after his short absence from tending the green. So does Illyana.

Music Room, Limbo

The Music Room of Limbo is Jericho's especial refuge in the hell realm that's increasingly become his home.



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The Limbo green was a bit of a mess today. He'd been hit a couple days ago in a fight and gotten a bit burned, hadn't made it back for a couple days. When he did get back it looked as if a storm had rolled through. Branches strewn about, a couple of trees looked like they'd been hit by lightning. Which is odd since he can't remember really seeing weather in Limbo. He's heard of blizzards but… well, at any rate it'd taken him a few hours to clean up and when he finished he headed over to the music room in the citidel to play a bit. It centers him, the music. And being in Limbo feels more and more comfortable which is… also handy when one needs centering, as one might when HYDRA is hunting down people to be turned into unwilling agents and trying to murder his friends.

It's ironic, that the place anyone can feel safest, is a realm regarded by many as Hell. It's not of course. Not technically. But it's as close as most people will ever get in their lifetimes and most tend to agree, it's way more than close enough.

While the demons never come into Illyana's bedroom here (unlike on Earth), they do tend to make their way to the music room when Jericho is there. Even those that don't come in, Jericho will often find them lingering in the hall, only to bolt when he emerges. The smaller ones tend to creep in, and the midsize ones linger at the windows. But they don't bother him, not even to ask questions. Not here.

When Illyana comes in, it's through the doorway. She's dressed fairly casually, the wolf's head charm swinging from a long chain around her neck today. It tends to relocate itself as an accessory, depending on what she's wearing. Her head is turned as she walks in, and then looks over to Jericho while gesturing back to the hall. "Do you know you have an audience out there?" She asks, with some perplexity.

"Not per se." Jericho glances over his shoulder, his eyes lighitng up as he sees her. He's got the shirt that Illyana 'personalized' on, the one she fixed after he'd gotten shot up all those months ago and the hilt of a stylized sword image on his back can be seen peeking over the collar on his neck. His burns are lagely recovered now but there's still some marks on his wrists and forearms.

"I think I often do. Hard to say 'cause they bolt when I come out." As if they don't want to be caught. Or suddenly remember that they aren't supposed to be there. Or… he odesn't know. "How are you? Just getting in?" She's usually a bit more… leather and chains when she's been in Limbo for a while.

Illyana doesn't have a closet full of clothes, and what she does is 'normal' clothing. Jeans and T-shirts, professional wear for Red Team appointments. But as often as she wears leather there's little that hangs out in her closet so it's not that she puts the stuff on. She just conjures a new set of clothes and Limbo tends to influence the style. She might also have her clothes change on her when she's not paying too much attention when she's in Limbo. Things like that happen when your realm responds to you. Speaking of…

"I'm fine and yeah," She says absently. "Was there a fight? There's all these busted up trees and a heap of… green waste." Which is such a weird thing for Limbo.

Jericho shakes his head. "Not that I'm aware of. Certianly not that any of the demons were willing to tell me." And he asked. Several demons. He didn't exactly get what he calls a straight answer but he's about as confident as he can be that they're not lying to him. Which is to say, it's still possible.

"It was like that when I got in. I hadn't been able to check up in a couple of days… looks like a storm rolled through. Though, I can't ever remember being here when it stormed…" That's the only explanation that's coming to mind. At least the place wasn't too torn up.

Illyana leans her hip against the piano, arms crossing as she does one of those thoughtful frowns. "Not usually, no. I mean, I can make it rain but there's decent odds it'll rain blood. And if someone else was doing magic on that scale here, I'd know." Even if she didn't feel it, one of her demons would let her know. "Demon incursion is more likely… magical fights? Shifting of the landscape…"

Illyana's head turns to look out one of the large windows that looks out over Limbo and her eyes narrow as she tries to figure out this new wrinkle. Change is suspicious.

Especially changes she doesn't know about or can't track. "If someone had pitched a fight in the middle of the Green seems your demons might be a bit more forthcoming though. They love to fight… and they mostly stay clear of the Green." A lot of times they only come on it long enough to talk to him, or wait until he finishes and comes to the citadel, which he often does now.

Jericho also turns to look out the window, his playing slowing a bit. It's really hard for him to tell now if the Green's growing or shrinking but he's fairly certain it's overall gotten larger from when he first started. Could this be in any way related to that?

The edges too, aren't quite so razor-sharp. Some of the growing things have started to creep into the wasteland. Or maybe the wasteland is starting to creep into the Green. Or maybe both. For all the apparent damage to it today, it seems vibrant enough. "Best I've gotten out of them is yeah, something like a storm came through. Only no stormfront. Lightning, sudden gusts of wind. I'd say I had a temper tantrum but nothing's even pissed me off. And it doesn't tend to do that when I'm Earthside."

Jericho nods. He hadn't known specifically that her temper manifested like that but he's seen the land respond to her before, so it makes sense. And in any case, if she'd gotten that upset, he feels quite certain that he'd have felt it himself on some level.

"Odd." The hacker cants his head as he switches the melody to something a bit more pensive without really realizing it. "I wonder if there's something affecting your connection." He pauses a moment in thought. "Or if the effects of some other you are somehow bleeding through."

So long as it's not hurting Illyana it stays in the category of 'mystery' and not 'threat'. Something to be investigated, but not - at least yet - something to panic about.

Illyana scowls at the thought of another Illyana's state affecting her Limbo. "It shouldn't work like that. Maybe if someone else was holding my sword…" As that comes with an intrinsic connection to Limbo and its rulership. She gives a shake of her head. "I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on it, see if it was a one-off."

Jericho nods again slowly. There are, potentially, many Illyana's after all and he's never seen bleedover or anything that could really be attributed to any Illyana but the one in the room with him so that was more a guess than anything else. The fact of the matter is he doesn't know. "Let me know if you need someone to watch with you, or watch while you have to be gone. I'll make time." It's a promise she's made before, and he means it just as much as she.

The hacker pats the bench next to him, inviting her to sit with him as he plays.

Illyana doesn't have to ponder that offer, she slides into place with him, her leg next to him hooking over the front of his at the ankle. "If it becomes a recurring thing, I'll make more of an effort to track down the cause. It doesn't look like it's dying, which would be a bigger concern." One is an internal problem. The other is… theoretically external. "How about you?" She reaches out to trace one of the fading burns on his wrist. "Looks like something was bashing your fields around."

The traces on his wrist, already dull red from exposure to Limbo's magic, begin to light up brighter as Illyana touches Jericho directly. "Yeah…" He sighs. "HYDRA stuff related to our upcoming trip down south. They're getting bold again. I'm okay now but it hurt enough that I didn't come the other day."

Jericho comes most every day now. It helps that Limbo's odd time quirks work out more and more in his favor these days but even before then hours spent here were often nowhere near that amount of time back on Earth.

Illyana's fingertips trace swirls around Jericho's skin, amusing herself as the luminescence of his traces chases her touch. She frowns at the news he was hurt that badly. "You're going to make me keep a closer eye on you, aren't you?" She chides him. She trusts him to be able to handle most scraps, and know when to cut and run if the odds are against him, so it's mostly teasing.

As to his regular work in Limbo? "You don't have to be here every day." It comes with a faint smile though, that he makes it a priority.

Jericho chuckles as the song changes from pensive to relaxed. "I won't make you no. I doubt I'll complain if you do though." It's nice to have someone keeping an eye out for you and he never objects to Illyana's company.

"Mmmm. I know I don't have to. But it's important to me." So he does. "Makes up for the times that I can't make it. Besides… it's important to take care of home." And he has, once Illyana offered it to him as a home, seemly accepted it as home. The Safehouse, much as he likes it, is temporary. It has to be. One of these days, as she's observed before, odds are they'll have to leave it behind.

Not this. Perhaps it's a commentary on how transient his life has been recently, but the thought of having a place that he won't have to 'burn' either figuratively or literally is one that makes him smile. And that it's hers and connected to her in ways more literal than poetic, makes it something very worth taking care of.

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